Lists of Adelaide Hills Publicans by Name

The following lists of early Adelaide Hills Publicans organised by Name were compiled by Reg Butler (Hahndorf Historian) and may include certain additional information regarding the people and families concerned.

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These Lists were created basically 'as is' from Reg Butler's unpublished computer working files as at c2014. 

Although it is certain that when compiling such data Reg took all available means to ensure accuracy, it is emphasized that not all of the data has been verified.  As a result. the Lists created may be incomplete, not state sources used, and might contain errors.  It is therefore left to the reader to determine the validity of all such data.

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Names Beginning A*

ABBOTT, George Alfred (//-//)
1941-1941 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield

ABELL, Henry Edward (//-//)
1858-1859 Charleston Hotel Charleston
Settled; Adelaide 1854   Blumberg 1860
Husband of Jane nee EAMES

ADAMS, George (//-//)
1898-1905 Halfway House Inn then  Stirling Hotel Stirling

ADAMS, Israel (//c1835-18/2/1924) Born Cornwall, England. Died Adelaide SA.
1899-1910 Kanmantoo  Hotel Kanmantoo
To SA 1855 Agincourt. Miner, publican; Kanmantoo then Publican; Glenelg.
Settled; Kanmantoo, Stepney from c1879 then back to Kanmantoo then Glenelg.
m 26/3/1859 St James Blakiston, Wilhelmine Auguste Henriette nee SPANGLER (//c1841-//) Daughter of Friedrich Spangler.

ADAMSON, John (//c1825-//)
1853-1860 Hagen Arms Hotel Echunga
Became a bankrupt at Echunga.
Settled; Echunga, Adelaide, Little Adelaide.
Where did he go after Echunga?
Conflict of identity – Johnston book claims J Adamson died c1860.
m (1) 9/4/1851 St John Adelaide, Elizabeth nee ORCHARD (//c1831-27/2/1870)  Died Adelaide SA, at her residence Gilles St, of consumption  
m (2) 15/7/1871 St George Gawler, Louisa nee Hampton (/c1847/-//1893) 2nd daughter of Henry Hampton and Louisa nee Lane.

ADDISON, James (//-//)
1850-1855 Deanery Tavern Cox Creek [Bridgewater]
1855-1858 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater
 Demolished the Deanery Tavern premises when he moved to Bridgewater township.

ADLAM, Arthur James (//-//)
1853-1858 Black Dog Inn Kanmantoo Hotel founder
Settled; Adelaide, Thebarton, Kanmantoo, Adelaide.
Husband of Jane nee COYTE

AIKEN, Robert S (//-//)
1923-1923 Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn
1923-1924 Hagen Arms Hotel Echunga

AITKEN, Henry (//-//)
1879-1880 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

AKEROYD, Robert Leslie & Denise Kay (//-//)
1979-1981 Springton Hotel Springton

ALDENHOVEN, Hermann (//-//)
1867-1869 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

ALDRIDGE, Frederick Clement (2/5/1853-//) Born Kensington SA.
1894-1896 Mt Barker Hotel Mt Barker
Parents; George Aldridge publican Kensington & Sarah Jane Brown.  G Aldridge d 12/12/1879.
FC Aldridge married Maria ?

ALEXANDER, Arthur (//-//)
1910-1913 Morning Star Hotel Chain-of-Ponds

ALEXANDER, Elijah (//-//)
1886-1886 Terminus Hotel Strathalbyn

ALEXANDER, Mrs Edith L (//-//)
1919-1929 Forest Range Hotel Forest Range

ALEXANDER, Louisa (//-//)
1886-1887 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

ALEXANDER, Phillip (//-//)
1893-1895 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

ALFORD, Charles John (//-//)
1884-1885 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant

ALLAN, John perhaps (//c1827-27/8/1897) Died Yorketown SA, ‘of heart disease’. Perhaps Publican; Lobethal, Eden Valley then Farmer; Eden Valley, Yorketown DN Chronicle 11/9/1897 p62b. Did he come with parents or was he a member of the crew? Perhaps came out on the Lallah Rookh 1840.
1859-1860  Splitters Inn Crafers New Tiers Hotel closer
1863-1866 Alma Inn Lobethal
1866-1867 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley
1869-1871 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley
 This publican did not appear to have married.

ALLAN/ALLEN, William (//-//)
1865-1866 Langhorne Bridge Hotel Langhorne Creek

ALLEN, Henry (//-//)
1914-1916 Gray’s Inn Mt Barker
ALLEN, Emma E (//-//)
1916-1920 Gray’s Inn Mt Barker

ALLEN, Mrs Janet (//-//)
1880-1881 Langhorne Bridge Hotel Langhorne Creek
Perhaps wife of Frederick William Allen, at Callington in the 1870s.

ALLEN, James (//-//)
1877-1879 District Hotel Nairne

ALLEN, John (//-//)
1866-1867 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley Hotel founder.
1869-1871 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

ALLEN, Thomas Henry (//-//)
1858-1860 Jolly Farmer Hotel Strathalbyn
1859-1859 Robin Hood Strathalbyn
Husband of Ellen nee DWYER.

ALLEN, Thomas Henry (c1819-9/7/1882) Born Bushy Park, Middlesex, England. Died Adelaide SA. Artisan from 18 Argyll St, off Regent St, Middlesex, England. Shoemaker, greengrocer, farmer; Hackney, Dry Creek, Strathalbyn. Anglican, Roman Catholic. m 26/4/1844 RC Church Adelaide, Ellen nee Dwyer.
Mrs Allen Died 7/2/1858 Strathalbyn, of apoplexy.

ALMOND, Horace Charles  (//-//)
1922-1923 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater with Alphonse Bruce Laurenti
1923-1924  Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn with Arthur J MITCHELL
1924-1924  Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn
Lived at Pt Adelaide 1906. Husband of Ida Grace nee Dew.

ALTMANN, Johann Otto  (//-//)
1886-1887 Charleston Hotel Charleston

ALVER, James Henry (//c1844-15/5/1898) Died Adelaide SA.
1884-1888 Charleston Hotel Charleston
Husband of Mary Jane nee LORD
Settled; Moonta Mines, Bowden, Adelaide

AMOS, George Hendrie (//c1842-15/4/1887) Died Balaklava SA.
1885-1886 Great Eastern Hotel Littlehampton

ANDERSON, Gregory Lynn & Susan Marie (//-//)
1980-1982  District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]

ANDERSON, Mrs James nee Hannah Ann MOTT (//c1855-//) Born Macclesfield SA.
1904-1907 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield
1907-1913 Charleston Hotel Charleston
1913-1915 Bedford Hotel Woodside
 Daughter of James Mott and Priscilla Ann nee WEBB
m 21/8/1877 St James Blakiston, James ANDERSON
Born 26/11/1854 Macclesfield. Parents William Alexander Anderson and Mary Eliza nee MILLIGAN.

ANDERSON, James  (//-//)
1846-1849 Golden Cross Inn Balhannah

ANDERSON, John Stirling (//c1838-12/10/1901) Died Norwood SA (of Magill)
1876-1880 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant
Son of Robert Anderson.
m 13/2/1870 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Mary Ann nee Oliver

ANDERSON, Mrs JS nee Mary Ann OLIVER (//c1845-30/1/1897) Died Stepney SA, at her residence the Maid & Magpie Hotel.
Daughter of David Oliver.

ANDERSON, Mrs Lilian May (//-//)
1945-1946 Gray’s Inn Mt Barker
1946-1948 Bedford Hotel Woodside

ANDERSON, Oscar (//-//)
1862-1864 Wheatsheaf Inn Maidstone [Kersbrook]

ANDERSON, Robert (//-//)
1922-1927 Totness Inn, Mount Pleasant

ANDERSON, Robert H (//-//)
1926-1928 Crafers Hotel Crafers

ANDERSON, Robert Henry (//-//)
1928-1929  Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield with Rose Ann Anderson his wife

ANDERSON, Mrs RH nee Rose Ann ? (//-//)
1928-1929  Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield with Ribert Henry Anderson her husband

ANDERSON, Sidney C (//-//)
1920-1927 Napoleon Hotel Birdwood

ANDERSON, William the Elder (//-//c1849) Died Balhannah SA dnr.
1843-1844 Old Spot Little Para then Clerk; Thebarton Toll collector Glen Osmond.
1845-1846 Hart Inn [Mountain Hut] Glen Osmond Hotel founder
1849-1849 Golden Cross Inn Balhannah

ANDERSON, William the Elder  (//-//)
Publican; Little Para, then Clerk; Thebarton, then Lessee of the Tolls on the Great Eastern HotelRoad at Glen Osmond, then publican Mountain Hut Great Eastern Hotel Road and Section 4212 Mt Barker Survey, declared insolvent 28/9/1846 Government Gazette 10/9/1846 p305.

ANDERSON, Mrs William nee Ann  ? (//-//)
20/12/1849-1851 Lobethal Arms Inn (Alma) Lobethal Hotel founder
Widow of William Anderson Senr

ANDERSON, William the Younger (//-//)
1849-1850 Golden Cross Hotel Balhannah
1851-1853 Lobethal Inn (Alma) Lobethal
Son of William Anderson the Elder and Ann nee ?

ANDERSON, William  the Elder (//-//)
1850-1853 Publican; Woodside Inn Woodside then Farmer/gentleman; Glensloy  Littlehampton. Confusion with both sets of William Anderson the Elder and Younger

ANDERSON, William the Elder (//c1825-//)
1852-1853 Woodside Inn Woodside
1853-1853 Andersons Inn (Eagle on the Hill) Leawood Gardens - Hotel founder
1856-1857 Australian Arms Hahndorf
His wife gave birth to a daughter 29/1/1853, supposed to be Woodville Hotel; should that read Woodside Hotel?? Child not named in Birth Register.
Husband of Elizabeth nee Gregory (//c1830-//) m 23/5/1848 Wesleyan Chapel Gawler Place, Adelaide.
Kapunda 1849, Mitcham 1850, poss Inverbrackie 1851-1852 Woodside 1852[-1853.
W Anderson must have lived briefly at Eagle on the Hill, but then went back to Woodside, likely to look after his stockraising interests. Anderson continued to lease Eagle on the Hill and underleased it out to tenants.
ANDERSON, William of Inverbrackie [Perhaps worked for Adrew MURDOCK  stockholders Craigdarroch??] 1850 Memorial 376/27
ANDERSON, William publican Inverbrackie 1851 Memorial 121/28
ANDERSON, William of Woodside  1853, leased Sections 1286 and 1006 Hundred of Adelaide known as Leawood for 7 years at £100 a year 'excluding the portion not yet fenced in reserved for a garden as marked' from March 1853 from Margaret GORTON of Adelaide Memorial 375/50
ANDERSON, William of Woodside issued an underlease of the 130 acre Leawood Estate to EJF CRAWFORD common brewer Hindmarsh at £100 a year for 7 years. Isaac GEPP occupied the residence as an undertenant. Margaret GORTON the owner of the land, had just died 1853 Memorial 485/52

ANDERSON, SC (//-//)
1921-1927 Napoleon Hotel Birdwood

ANDREWS, Maurice V & SAMPSON, Mrs Grace CM 1914-1916
1914-1916 Travellers Rest Hotel Houghton

ANTHES, Friedrich (//-//)
1861-1862 Wheatsheaf Inn Inverbrackie
Husband of Sophia Auguste nee EIMER
Settled; The Valleys nr Nairne 1859 Manxtown 1862 Balhannah 1864 North Adelaide by 1867 nr Mitcham by 1870

APOSTOLIDIS, Simon (//-//)
1987-1989 Springton Hotel Springton

APPELKAMP, Hermann (//-//)
1861-1863 Britannia Hotel Kanmantoo  Hotel closed.
1863-1869 Kanmantoo Hotel Kanmantoo
1869-1870 Oakfield Hotel Mt Barker

APPELKAMP, Mrs Hermann nee Josephine WUNDENBERG (//-//)
1870-1872 Oakfield Hotel Mt Barker

ARBON, John Francis & Joan Beatrice (//-//)
1975-1979 Palmer Hotel Palmer

ARTHURSON, Alexander  (//-//)
1921-1922 Crafers Hotel Crafers

ARTHURSON, James Thomas (//-//)
1939-1940 Bridge Hotel Langhorne Creek

ARTHURSON, Mrs JT nee Kathleen Mabel  ? (//-//)
1938-1939 Bridge Hotel Langhorne Creek
1940-1941 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield

ASSHETON, Frederick CL (//-//)
1913-1914 Austral Hotel Victor Harbor

ATHORN, Robert Henry William (//-//)
1881-1884 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater
Husband of Louisa Martris Augustus nee O’BRIEN

ATKINS, A (//-//)
1908-1909 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit

AUGHEY, Fergus (//-//)
1912-1912 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf


Names Beginning B*

BACK, Francis (//-28/4/1866) Died Clarendon SA.
1865-1866 Kangarilla Hotel Kangarilla

BADMAN, Benjamin Lyall & Delia Veronica  (//-//)
1954-1956  District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]

BAEKER, Friedrich Wilhelm (//-//)
1911-1913 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant

BAGLEY, Mrs John Patrick nee Elizabeth Susannah TEAGUE (9/11/1879-//) Born Warooka SA.
1912-1913 Pier Hotel Milang as Mrs AHM Lewis
1913-1916 Pier Hotel Milang as Mrs JP Bagley
m (1) 2/4/1906 JK McWaters residence Terowie, Archibald Hay Menzies LEWIS
(//c1875-//) Son of John Thomas Lewis
m (2) 5/12/1912 William Garnett residence Norwood,  John Patrick Bagley
(12/7/1881-//) Born Milang SA.
Daughter of Thomas Teague and Emma nee Nash.
Son of Charles Bagley and Annie nee TOMILTY.

BAILEY, Fanny (//-//)
1891-1892 Kanmantoo Hotel Kanmantoo

BAILEY, Henry Edward  (//-//)
1889-1891 Robin Hood Strathalbyn

BAIN, John (//-//)
1873-1880 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown

BAIRD, James (//-//)
1850-1852 Langhorne Inn Langhorne Creek Hotel founder

BAKER, Dorothy Rose (//-//)
1936-1941 District Hotel Tungkillo
1941-1944 District Hotel Tungkillo as Mrs SAWFORD

BAKER, George  (//-//)
1908-1909 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa

BAKER, Kenneth John & Hendrika Elizabeth (//-//)
1981-1985 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

BAKER, Percy J (//-//)
1928-1929 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant

BALDWIN, William (//-//)
1874-1874 Bedford Hotel Woodside (//-//)

BALFOUR-OGILVY, Walter (//-//)
1951-1954 Corio Hotel Goolwa  with Reginald George Graham

BARKELL, James Thomas Donaldson
1939-1939  Robin Hood Strathalbyn

BARNES, Remington Charles (//-//)
1903-1904 Mountain Hut Hotel Glen Osmond

BARNETT, Charles perhaps the Elder (c1816-1/3/1861) Born Coventry, Co Warwick, England. Died Nairne SA. Wood turner, chairmaker, publican; Thebarton, Nairne. Anglican.
1857-1861 Crooked Billet Inn Nairne
To SA 1838 Eden.

BARNETT, Mrs Charles nee Mary Anne Smith (//c1815-26/11/1867) Died Thebarton SA. m (2) 16/8/1864 Chalmers Free Presbyterian Church Adelaide, Alexander Hume.

BARNETT, Mrs Charles nee Mary Ann SMITH (//c1815-26/11/1867) Died Thebarton SA.
1861-1864 Millers Arms Inn Nairne
m (2) 16/8/1864 Chalmers Free Presbyterian Church Adelaide, Alexander Hume, publican at the hotel 1853-1856

BARNETT, Charles (//-//) perhaps the Younger
1865-1877 District Hotel Nairne
1887-1888 District Hotel Nairne
1905-1907 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens

BARNETT, Charles (//-//)
1901-1902 Morning Star Hotel Chain-of-Ponds

BARRETT, Elizabeth (//-//)
1921-1922 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield

BARRETT, Joseph Anthony (//-//)
1875-1878 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate

BARRETT, JE (//-//)
1922-1923 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield

BARRETT, WP (//-//)
1870-1870 Corio Hotel Goolwa

BARRY, CF (//-//)
1894-1896 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit

BARTLETT, Albion (//-//)
1875-1877 Kangarilla Hotel Kangarilla

BARTLETT, James Joseph (//-//)
1920-1921 Yankalilla Hotel Yankalilla
1922-1923 Mt Torrens Hotel Mt Torrens

BARTLETT, Samuel  (//-//)
1840-1841 Golden Cross Inn Balhannah Hotel founder

BARTLETT, Thomas  (//-//)
1923-1926 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate -

1851-1852 Chain-of-Ponds Morning Star

BATEMAN, James (//-//)
1878-1882 Charleston Hotel Charleston

BATTERSBY, Thomas (//-//)
1852-1852 Houghton Inn Houghton
1859-1860 Travellers Rest Hotel Houghton

BAULDERSTONE, Henry (//-//)
1880-1890 Pier Hotel Milang

BAUMGUERTEL/BAUMGURTEL/BAUMGÜRTEL, Heinrich Henry Christian Conrad (//-//)
1875-1882 Rising Sun Inn Lobethal

BAXTER, Violet (//-//)
1901-1910 Pier Hotel Milang

BAYFIELD, Edwin Henry the Younger (3/21845/-9/12/1918) Born Adelaide SA. Died Nairne SA.
1876-1884 Millers Arms Inn Nairne
1897-1910 Travellers Rest Hotel Houghton
Parents; Edwin Henry Bayfield the Elder and Ellen nee MACINNERNEY (//c1818-19/2/1863) Died Gilles Plains SA.
m 28/2/1876 St Paul Adelaide, Fanny nee TAYLOR Father; John.

BEAL, James Mervyn (//-//)
1946-1949 Scenic Norton Summit

BEAMES, JamesJ (//-//)
1866-1867 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate

BEAMES, William (//-//)
1867-1867 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate
1869-1869 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield
1869-1876 Halfway House Inn Stirling

BEASLEY, Mary (//-//)
1873-1874 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

BEECK, Emil (//-//)
1861-1861 Alma Inn Lobethal

BEHRENDT, Adolph (//-//)
1876-1878 Yankalilla Hotel Yankalilla

BELL, Henry (//-//)
1901-1902 Morning Star Hotel Chain of Ponds
1902-1904 Alma Hotel Lobethal

BELL, Mrs Henry nee Rosa J ? (//-//)
1901-1902 Alma Hotel Lobethal

BELLINGHAM, Henry (//-//)
1863-1865 Langhorne Bridge Langhorne Creek

BENGER, Richard (//-//)
1911-1912 Stanley Bridge Hotel Grunthal [Verdun]

BENNETT, Frederick George (//-//)
1895-1898 Bedford Hotel Woodside

BENNETT, Mrs FG nee Ellen Kate KILMORE (//-//)
1898-1902 Bedford Hotel Woodside
1904-1911 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

BENNETT, Douglas Percy (//-//)
1903-1911 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

BENNETT, Percy Douglas (//-//)
1913-1921 Crafers Hotel Crafers

BENNETT, Mrs Rose M (//-//)
1901-1903 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley
1903-1904 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield

BERRY, Thomas Edward  (//-//)
1871-1873 Wheatsheaf Inn Maidstone [Kersbrook] Hotel closer

BERTRAM, Leonard Alexander  (//-//)
1928-1929 Mt Torrens Hotel Mt Torrens

BERWICK, Thomas (//-//)
1859-1863 Langhorne Inn Langhorne Creek

BEYER, August (//-//1858)
1858-1858 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater

BEYER, Mrs August nee Anna Margaretha ? (//-//)
1858-1859 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater

BEYTHIEN, Ernest WF (//-//)
1906-1907 Mt Lofty Hotel Summertown

BICK, John (//-//)
1885-1886 Terminus Hotel Strathalbyn

BIDDLES, Thomas (//-//)
1855-1859 Great Eastern Hotel Littlehampton
1861-1865 Great Eastern Hotel Littlehampton

BIDGWAY, Mary A (//-//) and RYAN, P (//-//) Not Charleston
1926-1928 Charleston Hotel Charleston
1928-1931 Meadows Hotel Meadows
1935-1937 Pier Hotel Milang

BIGGS, Albert E (//-//)
1899-1908 Forest Range Hotel Forest Range
1909-1919 Forest Range Hotel Forest Range

BIGGS, Caleb (//-//)
1883-1894 Forest Range Hotel Forest Range

BIRCH, Daniel (//c1864-//)
1897-1899 Forest Range Hotel Forest Range
1899-1906 Lake Hotel Milang
Son of John Birch.
m 13/2/1897 Forest Range Hotel Forest Range, Amy Elizabeth nee Cock

BIRCH, Mrs Daniel nee Amy Elizabeth COCK (//c1879-//)
1906-1910 Lake Hotel Milang
1910-1912 Lake Hotel Milang as Mrs Andrew Ross
Daughter of William Cock.
m (1) 13/2/1897 Forest Range Hotel Forest Range
m (2) 4/10/1909 Bride residence Milang, Andrew ROSS (//c1876-//)
Son of George Ross.

