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'Glen LIEBELT Photographic Collection & Other Archival Material'

1870 BUCHAN, in English

153 year old fragile hard bound book. with "Yours very faithfully John B. PRATT" on inside cover, as well as the following insert in english script. 

I want to settle on the land & asked my freehold clear,

The Labor member up & says, "you'll get no freehold here,

Of land henceforth is this here State, no man shall own a piece

We're going to confiscate it all, & let it out on lease"

Oh its cocky this, & cocky that, & "take away his land,"

But it's promise everything he wants when his vote is in demand,

When his vote is in demand my boys

His vote is in demand

It's promise everything he wants, 

When his vote is in demand.

We've pushed out back we've cleared the scrub

We've taken up the soil

We've mad a home for wife & kids

By honest rugged toil

We're far away from towns & schools,

We're on the Never Never fringe

And the only help that Labor gives

Is to tell us not to cringe

Oh it's cocky this & cocky that & lost you're manhood "you"

But its backbone to the country when election day's in view

We stand the trials of flood & drought, 

Of fire & rabbits too, 

We see the mortgage mounting up, 

And old bills must renew

And if we ask the Labor coves,

To build a railway line

It's hard upon us to be told,

We only cringe & whine,

Oh is cocky this & whiner that & loafer on the State,

But it's "please vote Mr Farmer,

For the Labor candidate".

Author Unknown

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Table of Content

1.    Author's Note