The following are alphabetical lists of miscellaneous People associated with the early Adelaide Hills Region which contain information compiled by:  [RB] - Reg Butler (Hahndorf);  [JKS] - JK Stokes (ex Mt Barker); Max Nitschke and other sources.  Generally, snippets of information regarding the respective person/s are provided, however, links to pages containing more extensive information are given where available.  Please add relevant additional information/corrections/comments as desired.

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Names - 'P'

PAECH - several different families


Hannah & Georg Paech

[JKS]  - A number of people with the surname Paech came to South Australia in the late 1830's with the migration of the Lutheran people from Prussia and Germany aboard the Zebra and the Prince George.

Among them was Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Paech, a native of Rentschen in Brandenburg, Prussia.  He took up land near Hahndorf with Pastor August Kavel's help and the Joint Stock Cattle Company was formed with cattle purchased from Hawdon & Bonney, who had overlanded the first herds to South Australia in early 1838.  The land owned by J.F.W. Paech became known as Friedrichstadt.

A different Paech family, who originated in the village of Kay in Brandenburg, Prussia.  Among this family was a 12 year old boy named Johann Georg Paech.  He married Johanne Karoline Hartmann, who had also arrived at around the same time with her family, as a child of 10 years of age. Georg and Hannah Paech had 5 children - Wilhelm, Caroline, Hermann, August, and Bertha.  They purchased some of the land from the family of J.F.W. Paech at Friedrichstadt, and that property became known as Paechtown.

Descendants of this particular family have lived in the general Mt Barker District ever since.  The Paechs who currently operate the Beerenberg Strawberry Farm at Hahndorf are descended from this family.

There are many connections to the Paech family including Thiele, Nitschke, Heinrich, Kuchel, Klaebsch, Hall, Borchers, Braendler, Schubert, Fechner, Kelcey, Petty, Bates, Rocke, Hirte, Bottroff, Peake, Craig, Altmann, Faerhmann, Baumgurtel, Beck, Oster, Holt, Daniel, Noye, Bartram, Clasohm, Pym, Lehmann, Pinchbeck, Wachtel, Martin, Schulz, Hein, Pfeiffer, Oliver, Harries, Kramer, and more.


[VV#35]  -  Refer to Paech Family History

PAECH, August

[RB]  -  August Paech Christian’s August or Black August

Lived in the old two-storey family house on the left hand side at Paechtown.  Used to row badly with his cousin, George’s August or Red August on the other sided of the road.

Mrs August Paech, nee Hannah Wiese, lost her memory in old age and used to spend her time variously at each of her five daughters’ homes in turn.

(Max's Hahndorf)

PAECH, Alwina

[RB]  - Married woman Mt Barker 1920s
PAECH family – Calter Wind

[RB]  -  Uncle Windy sent back any wood with knots in it which Cowell Bros sent to use in his new house.

(Max's Hahndorf)


[RB]  - Publican Gray’s Inn 1895-1898
PAECH family – Jack Paech

[RB]  -  Max Paech never married.  Had a farm in NSW.

Ron helped his father run the dairy farm near Hahndorf for a while then became a mixed farmer at Frances.

(Max's Hahndorf)

PAECH, Paul Gustav

[RB]  - Publican Gray’s Inn 1899-1906, 1922-1927
PAECH Family (Renschener)

[RB]  -  Louis Alfred Paech & Bom

Colin Paech carried an umbrella to school on the long walk from Ravenswood to Hahndorf. with his brothers.

(Max's Hahndorf)

PAECH family – Traugott Paech

[RB]  -  Grandson Vic Paech lived as a labourer at Littllehampton after his marriage to Melva Braendler.  He later bought Gustav Martin’s farm on Balhannah Road after Martins retired to Mrs Muecke’s home in Church Street.  Farm too steep and scrubby, and after a short time, he sold the property to Neumanns who came from Tailem Bend.  Vic Paech then purchased the Monarto general store and the adjoining silo grain agency business from his cousins Hazel Fox and her husband Ern Fox who moved to Murray Bridge.  Ern had formerly been a policeman in Ceduna on the West Coast. Vic and Melva Braendler eventually divorced; she lived in Littlehampton, while he remarried to Mrs Clarrie Thiele nee Cora Petty, whose husband had committed suicide.