BIRCH, John (//-//) Perhaps John Birch Junr?
1897-1908 Totness Inn, Mount Pleasant
BIRCH, John Junr (//-//)
1894-1897 Forest Range Hotel Forest Range

BIRCHMORE, Ethel Elizabeth (//-//)
1926-1935 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens

BIRT, George Howard (//-//)
1883-1884 Mountain Hut Hotel Glen Osmond with Ellen Birt his wife

BIRT, Mrs GH nee  Ellen ? (//-//)
1883-1884 Mountain Hut Hotel Glen Osmond with George Howard Birt her husband

BISHOP, Mrs Edith E (//-//)
1919-1919 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha

BISHOP, Ethel (//-//)
1947-1949 Totness Inn, Mount Pleasant

BISHOP, Stanley C  (//-//)
1934-1936 Crafers Hotel Crafers

BLACK, Max (//-//)
1920-1921 Australasian Hotel Goolwa

BLAKE, HMOF (//-//)
1854-1855 Fountain Inn Encounter Bay Hotel founder

BLEECHMORE, Emily C (//-//)
1915-1916 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield

BLIGHT, James (//-//)
1880-1881 Tavistock Hotel Callington Closed the hotel
1881-1883 Kanmantoo  Hotel Kanmantoo
1883-1885 District Hotel Nairne
1886-1887 District Hotel Nairne

BODE, Christian (//-//)
1861-1863 Alma Inn Lobethal

BOEHME, Alfred (//-//)
1866-1869 Charleston Hotel Charleston

BOND, James (//c1818-31/3/1862) Born Devon, England. Died Mt Torrens SA, at his residence the Mill Inn, ‘after a long and painful illness’.
1853-1855 Vine Inn Glen Osmond
1855-1858 Mt Torrens Inn Mount Torrens
1859-1862 Mill Inn Mt Torrens Hotel founder
 wife and two young children
m 26/8/1852 Christ Church North Adelaide.

BOND, Mrs James nee Elizabeth REYNOLDS (//c1828-27/12/1905) Born Devon, England. Died Maylands SA.
1862-1862 Mill Inn Mt Torrens
Daughter of John Reynolds. A widow at the time of her death. Charles Bott death not registered.
m (2) 9/9/1862 Christ Church North Adelaide, Charles BOTT (//-//)
Son of Thomas Daniel Bott.

BONHAM, Ezra (//-//)
1857-1861 Wheatsheaf Inn Inverbrackie

BOORMAN, Horace D (//-//)
1913-1917 Millers Arms Hotel Nairne

BORCHERS, Albrecht  W (//-//)
1897-1900 Union Inn Hahndorf

BOREHAM, Henry (//-//)
1866-1871 Alma Inn Lobethal

BORN, Frederick (//-//)
1877-1878 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa

BORN, John Chanter (//-//)
1872-1873 Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn
1883-1893 Bedford Arms Woodside

BOTHE, Heinrich Wilhelm (//-//)
1893-1895 Palmer Hotel Palmer

BOTT, Charles (//-//)
1862-1864 Mill Inn Mt Torrens
1864-1865 Mt Torrens Hotel Mount Torrens

BOURKE, William Cornelius  (//-//)
1941-1942 Hotel Balhannah Balhannah

BOWLEY, Robert John (//-//) & Mildred Mary (//-//)
1970-1973 Springton Hotel Springton

BOYLE, William (//-//)
1876-1878 Charleston Hotel Charleston
1879-1880 Pier Hotel Milang
1880-1882 Lake Hotel Milang

BRADLEY, Charles (//c1832-30/9/1907) Born Co Lanark, Scotland. Died Glen Osmond SA, at Highfield, the residence of his son-in-law Austin Hewitt.
 1867-1869 Miner’s Arms, Kanmantoo
To SA 1855 Northern Light.
RC. m Mary MCCORMACK (//c1836-1/9/1918) Died Mt Barker SA.
Daughter Mary Jane Bradley, m John Deeney, landlord of the Criterion Hotel Adelaide.
Mrs Deeney d 3/10/1907 North Adelaide Hospital. Obit Chronicle 12/10/1907 p357c.

BRADSHAW, John (//-//)
1867-1869 Tavistock Hotel Callington

BRAKENRIDGE, Andrew (//-//)
1851-1851 German Arms Inn Lobethal

BRANDER, Florence A (//-//)
1924-1926 Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn

BREITKOPF, Christ (//-//)
1879-1881 Travellers Rest Hotel Houghton

BREMER, Friedrich Wilhelm (//-//)
1871-1872 Union Inn Hahndorf

BRENNAND, Norman (//-//)
1925-1926 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield

BRIGGS, Mrs Eliza (//-//)
1902-1905 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa

BRIGGS, Frederick (//-//)
1874-1879 Woodside Inn then Hotel Woodside

BRIGHT, Edward (//-//)
1893 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater
1892-1896 Stanley Bridge Hotel Grunthal [Verdun]

BROAD, Thomas (//-//)
1890-1892 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

BROOK, Mrs Jean (//-//)
1937-1939 Morning Star  Chain-of-Ponds

BROOK, Mrs J (//-//)
1918-1919 Meadows Hotel Meadows

BROOKS, Mrs Jean (//-//)
1937-1939 Morning Star Hotel Chain of Ponds

BROOKS, William (//-//)
1855-1859 Closed. Milang Inn Milang
Opened and closed the hotel.

BROWN, Joseph (//-//)
1874-1875 Wheatsheaf Inn near Mylor

BROWN, Stephen (//-//)
1879-1882 District Hotel Nairne

BROWN, William Oliver and Marion Joan (//-//)
1958-1961 Scenic Norton Summit

BRUGGEMANN, Frederick E (//-//)
1936-1938 District Hotel Gumeracha

BRYAN, James Thomas (//-//)
1925-1925 Lake Hotel Milang
1926-1926 Charleston Hotel Charleston
1928-1928 Golden Cross Hotel Balhannah
1932-1933 Belair Hotel  Belair
1941-1941 Royal Oak Hotel Clarendon

BUBNER, Frank Henry (//-//)
1948-1952 Yankalilla Hotel Yankalilla

BUCHANAN, Mostyn (//-//)
1992- Palmer Hotel Palmer

BUCKBY, William CH (//-//)
1889-1891 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

BUCKHAM, Emily (//-//)
1878-1879 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

BUCKLEY, John S (//-//)
1885-1895 District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]

BUFFHAM, Robert (//-//)
1871-1876 Mt Barker Hotel Mt Barker
To SA 1855 Coromandel. Landlord Mt Barker Hotel early 1870s. Acted as a land agent for Mt Barker residents. A brother to Mrs Edward Hender. The Buffham parents lived in Mt Barker for a time. Likely a farmer of Mt Browne, east of Pt Augusta in 1887.

BUICK, John (//-//)
1921-1922 Woodside Hotel Woodside

BULLOCK, John Jack W (//-//)
1935-1936 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield

BULMAN, Robert(//-//before his wife)
1879-1880 Clarendon Hotel Clarendon
1884-1886 Millers Arms Inn Nairne

BULMAN, Mrs Robert nee Elizabeth FIELD (//c1853-2/2/1897) Died Adelaide SA (of Aldgate)
1889-1891 Crafers Hotel Crafers
1891-1897 Aldgate Pump  Aldgate

BUNNETT, James (//-//)
1861-1869 Lord Nelson Hotel Wistow
The only publican

BURALL, Henry (//-//)
1855-1856 Blacksmith Arms Vincent Special Survey

BURFIELD, Robert (//-//)
1869-1875 Blackwood Inn  Belair Hotel founder
1875-1877 Blackwood Inn  Belair

BURGESS, Arthur William John (15/8/1902-18/9/1957) Born Strathalbyn SA. Died Strathalbyn SA.
1941-1948 Terminus Hotel Strathalbyn  
1951-1957 Minlaton Hotel Minlaton
Son of Aaron Burgess and Ellen nee LONGHURST
Biog Duffield FH p233.

BURGESS, Stanley H (//-//)
1921-1922 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant
1922-1923 Woodside Hotel Woodside
1923-1926 Golden Cross Hotel Balhannah

BURKE, Barry Michael & Janeen Daphne (//-//)
1983-1984 Springton Hotel Springton

BURLEY, William (//-//)
1878-1880 Langhorne Bridge Hotel Langhorne Creek

BURNETT, George K (//-//)
1924-1925 Bedford Hotel Woodside

BURNS, Arthur G (//-//)
1910-1912 Kanmantoo  Hotel Kanmantoo
1912-1914 District Hotel Nairne
1914-1919 Golden Cross Hotel Balhannah
1919-1923 Golden Cross Hotel Balhannah
1923-1926  District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]
Did he have racing stables at Gawler before he became a publican?

BURNS, Mrs Isabella (//-//)
1882-1882 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate
1883-1886 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate
1912-1913 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha

BURNS, Ralph J (//-//)
1919-1921 Stanley Bridge Hotel Verdun

BURTON, James W (//-//)
1911-1912 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha

BURTON, Mrs JW nee Minnie Clara (//-//)
1912-1915 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha
1918-1921 Travellers Rest Hotel Houghton

BUSBRIDGE, James (//-//)
1905-1908 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa

BUSH, Charles (//-//)
1878-1878 Kanmantoo Hotel Kanmantoo

BUTLER, James (//-//)
1884-1886 Eagle on the Hill

BUTLER, James Uriah  (//-//)
1869-1870 Royal Oak Inn Clarendon
1873-1875 Miners Arms Hotel Kanmantoo  Hotel closed.
1875-1878 Kanmantoo  Hotel Kanmantoo

BYASS, John Frederick and Mary
1948-1949 Uraidla Hotel Uraidla
1949-1954 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa

BYRNE, Edward (//-//)
1934-1938 Totness Inn, Mount Pleasant

BYRNES, Edward/Edwin McB (//-//)
1923-1925 Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn


Names Beginning C*

CAMPBELL, William H (//-//)
1925-1930 Stirling Hotel Stirling

CAMPBELL, Mrs Jessie (//-//)
1930-1935 Stirling Hotel Stirling

CANNY, Nicholas Paul (//-//)
1924-1925 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens

CANNY, Thomas Joseph (//-//)
1922-1924 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens

CANDY, Robert (//-//)
1920-1920 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha

CAON, Luigi and Roma Pearl (//-//)
1967-1969 Totness Mt Pleasant

CARBIS, John (//-//)
1878-1879 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate
1881-1882 Stanley Bridge Hotel Grunthal [Verdun]

CARMAN, S (//-//)
1863-1864 Morning Star Inn Wistow

CARMAN, William (//-//)
1851-1856 Wheatsheaf Inn Maidstone [Kersbrook] Hotel founder
1857-1859 Wheatsheaf Inn Maidstone [Kersbrook]

CARO, David (//-//)
1918-1919 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown

CARR-FISH, (//-//)
1928-1936 Yankalilla Hotel Yankalilla

CARR-FISH, Miss Lorna Myra (//-//)
1939-1941 Hotel Oakbank Oakbank

CARRINGTON, Thomas (//-//)
1893-1899 Corio Hotel Goolwa

CARTER, Emily Thomas (//-//)
1860-1865 Hagen Arms Hotel Echunga
1865-1870 Bedford Hotel Woodside
1870-1874 Bedford Hotel Woodside

CARTER, George William (//-//)
1928-1937  Golden Cross Hotel Balhannah
1938-1938 Pier Hotel Milang

CARTER, James Percival Joseph (//-//)
1950-1961 Gray’s Inn Mt Barker

CARTER, Mrs Sadie Jane (//-//)
1944-1949 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate
1957-1958 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate

CARTER, William H (//-//)
1902-1903 Austral Hotel Victor Harbor

CARTWRIGHT, Robert (//-//)
1930-1932 Stanley Bridge Hotel Verdun

CASEY, Mrs Catherine (//-//)
1942-1944  Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater

CATCHLOVE, George Henry (//-//)
1857-1866 Bridge Inn Echunga Hotel founder

CATT, Henry (//-//)
1860-1863 Meadows Inn Meadows
1936-1939 Yankalilla Hotel Yankalilla

CATT, Walter Clifford & Thelma Mavis (//-//)
1955-1958 Springton Hotel Springton

CHALKLEN, George (//c1825-13/5/1870) Born Kent, England. Died Milang SA, at his residence the Pier Hotel.
1858-1867 Lake Hotel Milang
1867-1870 Pier Hotel Milang
Came from the Lake Hotel Milang, to start the Pier Hotel.

CHANCELLOR, Harris Sydney Job (//-//)
1928-1929 Lake Hotel Milang

CHAPMAN, Edward (//-//)
 1863-1865 Crown Hotel Mt Barker Hotel closer

CHAPMAN, Edward (//-//)
1880-1880 Tavistock Hotel Callington

CHAPMAN, George (//-//)
1888-1888 District Hotel Nairne

CHAPPLE, Miss Annie Madeline Katherine (//-//)
1936-1939 Yankalilla Hotel Yankalilla

CHECKETT, Charles (//-//)
1919-1922 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater

CHERRY, John (//-//) & JAY, Gerald (//-//)
1879-1879 Kanmantoo  Hotel Kanmantoo

CHERRY, John (//-//)
1905-1907 Stirling Hotel Stirling

CHILDS, Thomas and Johanna C (//-//)
1919-1922 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown

CHINNICK, Lewis (//-//)
1880-1881 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

CHRISHOLM, John (//-//)
1849-1850 Tally Ho Inn Clarendon

CHRISTIE, David (//-//)
 1913-1920 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa

CLARK, George James (//-//)
1886-1886 Millers Arms Hotel Nairne
1886-1888 Callington Hotel Callington
1888-1889 Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn
Husband of Jessie nee WHEELER

CLARK, Marie Ann Theresa (//-//)
1886-1888 Meadows Hotel Meadows

CLARKE, Isabella (//-//)
1877- 1878 Gray’s Inn Mt Barker

CLARKE, John Cornelius (//c1897-//)
1935-1936 District Hotel Gumeracha
Father; Harry Clarke
m 190/10/1926 Parsonage South Tce Adelaide, publican Mrs JH Wilson nee Janet Helen Oldfield.

CLARKE, Mrs JC formerly Mrs JH Wilson nee Janet Helen OLDFIELD (//-//)
1928-1935 Springton Hotel Springton

CLARKE, William Graham (//-//)
1867-1868 Bee Hive Hotel Nairne

CLARKSON, James D (//-//)
1886-1886 Lake Hotel Milang

CLAUSSEN, Mrs Anna Auguste Wilhelmine (//-//)
1898-1910 Blumberg Hotel Blumberg [Birdwood]

CLEGGETT, Friend (//-//)
1854-1855 Langhorne Inn Langhorne Creek

CLENDINNEN, Harry Douglas (//-//)
1925-1928 Rising Sun Hotel Lobethal
1929-1934 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant

CLIFF, Henry (//-//)
1877-1879 Blackwood Inn  Belair

CLODE, Christian (//-//)
1862-1863 Alma Hotel Lobethal

CLOONAN, Mrs Ellen (//-//)
1913-1917 Belair Hotel Belair

CLOONAN, Thadias (//-//)
1917-1917 Belair Hotel Belair

CLUES, Reuben and Herbert (//-//)
1928-1929 Travellers Rest Hotel Houghton

COBB, JH (//-//)
1873-1875 District Hotel Gumeracha

COCKBURN, Stanley Robert (//-//)
1939-1939 Morning Star Hotel Chain-of-Ponds

COE, Mrs Ethel (//-//)
1920-1926 District Hotel Gumeracha

COLEMAN, JH (//-//)
1868-1886 Meadows Hotel Meadows

COMLEY, Gilbert John (7/1/1872-//) Born New Glenelg SA.
1931-1936 District Hotel Tungkillo
Parents – William Comley and Emily nee GRIMWOOD

COMLEY, Mrs GJ nee Emma GARE (//-//)
1926-1931 District Hotel Tungkillo

CONLIN, Alexander T (//-//)
1922-1923 District Hotel Nairne

CONLON/CONLIN, James E (//-//)
1913-1918 Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn

CONLON/CONLIN, Mrs JE nee Mary M (//-//)
1918-1923 Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn

CONNOLLY, John (//-//)
1913-1914  Golden Cross Hotel Balhannah

CONSIDINE, Andrew James (//-//)
1876-1878 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield

CONSIDINE, Martin  (//-//)
1877-1878 Oakfield Hotel Mt Barker Hotel closed
1878-1885 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield
1892-1898 Gothic Queen’s Arms Brown St Adelaide
His wife, Margaret Considine, died 24/1/1884 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield, ‘after a few days illness’, aged 33. DN Observer 2/2/1884 p216b.

CONSTABLE, David (//-//)
1862-1867 Travellers Rest Hotel Houghton

COOK, James G (//-//)
1913-1920 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

COOK, William  (//-//)
1881-1881 Corio Hotel Goolwa

COOKE, Patrick and Annie (//-//)
1886-1889 Kanmantoo  Hotel Kanmantoo

COOLING, Charles M (//-//)
1920-1921 Gray’s Inn Mt Barker

COOPER, Graham (//-//) & Judith (//-//)
1992 Palmer Hotel Palmer

CORCORAN, Patrick Michael Francis  (26/2/1869-15/9/1926) Born Clare SA. Died Gumeracha SA, at his residence the District Hotel ‘after a short illness’.
1921-1921 Railway Hotel Pt Elliot
1926-1926 District Hotel Gumeracha
Parents – Michael Corcoran and Mary Ann nee Ryan.
Engineer; Murray River Boats; authority on all matters relating to the Murray River. Mayor of Goolwa. Goolwa Regatta committee; Goolwa Rifle Club committee; Goolwa Institute committee. President Pt Elliot Show; manager King of Hanover Hotel Adelaide. unassuming nature and kind to others in an unassuming manner. Member RC Church. Widow and five children – Mary, Isabella, Nelly, Ronnie Corcoran, Jack Corcoran. Obit Chronicle 25/9/1926 p959c.
m  2/8/1900 St Francis De Sales Church Mt Barker

CORCORAN, Mrs PM nee Catherine Theresa Mary BARTLETT (//c1876-//)
1921-1921 Railway Hotel Pt Elliot
1921-1932 District Hotel Gumeracha
Parents – Thomas Bartlett

CORNELIUS, Richard (//-//)
1889-1889 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater

CORNELIUS, Mrs Richard nee  Jane ? (//-//)
1889-1900 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater

CORNELIUS, Richard (//-//)
1854-1855 Great Eastern Hotel Littlehampton Hotel founder
1855-1859 Gray’s Inn Mt Barker Hotel founder
Register 20/3/1855 Richard Cornelius, late landlord of the Great Eastern Hotel applied for a publican’s general licence for a house now in course of erection opposite the Court House, Mt Barker, to be called Gray’s Inn. The application was supported by a memorial signed by nealy 100 of the neighbouring settlers. A counter memorial was put in by Messrs C Low, and George Uphill, opposing the application on the ground of the unfinished state of the house, and that the two existing houses supplied ample accommodation for the requirements of the neighbourhood. Corporal Searcy also opposed on the ground of the unfinished state of the house and because there was no stabling. Mr Cornelius said he had secured temporary stabling until his own stables were completed. The Council thought a licence could not be granted to the house in its present unfinished state; and on the application of Mr Cornelius, agreed to adjourn the further consideration of the matter to Monday 2 April.

