LOCATION:   48 Main Street, Hahndorf, 5245

Mobile:  0424 015 448

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The Random Shopper - Ann Haines, Jeremy Roberts & Julie Altman:  Hahndorf Village Voice, Spring Issue No 35, 2013

Do visit and be prepared to linger as the atmosphere will enfold you.  Consider purchasing a piece of art as a group gift or a birthday treasure for that special
occasion.  The giving will be as joyful as the shop!

Daniel BeckerThe Aboriginal Art House as the name suggests is a retail outlet and gallery for fresh, exciting and quality aboriginal art.  This is a place for several return visits, as the vibrancy and colour initially welcomes the viewer, followed by a more intimate respect for the attention to detail in the presentation of the art and the calm integrity of the works.  This is a multi-senses outlet, borne out by Daniel’s understanding and management of the artists’ perspectives and their various cultures.  Works are sourced from the Central and Western Desert, through communities such as Utopia,Papunya, Yuendumu, and Mt Liebich among others ... [wonderful names aren’t they].

Daniel, a Hahndorfian, visits the communities, or members are brought here to promote their work.  In some instances, and in order to ensure quality of canvas and paint that won’t fade or crack, the materials are supplied to artists.  A future studio at the back of the main rooms will become an interactive place for artists at work.

Prices vary from $150 for a souvenir piece, to many thousands of dollars for a major investment — which can be delivered if required.