(Max's Hahndorf)

PAIN family

[RB]  -  James Pain built the old Pain homestead.  His son, Charlie Pain, built another house during the early years of the Depression on their small farm across the road.  Rents supplemented family income during tough economic times.  Bill Collins and Winnie Norton were the first tenants.

(Max's Hahndorf)


[JKS]  - Next to the Dunn's the Paltridge family have helped to make Mount Barker.  Mrs Thomas Paltridge ("Granny" as she was called); a sister of John Dunn, came with her husband and family by the "Phebe" in March 1847.  The family consisted of four sons, Thomas, John, William, Samuel, and two daughters, Elizabeth (Mrs Heanes) and Mary (Mrs McKenzie).  They were met at the ship by William Dunn with his bullock waggon.  They had their tea at a hotel in Adelaide, and made a start for Mount Barker about sundown, and reached Cock's Creek* at an early hour next morning and rushed the eating house for something to eat.  Mrs. McKenzie is now the sole survivor of the party, in her 91st year."
-Early Mount Barker - Who Was Who? - Rev. W. Gray, Mt Barker Courier July 11 1930

* Mis-spelling of location - Cox's Creek - near Bridgewater/Aldgate. The location he speaks of is the old eating house which was on the site of the present day Aldgate Pump hotel

[JKS]  -  Thomas and family, 1846 - lived in a slab cottage on Cameron Road near where the old Tannery stood (modern day Bi-lo supermarket).  His wife was the sister of John Dunn. Tanner and bootmaker.  His son William married Elizabeth Dunn, daughter of John Dunn, who was his cousin.

PALTRIDGE, Frederick (?-15/10/1902)

[RB]  - Accountant Mt Barker


[RB]  - Auctioneer Mt Barker

PALTRIDGE, Richard Colling

[RB]  - Tanner Mt Barker


[RB]  - Tanner Mt Barker

Mr Samuel Paltridge, our local wit, was as new as ever with fresh local songs, which he sung in first-rate style, causing roars of laughter.  As many strangers have heard him on various occasions, and have been struck with his talent as a comic songster and poet of no mean order.

PALTRIDGE, Thomas Junr

[RB]  - Shoemaker Mt Barker 1862

PALTRIDGE, Thomas Colling

[RB]  - Tanner Mt Barker.  Foundation trustee, Mt Barker Institute - uncertain which Thomas.


[RB]  - Draper Mt Barker 1860s

PARSONS, John William & descendants

[JKS]  - PARSONS John William (1829-1900) married Martha HAINES (1831-1875) daughter of Thomas and Sophia HAINES and sister to James, William, Mary Ann, Ellen and Jane in 1850 in Wiltshire and they emigrated with Benjamin and Jane POPE as well as Martha's parents Thomas and Sophia.  By 1858 they too had settled in Mt Barker region when their son Stephen was born.  Mary Sophia, Martha and William had been born in Adelaide, with Mary Sophia dying in 1858 after their move to Nairne.  Annie (1859-1940), John William (1861-1946), Mary (1862-1947), Amy (1864-1953), Frederick (1867-1867), Frederic Charles (1868-?) and Letitia Sophia (1870-1908) were all born at the "Vallies" near Nairne.

John's occupation has been given as Storekeeper, Farmer and Estate Agent.  They were supporters of Wesleyan and Primitive Methodist churches.  Families also associated with the PARSONS family include MAYLEN, TRIGG, COTTLE, BENNETT, DISHER, CELLIER and John's second wife was Jane WINHAM.

PATTERSON, Alexander

[JKS]  - Alexander Patterson settled in Mount Barker in the early fifties and named his home "Woodcote".  His land was afterwards bought by the Hon. J.G. Ramsay on which he built his home, Eden Park.  Mr. Patterson was ordained to the eldership in the Presbyterian Church on July 24 1859, by the Rev. James Gordon.  He died after a prolonged illness, December 8 1874 at the age of 64.  His wife (Jane) predeceased him, March 8 1870 at the age of 55.  There were two sons, George and Alexander who were among the first settlers at Monarto 1868-70.  They both married daughters of the late Mr. Alexander Lyon.  The Pattersons at Monarto and Murray Bridge are descendants of old "Sandy" Patterson, as his is spoke of to this day.
-Early Mount Barker - Who Was Who? - Rev. W. Gray, Mt Barker Courier July 11 1930

PATERSON, Alfred William (?-15/8/1931)

[RB]  - Clerk Mt Barker 1920s.