CORNELIUS, William (//-//)
1857-1861 Britannia Hotel Kanmantoo Hotel founder

CORNEY, John (//-//)
1893-1898  Millbrook Hotel Millbrook

CORNISH, Mrs M (//-//)
1923 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit

CORRELL, William Hawken (//-//)
1902-1908 Bedford Hotel Woodside

COSGROVE, Patrick Thomas Joseph  (//-//)
1939-1945 Callington Hotel Callington

COSSINS, Joseph Dyer (//-//)
1872-1873 Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn
m Elizabeth Beviss Poole
Lived – Adelaide, Allen Creek, Norwood

COWIE, Colin Campbell (//-//)
1906-1907 Morning Star Hotel Chain-of-Ponds
1911-1920 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens

COX, Mrs Caroline (//-//)
1907-1913 Mt Lofty Hotel Summertown .

COX, Margaret J (//-//)
1922-1923 District Hotel Tungkillo

COX, Nelson John (//-//)
1889-1905 Golden Cross Hotel Balhannah

COZENS, George (//-//)
1868-1870  Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn
1870-1872 Pier Hotel Milang

CRABB, James Albert (//-//)
1917-1919 District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]

CRAFER, David (//-//)
15/3/1839-1840 Sawyers Arms Inn Old Tiers near Crafers
25/3/1840-1841 Norfolk Arms Hotel near Crafers
 Sawyers Arms traded from late 1838 but only received a licence in 1839

CRAFER, Mrs David nee Mary Ann ? (//-//)
15/3/1839-1840 Sawyers Arms Inn Crafers

CRAMMOND/CRAMOND, Rose Ade (//-//)
1926-1927 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate

CRANE, Mortimer C (//-//)
1923-1936 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater

CRANE, William Jenkins (//-//)
1884-1884 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha

CREWS, Mrs Elizabeth  (//-//)
1897-1898 Callington Hotel Callington

CREWS, Thomas (//-//)
1849-1852 Travellers Rest Hotel Houghton

CRITCHLEY, James Paul (15/1/1886-//1944) Born Kanmantoo SA.
1914-1919 District Hotel Nairne
1919-1937 Millers Arms Hotel Nairne
Parents - James Critchley and Eliza Anastasia nee MCCOURT.

CRITCHLEY, Mrs JP nee Susan Mary ? (//-//)
1952-1956 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater

CROSS, Edward William (//-//)
1850-1852 Mt Torrens Inn Mount Torrens
perhaps m Ellen nee ROBERTS
Daughter Ellen Cross b 12/1/1852 District of Adelaide

CROSS, Thomas Hector (//-//)
1883-1884 Charleston Hotel Charleston
Lived – Woodchester, Strathalbyn  perhaps Blacksmith
m Emily nee COE

CROUCHER, Joseph Owen (//-//)
1878-1879 Pier Hotel Milang
1914-1920 Yankalilla Hotel Yankalilla
Lived – Commercial Road Pt Adelaide, Unley, Milang, Pt Elliot, Middleton

CULLEN, Luke Michael  (//-//)
1869-1869 Royal Oak Inn Clarendon

CUMMINS, Edward J (//-//)
1907-1907 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown

CUNDY, William Dart (//-//)
1886-1888 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown
m Emma nee Hattam

CURNOW, James (//-//)
1859-1861 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater
1868-1869 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater

CURNOW, Mrs James nee Susan ? (//-//)
1869-1870 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater

CURNOW, John & Betty
1981-1982 Palmer Hotel Palmer

CURRAN, Johanna  (//-//)
1870-1871 Clarendon Hotel Clarendon
Changed the hotel name to Clarendon Hotel – perhaps the Royal Oak name since its beginning was too much for a loyal Irish woman.

CURTIN, Clifford John (//-//)
1947-1950 Palmer Hotel Palmer

CURTIN, Honorah (//-//)
1944-1954 District Hotel Tungkillo


Names Beginning D*

DALZIEL, Hilda M (//-//)
1926-1927 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown

DANIEL, Josiah Wyke (//-//)
1868-1869 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant
m Mary Jane nee FOWLER

DARBON, George (//-//)
1866-1869 Commercial Inn Strathalbyn

D’ARCY, William (//-//)
1922-1923 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield

DARWENT, Charles A (//-//)
1922-1923 Hagen Arms Hotel Echunga

DAVEY, Elizabeth Anne nee WATTS (//-//)
1888-1890 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant
Wife of Leslie Ernest Davey

DAVIDS, Julius (//-//)
1861-1861 Alma Inn Lobethal

DAVIES, Michael Glen & Joyleen Eva (//-//)
1988-1990  District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]

DAVIES, Samuel S (//-//)
1922-1923  Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn

DAVIS, Isabella  Ann (//-//)
1889-1895 Langhorne Bridge Hotel Langhorne Creek

DAVIS, John Edmund (//-//)
1866-1868 Kangarilla Hotel Kangarilla
1873-1875 Kangarilla Hotel Kangarilla

DAW, E  (//-//)
1871-1871 Almanda Hotel Scott Creek Onkaparinga
The only publican

DAWSON, Frederick (//-//)
1952-1955 Hotel Ambleside Hahndorf with Laurel Elizabeth Dawson his wife

DAWSON, Mrs Frederick nee Laurel Elizabeth ? (//-//)
1952-1955 Hotel Ambleside Hahndorf with Frederick Dawson her husband

DAWSON, James (//-//)
1877-1882 Hagen Arms Hotel Echunga

DAWSON, John (//-//)
1899-1900 Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn

DAY, Alfred (//-//)
1882-1915 Bridge Hotel Echunga

DAY, Edward (//-//)
1867-1869 District Hotel Gumeracha
1869-1871 Mt Torrens Hotel Mount Torrens
Lived – Gumeracha, North Gumeracha
m Mary Ann nee WILKEY

DAY, William (//-//)
1857-1858  Robert Burns Hotel Forreston
Hotel closed

DEAN, Benjamin (//-//)
1/4/1841-1847 Deanery Tavern Cox Creek [Bridgewater]

DEAN, Mrs Benjamin nee Elizabeth ? (//-//)
1847-1849 Deanery Tavern Cox Creek [Bridgewater]

DEAN, John (//-//)
1849-1850 Deanery Tavern Cox Creek [Bridgewater]
1853-1854 Woodside Inn Woodside
1857-1860 Crafers Hotel Crafers

DEAN, John (//-//)
1885-1886 Callington Hotel Callington

DECHERT, Friedrich Julius (//-//)
1879-1881 Terminus Hotel Strathalbyn
Lived – Riverton, Morphett Vale, Melrose, Strathalbyn, Stepney
m Jane nee CHALKER

DEENEY, John (//-//)
1881-1884 Yankalilla Hotel Yankalilla

DELANEY, Steven & Sharon (//-//)
1991-1992 Palmer Hotel Palmer

DELANEY, Thomas W and Mary A (//-//)
1900-1907 Union Inn Hahndorf with Mary A Delaney his wife

DELANEY, Mrs TW nee Mary A ? (//-//)
1900-1907 Union Inn Hahndorf with Thomas W Delaney her husband

DELMONT, William (//-//)
1896-1898 Belair Hotel Belair

DENISON, Edith A  (//-//)
1915-1915 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha

DENISON, George H  (//-//)
1910-1913 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa

DENYER, Arthur (//-//)
1898-1899 Crafers Hotel Crafers

DER DIPPE, Otto (//-//)
1883-1884 Uraidla Hotel Uraidla

DINHAM, Miss Eliza J (//-//)
1912-1913 Millers Arms Hotel Nairne

DISCOMBE, Thomas (//-//)
1864-1868 Mill Inn Mt Torrens

DISHER, James (//-//)
1887-1888 Miners’ Arms Hotel Palmer

DIXON, Joshua Sayer (//-//)
1879-1880 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

DOBBS, Mrs Lilian C (//-//)
1922-1925 Stirling Hotel Stirling
1868-1871 Rising Sun Inn Lobethal
1873-1877 Charleston Hotel Charleston

DOHRENWENDT, Wilhelm William (//-//1876)
1868-1872 Rising Sun Inn Lobethal
1872-1876 Charleston Hotel Charleston

DONALDSON, Alexander Calderwood & June Lenard (//-//)
1972-1976  Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

DONEY, Archibald (//-//)
1855-1858 District Hotel Nairne
1861-1864 Bee Hive Inn Nairne

DONNELLAN, John Laurence & Barbara Joan (//-//)
1963-1964 Totness Mt Pleasant

DONOUGHUE, William (//-//)
1851 Blakiston Arms/Dublin Castle Blakiston

DONOGHUE, Thomas (//-//)
1852-1870 Dublin Castle Hotel Blakiston Hotel closer

DOUGLAS, Mrs Elside Evelyn May (//-//)
1938-1947 Totness Inn, Mount Pleasant
1947-1959 Stirling Hotel Stirling
Husband John Ramsay Douglas.

DOUGLAS, John James  (//-//)
1947-1947 Gray’s Inn Mt Barker

DOWD, James Joseph (//-//)
1900-1901 Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn

DRYSDALE, John (//-//)
1855-1857 Morning Star Inn Wistow Hotel founder

DUELL, Stella Alice (//-//)
1944-1949 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate with Vera Selma Klemich
1952-1953 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate with Paul Philip Klemich

DUFFIELD, Frederick (//-//)
1850-1850 Woodside Inn Woodside
1st publican for this hotel, which Johnstons owned. The licence had been transferred from Payne’s Inn at Inverbrackie.

DUNCAN, Percy C (//-//)
1923-1928 Great Eastern HotelLittlehampton

DUNK, Herbert (//-//)
1892-1892 District Hotel Gumeracha
1892-1892  Millbrook Hotel Millbrook

DUNN, George (//-//)
1848-1850 Cornish Arms Inn Mt Torrens Hotel founder
1862-1862 Mt Torrens Hotel Mount Torrens Hotel founder

DUNN, John (//-//)
1871-1876 Yankalilla Hotel Yankalilla

DUNN, Thomas (//-//)
1884-1886 Belair Hote Belair

DURICK, Mrs Celestine Elizabeth  (//-//)
1942-1942 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater


Names Beginning E*

EASOM, John Francis (//-//)
1892-1892 Belair Hotel Belair
Husband of Maria Urquhart nee THOMSON

EASTHER, Edward (//-//)
1881-1884 Belair Hotel Belair

EBERLI, Ulrich (//-//)
1901-1903 Crafers Hotel Crafers

ECKERT, Elizabeth Emily (//-//)
1915-1916 Bedford Arms Woodside

EDGELOE, William (//-//)
1888-1897 District Hotel Nairne
1897-1905 Great Eastern Hote lLittlehamptonEASOM, John Francis (//-//)
To SA 1854 Steadfast.
m 5/12/1874 Tothill Creek
His wife, Frances Edgeloe nee SMITH, died 2/2/1893 ‘after five weeks’ illness’, aged 54, leaving a husband and son. Buried St James Blakiston.

EDMONDS, William John (//-//)
 1912-1913 Royal Oak Hotel Clarendon

EDMUNDS, Dean & Sandra (//-//)
1982-1988 Palmer Hotel Palmer

EDSON, Clarence Eggers (//-//)
1919-1920 Meadows Hotel Meadows

EDSON, Margaret N (//-//)
1920-1921 Meadows Hotel Meadows

EDWARDS, John W (//-//)
1922-1923 Bedford Hotel Woodside

EDWARDS, Mary J (//-//)
1921-1921 Australasian Hotel Goolwa

EDWARDS, Thomas T (//-//)
1921-1922 Stirling Hotel Stirling

EDWARDS, William Tripp (//c1826-//)
1853-1854 Mountain Hut
then Cox Creek, Glenburn nr Nairne
m 5/1/1852 St John Adelaide, Elizabeth Adelaide nee Selby

EDWARDS, William H (//-//)
1906-1907 Charleston Hotel Charleston

EDWARDS, William Matthew (//-//)
1893-1893 Kanmantoo  Hotel Kanmantoo

EGGINTON, Val Eric & Vera Bertha (//-//)
1956-1957 Palmer Hotel Palmer

ELDRIDGE, Jack (//-//)
1948-1965 Royal Oak Hotel Clarendon

ELLERY, Arthur Malcolm (//-//)
1936-1946 Crafers Hotel Crafers

ELLERY, Mrs AM nee Amy Marguerite ? (//-//)
1946-1949 Crafers Hotel Crafers

ELLIOT, John (//-//)
1875-1876 Clarendon Hotel Clarendon

ELLIOTT, Alfred W (//-//)
1893-1894 Millers Arms Hotel Nairne
1902-1903 Mt Lofty Hotel Summertown

ELLIOTT, Darcy Richard (//-//)
1928-1938 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown

ELLISON, Mrs Marguerite Clarice (//-//)
1941-1944 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

ELLISON, Reginald Aubrey Lionel (//-//)
1945-1948 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens

EPPS, Cecil Henry (//-//)
1937-1941 Golden Cross Hotel Balhannah with Pretoria Surrey Epps his wife

EPPS, Mrs CH nee Pretoria Surrey ? (//-//)
1937-1941 Golden Cross Hotel Balhannah with Cecil Henry Epps her husband
Changed the name to Hotel Balhannah 1/3/1838.
Character Johnston p201

ERRINGTON, Arthur J (//-//)
1897-1898 Halfway House Inn  Stirling

EVANS, David (//c1851-5/4/1900) Died Goolwa SA.
1899-1900 Corio Hotel Goolwa
Son of Evan Evans.
m 29/6/1882 Bride mother Annie Stubbs residence Adelaide, Emily Mary nee STUBBS

EVANS, Mrs David nee Emily Mary STUBBS (//c1858-10/10/1934)
1900-1915 Corio Hotel Goolwa
1916-1934 Corio Hotel Goolwa
Parents – Joseph Stubbs and

EVANS, Florence J (//-//)
1922-1922 Travellers Rest Houghton

EVANS, Watkin William (//-//)
1879-1880 Kanmantoo  Hotel Kanmantoo

EVENS, Donald (//-//)
1910-1921 Palmer Hotel Palmer

EXCELL, John Wickens (//-//)
1873-1877 Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn
Husband of Elizabeth nee MOON

EY, Mrs Emily (//-//)
1901-1902 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf
perhaps formerly FORMBY the previous publican

EY, August Friedrich Otto (//-//)
1869-1872 Palmer Hotel Palmer Hotel founder


Names Beginning F*

FALLON, Thomas (//-//)
1881-1888 Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn
1888-1910 Terminus Hotel Strathalbyn

FARR, Mrs Mabel Alice Adelaide (//-//)
1918-1920 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

FARRELL, Edith H (//-//)
1919-1920 Bridge Hotel Echunga

FAULKNER, Friend (//-//1871)
1869-1871 Bee Hive Hotel Nairne
Son-in-law of previous publican James Shakes.
Biog Chronicle 9/2/1929 p404a.

FAULKNER, Mrs Friend nee Sisera SHAKES  (//c1842-//)
1869-1871 Bee Hive Hotel Nairne Hotel closer
Eldest daughter of former publican James Shakes and Harriet nee EDWARDS

FEATHERSTONE, Mrs Celina (//-//)
1911-1914 Uraidla Hotel Uraidla

FELGATE, Ebenezer (//-//)
1858-1865 District Hotel Nairne
Bowden 1850
Husband of Elizabeth Ann Mills

FELLENBERG, Gotthelf Christian (31/3/1870-//) Born Steinau SA.
1913-1914 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf
Parents – Johann Gottlieb Fellenberg and Johanne Auguste nee Kliche.

FENWICK, William Andrew (//-//)
1880-1882 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate

FERGUSON, William (//-//)
1896-1902 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

FERGUSON-GOW, Isabel McCallum (//-//)
1980-1981 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

FERK, Hans Heinrich  (//c1800-2/9/1872) Died Woodside SA. Shopkeeper from Hamburg.
1856-1873 Woodside Inn Woodside
Emigrated  1854 Wandrahm
Restauranteur in Adelaide, then Publican; Woodside.

FERK, Juliane AH (//-//)
1873-1874 Woodside Inn Woodside

FERNEE, Joshua (//-//)
1882-1896 Hagen Arms Hotel Echunga
1896-1896 Stanley Bridge Hotel Grunthal [Verdun]

FERNEYHOUGH, Robert (//-//)
1882- 1883 Lake Hotel Milang
Lived  - Norwood, Moonta Bay, Milang, Marryatville
m Esther nee CONSTABLE

FERORS, Charles Conway (//-//)
1876-1878 Halfway House lnn Stirling

FICKLING, Robert (//-//)
1900-1901 Crafers Hotel Crafers

FIELD, Mrs Elizabeth (//-//)
1876-1879 Clarendon Hotel Clarendon
1880-1881 Clarendon Hotel Clarendon
1882-1882 Clarendon Hotel Clarendon

FIELD, George (//-//)
1864-1866 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa

FIELD, John (//-//)
1881 Lake Hotel Milang

FIELD, Robert (//-//)
1874-1877 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa

FIELD, Margaret (//-//)
1877-1877 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa

FIELDING, John (//-//)
1920-1921 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

FIETZ, Ernst Linke (//-//)
1938-1952 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown

FINCH, Harold (//-//)
1905-1911 District Hotel Gumeracha

FINCH, Mrs Harold nee Lilian ? (//-//)
1911-1913 District Hotel Gumeracha

FINCK, Mrs Caroline PW Ida (//-//)
1902-1903 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

FINCHER, Gwendoline Ethel (//-//)
1964-1970 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

FINEY, Thomas Dixie (//-//)
1860-1861 Great Eastern HotelLittlehampton

FISHER, Alexander Stephens & Emily Louisa (//-//)
1960-1964 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

FISHER, William  (//-//)
1880-1881 Bedford Arms Hotel Woodside

FITZGERALD, Norman Buchanan (//-//)
1941-1941, 1941-1949 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield

1853-1861 Mountain Hut Inn Glen Osmond

FITZPATRICK, Margaret (//-//)

1875-1883 Mountain Hut Inn Glen Osmond

1861-1875 Mountain Hut Inn Glen Osmond

FITZSIMMONS, Bernard (//-//)
1908-1911  Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn
1911-1912 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

FITZSIMONS, Thomas F (//-//)
1907-1909  Millbrook Hotel Millbrook

FLANAGAN, Patrick (//-//)
1886-1892 Halfway House Inn Stirling
1892 Mt Lofty Summertown

FLECK, Leopold (//-//)
1856-1857 Rising Sun Inn Lobethal
FLECK, Mrs Leopold nee Auguste Juliane WINKLER (//-//)
1857-1858 Rising Sun Inn Lobethal
m 17/4/1857 Mrs Fisk residence Lobethal, Carl Wiegand.

FLETCHER, William (//-//)
1902-1902 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn
1903-1903 Mount Lofty Hotel Summertown
1905-1905 Stirling Hotel Stirling
1910-1912 Woodside Hotel Woodside

FLOATE, Henry (//-//)
1849-1850 Tally Ho Inn Clarendon Hotel closer

FORBES, Charles (//-//)
1858-1862 Mt Torrens Inn Mount Torrens
Last publican on the old site – the new publican, George Dunn, who had begun this hotel in 1848 transferred the licence to the present site in the main street of Mt Torrens.

FORBES, Harriet (//-//)
1866-1866 Corio Hotel Goolwa

FORD, N (//-//)
1924-1926 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit

FORDHAM, Abraham (//-30/3/1864) Died Leawood Gardens SA, at his residence Eagle on the Hill Inn
1853-1864 Eagle on the Hill Inn Leawood Gardens

FORDHAM, Mrs Abraham nee Elizabeth ? (//-//)
1864-1867 Eagle on the Hill Inn Leawood Gardens

FORDHAM, William Robert (//-//)
1855-1861 Bee Hive Inn Nairne Hotel founder
1867-1868 Eagle on the Hill Inn Leawood Gardens

FOREMAN, James (//-//)
1883-1883 Australasian Hotel Goolwa

FOREMAN,  William James (//-//)
1885-1886 Talunga Hotel Mt Pleasant

FORMBY, Charles (//-//)
1899-1899 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

FORMBY, Mrs Emily (//-//)
1899-1901 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf
perhaps m (2) EY

F0RREST, William John (//-//)
1905-1909  Mountain Hut Hotel Glen Osmond Hotel closer

FORRESTER, James (//-//)
1892-1892 Pier Hotel Milang

FORSTER, Herbert Alexander (//-//)
1916-1917 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield

FOSTER, Henry (//-//)
1877-1879, 1882-1887  Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn

FOSTER, Mrs Henry nee Janet THOMSON (//-//)
1880-1886  Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn
1886-1890, 1897-1908  Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn

FOWLER, Thomas H (//-//)
1919-1920 Napoleon Hotel Blumberg [Birdwood]

FOWLES, Willoughby (//-//)
1914-1917 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant

FOX, Henry John Farmer (//-//)
1929-1938 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

FOX, John (//c1843-10/5/1879) Died Adelaide SA.
1869-1872 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield
1872-1878 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn
1878-1879 Gresham King William St
m 12/12/1867 St James Macclesfield, Mary nee Ryan.
Lived – Pt Adelaide, Macclesfield, Strathalbyn, Adelaide.

