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2010-01-28 19:49:48   Welcome to the Wiki. What a wonderful set of edits you made. I did ask a question on the Volunteer Program/Talk page that maybe you can answer. I notice you created both a public figure page Laura Mitchell and a redirect from "The Mitch" to that page, but hadn't created your userpage (this page); did you have a plan about that? —JasonAller

2010-01-29 22:01:00   Hey, I have a whole bunch of questions about the Queer Leadership Retreat entry. As it's written, I can't quite tell what it is and who runs and participates in it. Is it for UCD, a high school, teachers, or what? Is it a public event? All those kinds of things are assumed to be known, but aren't actually written in the entry, so I (as a reader) honestly have no idea what the event actually is. Sounds neat, though. —JabberWokky