Executors HB Chapman auctioneer Mt Barker and Harold Richard Thomas Paterson storekeeper Nairne.

1928 Alfred William Paterson accountant Mt Barker bought the former Louisa Starling store from Sidney Cope the retired tailor.   Paterson owned this property for only a few months and then sold to Thomas Symonds, a Mt Barker butcher.

Paterson’s death 8/8/1941  Executors to Matilda Ann Paterson widow Mt Barker

12/4/1964 MA Paterson died.  Executors - Jack Dudley Chapman business manager Mt Barker and Maurice Stanley Ellis salesman 18 Lorraine Ave, Clarence Park


[RB]  - Moulder Mt Barker 1900s

[JKS]  - Walter Paterson arrived in South Australia aboard the "Resource" on 23 January 1839 with his wife and three children.  They settled in the area near Mt Barker during that same year.  Walter was first employed by John Barton Hack at Echunga, where he worked for about a year.  Later, he was one of the first to grow wheat in Mt Barker at his farm known as Greenbank, about a mile from the present town on the Wistow Road.  He travelled from Adelaide to Mt Barker with his family by bullock dray.  His first wife's memorial stands near the corner of Hurling Drive and Wellington road.  The area where Walter Paterson lived was known as Yunkunga. [Obituary]

[JKS] -  Walter, wife's burial plot is marked by a sundial in the park on the corner of Wellington Road and Hurling Drive.  Builder.  Mr. Paterson farmed land with a partner named Lambert on the road to Wistow.  Mr Paterson also assisted in the building of the prototype reaper for John Bull which would become Ridley's stripper.

PATERSON, William Torrance

[RB]  - 1/5/1911 7 year lease
PAYNE, Joseph

[JKS]  -  Tennant of McFarlane near Blakiston


[JKS]  -  Bullock team owner/driver.

PEARCE, Sir George Foster


[JKS]  - Politician, was born on 14 January 1870 at Mount Barker, South Australia, fifth of eleven children of English parents James Pearce, blacksmith, and his wife Jane, née Foster.  Educated at Red Hill Public School, he left at 11.  He obtained farm work which he found 'hard and unpleasant' and he so much disliked the drinking habits of his fellow workers that he remained a teetotaller throughout his life.  Eventually he became a carpenter in Adelaide but, losing work in the depression of 1891, moved to Perth where he found a job in his trade.  He joined the Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners and by 1893 was actively working in the Trades and Labor Council and in its Progressive Political League.

PENDLE, William P

[RB]  - Had the duty of conveying the new girls to the Mt Barker depot.  He was within a quarter of a mile of the township, with a dray full of women,when from the ruggedness of the road, although leading the horses at the time, he sustained a capsize. Many of the girls received bruises, but unfortunately, one named Ann Morrison was severely contused.  Upon examination by a medical man, after conveyed to a tenement recently occupied by Mr Armfield, it was found that one of her limbs was broken.   The poor creature could not speak one word of English, having recently come from the Island of Harris, West of Scotland, where Gaelic alone is spoken, consequently it was a matter of some difficulty to ascertain and administer to her wants.  After some delay, a sister came from town, who knew English slightly, and she remained with her. … From some unaccountable delay, amputation of the limb was postponed until Sunday last, mortification having set in.  The wonder is she lived while undergoing this painful operation.  Chloroform was administered and after enduring the most poignant pain, death happily released her sufferings the following day. …  The Matron of the female depot at Mt Barker was assiduous in her attentions, whilst several of the inhabitants kindly contributed to her wants by the addition of many little comforts.  We believe she has left a mother, four sisters and three brothers in this colony to lament her untimely decease.  Adelaide Times 16/1/1856.

[JKS]  -  Farmer - growing wheat.

PETTY family

[RB]  -  Colin Petty labourer for Gus Nitschke then enlisted in WW11.  Became butcher at Wudinna afterwards.

Cora Petty m (1) Clarrie Thiele m (2) Vic Paech

Roy Petty went to Wudinna as a District Council labourer, as did his youngest brother Ron Petty.  Ken and Lou Petty had a greengrocer round in the Mallee for a time.

Ron Petty the youngest son, became a Council labourer at Wudinna.  Ken and Lou sold vegetables in the Mallee regions. Roy also went to Wudinna.