FOX, Patrick JP (//-//)
1907-1913 Mt Barker Hotel Mt Barker

FRANCIS, Alfred (//-//)
1913-1914 Royal Oak Hotel Clarendon

FRANCIS, Irvine Cyril (//-//)
1941-1944  Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate

FRANCIS, Peter (//-//)
1891-1892 Mt Lofty Hotel Summertown

FRANCIS, Harriet (//-//)
1889-1891 Mt Lofty Hotel Summertown

FRANCISCO, Albert (//-//)
1884-1906, 1914-1917 Uraidla Hotel Uraidla
His father, D Francisco, died 26/4/1891 Fremantle WA, ‘after a short illness’, aged 71 DN Observer 2/5/1891 p810b.

FRANCISCO, Frederick Goulden (//-//)
1919-1943 Uraidla Hotel Uraidla

FRANK, Frederick Arthur (//-//)
1935-1937  Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn

FRASER, Mrs Ellen (//-//)
1888-1889 Mt Lofty Hotel Summertown

FRASER, George (//-//)
190-1891 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate

FRASER, Mary (//-//)
1888-1889 Belair Hotel Belair

FREEMAN, George (//-//)
1855-1858 Langhorne Inn Langhorne Creek
1860-1861 Crown Hotel Mt Barker

FRISBY, Rosina McIntosh (//-//)
1917-1921 Royal Oak Hotel Clarendon

FRY, Anson (//-//)
1848-1850 Echunga Inn Echunga Hotel founder

FULTON, Isabella (//-//)
1918-1919 District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]


Names Beginning G*

GABLE, Thomas Gordon (//-//)
1964-1967 Totness Inn, Mount Pleasant

GANDY, Edward Scott  (//-//)
1879-1880 Corio Hotel Goolwa

GARDNER, Frederick Perry (//-//)
1850-1852 Travellers Rest Inn Langhorne Creek
The only publican

GARRARD, Arthur Leslie (//-//)
1946-1948 Uraidla Hotel Uraidla

GARRAWAY, Maria (//-//)
1890-1891 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

GARVIE, Mrs Reta Craig (//-//)
1944-1946 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit

GASS, Samuel (//-//)
1904-1905 Morning Star Hotel Chain-of-Ponds

GASTON, Charles (//-//)
1880-1881 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown

GASTON, John Graeme & Janice Kathleen (//-//)
1982-1987  District Hotel Tungkillo

GAUNTLEY, Joseph William (//c1815-17/7/1867) Died Stirling East SA.
1858-1863 Balhannah Inn Balhannah Hotel closer
1865-1867 Halfway House Inn Stirling
m 29/6/1850 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Elizabeth nee ROGERS (//c1822-//)

GAUNTLEY Mrs JW nee Elizabeth ROGERS  (//c1822-//)
1867-1868 Halfway House Inn Stirling
Daughter of John Rogers.
m (2) 12/4/1868 St Luke Adelaide, William ROGERS  (//c1822-//) Son of George Rogers.

GEE, Reginand John (//-//)
1944- 1972 Millers Arms Hotel Nairne with Rosa Norma Gee his wife
1972- 1974 Millers Arms Hotel Nairne

GEE, Mrs Rosa Norma (//-11/9/1972)
1944- 1972 Millers Arms Hotel Nairne with Reginand John Gee her husband

GEHRIKE, Oscar George (//-//)
1941-1951 District Hotel Nairne

GEORGE, Mrs Julia A (//-//)
1906-1909 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate -

GEORGE, William J (//-//)
1919-1920 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate with Michael J/Norah M O’Grady

GEPP, Grant Harley & Rosslyn Lesley (//-//)
1990-1991 Springton Hotel Springton

GEPP, Isaac (//-//)
1853-1853 Eagle on the Hill Inn Leawood Gardens

GERHARD, Mrs Elizabeth (//-//)
1892-1902 District Hotel Gumeracha
1903 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit

GIBBONS, John (//-//)
1868-1877 Golden Cross Inn Balhannah
1877-1878 Lake Hotel Milang
(25/4/1839-29/10/1907) Born Highgate, Middlesex, England. Died Adelaide SA. Publican; Balhannah, Milang, Adelaide.
Son in law of publican Edward Morris. He took over his father-in-law’s Golden Cross at Balhannah.

GIFFORD, Robert Wilfred & Patricia Ann (//-//)
1977-1980 District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]

GILBERT, Mrs Margaret Jean (//-//)
1916-1918 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha

GILES, John F (//-//)
1882-1882  Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate

GILES, William (//-//)
1878-1879 Yankalilla Hotel Yankalilla

GILLARD, John Reddaway (//-//)
1872-1873 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown
1873-1877 District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]

GILLETT, Daniel (//-//)
1850-1852 Nairne Arms Inn Nairne
Hotel closed after his death. His widow transferred to the District Hotel at Nairne as its second publican.

GILLETT, Mrs Daniel nee Emma ? (//-//)
1852-1855 District Hotel Nairne

GILLIGAN, Charles Thomas (//-//)
1988-1991 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

GILLMORE, Herbert S (//-25/11/1931/) Died Belair SA, at his residence the Belair Hotel.
1919-1920 Australasian Hotel Goolwa
1928-1931  Belair Hotel Belair

GILLMORE, Mrs HS nee Lilian (//-//)
1931-1932 Belair Hotel Belair

GLEESON, Vincent (//-//)
1923-1924 Morning Star Hotel Chain-of-Ponds

GLOAG, John (//-//)
1840-1849 Mount Barker Inn Mt Barker Only publican
1849-1854 Crown Hotel Mt Barker Hotel founder
1840-1849 Gloag’s Inn  Allotment 9 in Cameron St. Combined this with a garden enclosed with posts and two rails; surface water all the year round. Small farm of wheat, barley and potatoes, some cattle. Property known as Rossie Park. Opened the Crown Hotel Hutchinson St 1849-1854. Apparently combined this with a general store. Died 22/1/1856, aged 48, retired for  two years as the publican of the Crown Inn. His daughter Elizabeth married Alexander Low, who became the Crown Inn’s publican on several occasions.

GLOVER, George  (//-//)
1897-1901 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa

GLOVER, Henry (//-//)
1859-1862 Wheatsheaf Inn Maidstone [Kersbrook]

GLOVER, Mrs Henry nee Ann (//-//)
1862-1862 Wheatsheaf Inn Maidstone [Kersbrook]

GLOVER, Thomas (//-//)
Goolwa Hotel Goolwa 1868-1869, 1887-1893

GLOVER, Catherine (//-//)
1893-1894 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa

GOBLE, James (//-//)
1863-1867 Meadows Inn Meadows
 Husband of Caroline nee HARRIS
Then shifted to Macclesfield.

GODLEE, John (//-//)
1854-1860 Campbell Arms Inn Reedy Creek

GOERS, Johann Carl Christoph (//c1821-11/8/1885) Died Chain of Ponds SA.
1877-1885 Morning Star Inn Chain-of-Ponds

GOERS, Mrs JCC nee Sophia Maria Christiane Henriette ?(//-//)
1885-1898 Morning Star Inn Chain-of-Ponds

GOLDSWORTHY, Alice Jane (//-//)
1917-1917 Millers Arms Hotel Nairne

GOLDSWORTHY, William (//-//)
1905-1910 Gray’s Inn Mt Barker

GOLLAN, Donald (//-//)
1841-1853 Strathalbyn [Terminus] Hotel Strathalbyn

GOODALL, Mrs Rosa C (//-//)
1925-1928 Lake Hotel Milang

GOODFELLOW, Mrs Hetty C(//-//)
1922-1923 Traveller’s Rest  Houghton

GOODFELLOW, James L (//-//)
1919-1922 District Hotel Nairne

GOSLING, William (//-//)
1855-1857 Wheatsheaf Inn Inverbrackie Hotel founder
1857-1866 Strathalbyn [Terminus] Hotel Strathalbyn
1867-1868 Lake Hotel Milang
1869-1869 Lake Hotel Milang
1886-1890 Lake Hotel Milang
1872-1872 Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn
1873-1878 Langhorne Bridge Hotel Langhorne Creek

GOSLING, Mrs  William nee Harriet Penelope ? (//-//)
1890-1892 Lake Hotel Milang

GOSS, Richard (//-//)
1850-1853 Golden Cross Inn Balhannah
1865-1869 Mt Torrens Hotel Mount Torrens
1869-1870 Corio Hotel Goolwa

GOSS, Samuel (//-//)
1903-1906 Morning Star Hotel Chain of Ponds

GOUGH, Hugh Jeremy & Barbara (//-//)
1976-1978 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

GOULD, James (//-//)
1921-1922 Hagen Arms Hotel Echunga

GOULD, Stephen (//-//)
1859-1864 Halfway House Inn Stirling Hotel founder

GOWER, Walter (//-//)
1872-1874 Bismarck Hotel Blumberg Hotel closer

GOWLING, William Steele (//-//)
1882-1884 Clarendon Hotel Clarendon

GRAHAM, Reginald George (//-//)
1934-1951 Corio Hotel Goolwa  
1951-1954 Corio Hotel Goolwa  with Walter Balfour-Ogilvy

GRAHAM, William Johnstone (//-//)
1910-1913 Bedford Hotel Woodside
1915-1916 Terminus Hotel Strathalbyn
Husband of Ethel May nee BROWN

GRANT, John (//-//)
1886-1888 Millers Arms Hotel Nairne

GRAY, Ernest W (//-//)
1914-1916 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf
He changed the name to Hahndorf Hotel in 1915.
The hotel became known as the Hotel Ambleside in 1919.

GRAY, Guilford Emery (//-//)
1880-1880 Gray’s Inn Mt Barker

GREEN, Francis Joseph (//-//)
1928-1941 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa
GREEN, Alice Maude (//-//)
1941-1948 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa

GREEN, Vivian Claude (//-//)
1921-1922 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha
1936-1943 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens

GREEN, William (//-//)
1872-1873 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

GREEN, William T (//-//)
1896-1899 Hagen Arms Hotel Echunga

GREENFIELD, Maria Rebecca nee FIELD (//-//)
1870-1871 Union Inn Hahndorf
1871-1874 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf
Perhaps Mrs James Greenfield nee Maria Rebecca FIELD
The Greenfields lived in Mt Barker in the     1850s.

GREEVE, Christoph (//-//)
1884-1886 Stanley Bridge Hotel Grunthal [Verdun]

GRENET, Emile (//-//)
1873-1874 Wheatsheaf Inn near Mylor

GREY, Ernest W (//-//)
1914-1916 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

GRIFFIN, William (//-//)
1923-1924 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha

GRIMES, James  (//-//)
1883-1885 Crafers Hotel Crafers

GRIMES, Agnes Bourne  (//-//)
1885-1887 Crafers Hotel Crafers

GRUENELKEE, Julius (//-//)
1872-1875 Rising Sun Inn Lobethal

GUEST, Thomas W (//-//)
1861-1863 Napoleon Bonaparte Inn Blumberg [Birdwood]


Names Beginning H*

HABEL, Benno A (//-//)
1936-1938 Mt Torrens Hotel Mount Torrens

HABICH, Johann Heinrich August (//-//)
1882-1883 District Hotel Nairne
1892-1896 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

HACKENDORF, Christoph Heinrich (//-//)
1917-1919 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield

HACKETT, James (//-//)
1842-1854 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield
1865-1865 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield

HADDOW, Edwin James (//-//)
1945-1950 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

HADDRICK, Thomas Gregory (//-//)
1884-1885 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater
Husband of Bridget Ann nee MCKNIFF
Husband of Margaret GLOVER nee RICHARDS??
Adelaide, Bridgewater, Parkside

HADDY, William Henry (//-//)
1892-1897 Pier Hotel Milang

HAGEL, Johann Jacob Martin (//-//)
1855-1856 Wheatsheaf Inn near Mylor
Husband of Anna Dorothea nee GRELL
In Adelaide by 1849

HAKENDORF, Christ (//-//)
1918-1919 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield

HALKETT, Reginald and Marjorie Jean (//-//)
1950-1954  Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield

HALL, Edwin (//-//)
1905-1907 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit
1908-1911 Totness Inn, Mount Pleasant

HALL, James (//-//)
1898-1905 Stanley Bridge Hotel Grunthal  [Verdun]

HALL, Robert Denison (//-//)
1900-1910 Millers Arms Hotel Nairne
1910-1912 Gray’s Inn Mt Barker

HALL, Sampson (//-//)
1865-1866 Robin Hood Inn Strathalbyn

HALL, Samuel (//-//)
1864-1865 Robin Hood Inn Strathalbyn

HALL, Stephen (//-//)
1866-1866 Robin Hood Inn Strathalbyn
1869-1872 Commercial Inn then Hotel Strathalbyn

HALL, Thomas (//-//)
1866-1867 Tavistock Hotel Callington
1867-1872  Bridge Inn Echunga
Is he the Thomas Hall who lived at Balhannah then ran the Livery and Bait Stables at the Sir John Barleycorn Hotel Rundle St, Adelaide 1853?
Observer 21/5/1853 p163c

HAMILTON, Harry (//-//)
1907-1909 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield

HAMLIN, Mrs Elizabeth A (//-//)
1903-1904 Crafers Hotel Crafers

HAMMOND, L (//-//)
1893-1893  Millbrook Hotel Millbrook

HANCKEL, Heinrich (//-//)
1858-1860 Travellers Inn near Blumberg

HANCOX, William  (//-//)
1841-1841 Norfolk Arms Hotel Crafers

HANDBY, Harry (//-//)
1910-1911 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield

HANN, Reginald George & Elva Ellen (//-//)
1958-1961 Springton Hotel Springton

HANNA, John Samuel (//-//)
1939-1948 Yankalilla Hotel Yankalilla
1948-1948 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens

HANNA, Mrs JS nee Linda Sophia ? (//-//)
1948-1948 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens

HANNAFORD, Frank Elliott (23/9/1882-//) Born Mt Barker SA.
1935-1936 Hotel Barker Mt Barker  
Parents – William George Hannaford and Alice nee CLEGGETT

HANSON, Richard (//-//)
1892-1893 Halfway House Inn Stirling

HARDY, Henry H (//-//)
1874-1877 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

HARGRAVES, William James (//-//)
1944-1945 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

HARLEY, Jack and Daphne May
1949-1955 Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn
Competent and popular. Bought the freehold from Johnstons. Johnstons p233.

HARRIS, John W  (//-//)
1910-1912 Crafers Hotel Crafers

HARRIS, John White  (//-//)
1887-1888 Mt Lofty Hotel Summertown Hotel founder

HARRIS, Lancelot Creasy (//-//)
1946-1947 Alma Hotel Lobethal

HARRISON, Mrs Jemima (//-//)
1893-1895 Bedford Hotel Woodside

HARTSHORNE, George  (//-//)
1908-1909 Forest Range Hotel Forest Range with Stephen R Hartshorne

HARTSHORNE, Stephen R  (//-//)
1908-1909 Forest Range Hotel Forest Range with George Hartshorne
1909-1910 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa

HARVEY, Charles (//-//)
1860-1861 George Inn Wedmore [Tungkillo]

HARVEY, John C (//-//)
1913-1916 District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]

HARVEY, John George (//-//)
1880-1881 Crafers Inn Crafers

HASTINGS, Ronald Harry & Christine Ann (//-//)
1990-1992  District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]

HAVEKER, Diedrich (//-//)
1860-1861 Napoleon Bonaparte Inn Blumberg [Birdwood]
1871-1880 Napoleon Bonaparte Hotel Blumberg [Birdwood]

HAWKER, James (//-//)
1861-1861 Kenton Arms Hotel Gumeracha (//-//)

HAWKINS, Richard Dixon (//-10/6/1877) Died SA.
1843-1847 Crafers Inn Crafers
1848-1849 Sturt Hotel Grenfell St Adelaide
1849-1850 Nairne Arms Inn Nairne
1850-1852 Wellington Arms Inn Wellington/Murray
1854-1857 Crafers Inn Crafers
1857-1858 Everley Inn Tin Pot
1858-1859 Langhorne Inn Langhorne Creek
1859-1860 Crown Hotel Mt Barker
1860-1863 Crafers Inn Crafers
1863-1864 Crown Hotel Reynella
1864-1866 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate  Hotel founder
1866-1867 Bridge Inn Echunga
1867-1875 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate  
1876-1877 Hagen Arms Hotel Echunga

HAWTHORN, William and Ellen (//-//)
1884-1892 Mountain Hut Hotel Glen Osmond
Perhaps husband of Ellen Hawthorn

HAYMAN, Henry Brice (//-//)
1880-1886 Halfway House Inn Stirling

HAYWARD, Rose May (//-//)
1918-1918 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

HAYWOOD, Charles (//-//)
1853-1853 Golden Cross Inn Balhannah

HEAD, Edward (//-//)
1861-1862 Miners Arms Hotel Kanmantoo  Founder.

