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'Glen LIEBELT Photographic Collection & Other Archival Material'

1870-2016 German Book

Hard covered book. 

Americanisch Lutherische 

Evangelien Postille : Predigten ūber die evangelischen Perioden des Kirchenjahrs


29 editions published between 1870 and 2016 in German and Norwegian.

Aim of Article




Table of Content

1.    Author's Note

This book in German, printed in St Louis, USA, is about tagged 'C.S.W. WALTHER', who is Carl Ferdinand Wilhelm WALTHER [1811-1887] and it is his picture on the inside page, & above.  He emigrated to America in the same year as the 'Zebra' passengers came to South Australia.

C. F. W. Walther was born a pastor's son in  Langenchursdorf in the Kingdom of Saxony  (part of modern-day Germany). Out of a strong religious commitment, he immigrated to the United States in 1838, initially as a follower of  Martin Stephan. On September 21, 1841, he married Emilie Buenger. They had six children. He started two important publications, and was author of many books and periodical articles. He was also the head pastor of the four Saxon Lutheran congregations (called the Gesammtgemeinde) in St Louis.  (Trinity Holy Cross, Immanuel, and Zion). In August 1855, Walther turned down an honorary doctorate from the University of Göttingen, but in 1877 he accepted a Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) degree from Capital University in Columbus, Ohio. He died in St. Louis on May 7, 1887, and was buried at Concordia Cemetery, where a mausoleum was later built in his honor.

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This book may be a book of his sermons, or evangelical commentary on the sermons for possibly lay readers.