(Max's Hahndorf)

PHILLIPS, Rowland Walter

[RB]  - Publican Hotel Barker 1936-1941.  Most likely changed the name Mt Barker Hotel to Hotel Barker.

PIPER, Rudolph McKay (7/2/1864-16/9/1943)

[RB]  - Publican Mt Barker Hotel 1921-1924.  Eldest son of Rudolph Piper (born Rügen, a Baltic Sea island off the coast of Pommern, Prussia farmer and hotelkeeper in the Mid North)
PITT, George Goss

[RB]  -  GG Horsey Pitt had a dairy farm and orchard at Balhannah.  He lived in the former James Williams residence across the road from the leve lcrossing on Junction Road.  His daughter married Dick Ballard the Mt Barker Junction station master.  Ballards gave up the station master job and went to live in Pitt’s house and ran the dairy, after the Pitts retired and went to Adelaide.  GG Pitt died 3/11/1969 Felixtowe, aged 91.

Dick Ballard was very musical. He conducted the Hahndorf Town Band. Also belonged to a small dance band – played the trumpet, Mrs Kelsey played the piano, George Jones the drums and Max Nitschke the piano accordian. Played for C of E balls in the parish hall at Balhannah and also on Saturday evening in the Oakbank Hall for the Easter campers on the race course.

Dick Ballard had a bad heart and dropped dead suddenly.


[RB]  - Publican Low’s Inn 1859-1860

[JKS]  -  Bullock team owner/driver.

POPE, Reuben and descendants

[JKS]  - POPE Reuben (1829-1909) was born in Hampshire England but married Mary Anne HAINES (1826-1903) of Alderbury, Wiltshire in 1850.  Mary Ann followed her brothers to South Australia on the Joseph Somes arriving in November 1850.  The family initially stayed in Adelaide where Charles, John and Ann were born, but were at the "Vallies", the property of Matthew Smillie near Nairne, in 1858 when son James was born.  Another four children  John William, Henry and Emma and a second Henry were born in Mt Barker area.  The children who died were all buried, in Mt Barker region, except first Henry who died at Alberton.  Reuben has been listed as a Labourer in area.

POPE Benjamin (1827-1915) brother of Reuben, married Jane HAINES of Alderbury in 1849 but did not emigrate until the Navarino sailed in 1851, when they accompanied Jane's mother and father Thomas HAINES and Sophia (WISE) to Australia.  Benjamin and Jane did settle in the area.

POST Family

[RB]  -  Edna Post worked at Bell’s store Mt Barker for all her working life.

Gustav Wilhelm Post b 224/12/1884 Emmaus near Eudunda, son of August Johann Friedrich Post & Bertha Wilhelmine Alwine nee ?

(Max's Hahndorf)


[RB]  - Tinsmith Mt Barker 1860s

1867 Caleb Potter tinsmith Gouger St Adelaide £330.

1885 Sarah Potter died, aged 71, ocarditis, wife of Caleb Potter.

? Caleb Potter died.

1880s Elizabeth Potter spinster Mt Barker. Died 1915.

Arthur Potter tinsmith Mt Barker.  Died 1898.

Ellen Potter spinster. Mt Barker tenants-in-common, after Caleb Potter died. RPA 1886.

Elizabeth Potter spinster, Arthur Potter tinsmith and Ellen Potter spinster lived in the house as tenants-in-common.  William Potter tinsmith Koolunga and Edward Potter tinsmith Gawler made the application.  Value £700.

3/9/1898 Arthur Potter died.  Executors William Potter tinsmith Mt Barker and Edward Potter tinsmith Gawler

22/9/1898 Executors to Elizabeth Potter , Ellen Potter spinster Mt Barker

12/6/1915 Elizabeth Potter died.  Surviving executor Edward Potter tinsmith Gawler

18/8/1915 Executor to Ellen Potter spinster Mt Barker

21/10/1919 E Potter to Lucy Barker married woman Mt Barker
PRESGRAVE, John Charles. (c1830-28/8/1896).

[RB]  -  Born 1830 England.  To SA 1854 Irene.  Congregationalist. Surveyor.  Lived at Norwood.

The surveyor who laid out the township of Bridgewater.  Bankrupt in Feb 1870.