HEALY, Mrs Mary (//-//)
1934-1938 Callington Hotel Callington
1938-1944 Millers Arms Hotel Nairne

HEAP, George H (//-//)
1901-1901 Crafers Hotel Crafers

HEATH, George Baden (//-//)
1949-1950 Scenic Norton Summit

HEINICKE, Albert (//-//)
1873-1876 Springton Hotel Springton
1891-1892 Alma Hotel Lobethal

HEINRICH, Simon John (//-//)
1891-1898 Blumberg Hotel Blumberg [Birdwood]

HEISE, Adolph (//-//)
1891-1892 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn
1892-1895 Belair Hotel Belair

HENDER, Francis L  (//-//)
1916-1920 Terminus Hotel Strathalbyn

HENDERSON, Isabella Wilson (//-//)
1934-1945 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant

HENLEY, Mrs Mary (//-//)
1929-1936 Mt Torrens Hotel Mount Torrens

HENNESSEY, Patrick J (//-//)
1921-1924 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield

HENRY, John William (//-//)
1848-1852 Mountain Hut Inn Glen Osmond

HERBIG, Johann Carl Charles (//-//)
1907-1923 Springton Hotel Springton

HERN, Thomas (//-//)
1926-1928 Meadows Hotel Meadows
1928-1934 Crafers Hotel Crafers

HERSEY, William Lysander (//-//)
1880-1881 Corio Hotel Goolwa

HESELTINE, George HF (//-//)
1869-1874 Lake Hotel Milang

HEUKE, Friedrich (//-//)
1949-1953 Totness Inn, Mount Pleasant

HEUZENROEDER, Anton (//-//)
1914-1920 Woodside Hotel Woodside
1921-1922 Mt Torrens Hotel Mt Torrens

HEWISH, Henry (//-//)
1863-1864  Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater
1866-1868 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha
1869-1873 District Hotel Gumeracha
1873-1876 Millers Arms Inn Nairne

HEWISH, Joseph (//-//)
1889-1893 Callington Hotel Callington with Jane Hewish his wife
1893-1894 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield

HEWISH, Mrs Joseph nee Jane DALY (//-//)
1889-1893 Callington Hotel Callington with Joseph Hewish her husband

HEWISH, Percy W  (//-//)
1922-1922 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown

HEYNEN, Charles H (//-//)
1892-1892 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

HIBBART, Reuben James (//-//)
1855-1864 Yankalilla Hotel Yankalilla

HILL, Robert (//-//)
1861-1864 Kenton Arms Hotel Gumeracha

HILL, Victor James (//-//)
1919-1920  Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn
1920-1921 Terminus Hotel Strathalbyn
1930-1935  Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn

HILL, Walter J (//-//)
1922-1923 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley
HILL, Marion AV  (//-//)
1923-1923 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

HILLIER, John Foach (//-//)
1880-1881 Belair Hotel Belair

HILLMAN, Charles William (//-//)
1910-1912 Terminus Hotel Strathalbyn

HILTON, Richard (//-//)
1869-1870 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa

HITCH, Jack Henry & Lina May (//-//)
1950-1960 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

HOATH, William John (//c1835-11/10/1874) Born Surrey, England. Died Strathalbyn SA.
1874-1875  Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn

HODDINOT, Benjamin B (//-//)
1886-1888 Stanley Bridge Hotel Grunthal [Verdun]

HODGE, Arthur Hugh (//-//)
1948-1952 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens

HODGSON, William (//-//)
1941-1945 Hotel Oakbank Oakbank

HODSON, David John & Alice Joan (//-//)
1978-1980 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

HOFFMANN, Edwin (//-//)
1909-1910 Palmer Hotel Palmer

HOLLAND, Alfred Moss (//-//)
1859-1860 Great Eastern HotelLittlehampton

HOLLIDAY, Norman Chester (//-//)
1948-1952 Alma Hotel Lobethal with Myra Agnes Holliday his wife

HOLLIDAY, Mrs NC nee  Myra Agnes ? (//-//)
1948-1952 Alma Hotel Lobethal with NC Holliday her husband

HOLZBERG, Ernest (//-//)
1932-1936 Bedford Hotel Woodside
1936-1938 Charleston Hotel Charleston

HOLZBERGER, Theodor (//-//)
1856-1859 Alma Inn Lobethal
1860-1861 Alma Inn Lobethal

HOMER, William (//-//)
1875-1877  Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn

HOOBIN, John (//-//)
1884-1886 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield

HOOKINGS, Henry Harold (//-//)
1940-1940 Bridge Hotel Langhorne Creek

HOOPER, Edwin R (//-//)
1905-1906 Hagen Arms Hotel Echunga

HOOPER, Richard (//-//)
1853-1857 Strathalbyn [Terminus] Hotel
1868-1879 Terminus Hotel Strathalbyn
DAWSON, Jane (//c1834-7/6/1903) m 5/7/1853 Bride’s father’s residence Strathalbyn, Richard HOOPER (//c1826-26/4/1880) Died Adelaide SA. Licensed victualler, farmer; Strathalbyn.

HOOPER, William Barnes (//-//)
1863-1864 Kangarilla Hotel Kangarilla Hotel founder

HOPKINS, Archibald (//-//)
1921-1922 Royal Oak Hotel Clarendon
1933-1935 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield

HOPKINS, Joseph (//-//)
1844-1847 Wheatsheaf Inn near Mylor

HOPKINS, William (//-//)
1914-1918 Meadows Hotel Meadows

HORAN, John B  (//-//)
1912-1913 Terminus Hotel Strathalbyn

HORNE, Charles A
1910-1912 Millers Arms Hotel Nairne

HORSELL, Charles OR (//-//).
1921-1926 Stanley Bridge Hotel Verdun
Perhaps Parents – James Horsell and Julia nee BOCK

HORTON, John (//-//)
1917-1919 Millers Arms Hotel Nairne

HOSIE, Alexander (//-//)
1884-1886 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit

HOWARD, Martin (//-//)
1883-1884 Stanley Bridge Hotel Grunthal [Verdun]

HOWLETT,  William (//-//)
1841-1843 Foresters Arms Hotel Crafers

HUBBLE, George (//-//)
1873-1874  Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn

HUGHES, Peter John (//-//)
1991-1993 Springton Hotel Springton
HUGHES, Peter & Karyn (//-//)
1991- Springton Hotel Springton

HUMBERSTONE, James Alexander (//c1831-25/2/1902)
Son of William and Mary Humberstone.
Farmer St Marys, South Road 1850s-1860s
London Inn, Flinders St 1869-1872
1872-1876 Oakfield Hotel  Mt Barker
Then farmer at Mt Rat. Also Stansbury? He established Mt Rat township in 1882, on a crossroads from all parts of Yorke Peninsula; by 1907, the township was deserted.
Established the Mt Rat Hotel 1882-1888
Established the Grosvenor Hotel Ocean St, Victor Harbor, in 1896.
Died in Victor Harbor. A farmer also, perhaps at Stansbury?
Married 1857 Christ Church, O’Halloran Hill Sarah nee Farmer. Lived at St Marys Sturt at the time of his marriage and for some time afterwards.

HUME, Alexander (//c1810-17/7/1876) Died Callington SA.
1853-1857 Crooked Billet Inn Nairne
1864-1866 Millers Arms Inn Nairne.
1876-1876 Callington Hotel Callington
 Date of arrival in SA uncertain.
m (1) Margaret nee (//c1799-1/4/1859) Died Nairne SA.
m (2) 16/8/1864 Chalmers Free Presbyterian Church Adelaide, Mrs Charles Barnett nee Mary Ann SMITH

HUMPHREYS, Eric Tanner and Kathleen Rosa (//-//)
1924-1950 Hagen Arms Hotel Echunga

HUMPHRIES, William John  (//-//)
1869-1875 Kanmantoo Hotel Kanmantoo
1875-1877 Gray’s Inn Mt Barker
Emigrated with his parents aboard the John Renwick to SA. His father eventually opened a grocery store at Nairne. The son was one of 6 drivers who took dray loads of Dunn flour overland to the Victorian gold diggings, when he was 16. One of the surveyors who helped lay out Wellington and Milang. Hotelkeeper, Kanmantoo, Mt Barker, Saddleworth, Broken Hill. Died 16/4/1917, Castle St, Parkside. m Ellen Jeffery, of Nairne.

HUMPHRIES, William J (//-//)
1902-1905 District Hotel Gumeracha

HUNT, Francis Robert (//-//)
1853-1862 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

HUNT, Claude Leslie (//-//)
1933-1935 Belair Hotel Belair

HUSSEY, R (//-//)
1882-1883 Charleston Hotel Charleston

HUSSEY, Lilian B (//-//)
1901-1903 Charleston Hotel Charleston

HUTCHINS, George Cornelius  (//-//)
1932-1937 Royal Oak Hotel Clarendon

HUTCHISON, James (//-//)
1903-1906 Charleston Hotel Charleston

HYNES, Mrs Gwenneth Eileen (//-//)
1941-1947 Hotel Barker Mt Barker


Names Beginning I*

IDE, Alfred Thomas (//-//)
1924-1927 Woodside Hotel Woodside
1932-1939 Stanley Bridge Hotel Verdun

IDE, FC (//-//)
1894-1894 Charleston Hotel Charleston

IDE, James (//-//)
1849-1852 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

IDE, Sarah Hopkins (//-//)
1852-1853 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

IDE, Thomas (//-//)
1862-1871 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf
1872-1897 Union Inn Hahndorf

IND, Joseph (//-//)
1865-1867 Great Eastern Hotel Littlehampton

IRON, James (//-//)
1851-1852 Campbell Arms Hotel Reedy Creek Mine


Names Beginning J*

JACKA, Walter (//-//)
1855-1857 Balhannah Inn Balhannah

JACKMAN, Arthur Joseph (//-//)
1920-1924 Pier Hotel Milang1924-

JACKSON, Charles (//-//)
1919-1920 Hagen Arms Hotel Echunga

JACKSON, Herrick E (//-//)
1920-1921 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha

JACKS0N, Inkerman Farrington (//-//)
1885-1893 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield
1894-1897 Crafers Hotel Crafers
1897-1907 Mt Barker Hotel Mt Barker
Apparently at Strathalbyn before going to Macclesfield Southern Argus 25/12/1890 p516g.

JACKSON, Mrs IF nee Florence Catherine MOTT (//-//)
1889-1889 Davenport Arms Hotel Hotel Macclesfield
1896-1997 Mt Barker Hotel Mt Barker

JACKSON, Samuel (//-//)
1841-1842 Goat’s Head Inn Macclesfield Hotel founder

JACOBS, Arthur Charles (//-//)
1927-1945 Gray’s Inn Mt Barker
Owned or part owned a racehorse called Solomon - won many races; had many followers among the betting fraternity. A centre for unlicensed betting. Apparently, there was a well underneath the main bar. Called the workers’ pub, because the employees from the tannery and factory drank there. Did a roaring trade on sale days.

JAHN, Heinrich (//-//)
1863-1866 Napoleon Bonaparte Inn Birdwood
1866-1867 District Hotel Gumeracha

JAMES, Henry (//-//)
1856-1858 Mt Lofty Hotel Mt Barker Road Crafers
Only publican

JAMES, Mrs Maud Caroline (//-//)
1920-1921  Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn

JAUNAY, Frank C (//-//)
1898-1902 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit

JEANES, Isaac (//-//)
1904 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit

JEFFREY, George AD (//-//)
1927-1928 Bridge Hotel Langhorne Creek

JEFFREYS, Edwin J (//-//)
1893-1894 Gray’s Inn Mt Barker
1895-1897 Palmer Hotel Palmer
1897-1901 Pier Hotel Milang

JEFFS, Ernest Frederick and Iris Adelma (//-//)
1948-1948 Stanley Bridge Hotel Verdun

JENKINS, Alfred Bertie (//-//)
1921-1922 Travellers Rest Hotel Houghton

JENKINSON, Charles Frederick (//-//)
1929-1930 Stanley Bridge Hotel Verdun

JENZEN, Walter Albert  (//-//)
1949-1954 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield

JOHNS, Ernest Edwin Burges (22/8/1884-//) Born Palmerston NT.
1921-1923 Hotel Ambleside Ambleside [Hahndorf]
1923-1924 Bedford Hotel Woodside
1924-1924 Talunga Hotel Mt Pleasant
Parents – Edwin Johns and Mary Eliza nee Burges

JOHNS, John (//-//)
1866-1873 Millers Arms Inn Nairne

JOHNS, Mrs Mary Ann (//-//)
1893-1897 Halfway House Inn Stirling

JOHNS, Samuel  (//-//)
1847-1850 Blacksmith’s Arms Vincent Special Survey

JOHNSON, Mrs Eileen (//-//)
1943-1945  Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn

JOHNSON, WN perhaps William Norman (7/5/1883-//) Born Adelaide SA.
1921-1922 Lake Hotel Milang
Parents – John Johnson and Mary Berg nee Clift

JOHNSTON, James (//-//)
1869-1869 Mt Barker Hotel Mt Barker
1874-1874 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley
1876-1876 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley
1888-1888 Great Eastern Hotel Littlehampton

JOHNSTONE, Frederick Roy (//-//)
1935-1937 Springton Hotel Springton

JOHNSTONE, Robert (//-//)
1861-1861 Kenton Arms Hotel Gumeracha

JOLLY, Francis (//-//)
1861-1862 Morning Star Inn Chain-of-Ponds
1863-1864  Millbrook Hotel Millbrook
1864-1865 Wheatsheaf Inn Maidstone [Kersbrook]

JOLLY, Richard (//-//)
1864-1864  Millbrook Hotel Millbrook
1865-1867  Millbrook Hotel Millbrook
1870-1872  Millbrook Hotel Millbrook

JOLLY, William C (//-//)
1904-1906  Mountain Hut Hotel Glen Osmond

JONAS, John Drummond (//-//)
1932-1935 District Hotel Gumeracha

JONES, Charles Robert (//-//)
1870-1872  Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn

JONES, David Thomas (//-//)
1864-1871 Currency Creek Inn Currency Creek
Husband of Ellen Jones.

JONES, Henry Thomas (//-//)
1880-1880 Bedford Arms Hotel Woodside

JONES, William (//-//)
1886-1900 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens

JOSE, Arthur (//-//)
1865-1868 Union Inn Hahndorf
1855-1860, 1862-1865, 1870-1883 Somerset  Pulteney St

JURY, Walter Murray (//-//)
1942-1947 Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn with Venitia Doreen Richter


Names Beginning K*

KAVANAGH, Jane (//-//)
1877-1880 Bedford Hotel Woodside
Perhaps connected with W Kavanagh

KEARNS, Mary Cecilia  (//c1873-//)
1903-1904 Mt Lofty Hotel Summertown
1904-1906 Mt Lofty Hotel Summertown as Mrs Sorrell
Daughter of Richard John Kearns.
m 26/10/1904 John O’Reilly residence Stirling East, Victor Clifford SORRELL (//c1874-//) Son of William Whittle Sorrell.

KEELER, Frederick Thomas (//-//)
1887-1888 Crafers Hotel Crafers

KEEPING, Sidney John and Adelaide Ruth (//-//)
1954-1960 Totness Inn, Mount Pleasant

KEIGHLEY, Sydney F Timothy (//-//)
1897-1901 Charleston Hotel Charleston

KELLETT, J (//-//)
1925 Yankalilla Hotel Yankalilla

KELLETT, Sydney R (//-//)
1923-1926 Yankalilla Hotel Yankalilla

KELLY, Gordon Ambrose (//-//)
1924-1929 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha

KELLY, John E (//-//)
1910-1919 Blumberg then Napoleon Hotel Blumberg [Birdwood]
This publican changed both business and township name.

KEMBLE, John (//-//)
1848-1849 Tally Ho Inn Clarendon Hotel founder

KENNEDY, Leo G (//-//)
1926-1929 Bedford Hotel Woodside

KERIN, Bernard Dominic & Phyllis Sophy (//-//)
1950-1954 Palmer Hotel Palmer
1954-1955 Palmer Hotel Palmer
1955-1956 Palmer Hotel Palmer

KERR, William George (//-//)
1925-1926 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens

KERRISON, Estelle Ann (//-//)
1936-1938 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield
1937-1941 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate
1941-1941 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield

KESTEVEN, Robert Sutton (//-//)
1917-1918 Belair Hotel Belair

KEY, Mrs Beatrice Matilda (//-//)
1923-1923 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha

KEYES, Laurence G (//-//)
1912-1913 District Tungkillo

KIERNAN, Thomas (//-//)
1869-1873 Miners Arms Hotel Kanmantoo

KIDD, Edward W (//-//)
1892-1894  Mountain Hut Hotel Glen Osmond

KIDD, W (//-//)
1872-1873 Bridge Inn Echunga

KIMBER, William (//-//)
1856-1858 Bugle Inn Bugle Ranges

KIMBER, William (//-//)
1872-1873 Langhorne Bridge Hotel Langhorne Creek
1873-1876 Bridge Inn Echunga

KING, Arthur & Mary Cecelia (//-//)
1965-1968  District Hotel South Petherton Tungkillo

KINGSLAND, Daniel (//-//)
1924-1924 Meadows Hotel Meadows

KINGSLAND, Jean E (//-//)
1921-1922 Kanmantoo Hotel Kanmantoo

KINGSTON, Charles (//c1816-20/10/1888) Born Somerset, England. Died Mt Torrens SA.
1847-1852 Blakiston Arms Hotel Blakiston Hotel founder
1854-1859 Callington Arms then Callington Inn Callington  Hotel founder
1859-1866 Tavistock Hotel Callington Hotel founder
1868-1884 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha
To SA 1846 Canton
KINGSTON, Charles P  Publican; Blakiston, Callington, Gumeracha. m (2) 13/1/1866 place not stated Callington, Mary nee BYRNE (//c1842-//) Father; Henry.
KINGSTON, Mrs Charles P perhaps Jane nee KING (//c1815-20/9/1865) Died Callington SA, at her residence, after a long illness borne with exemplary patience.
A daughter called Julia Kingston notified his death – no record of her birth or emigration.

KINNANE, John (//-//)
1872-1873 Travellers Inn near Blumberg
Hotel closer

KINNANE, Peter Robert (//c1873-//) Born Gumeracha SA.
1903-1909 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn
1909-1910 Bedford Hotel Woodside
1911-1915 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield

KIRBY, John George (//-//)
1872-1878 Pier Hotel Milang

KLAER, Gottlieb (//-//)
1867-1867 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley
1869-1873 District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]

KLAU, Rudolph (//-//)
1895-1906 Springton Hotel Springton

KLAU, Mrs Rudolph nee Maria ? (//-//)
1906-1907 Springton Hotel Springton

KLEINSCHMIDT, Leslie (//-//)
1922-1923 Royal Oak Hotel Clarendon

KLEMICH, Paul Philip (//-//)
1952-1953 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate with Stella Alice Duell
1952-1953 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate

KLEMICH, Mrs PP nee Vera Selma ? (//-//)
1944-1949 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate with Stella Alice Duell

KLUGE, Mrs Maud Millicent Alfreda (//-//)
1916-1917 Travellers Rest Hotel Houghton

KNAPMAN, George (//-//)
1899-1899 Crafers Hotel Crafers

KNIGHT, Robert Cedric Parnwell and Pauline Ellen (//-//)
1975-1978  Totness Inn, Mount Pleasant

KNOWLES, Frederick (//-//)
1919-1921 Stirling Hotel Stirling

KOEHNA, Otto (//-//)
1876-1887 Springton Hotel Springton

KOEPKE, Heinrich Wilhelm (//-//)
1875-1876 Wheatsheaf Inn near Mylor

KOLL, Gottfried (//-//)
1856-1863 Belair  Travellers Rest, Sleeps Hill

KUMNICK, Rudolph (//-//)
1912 Totness Inn, Mount Pleasant

KURLL, Robert (//-//)
1866-1871 Wheatsheaf Inn Maidstone [Kersbrook]

KURTZ, Alwin Walter (//-//)
1945-1951 Hotel Oakbank Oakbank


Names Beginning L*

LADD, Henry Arthur (//-//)
1919-1919 Bedford Hotel Woodside

LAFFIN, Joshua (//-//)
1871-1872 Corio Hotel Goolwa

LAMBERT, Albert E (//-//)
1927-1928 Union Hotel Hahndorf

LAMBERT, William S (//-//)
1892-1893 Kanmantoo  Hotel Kanmantoo
1893-1897 Callington Hotel Callington

LANE, Mrs Gertrude (//-//)
1912-1913 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf
1923-1923 Travellers Rest Hotel Houghton

LANGBEIN, Frederick Charles (//-//)
1941-1952 Hotel Ambleside Hahndorf

LANGCAKE, Mrs John nee Elizabeth Ann ADAMS (//-//)
1893-1898 Kanmantoo Hotel Kanmantoo

LANGE, Carl A (//-//)
1908-1913 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

LANGLEY, Charles (//-//)
1862-1864 Lows Inn Mt Barker.

LARKIN, Michael Patrick (//-//)
1925-1928 Mt Barker Hotel Mt Barker

LAURENCE, William Thomas (//-//)
1882-1883 Stanley Bridge Hotel Grunthal [Verdun]

LAURENTI, Alphonse Bruce  (//-//)
1922-1923 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater with Horace Charles Almond

LAVENDER, Charles (//-//)
1921 Totness Inn, Mount Pleasant

LAVENDER, George D’Arcy (//-//)
1921-1922 Rising Sun Hotel Lobethal

LAVER, Mrs Edith May (//-//)
1931-1932 Royal Oak Hotel Clarendon

LAVER, John (//-//)
1920-1922 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley
1924-1925 Crafers Hotel Crafers

LAWS, William (//-//)
1852-1853 Mt Torrens Inn Mount Torrens

LAWSON, Charles H (//-//)
1914-1917 Royal Oak Hotel Clarendon

LAWSON, Lindsay Gordon (//-//)
1948-1949 Stanley Bridge Hotel Verdun
1949-1955 Springton Hotel Springton

LEAHY, George Desmond (//-//)
1918-1919 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate

LEAN, Richard (//-//)
1850-1851 New Inn Nairne Hotel closer.
 Licence transferred to the nearby Crooked Billet Hotel in Nairne.

LEAN, Stephen (//-//)
1858-1860 Black Dog Inn Kanmantoo Hotel closed.

