Plumb Alley, Behind the Cave House at

279 East Main Street, Abingdon, VA 24210

The Wolf Cave is naturally occurring solutional cave, characteristic of the region's karst topography.  The entrance to the cave is located at the intersection of Plumb Alley and White's Alley, on the east side of "Courthouse Hill", behind the Cave House, just yards away from Main Street.  The cave purportedly runs for many yards beneath the Cave House and Main Street, but entrance to the cave is prohibited by no trespassing signs on the privately owned property.  You can catch a peek of the entrance to the cave through the latticework beneath the building that sits atop it.*

A sign in front of the Cave House tells of the history of the wolf cave:

Lair of wolves which attacked Daniel Boone's dogs 1760 and from which came the Original name of this town. Wolf Hills

*Note that there is ongoing construction on the Cave House, so access may be limited at this time.

Sign & Memorial in front of Cave HouseSign at the cave entranceSign at the intersection of Plumb Alley and White's AlleyThe cave, viewed through the lattice