PRITCHARD, James [RB]  - Storekeeper Mt Barker 1880s

Names - 'Q'

QUAKER community

[JKS]  - May, Sander, Coleman, Philips, Barritt, Cleggett  "Mount Barker in the earliest days contained a little colony of Quakers.  The most outstanding man among them was Joseph May, who died March 11 1878 at the age of 90 years.  His remains are buried in the West Terrace cemetery, Adelaide.  Others were the Cleggett family, the Coleman's, Sander's, Phillips' and Barritt's.  Mr May came to South Australia with his family in the "Anna Robertson" in 1839.  A fellow passenger was Mr Joseph Barritt, who married a daughter of of Mr May in 1854.  There are people still living who remember Mr May with his Quaker hat and antique speech.  He built the the Quaker's meeting house about a mile and a half west of Mount Barker.  The foundations of the little meeting house are still traceable.  It stood in the corner of a paddock, and was a building about 20 x 16 feet.  Nearly a mile south-west of the meeting house in the middle of the paddock, is a grave enclosure with four head-stones.  One bears the name of Henry May, died April 10 1846, aged 60.  Another, Joseph May, junior, died November 17 1847 aged 22.  The third bears the name Ellen Margaret Phillips died January 21 1849 aged 1 year.  The fourth, Rupert May, died March 19 1870 aged 4 months.  The late Mrs Benjamin Sanders was a Barritt.  She and her husband and daughter are buried in West Terrace.  In the West Terrace cemetery there are tomb-stones recording the following burials:- Joseph May died March 11 1878 at the age of 91; Hannah May died May 11 1860 aged 20; Edward May died December 24 daged 43; Frederick May died January 1 1885 aged 70."
-Early Mount Barker - Who Was Who? - Rev. W. Gray, Mt Barker Courier July 11 1930

Names - 'R'

RADFORD, William. (1829-1908)

[RB]  -  Born at Loxton, Somerset, England.  To SA 1857 Henry Moore, with his wife, Sarah, nee Kidner, and young family.  Radford set up as a bootmaker and the first postmaster at Cox Creek during 1857, in a cottage diagonally across the stream from the Deanery Hotel;  in 1859, he shifted his enterprises to his new home, Hutton Cottage (Hutton, Somerset, is a village a few kms north of Radford’s birthplace, Loxton), in the new Bridgewater township.  Nevertheless, W Radford kept the name Cox Creek post office until 1873, when he organised local residents to petition the Government to call the post office Bridgewater - a logical, successful move.  He gave up the post office about this time to widowed Mrs Sisson, but retained his bootmaking trade.

A Primitive Methodist lay preacher since the age of 18, W Radford frequently walked up to 20 miles to the various Primitive Methodist Chapels in the Adelaide Hills, often preaching three times a Sunday.  Sternly opponent of alcohol, he became a leading figure in establishing a Cox Creek Branch of the Rechabite Society during 1863.  For many years, William represented Bridgewater in the Crafers and Stirling District Councils.

Died 12/9/1908.  Wife, Sarah, nee Kidner Died 1/9/1892.  George Rudd was his son-in-law.


[JKS]  - "According to Thomas Raison, whose parents came to the colony by the "Fitz James", and was brought to Mount Barker by his mother when two weeks old 74 years ago, through the Tiers, says that Mr Shackleford kept a school at Mount Barker Springs.  He succeeded Henry Bonnar, who held his school in a wattle and daub building there.  Mr Shackleford kept his school there while the new school building was being built - now Mr Frame's store barn.  Mr Shackleford then shifted to the new building and children walked all the way from Mount Barker to the school."
-Early Mount Barker - Who Was Who? - Rev. W. Gray, Mt Barker Courier July 11 1930

RAMSAY, James Garden

[RB]  - Foundation trustee, Mt Barker Institute

RAMSAY, John Garden

[JKS]  - Owner of Eden Park, and also the proprietor of Ramsay & Co. suppliers of heavy machinery.  The Hon. J.G. Ramsay was his own architect when he built this stately home.  He died in a train accident under mysterious circumstances.  His property was sold and the Salvation Army established a Boy's Home there in 1901.

