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2009-08-13 22:48:57   Hi there. A belated Welcome to the Wiki. Those are great pictures of Barefoot Yoga Studio. I've changed the size a little so they fit better. And did you ever find a great Dim Sum place? I'm always on the lookout for dim sum, but haven't found a good place around here yet. I love those little dumplings with shrimp inside. Mmmm. —robinlaughlin

2009-08-28 14:22:44   hi there, i havent find any dim sum here, but there are a lot more in Sac though... thx the compliment about the photos, you are welcome to come take a yoga class, it s fun!! in fact, i didnt aware of a person who is orchestrating the site. so hi, and you are... the pictures are originally and intentionally big enough to show the studio space and environment. I wonder what is your concern about the sizing of the photos, is it based on aesthetics or technical concern? Please educate me. What is your position with wikidavis? I am confused, please help me clarify.waimeiYEUNG —waimeiYEUNG

2011-05-03 00:53:51   You've been a member now for a couple of years and should know full well what the events board is for and what it is not for. On location specials designed to entice new patrons do not qualify as "events" under any guise. I would suggest, instead, that you post the information about the may specials on the Barefoot Yoga page instead. as long as it does appear to be ad-copy, it will have no problems staying there. —Wes-P