LEAN, Thomas (//-//)
1848-1849 New Inn Nairne
1850-1854 Callington Arms then Callington Inn Callington  Hotel founder
1859-1862 Callington Inn Callington

LE CARPENTIER, Paul Richard & Melva Joyce (//-//)
1985-1988 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

LEDGARD, Clarence Albert  (//-//)
1942-1951 Hotel Balhannah Balhannah

LEDGARD, James (//-//)
1869-1870 Miners’ Arms Hotel Palmer
1872-1884  Millbrook Hotel Millbrook

LEE, Patrick (//-//)
1895-1901 Bridge Hotel Langhorne Creek
1901-1912 Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn

LEE, William (//-//)
1968-1975 District Hotel Tungkillo with Lynette Evelyn Lee his wife

LEE, Mrs William nee Lynnette Evelyn ? (//-//)
1968-1975 District Hotel Tungkillo with William Lee her husband
1975-1977  District Hotel Tungkillo

LELLMANN, Alfred (//-//)
1922-1923 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant

LEPELLEY, Walter C (//-//)
1868-1868 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater

LESTER, Henry (//-//)
1866-1868 Strathalbyn [Terminus] Hotel Strathalbyn

LEVY, Jasper Smith (//-//)
1890-1892 Belair Hotel Belair
Husband of Lavinia nee MORCOM

LEWIS, Alfred (//-/8/1881)
1881-1881 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater

LEWIS, Mrs Alfred nee Mary ? (//-//)
1881-1881 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater

LEWIS, Mrs AHM nee  Elizabeth Susannah TEAGUE (9/11/1879-//) Born Warooka SA.
1912-1913 Pier Hotel Milang as Mrs AHM Lewis
1913-1916 Pier Hotel Milang as Mrs JP Bagley.

LEWIS, Gaywood Gilbert (//-//)
1914-1916 Austral Hotel Victor Harbor

LEWIS, George (//-//)
1884-1886 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens with Samuel Lewis

LEWIS, Henry (//-//)
1854-1869 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield
1869-1871 Jupiter Creek Hotel Jupiter Creek The only publican

LEWIS, Joseph (//-//)
1882-1884 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens with Samuel Lewis

LEWIS, Robert (//-//)
1885-1889 Langhorne Bridge Hotel Langhorne Creek

LEWIS, Samuel (//-//)
1864-1871 Yankalilla Hotel Yankalilla
1875-1882 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens
1882-1884 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens with Joseph Lewis
1884-1886 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens with George Lewis
1886-1886 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens
Purchased the Eagle from the bankrupt estate of publican George Sharp.

LIDDLE, AJ (//-//)
1875-1875 Blackwood Inn Belair
Probably became a bankrupt

LIDDLE, Thomas (//-//)
1860-1864 Totness Inn, Mount Pleasant

LIEBING, Frederick (//-//)
1938-1940 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater

LIHOU, Ernest Harper William (26/1/1892-20/6/1947) Born Hindmarsh SA. Died Langhorne Creek SA, aged 56.
1924-1925 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant with Aubrey Philp
1925-1927 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant
1927-1930 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate
1940-1947 Bridge Hotel Langhorne Creek
4th son of the late Harper Adolphus Lihou & Mary Jane Daniels of Croydon. Wife, the late Jessie. Aged 56.
Born in Clark St, Exeter, where his father was an upholsterer. Later, his father was a storekeeper in William St, Croydon.

LILL, E (//-//)
1921-1922 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit

LILLIE, Frederick Thomas (//-//)
1886-1886 Lake Hotel Milang

LINDNER, G (//-//)
1980-1980 Palmer Hotel Palmer

LINEHAN, Joseph Dixon (//-//)
1923-1924 Hotel Ambleside Ambleside [Hahndorf]
At Mile End in the early 1900s
Husband of Florence Ann Coombs.

LINKE, Carl F (//-/8/1933)
1929-Died August 1933 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha

LINKE, Mrs CF nee Ida Agnes VOGT (//c1892-//)
1933-1934 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha
1934-1944 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha as Mrs SCHUBERT
Daughter of Rudolf Albert Wilhelm Vogt
m (2) 29/9/1937 St Stephen Lutheran Church Adelaide, Herbert Alfred Schubert (//c1893-//)

LINKE, Walter (//-//)
1933-1934 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha

LINN, Matthew the Younger (//-//)
1855-1865 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield Hotel founder
1865-1866 Commercial Inn Strathalbyn Hotel founder

LINNETT, Arthur Scott (13/11/1892-//) Born Norwood SA.
1927-1929 District Hotel Nairne
Son of John Linnett and Catherine nee CAMPBELL

LOGAN, John and Emily (//-//)
1889-1903 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield

LOGAN, William (//-//)
1871-1873 Clarendon Hotel Clarendon

LOGAN, William Patrick (//c1845-//)
1873-1877 Crafers Inn Crafers
Lived; Crafers, Park St Unley
m 27/11/1879 St Ignatius Norwood, Mrs Catherine HASTIE/HOSTIE nee BRANNACK (//c1850-//) Father; Michael Brannack

LOGAN, Kate Brannock (//-//)
1891-1893 Crafers Hotel Crafers
1904-1905 Crafers Hotel Crafers

LOGAN, John J (//-//)
1905-1910 Crafers Hotel Crafers

LONERGAN, Stanislaus and Doris Elizabeth (//-//)
1950-1958 Scenic Norton Summit

LONG, Albert E (//-//)
1908-1912 Alma Hotel Lobethal

LONG, George (//-//)
1872-1875 Corio Hotel Goolwa

LONG, George Patrick (//-//)
1878-1879 Gray’s Inn Mt Barker

LONGMUIR, James (//-//)
1917-1920 Totness Inn, Mount Pleasant

LOVELOCK, Thomas Glass (//-//)
1874-1875 Lake Hotel Milang

LOW, Alexander Stewart (//c1832-26/5/1902)
1858-1858 Lows Inn Mt Barker
1858-1859 Crown Hotel Mt Barker
1861-1863 Crown Hotel Mt Barker
1868-1869 Corio Hotel Goolwa
Publican North Adelaide in 1863. He married Elizabeth Gloag, daughter of John Gloag, the founder of the Crown Inn. St Leonard’s Inn, St Leonards 1865; Corio Hotel Goolwa 1868-1869, Cremorne Hotel Unley 1873-1874; later a contractor in Gilles St, Adelaide??. Also had a general store opposite the hotel in the 1850s, on what had formerly been some of his father’s land in Mt Barker. He extensively rebuilt the Crown Hotel in late 1858.

LOW, Charles (c1802-1/11/1862) Died Mt Barker SA, at his residence (lat of Lows Inn).
1843-1844 Royal Admiral Hotel Hindley St
1846-1858 Lows Inn Mt Barker
1859-1859 Lows Inn Mt Barker
1861-1862 Lows Inn Mt Barker
Lived in Co Fife, Scotland, for at least some time before emigration. A bootmaker in Rosina/Hindley St 1841-1846, and publican Royal Admiral Hotel 1843-1844 Hindley St. Then publican Low’s Inn c1846-1858 at Mt Barker. Died 1/11/1862, aged 60. He called it the Scotch Thistle for two years-perhaps. Later became known as the Mt Barker Hotel and then the Hotel Barker. The second publican to begin business in Mt Barker. Husband of Helen Stewart Low. At least two sons - Alexander and Robert.
1840 William Dutton Senr Esquire Adelaide * Land grant.
1840 Trustees Richard Newland and Edward Gwynne Adelaide
1849 Charles Low licensed victualler Mt Barker
12/2/1851 Mortgaged Lot to George MacLean and then others all the time Low had the property. This must have been the hotel.
16/12/1862 Will of Charles Low.  All estate to Helen Stewart Low.
29/7/1863 HS Low to Alfred Bonnin, the mortgagee. Together with lots 78, 79, 80, 81.
Bonnin sub-divided the land.

LOWE, Mark Edward (//-//)
1861-1868 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant

LOWEN, Edwin Waybrett (//c1854-21/10/1913) Died Murray Bridge SA, ‘suddenly of heart disease’.
Hotel at Pt Adelaide
1884-1910 Woodside Hotel Woodside
Bridgeport Hotel Murray Bridge.
 Register correspondent for Woodside for many years.
Last surviving of the old honorary members of the Onkaparinga Racing Club.
Active interest in sport.
Obit Observer 25/10/1913 p437a.

LOXTON, Percival (//-//)
1945-1952 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant

LUBASCH, Gottfried (//-//)
1839-1849 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

LUCAS, Arthur John & Ella Grace (//-//)
1961-1962 Springton Hotel Springton

LUSH, George (//-//)
1871-1872 Currency Creek Inn Currency Creek
1874-1876 Currency Creek Inn Currency Creek .
Closed the hotel

LUSH, Joseph William (//-//)
1855-1860. Square Water Hole Mount Compass

LUETZOW/LUTZOW/LÜTZOW, Johann Ferdinand (//-//)
1876-1887 Springton Hotel Springton

1893-1895 Springton Hotel Springton

LYFORD, Edgar Clement (3/1/1880-//) Born Blyth SA.
1925 Pier Hotel Milang
Son of William Lyford and Jemima Louisa nee CRETTENDEN.


Names Beginning M*

MACBEATH, William (//-//)
1853-1858 Mt Pleasant Inn, Mt Pleasant Hotel founder

MACFARLANE, Lachlan (//-//)
1861-1869 Oakfield Hotel Mt Barker Hotel founder
1877-1877 Oakfield Hotel Mt Barker

MADIGAN,  Eliza (//-//)
1910-1911 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant

MADIGAN/MADDIGAN,  Eliza J (//-//)
1924-1925 Terminus Hotel Strathalbyn

MADSEN, Christian (//-//)
1922-1922 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha

MAGEN, Wilhelm William (//-//)
1869-1872 Charleston Hotel Charleston
1872-1887 Palmer Hotel Palmer

MAGUIRE, John P (//-//)
1920-1928 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa

MAHON, Laurence A (//-//)
1923-1926 Charleston Hotel Charleston

MAHON, William J (//-//)
1928-1928 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield

MAHONEY, Garry Francis & Debra Gae (//-//)
1979-1980 Palmer Hotel Palmer
1980-1981 Palmer Hotel Palmer

MAIDMENT, Charles (//-//)
1859-1864 Everley Inn Everleigh [Tin Pot]

MAIDMENT, Edwin (//-//)
1854-1857 Everley Inn Everleigh [Tin Pot] Hotel founder

MANN, Dorothy Frances Letty (//-//)
1942-1946 Alma Hotel Lobethal

MANN, Mrs Rachel  Rose Willipa (//-//)
1935-died 31/7/1935 Alma Hotel Lobethal

MANN, Wilhelm Julius (//-//)
1935-1942 Alma Hotel Lobethal
1947-1949 Alma Hotel Lobethal

MANUEL, Mrs Elizabeth Catherine T (//-//)
1921-1929 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

MARKS, Francis (//-//)
1878-1879 Kanmantoo  Hotel Kanmantoo

MARSDEN, Lydia E (//-//)
1922-1922 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown
1923-1928 Royal Oak Hotel Clarendon

MARSHALL, Robert (//-//)
1918-1919 Belair Hotel Belair

MARTIN, Ronald Harold and Jean Annie (//-//)
1957-1975 Palmer Hotel Palmer

MARTIN, William G (//-//)
1898-1902 Belair Hotel Belair
1903-1903 Mountain Hut Hotel Glen Osmond

MARTSCHINK, Gordon (died by 24/9/1969) and Kathleen Ellen (//-//)
1969-1975 Totness Inn, Mount Pleasant

MASON, Alexander (//-//)
1891-1892 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

MASON, Annie (//-//)
1892-1892 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

MASSON, Henry James (//-//)
1886-1886 Belair Hotel  Belair

MASSON, Helene Marie (//-//)
1886-1887 Belair Hotel Belair
1887-1888 Belair Hotel Belair – with the taproom at the Blackwood Railway Station

MASTERS, Charles (//c1826-16/9/1906)
1860-1860 Hagen Arms Hotel Echunga
Leased the Hotel from publican John Adamson and remained after the Johnstons purchased the property from bankrupt deceased publican John Adamson’ estate.  Johnston p38

MATHER, George (//-//)
1895-1895 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

MATHISON, Victor Edward (//-//)
1938-1941 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn with Ella Violet Mathison his wife

MATHISON, Mrs VE nee Ella Violet ? (//-//)
1938-1941 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn with Victor Edward Mathison her husband

MATSON, Walter (//-//)
1907-1908 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens

MATTEN, John & Winifred Audrey Vannie (//-//)
1958-1959 District Hotel Tungkillo

MATTHEWMAN, Mrs Annie  (//-//)
1894-1895 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield

MAUDE, Warren (//-//)
1922-1925 Lake Hotel Milang

MAXWELL, Mervyn Maurice (//-//)
1949-1950 Bridge Hotel Langhorne Creek

MCARDLE, Arthur William John (//-//)
1925-1937 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley
1940-1949 Springton Hotel Springton
1950-1957 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

MCARDLE, Meta Antonia (//-//)
1957-1957 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

MCARTHUR, Mrs Ellen (//-//)
1902-1905 Belair Hotel Belair

MCAULAY, Lily Hope (//-//)
1935-1936 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens

MCAULIFFE, Michael W (//-//)
1920-1922  District Hotel Tungkillo

MCAULIFFE, Michael William Patrick (28/9/1880-//) Born Mt Crawford SA.
1927-1932 Pier Hotel Milang
Son of John McAuliffe and Margaret nee KENNEDY

MCBEATH, Simon (//-//)
1896-1897 Great Eastern Hotel Littlehampton

MCCALLUM, John (//-//)
1868-1872 Langhorne Bridge Hotel Langhorne Creek

MCCALLUM, Thomas (//-//)
1866-1868 Langhorne Bridge Hotel Langhorne Creek

MCCANN, Eliza (//-//)
1925-1926 Crafers Hotel Crafers

MCCONNACHIE, Charles (//-//)
1862-1863 Morning Star Inn Wistow

MCCORMACK, John Joseph Leo (//-//)
1938-1939 Callington Hotel Callington

MCCULLUM, John (//-//)
1868-1872 The Bridge Langhorne Creek

MCCULLUM, Thomas (//-//)
1867-1868 The Bridge Langhorne Creek

MCDERMOTT, Albert Edward (//-//)
1866-1869, 1873-1877 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield

MCDONALD, Murdoch Christopher (//-//)
1945-1948 Stanley Bridge Hotel Verdun
1948-1951 Callington Hotel Callington
1951-1955 Reillys Hotel Penola
1959-1960 Royal Exchange Hotel Burra North

MCDONALD, Samuel (//-//)
1895-1896 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield

MCDONALD, William and Margaret (//-//)
1883-1886 Lake  Milang

MCFARLANE, Percy (//-//)
1919-1922 Bedford Hotel Woodside

MCFAYDEN, James M (//-//)
1902-1904 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown

MCGOWAN, Mary (//-//)
1919-1920 Great Eastern HotelLittlehampton

MCGREGOR, George (//-//)
1936-1938 Charleston Hotel Charleston

MCGUIRE, Hugh (//-//)
1909-1911 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield

MCINTYRE, Edmund Stephen (//-//)
1941-1941 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield

MCKAY, John Michael  (//-//)
1920-1925 Alma Hotel Lobethal

MCKELLAR, Alexander (//-//)
1888-1890 Stanley Bridge Hotel Grunthal [Verdun]

MCKENZIE, Miss Eva Annie (//-//)
1941-1943 Royal Oak Hotel Clarendon

MCKENZIE, George A (//-//)
1881-1889 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

MCKENZIE, Hugh Duncan Leslie (//-29/5/1955)
1949-1955 Belair Hotel Belair

MCKENZIE, Mrs HDL nee Dorrie Alwina ? (//-//)
1955-1955 Belair Hotel Belair

MCKENZIE, James D (//-//)
1926-1934 Australasian Hotel Goolwa Hotel closer

MCKENZIE, William (//-//)
1864-1867 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater

MCKINLEY, Alfred T (//-//)
1925-1928 Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn

MCLACHLAN, James Gordon (//-//)
1937-1941 Royal Oak Hotel Clarendon

MCLAUGHLAN, Allan Nairne (//-//)
1929-1930 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield
1931-1931 Charleston Hotel Charleston

MCLEAN, Alexander T (//-//)
1899-1900 Morning Star Hotel Chain of Ponds

MCLEAN, Allan (//-//)
1891-1891 Kanmantoo  Hotel Kanmantoo

MCLEAN, Donald (//-//)
1875-1879 Corio Hotel Goolwa
1879-1883 Australasian Hotel Goolwa
Southern Argus 25/12/1890 p516f.

MCLENNAN, Kenneth (//-//)
1939-1942 Stanley Bridge Hotel Verdun

MCLEOD, Roderick C (//-//)
1909-1911 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn
1912-1914 Gray’s Inn Mt Barker

MCMAHON, John (//-//)
1919-1920 Kentoln Gumeracha

MCMAHON, Laurence A (//-//)
1922-1926 Charleston Hotel Charleston Charleston Hotel Charleston

MCMILLAN, Jonathon (//-//)
1871-1872 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

MCNAMARA, Thomas (//-//)
1870-1880 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield
Wellington Hotel Wellington
1883-1893 Australasian Hotel Goolwa
Southern Argus 25/12/1890 p516g.

MCNAMARA, Mrs Thomas nee Mary (//-//)
1893-1897 Australasian Hotel Goolwa

MCRAE, Alexander/Allan Mark (//-//)
1881-1886 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

MCRAE, Donald Hugh (//-//)
1888-1889 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

MEDWELLL, William Edgar (//-//)
1928-1935 Barker Hotel Mt Barker

MEE, Mrs Georgina Jessie (//-//)
1899-1900 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

MEEGAN, Richard Joseph and Julia Gertrude (//-//)
1946-1947, 1947-1950 Gray’s Inn Mt Barker

MELHUISH, Victor E (//-//)
1929-1929 District Hotel Nairne

MELTON, James William (//-//)
1861-1864 Robin Hood Inn Strathalbyn

MELVILLE, Frederick (//-//)
1899-1899 Crafers Hotel Crafers

MELVILLE, Mrs Frederick nee Mary J ? (//-//)
1899-1899 Crafers Hotel Crafers

MELVILLE, Nellie E (//-//)
1926-1928 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield

MESSNER, Leslie Ernst (14/6/1898-//) Born Williamstown SA.
1927-1928 Williamstown Hotel  Williamstown
Son of Ernst Paul Messner and Ada Harriet nee PINSON

MEYERS, Alfred (//-//)
1879-1880 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate

MIELS, David (//-//)
1875-1875 Kanmantoo Hotel Kanmantoo

MILDREN, D’Arcy H (//-//)
1913-1914 Travellers Rest Hotel Houghton

MILDREN, Victor Cornelius (//-//)
1939-1940 Springton Hotel Springton

MILLARD, Edward (//-//)
1884-1887 Miners’ Arms Hotel Palmer
1887-1890 Napoleon Bonaparte then Blumberg Hotel Blumberg [Birdwood]
Husband of Nelly Florence nee MCNAMARA

MILLARD, George Henry (//-//)
1886-1887 Napoleon Bonaparte Hotel Blumberg [Birdwood]

MILLER, Mrs Ethel Matilda (//-//)
1932-1944 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit

MILLER, William McLean (//-//) & DICKSON, (//-//)
1931-1932 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit

MILLER, John Bone (//-//)
1850-1850 Echunga Inn Echunga

MILLER, Thomas (//-//)
20/3/1851-1851 Robert Burns Hotel Forreston Hotel founder
1852-1856 Robert Burns Hotel Forreston

MILLIGAN, John Thomas (//-//)
1888-1889 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield

MILLS, Mrs Sarah Ann (//-//)
1923-1925 Mt Torrens Hotel Mount Torrens

MINCHIN, Mrs J nee Sarah Ann ? (//-//)
1889-1891 Kanmantoo  Hotel Kanmantoo

MISSEN, George the Elder (//-//)
1862-1865 Fountain Inn Encounter Bay

MISSEN, George the Younger (//-//)
1865-1867 Fountain Inn Encounter Bay

MITCH, Andrew (29/8/1856-//) Born Pt Adelaide SA.
1907-1910 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant
1910-1912 Australasian Hotel Goolwa
Son of Andrew Mitch and Mary nee LEWIS
Husband of Mary Agnes nee REID