RATTEW, Thomas and descendants

[JKS]  - RATTEW Thomas (1807-1895) - unsure when he arrived but his son was in Lysander with HAINES family.  Thomas lived for a while after his arrival at Kuitpo Colony and then moved to the South East.  He died in 1895 at Strathalbyn.  His family included Ann, married to William HAINES of Nairne, Sarah, married to Edwin HAINES of Strathalbyn, George who had married Ann a sister to Thomas HAINES of Kangarilla and  brother of William and James HAINES of Nairne, Mary Ann who was married to William HAINES of Nairne, and Elizabeth who married Edwin HAINES of Strathalbyn and a son William (1837-?).


[RB]  -  Isaac Alfred Rayson & Clara Louise Adeline nee EGEL.  At Blumberg by 1907 then Gumeracha then Grunthal then Hahndorf

Norman Alfred Rayson b 10/5/1907 Blumberg

Vernon Howard Rayson b 11/6/1908 Gumeracha

Gertrude Elizabeth Adeline Rayson b 21/1/1910 Grunthal

Beulah Marjory Rayson b 15/1/1912 Grunthal

Lorna May Rayson b 4/2/1913 Grunthal

William Ronald Rayson b 15/10/1914 Hahndorf Became a labourer

Nellie Helene Rayson b 6/3/1917 Hahndorf

Clara Ella Rayson b 19/6/1922 Hahndorf

Vera Maud Rayson b 1/8/1925 Hahndorf

(Max's Hahndorf)

REIMANN family

[RB]  -  Professor Reimann decided to sell the 117 acre family farm which he had inherited on Windsor Ave.  The family solicitor, Hermann Homburg, who had charge of the parents Reimann deceased estate, took tenders for the sale.  The highest tender was £2,000.  Homburg told his good friend, Gus Nitschke, the offer price, who offered £2,100, and became the new owner.  Gus installed the Dunn family as tenants to run a dairy farm, until his eldest son, Ron Nitschke, married and went to live there himself.  Ron installed a Kaesler Blackstone engine to pump water from one of the two wells on the property.  The engine also operated a small saw bench.  After Ron and Gwen retired to Hahndorf, they sold the farm to Mack Green, whose son Wayne farmed there.

(Max's Hahndorf)


[RB]  - Publican Mt Barker Hotel 1864-1869.

Changed the name from Low’s Inn to Mt Barker Hotel.  Was he the Rendall who was operating a school at Mt Barker in 1870?

REORDAN, James (?-20/10/1921)

[RB]  - 1921 James Reordan storekeeper Mt Barker.

25/5/1922 Elizabeth Violet May Reordan inherited.


[JKS]  - "Adam Watson Richardson was a chemist of repute and carried on a business in Gawler Street till he died on April 6 1894.  He was born at Dunbar, Scotland April 26 1826.  He married Jeannie Thomson, of O'Halloran Hill.  He married as second wife Miss Moss.  There were three sons and four daughters in the two families.  Richardson had two brothers, both chemists.  One of them married a Miss Inglis of Woodside.  John Ferguson who married Eliza Bell was a nephew.  His mother* was a sister of Mr Richardson and his father was a schoolmaster."
-Early Mount Barker - Who Was Who? - Rev. W. Gray, Mt Barker Courier July 11 1930

* Refers to the mother of John Ferguson being a sister to AW Richardson.

RICHARDSON, Arthur Wilkinson

[RB]  - Chemist Mt Barker (?-6/4/1894).

Foundation trustee, Mt Barker Institute.

RICHARDSON, John (c1808-1886)

[RB]  -  A native of Southwark, Surrey, England, J Richardson emigrated to SA 1838 Lord Goderich.  Within a couple of months, he had built rooms on North Tce, Adelaide, where he opened an auctioneering and land agency business.  By the end of the year, John had removed to Hindley St, where briefly he was Government Auctioneer.  During 1840, J Richardson bought a large property from JB Hack in the Adelaide Hills foothills; in 1841, John laid out the village of Houghton on part of this land.  His own farm, he named Houghton Lodge. Joseph Barritt, the founder of the well-known Barritts of Lyndoch, became overseer.  Richardson prospered.  Despite the claims of a large family, he had acquired town houses on South Tce and then in North Adelaide by the 1850s.  In time, J Richardson retired to Upper Norwood, a London suburb, where he died.  At the turn of the century, the former Houghton Lodge estate was divided into orchards, on whose produce much of the later fame of Houghton rested.

RITSON, William

[RB]  - Publican Gray’s Inn 1881-1893

Formerly of the Indian Army.  Instructor of the SA Mounted Police.

