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usagigaigin left the following comment which was later removed:

2008-07-09 00:55:52   I just recently discovered Bizarro World and it's owner, Dan Urazandi, through an ebay auction. After all these years of buying comics and collectables on ebay, it is still agravating when someone like Dan Urazandi deliberately lists an inacurate description of an auction lot in order to draw in bidders, lies about the contents when potental buyers send inquiries, charges for first class postal delivery but ships by the slowest and cheapest media rate, and sends junk instead of the items described in the auction description. Thieves and liars are what give ebay a bad reputation, and Bizarro World's Dan Urazandi seems to be right up there with the best of them. I hope he treats his in-store customers better. —usagigaijin


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2010-01-24 13:58:39   Welcome to the Wiki. The comment you left on the Bizarro World page was removed by Bizarro. Generally that isn't how the wiki works (comments are generally valued and protected), but in this case you'd left the one comment and hadn't established any other identity here. You could have chosen a different username, left comments about other businesses in town, edited a page, uploaded a photo, or any number of other positive contributions to the wiki which would have caused another editor to restore your comment when Bizarro removed it. There was a long discussion on Bizarro World/Talk about some other editors comments and it looks like yours got removed in the process. —JasonAller