MITCHELL, Alice (//-//)
1932-1934 Pier Hotel Milang

MITCHELL, Andrew (//-//)
1855-1856 Royal Oak Inn Clarendon Hotel founder

MITCHELL, Edward (//-//)
1856-1857 Royal Oak Inn Clarendon

MITCHELL, George (//-//)
1858-1859 Royal Oak Inn Clarendon

MITCHELL, William (//-//)
1923-1923 Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn

MOGER, Edward (//-//)
1859-1861 Morning Star Inn Chain-of-Ponds

MOLINARI, Antonio (//-//)
1925-1925 Morning Star Hotel Chain of Ponds
1925-1925 Lake Hotel Milang

MOLONEY, Michael (//-//)
1919-1921 Kanmantoo  Hotel Kanmantoo

MONKS, Henry Appleton (//-//)
1881-1885 Great Eastern Hotel Littlehampton

MOORE, Alice N (//-//)
1920-1920 Great Eastern Hotel Littlehampton

MOORE, John (//-//)
1935-1936 Morning Star Hotel Chain-of-Ponds

MOORE, Mrs Mary Ann (//-//)
1936-1937 Morning Star Hotel Chain-of-Ponds

MOORE, Norman E (//-//)
1922-1922 Woodside Hotel Woodside

MORAN, Michael Joseph (//-//)
1916-1918 Hagen Arms Hotel Echunga

MORLEY, Stanley (//-//)
1887-1890 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate

MORONEY, Michael E (//-//)
1922-1923 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha

MORRIS, Edward (//-//)
1854-1868 Golden Cross Inn Balhannah
1869-?        Edward Morris
Became a bankrupt in 1877. Johnstons purchased the Golden Cross hotel and also purchased the lease from publican Elisha Rundle. Edward Morris was publican at Meningie at the time. Johnstons p59

MORRIS, Edwin John (//-//)
1877-1878 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield
1875-1882 Meningie Hotel

MOSELEY, William the Elder (//-//1849)
1847-1849 Crafers Inn Crafers

MOSELEY, Mrs William nee Christian ? (//-//)
1849-1854 Crafers Inn Crafers
m (2) 11/6/1853 North Adelaide, Richard Dixon Hawkins the next publican

MOSELEY, William the Younger (//-//)
1867-1869 Crafers Hotel Crafers

MOSELEY, John (//-//)
1869-1869 Crafers Hotel Crafers

MOTT, Henry James (//-//)
1894-1897  Mountain Hut Hotel Glen Osmond
1902-1903 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn
1903-1905 Hagen Arms Hotel Echunga
1906-1910 Hagen Arms Hotel Echunga
1910-1911 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens
1915-1921 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield

MOTT, James (//-//)
1880-1884 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield
1896-1904 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield
Retired June 1904 to live in Flaxley Mt Barker Courier 24/6/1904

1920-1920 District Hotel Tungkillo

MUIR, Ian & Hendrike (//-//)
1988-1991 Palmer Hotel Palmer

MUNDAY, William H  (//-//)
1912-1919 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater with Catherine Munday his wife

MUNDAY, Mrs WH nee Catherine ? (//-//)
1912-1919 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater with William Munday her husband

MURPHY, Mrs Celia (//-//)
1910-1919 Great Eastern Hotel Littlehampton

MURPHY, Mrs Elizabeth (//-//)
1923-1923 Golden Cross Hotel Balhannah

MUSSON, Joseph (//-//)
1912-1919 Stanley Bridge Hotel Grunthal then Verdun

MYERS, Alfred (//-//)
1879-1880 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate


Names Beginning N*

NANKERVIS, Henry (//-//)
1897-1912 District Hotel Nairne

NAUGHTON, Keith Lewis Maurice (//-//)
1939-1950 Mt Torrens Hotel Mount Torrens

NAUGHTON, Mrs KL nee Eva Blanche ? (//-//)
1938-1939 Mt Torrens Hotel Mount Torrens

NAYLON, Joseph F (//-//)
1897-1897 Crafers Hotel Crafers

NEALE, Thomas (//-//)
1842-1848 Travellers Rest Inn Houghton Hotel founder

NEVILLE, Henry (//-//)
1860-1866 Royal Oak Inn Clarendon
1866-1868 Corio Hotel Goolwa

NEWCOMBE, Vera Myrtle (//-//)
1949-1949 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield

NEWELL, John Henry (//-//)
1887-1887 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant

NICHOLAS, Mary Ann (//-//)
1916-1916 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeraacha

NICHOLLS, William H (//-//)
1867-1869 Travellers Rest Hotel Houghton
1871-1879 Travellers Rest Hotel Houghton

NICHOLSON, John Emanuel  (//-//)
1947-1963 Hotel Barker Mt Barker with Camelia Nicholson his wife

NICHOLSON, Mrs JE nee Camelia ?   (//-//)
1947-1963 Hotel Barker Mt Barker with Camelia Nicholson his wife

NITSCHKE, William AH (//-//)
1924-1929 Hotel Ambleside Ambleside [Hahndorf]

NOBLE, Arthur Charles and Margot Emma (//-//)
1960-1963 Totness Inn, Mount Pleasant

NOBLE, Ethel Margaret (//-//)
1919-1920 Belair Hotel Belair

NORMAN, Albert E (//-//)
1910-1912 Pier Hotel Milang

NORMAN, William Owen & Ruby Ellen (//-//)
1956-1958  District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]

NORTHWAY, Richard Henry (//-//)
1888-1888 Callington Hotel Callington
1888-1889 Callington Hotel Callington

NORTHWAY, Mrs RH nee Annie ? (//-//)
1888-1888 Callington Hotel Callington


Names Beginning O*

OAKLEY, Laurence Keith & Mavis Jean (//-//)
1957-1959 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley
1962-1964 Swan Reach Hotel
1964-1975 Bridgeport Murray Bridge
Popular and competent.

O’BRIEN, William J (//-//)
1912-1912  Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater

OBST, Arthur Alfred (//-//)
1937-1938 7/4/1938 Forest Range Hotel Forest Range. Licence transferred to the Hotel Oakbank.
1938-1938 Hotel Oakbank Hotel Oakbank founder

O’CONNOR, William (//-//)
1886-1888 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield

O’DWYER, John (//-//)
1904-1907 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown

O’GRADY, Michael J/Norah M (//-//)
1919-1920 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate with William J George

O’HARA, Samuel (//-//)
1901-1902 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa

OLDHAM, Mrs Lucy Anna  (//-//)
1894-1900 Millers Arms Hotel Nairne
1905-1909 Stanley Bridge Hotel Grunthal [Verdun]

O’LEARY, Mrs Agnes (//-//)
1922-1928 Belair Hotel Belair
1928-1928 Lake Hotel Milang

OLIVER, Ernest (//-//)
1913-1914 Totness Inn, Mount Pleasant
OLIVER, Ernest H (//-//)
1910-1912 Royal Oak Hotel Clarendon

OLLIVER, Augustus (//-//)
1863-1867 Crafers Inn Crafers
1871-1878  Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater

OLLIVER, Mrs Augustus nee Harriet Maria ? (//-//)
1878-1881  Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater

O’LOUGHLIN, Thomas Joseph Henry (//-//)
1888-1895 Meadows Hotel Meadows

O’MALLEY, Lot Joseph (//-//)
1928-1930 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield
1931-1936 Charleston Hotel Charleston

O’MALLEY, Martin Joseph and Loretta Agnes (//-//)
1941-1942 Great Eastern Hotel Littlehampton
1942-1959 Great Eastern Hotel Littlehampton

O’MALLEY, Peter V (//-//)
1903-1907 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

ORCHARD, William Blewitt (//-//)
1885-1886 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater

O’NEILL, Frederick (//-//)
1865-1866 Wheatsheaf Inn Maidstone [Kersbrook]

ORAM, John Gibson (//-//)
1908-1908 Bedford Hotel Woodside
Husband of Caroleanor Lena nee JENKINS

O’REILLY, Michael (//-//)
1866-1871 Springton Hotel Springton

O’SHEA, Mrs Lila Elizabeth (//-//)
1921-1922  Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn

OSBORN, James  (//-//)
1881-1893 Beford Arms Hotel then Bedford Hotel Woodside

OSBORN, William Henry and Harriet (//-//)
1906-1908 Meadows Hotel Meadows
1910-1914 Hagen Arms Hotel Echunga
1918-1919 Hagen Arms Hotel Echunga

OSBORNE, John (//-//)
1856-1857 Robert Burns Hotel Forreston

OSTERMANN, John GE (//-//)
1907-1908 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley
1912-1912 District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]

OSWALD, Mrs Ethel Dorothy (//-//)
1938-1940 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield

OSWALD, Sydney A (//-//)
1899-1900 Crafers Hotel Crafers

OUGH, William F (//-//)
1885-1887 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater

OUGH, Mrs WF nee Agnes (//-//)
1887-1889 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater

OWEN, Henry Walker (//-//)
1857-1858 Morning Star Inn Chain-of-Ponds
1860-1861 Mt Pleasant Inn Mt Pleasant Hotel closer

OWEN, James (//-//)
1855-1857 Australian Arms Hotel Hahndorf
1857-1857 Morning Star Inn Chain-of-Ponds
1858-1860 Mt Pleasant Inn, Mt Pleasant

OWENS, George (//-//)
1917-1920 Pier Hotel Milang

OYSTON, John the Younger (//-//)
1876-1877 Oakfield Hotel Mt Barker
Trained as an engineer. Lived at Glanville. Married Selina ? Late second engineer SS Governor Musgrave. Was he a son of John Oyston Senr, a carter and waterman at Pt Adelaide and on the Le Fevre Peninsula? After his hotel stint at Mt Barker, he returned to being an engineer at Pt Adelaide. He did not become a wood merchant in Nile St, Port Adelaide? This is likely to be the father. A John Oyston died 27/7/1902. I think it is likely that John Oyston Junr left SA, perhaps some time during the 1880s.


Names Beginning P*

PADE, Carl August (//-//)
1880-1887 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

PAECH, August (//-//)
1871-1881 Miners’ Arms Hotel Palmer
1895-1910 District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]

PAECH, Wilhelmine (//-//)
1910-1912 District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]

PAECH, Friedrich Wilhelm (//-//)
1881-1884 Miners’ Arms Hotel Palmer
1888-1893 Palmer Hotel Palmer

PAECH, Albert Bernhard  (//-//)
1907-1908 Union Inn Hahndorf with J Richard Paech his brother
1908-1921 Union Inn Hahndorf

PAECH, J Richard (//-//)
1907-1908 Union Inn Hahndorf with Albert Bernhard Paech his brother

PAECH, Paul Gustav Jimmy  (//-//)
1895-1905 Gray’s Inn Mt Barker
1921-1927 Gray’s Inn Mt Barker

PALM, Conrad Ludwig (2/4/1860-//) Born Pt Gawler SA.
1912-1914 Woodside Hotel Woodside
1916-1921 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf
Son of Heinrich Palm and Johanne nee Bussenschutt.

PALMER, James Thomas (//-//)
1884-1889 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha

PANTER, Richard James (//-//)
1885-1886 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown

PARKYN, William Henry (//-//)
1926-1930  Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn
1930-1931  Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn

PARR, Alfred (//-//)
1872-1872 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

PARR, John (//-//)
1878-1880 Halfway House Inn Stirling

PARRY, Robert (//-//)
1902-1903 Morning Star Hotel Chain-of-Ponds

PARSONS, Mrs Marion E (//-//)
1894-1899 Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn

PARTRIDGE, Robert Francis (//-//)
1920-1921 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens
1922-1923 Union Hotel Hahndorf
1923-1928 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield

PAYNE, Arthur J (//-//)
1920-1922 Belair Hotel Belair

PAYNE, Joseph (//-//)
1846-1851 Inverbrackie Inn Inverbrackie
The only publican

PEARCE, Norman A (//-//)
1928-1930 Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn

PEARCE, Oliver Charles (//-//)
1926-1927 District Hotel Nairne

PEARCE, Samuel (//-//)
1864-1866 District Hotel Gumeracha

PEARCE, Samuel (//-//)
1853-1859 Travellers Rest Hotel Houghton
1860-1862 Travellers Rest Hotel Houghton
1869-1871 Travellers Rest Hotel Houghton

PEARCE, Thomas (//-//)
1852-1853 Houghton Inn Houghton

PECAROVICH, Jack (//-//)
1943-1943 Royal Oak Hotel Clarendon

PEDDER, Adelaide (//-//)
1882-1885 Golden Cross Hotel Balhannah

PEDDER, Frederick (//-//)
1880-1882 Golden Cross Hotel Balhannah
Late of Cox Creek.

PEDDER, Robert (//-//)
1882-1882 Golden Cross Hotel Balhannah

PENLEY, Arthur (//-//)
1953-1954 Totness Inn, Mount Pleasant

PENNY, Alfred P (//-//)
1912-1914 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

PENNY, Clarence M (//-//)
1912-1913 Belair Hotel Belair

PEPPER, Mrs Ann (//-//)
1900-1912 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater

PEPPER, Montague (//-//)
1885-1886 District Hotel Nairne

PEPPER, Richard (//-//)
1878-1882 Bridge Hotel Echunga (//-//)
1886-1887 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate

PEPPER, Mrs Richard nee Sarah MCGEE (//-//)
1887-1887 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate
1892-1892  Millbrook Hotel Millbrook
Lived; Adelaide, Echunga, Aldgate.

PERCIVAL, Thomas (//-//)
1888-1888 Mt Lofty Hotel Summertown

PERRERS, Margaret formerly FRANCES nee FERTSCH (//c1850-//)
1896-1898 Stanley Bridge Hotel Grunthal [Verdun]
Parents – Conrad Fertsch.
Wife of William Tardrew Perrers, who died 23/6/1897 Grünthal, of bronchitis, aged 48. Buried in the Hahndorf Cemetery.

PETER, John (//-//)
1852-1853 Mt Torrens Inn Mount Torrens

PETERS, Anna Clara (//-//)
1928-1931 Charleston Hotel Charleston

PETERSON, Frederick  (//-//)
1896-1899 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

PFEIFFER, Johann George (//-//)
1857-1857 Napoleon Bonaparte Inn  Blumberg [Birdwood]
1859-1860 Alma Inn Lobethal

PHILLIPS, Charles (//-//)
1869-1870  Millbrook Hotel Millbrook

PHILLIPS, John (//-//)
1859-1860 Robin Hood Inn Strathalbyn
1860-1861 Jolly Farmer Hotel Strathalbyn. Hotel closer

PHILLIPS, John (//-//)
1855-1858 Charleston Hotel Charleston Hotel founder
1860-1862 Charleston Hotel Charleston Hotel Charleston Hotel Charleston

PHILLIPS, Robert (//-//)
1892-1899 Alma Hotel Lobethal

PHILLIPS, Mrs Robert nee Jane ? (//-//)
1899-1901 Alma Hotel Lobethal

PHILLIPS, Rowland Walter/Walters (1/3/1889-//) Born Wallaroo SA.
1936-1941 Hotel Barker Mt Barker
Parents – William Phillips and Margaret nee ROWLAND

PHILLIPS, Thomas (//-//)
1859-1860 Charleston Hotel Charleston

PHILP, Aubrey  (//-//)
1924-1925 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant with Ernest Harper William Lihou

PHILP, John (//-//)
1858-1859 Morning Star Inn Chain-of-Ponds
1862-1867 Morning Star Inn Chain-of-Ponds
1867-1869 District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]

PHILP, Oliver (//-//)
1847-1851 Morning Star Inn Chain-of-Ponds
1853-1854 Morning Star Inn Chain-of-Ponds
1867-1876 Morning Star Inn Chain-of-Ponds
1884-1890 Millbrook Hotel Millbrook

PHILP, Mrs Oliver  nee Eleanor ? (//-//)
1890-1892  Millbrook Hotel Millbrook

PHILP, Mrs Oliver nee Philippa ?  (//-//)
1855-1857 Morning Star Inn Chain-of-Ponds
1858-1858 Morning Star Inn Chain-of-Ponds

PIHODYNA, Siegfried (//-//)
1991- Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

PIERCEY, John Raymond (//-//)
1943-1948 Royal Oak Hotel Clarendon

PIKE, Edwin Francis (//-//)
1904-1905 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens

PIKE, Walter Henry (//-//)
1904-1905 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens

PIKE, Henry V (//-//)
1929 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

PIKE, John James (//-//)
1890 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit

PIKE, John S and Walter R (//-//)
1921-1921 Talunga Hotel Mt Pleasant

PINCHBECK, Charles Edward (//-//)
1921-1822 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens

PIPER, Rudolph McKay (7/2/1864-16/9/1943) Born Hundred of Milne near Clare.
1905-1913 Golden Cross Hotel Balhannah
1919-1925 Mt Barker Hotel Mt Barker
Eldest son of Rudolph Piper (born Rügen, a Baltic Sea island off the coast of Pommern, Prussia farmer and hotelkeeper in the Mid North)

PLEINISS, Charles (//-//)
1859-1861 Lows Inn Mt Barker
Waterman; Pt Adelaide, Wallaroo. Lived; Adelaide. Publican; Mt Barker.
m (1) Ellen nee HOCKING (?/4/1834-7/7/1868) Died Pt Wallaroo SA, ‘deeply regretted by a large circle of friends’.
m (2) Elizabeth nee BEDELLA  (//-//)

POLLARD, Walter (//-//)
1922-1925 Rising Sun Hotel Lobethal
1925-1926 Palmer Hotel Palmer
1926-1928 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant

POLLARD, William (//-//)
1857-1859 Morning Star Inn Wistow

PORTER, David (//-//)
1889-1889 Golden Cross Hotel Balhannah

PORTER, Frederick G (//-//)
1931-1932 Bedford Hotel Woodside

POTTS, Louis (//-//)
1901-1926 Bridge Hotel Langhorne Creek

POTTS, Louis Richmond (//-//)
1950-1974 Bridge Hotel Langhorne Creek

POUND, Henry (//-//)
1868-1868 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant

POWELL, Edward Henry (//-//)
1852-1854 Langhorne Inn Langhorne Creek

POWELL,  Thomas (//-//)
1850-1851 Campbell Arms Inn Reedy Creek Hotel founder

PREST, Charles H (//-//)
1912-1914 Davenport  Macclesfield

PROVIS, Felix Hannum (//-//)
1913-1914 Mt Lofty Hotel Summertown A  temperance hotel after that date
Licence transferred to Murray Bridge Hotel

PRYOR, Mrs Fannie R (//-//)
1923-1925 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

PRYZABELLA, August  (//-//)
1873-1875 Mt Torrens Hotel Mount Torrens

PUCKRIDGE, Mrs Maria (//-//)
1911-1913 Austral Hotel Victor Harbor

PUGH, Thomas the Younger (//-//)
1887-1889 Golden Cross Hotel Balhannah


Names commencing Q*

QUINTRELL, Thomas (//-//)
1917-1917 Millers Arms Hotel Nairne


Names Commencing R*

RANDLE, Thomas Henry  (//-//)
1920-1920 Pier Hotel Milang

RANKIN, Mary (//-//)
1944 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit

RATHJEN, Amelie Bertha (//-//)
1901-1909 Palmer Hotel Palmer

RATHJEN, Friedrich Wilhelm (//-//)
1898-1901 Palmer Hotel Palmer

RATHMANN, Carl Christian (//-//)
18/9/1856-1857 Napoleon Bonaparte Inn Blumberg [Birdwood] Hotel founder
1857-1860 Napoleon Bonaparte Inn Blumberg [Birdwood]
1864-1865 Totness Inn, Mount Pleasant
1868-1869 Mill Inn Mt Torrens

RAWSON, Violet M (//-//)
1916-1917 District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]

RAY, William  (//-//)
1858-1866 Corio Hotel Goolwa Hotel founder

RAYE, Henry Robert (//-//)
1886-1890 Balaklava
1897 Victor Harbor
1897-1914 Yankalilla Hotel Yankalilla
m Sophia Rosalie nee HUMBERSTONE

READ, Frederick Thornton (//-//)
1886-1886 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate
Husband of Susannah nee Lambert
Lived – Melrose, Wirrabara, Carrieton, Kensington, Wilson

REARDON, John Francis Basil (//-//)
1937-1939 Springton Hotel Springton

REECE, George (//-//)
1886-1904 Royal Oak Hotel Clarendon

REED, Frank  (//-//)
1914-1918 Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn with  Alice E Craigie
1818-1919 Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn

REED, James  (//-//)
1882-1882 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate

REHN, Christopher Ross & MCGREGOR-DEY, Catriona
1992-1993  District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]

REIDY, Marjorie (//-//)
1954 Palmer Hotel Palmer

REMFREY, Joseph (//-//)
1857-1862 Bedford Hotel Woodside Hotel founder

RENDALL, John (//-//)
1864-1869 Mt Barker Hotel Mt Barker
Changed the name from Low’s Inn to Mt Barker Hotel. Was he the Rendall who was operating a school at Mt Barker in 1870?
Their granddaughter, Frances Amelia Le Pelly, younger daughter of Walter Le Pelley of Guernsey CI, died 17/6/1885 Adelaide, of diphtheria, aged 17 years. Elder Le Pelly daughter still alive. DN Observer 20/6/1885 p1176b.