8/9/1881 married Mrs Mary Warren nee Mary Stuart of the Crafers Hotel, and formerly of Clare with her first husband.

Died Wallaroo 1907, as the result of an accident.  Obit Chronicle 13/4/1907 p853c

ROBERTSON, Robert (1829-10/1899)

[RB]  -  Born Ayreshire, Scotland.  Graduated from Glasgow Uni in1852.  Health officer and house surgeon at Glasgow Infirmary for several years.  Medical officer of a ship which regularly carried migrants to the USA and Australia.  To SA twice, where he was offered the post of house surgeon at the Adelaide Hospital, but he declined and returned to Britain.  To SA again in 1860 and settled at Mt Barker, where he remained for 9 years in a lucrative practice.  Then medical officer for the Wallaroo Mines, from among 15 candidates.  King William St doctor in 1873.  Gave up in 1878 to become medical officer for immigration.  Toured England and Scotland successfully to attract migrants.  Resumed private practice in KWS in 1880.  Retired early 1899 and went to live in Semaphore.  Health officer to the Adelaide Corporation and a member of the old Hospital Board.  State Children’s Council member.  Nearly 40 years a medical officer in SA. Chronicle 4/11/1899.

ROLLISON, William Robert [RB]  - Civil servant Adelaide 1890s
ROSENTHAL, Heinrich (c1828-d 12/2/1904)

[RB]  -  A native of Clausthal, Hanover, GHA Rosenthal emigrated SA 1852 Dockenhuden, with his wife, Christiana Louise Wilhelmine, nee Heiseke.  It is likely that he was perhaps a nephew of ECJF Rosenthal and his wife, AJ, nee Bartholomaeus, who arrived with their family 1851 Herder.  H Rosenthal’s emigration papers describe him as a carrier and word worker.  When Heinrich applied for Government rations 1855, he was listed as a shepherd at Stepney.  Afterwards, H Rosenthal became a blacksmith for some years in St Helena St, Adelaide.  During the mid-1870s, he re-established himself in premises behind Radford’s post office at Bridgewater.  Heinrich sold the smithy to George Rudd in 1877, who straight way turned the business into a general store/post office, and added a bakehouse c1882.  Meanwhile, H Rosenthal laboured in Dunn’s mill across the road.  The Rosenthals then moved to Prospect, where Heinrich’s wife died 1/10/1882, of cancer, aged 55.

A Mrs Christiana Louisa Wilhelmine Rosenthal died of cancer at Prospect 1/10/1882, aged 55.  She was the wife of H Rosenthal, late of Bridgewater.  Heinrich Rosenthal re-married to Sarah Ann White, on 16/8/1888.

Heinrich’s brother, Carl, ran the Rosa Guest House in Colonel Barber’s former bungalow on Wembley Ave.  Famed for their excellent cooking, the Rosenthals kept a hospitable table, which lured holidaymakers year after year.  People warmed to Carl’s noisy sense of humour and delighted in his imperfect command of English - ‘jet white calves’ and similar phrases were quoted years later.  Upon Carl’s death, several of his daughters continued the business for some time. G & M Rosenthal.

ROSS, William Alexander (c1853-28/10/1894)

[RB]  -  Born Scotland. Died Albany WA.  Opened Mt Barker Bank of Australasia in 1881.  Transferred to Pt Adelaide 1884, then to Silverton after Broken Hill became prominent.  Institute Committee, Agricultural Society, Prince of Wales Masonic Lodge, Anglican Church.  m Annie O’Halloran, eldest daughter of TJS O’Halloran shortly after leaving Mt Barker.  Died at Albany following a private inspection of the WA gold fields.  Agent North Adelaide.

