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Welcome to the LocalWiki website for the Adelaide Hills Region in the State of South Australia, Australia.

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Adelaide Hills Region

The Adelaide Hills Region includes the Mount Lofty Ranges east of the capital city Adelaide and encompasses the two Local Government areas of the  Adelaide Hills Council and the Mount Barker District Council.  The Region borders suburban Adelaide and is readily accessible from Adelaide’s city centre via the South Eastern Freeway and through the Heysen Tunnels.  The Region stretches from the Barossa Valley in the north to Kuitpo Forest in the south and contains many medium to small townships and localities each with their own character and history, with the major centres being Mount Barker and Stirling.  The landscape ranges from sharp escapments in the west to gently undulating hills in the eastern part of the Region.  The Adelaide Hills Region had an estimated residential population of 70,730 in 2012 and has an approximate total land area of 138,964 hectares (1,390 Km2).

Vineyard in Adelaide HillsAdelaide Hills was amongst the very first regions of South Australia to be occupied by European settlers soon after the founding of the Colony in 1836, and offers a lifestyle that embraces both rural and cosmopolitan features of Australian culture.  The diverse settlement of the Adelaide Hills includes residential living, agricultural pursuits, a business environment, and a thriving tourism industry.

Adelai Hills is also an internationally recognised wine region which produces exquisite wines shaped by the coolness of altitude, the changing seasons, and the skill and passion of the winemakers. There are about 100 vineyards and growers and 60 cellar doors within the region ranging from major producers to small boutique wineries.

In recognition of the uniqueness of the Adelaide Hills region, both the Adelaide Hills Council and the Mount Barker District Council have joined with the Barossa and McLaren Vale Councils to put forward a bid for UNESCO World Heritage listing of the Mt Lofty Ranges as a working agricultural region.

The Adelaide Hills Visitor Guide provides extensive tourism details of all towns and their facilities located within the Adelaide Hills region.

Adelaide Hills LocalWiki

Heysen TunnelsThe Adelaide Hills LocalWiki is a free openly-editable interconnected community resource documenting, exploring and discussing anything and everything concerning the Adelaide Hills region.  It is available for use by all organisations, clubs, businesses and personal use by residents for any reasonable purpose to share resources and local knowledge about the Adelaide Hills and the people and places in it. 

If there are any specific or general subject matter/s concerning the Adelaide Hills which you feel are important and worthy of bringing to the attention of the Community, why not create a page containing relevant details and any background information on the matter.  If you wish to record historical and heritage information, details of organisations and businesses, or any other information, please do so.  There are virtually no restrictions on what can be added to the Adelaide Hills LocalWiki, however, when doing so please ensure that it conforms with the general requirements as stated in the Community Guidelines.

The Adelaide Hills LocalWiki is not intended to replace the many excellent existing websites about the region, but can be utilised as a central reference point by providing appropriate links to such information. 

Please note that the Adelaide Hills LocalWiki supersedes both the previous HahnWiki and BarkerWiki community websites which are no longer supported and have been terminated.

Reliance is Placed on Content being Provided by the Community

You are invited to share what you know about or have to offer the region with the community and the whole world!

If you're new to Adelaide Hills LocalWiki, thank you for visiting!  If you are returning, please consider contributing any information you consider to be useful whatever it may be.  Everyone within the Adelaide Hills region is encouraged to contribute to and use this facility.

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Towns and Localities

The Adelaide Hills Region includes the following townships and localities.  Those hi-lighted in underlined blue provide a direct link to the Main Page for the respective township within the Region.  A broken blue underline indicates that the link exists but the page has not yet been created.

Currently, a considerable number of pages exist for the townships of Hahndorf and Mount Barker - most other towns and localities have only minimal information at present and await further input.

Note that the Adelaide Hills LocalWiki is not necessarily restricted to the towns and locations within the Adelaide Hills and Mount Barker District Councils.  Other areas can be included provided that they have a reasonable association with the Adelaide Hills Region in general.

Please add additional information about these towns and/or complete the links to the other towns and localities as information is added.

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To obtain further information or help regarding the Adelaide Hills LocalWiki community website, please contact Tony Finnis (email:  tonyfinnis34@gmail.com)