ROUNSEVELL, William Benjamin



[JKS]  -  Had a early carrying business in the district.  His family arrived in the colony in 1839, and by 1854 the family had a large livery stable in Adelaide and were the colony's principal mail contractors.  The business was sold to Cobb & Co. in 1867.  He married Louisa Ann Carvosso (daughter of Menoti Lee Carvosso), but sadly they had no children of their own.  The couple raised the children of Louisa's sister.  He was know affectionately as 'Big Ben'.  For a time, he had a financial interest in Cobb & Co., but soon tired of this and turned his hand to his pastoral properties, growing grapes, and breeding horses and greyhounds.  He became a member of Parliament and was instrumental in the setting up of the Botanic Gardens and the Zoo.  He was a judge for the Royal Agricultural Society.  His wine growing pursuits turned to the production of spirits and he later merged his private concern with that of the SA Brewing Company, of which he became Managing Director.  He maintained a large business interest portfolio, including Colton, Palmer & Preston, a famous hardware firm in Adelaide; and was later Chairman of the Mount Crawford District Council and the Mayor of Glenelg.  He represented the seat of Burra in Parliament from 1875-1890 and again from 1899-1906, and the seat of Port Adelaide from 1890-1893.  He was briefly the Treasurer of SA during the Morgan administration; Treasurer and Minister for Public Works under Sir Thomas Playford, and again under Sir John Downer; and was part of the shortest ministry in history - that of Vaiben Solomon in 1899 which lasted only eight days.  He died at Glenelg in July 1923 and is buried at St Jude's cemetery.

ROWELL, Henry Stephen Neville

[RB]  - Electrical engineer Adelaide.

Inherited land in Gawler St.

ROWELL, William Charles

[RB]  - Gentleman Mt Barker (?-27/7/1899).

Executors John Stanford baker New parkside and Albert Reinhold Nitschke saddler Walkerville.

RUDD, Alfred (1867-1963)

[RB]  -  A nephew of George Rudd, Bridgewater’s prominent baker, general storekeeper and postmaster.  Children Maisie and Joe helped in the shop.  Name of wife.  Date of deaths.

RUDD, James (1800-1886)

[RB]  -  Born 1800 Lothbury, London, England.  To SA 1836 Buffalo.  Woodcutter, Thebarton, Cox Creek.  Died 20/5/1886.  Jemima, nee Wicks d 14/11/1883?

Runaway Sailors - James Rudd used to hide them behind a hill bank in the scrub when the ship’s captain and police came looking.  Much in demand for labour-intensive gardening.  Musicians sought out runaway sailors to whistle them the latest tunes from London, which could then immediately brighten the colonial repertoire.  Cattle duffers used to take the best part of stolen beasts to use as meat; the rest burnt in secluded places - the stench from the smoke warned the district that further thefts had taken place.  Market gardeners had to break the ice on the ponds to get water to wash vegetables.  Aborigines used to walk through the area on their way to Adelaide to get blankets on Queen Victoria’s birthday.  Settlers used to give the Aborigines cups of tea and a rest.  One lady had a wooden leg - would not sit on one verandah, because the subterranean water gave her strange sensations - three streams of water found there in later years.

RUGE Family

[RB]  -  Helen Ruge – worked as a domestic for Ben & Oscar Nitschke befor her marriage to a Storch and went to live at Nangwarry.

Percy Ruge – worked as a baker for EGP Smith.

(Max's Hahndorf)

RUNDLE, John Junr (c1816-?)

[RB]  - Publican Gray’s Inn 1859-1874.

A son of John Rundle Senr, farmer, Mt Barker.  Native of Cornwall.  Wife, Maria, nee Appelkamp, a sister of Hermann Appelkamp of the Oakfield Hotel, Mt Barker.  Married at St James’s Blakiston 1850.  A miner for a time.

RUNDLE, William (c1819-25/8/1884)

[RB]  - Farmer Mt Barker 1860s.

Born in Cornwall. A son of John Rundle Senr, who came to SA 1840 Java.  To SA 1847 Royal Sovereign, with wife and three children.

RUNDLE, William Henry (?-8/5/1888)

[RB]  - Rangoon Burma India.

WH Rundle died Rangoon.  Left land to David Sinclair MD Inspector General of Prisons Burma India

1863 John and William Henry Rundle butchers Mt Barker £135.

8/3/1865   RPA J & WH Rundle butchers. J of Mt Barker.  WH of Hamilton Victoria.  They took the corner and sold the other along Gawler St to Jacob Hooper shoemaker Mt Barker. ANZ Bank.

RUSHBRIDGE, William [RB]  - Publican Gray’s Inn 1880
RYDER, Joseph [JKS]  -  First Clerk of Nairne District Council, lay preacher in Mt Baker with the Anglican Church.  Mr. Ryder was one of the members of the Anglican congregation who, along with the likes of Francis Davison, were instrumental in the building of the St James' Church at Blakiston.