RESTALL, Arthur (//-//)
1883-1883 Napoleon Bonaparte Blumberg/Birdwood

REU,  Gustav Alfred (//-//)
1946-1946  Rising Sun Hotel Lobethal

REUTER, Margaret (//-//)
1921-1923 Charleston Hotel Charleston

REYNOLDS, Stanley L (//-//)
1936-1938 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater

REYNOLDS, Doris May (//-//)
1940-1942 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater

RHODES, James James John George F (//-//)
1935-1936 Belair Hotel Belair

RICE, John Cecil & Annie (//-//)
1943-1946 Uraidla Hotel Uraidla

RICH, Cyril (//-//)
1970-1971 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

RICHARDS, George C and Margaret A (//-//)
1925-1927 Morning Star Hotel Chain-of-Ponds

RICHARDS, James (//-//)
1891-1893 Springton Hotel Springton

RICHARDSON, Robert George the Elder (//-//)
1897-1898 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit

RICHARDSON, Henry  (//-//)
1914-1921 Lake Hotel Milang

RICHARDSON, James (//-//)
1906-1909 Alma Hotel Lobethal

RICHARDSON, Mrs Mabel (//-//)
1928-1938 Terminus Hotel Strathalbyn
Was she Mrs CN Richardson?? Terminus Hotel Strathalbyn

RICHARDSON, Walter LO (//-//)
1923-1924 Crafers Hotel Crafers

RICHMOND, Sidney C (//-//)
1927-1929 Morning Star Hotel Chain-of-Ponds

RICHTER, Venitia Doreen (//-//)
1942-1947 Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn with Walter Murray Jury
1947-1949 Bridge Hotel Langhorne Creek

RICKABY, Ralph (//-//)
1911-1912 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

RICKARD, Reginald Gordon (5/7/1886-//) Born Moonta Mines SA.
1921-1924 1925-1928 Terminus Hotel Strathalbyn
Parents – Joseph Rickard and Elizabeth Ann nee EDDY

RIDGWAY, Mary (//-//)
1926-1927 The Charleston Hotel Charleston

RIEKEN, John William (//-//)
1937-1942  Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn

RITSON, William (//-//)
1881-1893 Gray’s Inn Mt Barker
1898-1899 Morning Star Hotel Chain-of-Ponds
8/9/1881 previous publican Mary Warren married William Ritson

ROBERTS, Mrs Rose Gertrude (//-//)
1938-1939 Hotel Oakbank Oakbank

ROBERTS, Kevin Samuel Alwin & Christine Rose (//-//)
1987-1988  District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]

ROBERTSON, Joseph (//-//)
1902-1917 Callington Hotel Callington

ROBERTSON, Stanley James (//-//)
1934-1934 District Hotel Nairne
1936-1955 Woodside Hotel Woodside

ROBERTSON, Mrs SJ nee Dora ? (//-//)
1936-1955 Woodside Hotel Woodside

ROBERTSON, William Joseph (//-//)
1917-1928  Callington Hotel Callington
1929-1934 District Hotel Nairne
1934-1939 District Hotel Nairne

ROBERTSON, Mrs Elizabeth Margaret (//-//)
1939-1941 District   Nairne
Probably wife of WJ Robertson.

ROBINSON, James (//-//)
1854-1860 Fountain Inn Encounter Bay
1861-1861 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater
1862-1865 Bedford Hotel Woodside

ROBINSON, Samuel (//-//)
1891-1892 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha

ROCKET, Nathaniel J (//-//)
1901-1901 Crafers Hotel Crafers

RODDA, James (//-//)
1896-1896 Belair Hotel Belair

RODDA, Alwina (//-//)
1895-1896 Belair Hotel Belair

RODGERS, Arthur S (//-//)
1921-1923 Yankalilla Hotel Yankalilla

ROGERS, Arthur S (//-//)
1920-1921 Yankalilla Hotel Yankalilla
1923-1925 Palmer Hotel Palmer

ROGERS, Miss Emma  (//-//)
1904-1908 Royal Oak Hotel Clarendon

ROGERS, Joseph (//-//)
1863-1864 Mount Torrens Hotel Mt Torrens

ROGERS, Maylin John  (//-//)
1864-1867 Everley Inn Everleigh [Tin Pot] Hotel closer

ROGERS, Philip Gilbert (//-//)
1870-1870 Bedford Hotel Woodside

ROGERS, William (//-//)
1848-1848 New Inn Nairne Hotel founder.
The second hotel in Nairne – licence transferred to the nearby Crooked Billet at Nairne

ROGERS, William (//c1822-//)
1868-1869 Halfway House Inn Stirling
1869-1873 Crafers Inn Crafers
Son of George Rogers.
m (2) 12/4/1868 St Luke Adelaide, publican Mrs JW Gauntley nee Elizabeth Rogers

ROLLBUSCH, John (//-//)
1865-1866 Charleston Hotel Charleston

ROLPH, Joseph Henry (//-13/3/1935)
1930-1935 Napoleon Hotel Birdwood

ROLPH, Mrs JH nee Laura (//-//)
1935-1944 Napoleon Hotel Birdwood

ROSS, Mrs Amy E (//-//)
1910-1912 Lake Hotel Milang

ROTHENBURG, Annie M (//-//)
1895-1895 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

ROUNSEVELL, William (//-//)
1889-1889 Belair Hotel Belair

ROUNSEVELL, Juliet (//-//)
1889-1889 Belair Hotel Belair

ROUNSEVELL, John William Henry (//-//)
1889- 1890 Belair Hotel Belair

ROWE, Horace Roy (//-//)
1920-1921 Hagen Arms Hotel Echunga

ROWE, Robert (//-//)
1895-1896 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

ROWE, William (//-//)
1907-1910 Morning Star Hotel Chain-of-Ponds

ROWNEY, Hedley John (9/7/1889-//) Born Payneham SA.
1926-1928 Golden Cross Hotel Balhannah
Son of John Rowney and Elizabeth Jaane nee BURDEN

RUDOLPH, Marie Ellen (//-//)
1928-1928 Union Hotel Hahndorf

RUMBLE, Frederick Bridgman (//c1829-7/1/1862) Died Wistow SA, at his residence the Morning Star Inn.
1/4/1852-1853 Bugle Inn Bugle Ranges Hotel founder.
1859-1862 Morning Star Inn Wistow

RUMBLE, Mrs FB nee Sarah ? (//-//)
1862-1862 Morning Star Inn Wistow

RUNDLE, Elisha  (//c1851-//)
1877-1878 Golden Cross Inn Balhannah
Son of John Robins Rundle.
Lived Brompton, Alberton early 1870s
m 13/12/1871 Jubilee PM Chapel North Adelaide,

RUNDLE, Mrs Elisha formerly COOMBE nee Josephine Mary Bridget GRIOFRILE (//c1843-//)
1878-1880 Golden Cross Inn Balhannah

RUNDLE, John the Younger (//c1816-?) Born Cornwall, England.
1859-1875 Gray’s Inn Mt Barker
1875-1880 District Hotel Gumeracha
A son of John Rundle the Elder, farmer,  Mt Barker. Native of Cornwall. Wife, Maria, nee Appelkamp, a sister to Hermann Appelkamp of the Oakfield Hotel Mt Barker. Married at St James Blakiston 1850. A miner for a time.

RUSHBRIDGE, William (//-//)
1879-1880 Gray’s Inn Mt Barker

RUSSACK, Friedrich Wilhelm (//-//)
1871-1873 Springton Hotel Springton
1874-1875 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

RUSSACK, Julius Hermann (//-//)
1876-1881 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

RUSSELL, Mrs Mary AB (//-//)
1915-1919 Bridge Hotel Echunga

RYAN, Francis (//-//)
1923-1925 Springton Hotel Springton

RYAN, Helena K (//-//)
1921-1922 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate

RYAN, Mary Ann C (//-//)
1877-1878 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

RYAN, Michael  (//-//)
1869-1873 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield

RYAN, Michael (//-//)
1878-1879 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

RYAN, Oliver Joseph (//-//)
1934-1934 Lake Hotel Milang Hotel closer

RYDER, John (//-//)
1865-1867 Miners Arms Hotel Kanmantoo

RYDER, William (//-//)
1862-1865 Miners Arms Hotel Kanmantoo


Names Beginning S*

SAMPSON, James Douglas (//-//)
1900-1901  Morning Star Hotel Chain-of-Ponds
m Minnie Ellen nee COCK

1921-1924 Meadows Hotel Meadows

SANDERSON, William (//-//)
1840-1841 Strathalbyn [Terminus] Hotel Strathalbyn Hotel founder

SANDOW, John (//-//)
1908-1910 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens

SAWFORD, Dorothy (//-//)
1941-1944  District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]
1944-1956 Swan Reach Hotel

SAXON, Arnold Victor (//-//)
1928-1937 Great Eastern Hotel Littlehampton

SAYER, Rowland (//-//)
1880-1885 District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]

SAYERS, Mrs Elizabeth A (//-//)
1914-1916 Hagen Arms Hotel Echunga

SCHECK, Carl  Charles (//-//)
1880-1889 District Hotel Gumeracha
Late of Wills & Co

SCHECK, Mrs Carl nee Louisa C (//-//)
1889-1892 District Hotel Gumeracha

SCHLUNKE, Friedrich A (//-//)
1910-1911 Uraidla Hotel Uraidla

SCHMIDT, Robinson JB (//-//)
1922-1926 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown

SCHNEIDER, Mrs May Florence (//-//)
1922-1923  Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate
1925-1929 Kanmantoo  Hotel Kanmantoo Hotel closed.

SCHOFIELD, John (//c1819-5/6/1869) Born Lancs, England. Died Mt Pleasant SA, at his residence the Totness Inn.
1862-1865 Charleston Hotel Charleston
1865-1869 Totness Inn, Mount Pleasant

SCHOFIELD, Mrs John nee Catherine ? (//c1815-10/6/1897) Died Mt Pleasant SA, at her residence the Totness Inn.
1869-1897 Totness Inn, Mount Pleasant
To SA 1854 Marion as a married couple.

SCHUBERT, Ferdinand (//-//)
1913-1915 Terminus Hotel Strathalbyn
SCHUBERT, Mrs Ida Agnes formerly LINKE (//-//)
1934-1944 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha.

SCHUETZE, Carl (//-//)
1870-1871 Miners’ Arms Hotel Palmer

SCHUETZE, Gottlieb Andreas (//-//)
1854-1855 Australian Arms Hahndorf Hotel founder
1857-1861 Australian Arms Hahndorf
1862-1863 Travellers Inn near Blumberg
1863-1865 Union Inn Hahndorf Hotel founder
1866-1871 Napoleon Bonaparte Hotel Blumberg [Birdwood]

SCHULER, John (//-//)
1872-1873 Currency Creek Inn Currency Creek

SCHULTZ, August (//-//)
1890-1892 Stanley Bridge Hotel Grunthal [Verdun]

SCHULTZ, Edgar (//-//)
1923-1924 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant

SCHULTZ, Emma MS (//-//)
1919-1919 Golden Cross Hotel Balhannah

SCHULTZ, Friedrich Wilhelm  (//-//)
1877-1881 Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn
1881-1885 Terminus Hotel Strathalbyn
1887-1888 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

SCHUNKE, August  (//-//)
1862-1881 Stanley Bridge Inn then Hotel Grunthal [Verdun]

SCHUNKE, George (//-//)
1861-1863 Australian Arms Hotel Hahndorf
1868-1870 Union Inn Hahndorf
Sep 1870-1880 Tavistock Hotel Callington
1880-1880 Gray’s Inn Mt Barker (//-//)
1880-1881 Gray’s Inn Mt Barker (//-//)
1881-1885 Langhorne Bridge Inn Langhorne Creek

SCLANDERS, Thomas (//-//)
1854-1855 Yankalilla Hotel Yankalilla

SCOTT, Alexander (//-//)
1890-1892 Pier Hotel Milang (//-//)

SCOTT, George William (//-//)
1936-1837 Forest Range Hotel Forest Range

SCOTT, Mrs Nellie Maude (//-//)
1923-1926 District Hotel Nairne
1929-1929 Bedford Hotel Woodside

SCOUGALL, John (//-//)
1888-1888 Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbn

SCUPIN, Johann Erich (//-//)
1854-1858 Travellers Inn near Blumberg Hotel founder
1864-1872 Travellers Inn near Blumberg

SCUTCHINGS, William George (//-//)
1928-1931 Bridge Hotel Langhorne Creek

SCUTCHINGS, Mrs WG nee Cecille Clare ? (//-//)
1931-1938 Bridge Hotel Langhorne Creek

SEARLE, Thomas (//-//)
1857-1859  Splitters Inn Crafers New Tiers Hotel founder

SEGAL, Jacob (//-//)
1882-1883 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate

SELBY, Samuel (//-//)
1852-1853 Mountain Hut Inn Glen Osmond

SEPPELT, Albert William (//-//)
1909-1914  Millbrook Hotel Millbrook

SEPPELT, William (//-//)
1914-1918  Millbrook Hotel Millbrook
Hotel closer

SHAKES, James (//-//)
1845-1849 Nairne Arms Inn Nairne
1851-1853 Crooked Billet Inn Nairne Hotel founder
1868-1869 Bee Hive Hotel Nairne
1869-1870 Tavistock Hotel Callington  Hotel closed after he died.
Biog Chronicle 9/2/1929 p404a

SHARP, George (//-//)
1873-1875 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens
1918-1919 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant

SHARP, George Gustave (//-//)
1917-1919 Talunga Hotel Mt Pleasant

SHARP, Ilma (//-//)
1919-1921 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant

SHARRAD, William (c1815-14/2/1893) Born England. Died Yankalilla SA.
1880-1881 Yankalilla Hotel Yankalilla
Farmer, publican; Yankalilla. Anglican. m (1) Anne nee Carter (c1818-23/8/1882) Died Adelaide SA (of Yankalilla). m (2) 14/11/1882 Christ Church Yankalilla, Mrs James Simpson nee Mary Ann Born.

SHAW, George Horace (//-//)
1927-1936 Woodside Hotel Woodside
1936-1947 Stirling Hotel Stirling

SHAW, Alice E (//-//)
1927-1929 Napoleon Hotel Birdwood

SHEPLEY, Celia T (//-//)
1892-1893  Millbrook Hotel Millbrook

SHINNERS, Philip John (//-//)
1926-1947 Palmer Hotel Palmer
Conditions at Palmer during the Depression Johnstons p2115

SHIPTON, George H (//-//)
1914-1918 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

SHOEBRIDGE, William (//-//)
1913-1919 Mt Barker Hotel Mt Barker

SHORT, James Edward  (//-//)
1855-1858 Robin Hood Inn Strathalbyn
m Emma Langford

SHURVEN, Herbert Edward (//-//)
1943-1943 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley
1948-1953 Bedford Hotel Woodside
1963-1966 Hotel Barker Mt Barker with Doris Jean Shurven

SHURVEN, Mrs HE nee Doris Jean ? (//-//)
1963-1966 Hotel Barker Mt Barker with Herbert Edward Shurven

SIGMONT, Charles Abercrombie Dignum (//-//)
1875-1877 Lake Hotel Milang
m Fanny nee SIMPSON

SIMON, John B (//-//)
1909-1911 Stanley Bridge Hotel Grunthal [Verdun]

SIMONS, John (//-//)
1850-1851 Travellers Rest Inn Upper Sturt
Hotel closer

SIMPSON, Geoffrey Allen & Pauline Elizabeth (//-//)
1978-1987 Totness Inn, Mount Pleasant

SIMPSON, James (//c1837-10/8/1879) Died Yankalilla SA, at his residence the Yankalilla Hotel of paralysis of the heart, aged 42. Youngest son of the late Captain JW Simpson RN DN Observer 16/8/1879 p126f.
1879-1879 Yankalilla Hotel Yankalilla

SIMPSON, Mrs James nee Mary Ann BORN (//c1838-//)
1879-1880 Yankalilla Hotel Yankalilla,
m (2) 14/11/1882 Christ Church Yankalilla,   William SHARRAD (//-//) Daughter of John Born.

SIMS, Henry Alfred (//-//)
1869-1870 Mill Inn Mount Torrens Closed the hotel.
1872-1873 Mt Torrens Hotel Mt Torrens

SIMS, Thomas (//-//)
1873-1876 Clarendon Hotel Clarendon

SIMS, William Edwin (//-//)
1924-1925 Morning Star Hotel Chain-of-Ponds
perhaps m Emma nee ROSE

SIVIOUR, Thomas (//-//)
1900-1901 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

SKERMER, Thomas Henry (//-//)
1869-1876 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant

SLEE, James Gilbert (27/5/1894-//) Born Mitcham SA.
1922-1924 Kanmantoo  Hotel Kanmantoo
Parents – James Slee and Sarah nee HARZWELL

SLEEP, Robert (//-//)
1854-1856 Bugle Inn Bugle Ranges

SLEEP, Mrs Robert nee Maria (//-//)
1858-1859 Bugle Inn Bugle Ranges Hotel closer

SMALL, Alfred (//-//)
1894-1897 Charleston Hotel Charleston
1897-1904  Mountain Hut Hotel Glen Osmond

SMALL, Harry (//-//)
1900-1903 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens

SMALL, Emily (//-//)
1903-1905 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens

SMALLACOMBE, Frederick (//-//)
1869-1872 Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn
1872-1876 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield

SMALLACOMBE, John (//-//)
1855-1857  Kenton Arms Hotel Gumeracha
1864-1866  Kenton Arms Hotel Gumeracha

SMART, William (//c1854-22/2/1884) Died Woodside SA, at home the Woodside Hotel of consumption.
1879-1884 Woodside Hotel Woodside
Presbyterian. Oddfellow.
Obit Mt Barker Courier 29/2/1884 p243d.

SMITH Arthur (//-//)
1895-1906 Meadows Hotel Meadows

SMITH, Arthur William Robert (//-//)
1937-1938 Pier Hotel Milang

SMITH, Charles Allen (//-//)
1889-1891 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha with Phoebe Smith his wife
1892-1902 Mt Lofty Hotel Summertown with Phoebe Smith his wife

SMITH, Mrs CA nee Phoebe ? (//-//)
1889-1891 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha with Charles Allen Smith her husband
1892-1902 Mt Lofty Hotel Summertown with Charles Allen Smith her husband

SMITH, Francis James (//-//)
Pt Pirie
1925-1928 Kingsford Gawler
1934-1935 Forest Range Hotel Forest Range

SMITH, Mrs FJ nee Fanny Emma SIVOUR (//-//)
1929-1934 Forest Range Hotel Forest Range

SMITH, Francis John (//-//)
1935-1936 Forest Range Hotel Forest Range

SMITH, George (//-//)
1867-1870 Fountain Inn Encounter Bay

SMITH, John (//-//)
1909-1910 Great Eastern Hotel Littlehampton

SMITH, Jonathon (//-//)
1857-1858 Balhannah Inn Balhannah

SMITH, WW (//-//)
1870-1871 Fountain Inn Encounter Bay Hotel closer

SMYTH, Eugene Edward
1935-1935 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate

SMYTH, Patrick Francis
1935-1937 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate

1882-1885 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown

1869-1872 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown

SOLOMON, Michael Harold (//-//)
1938-1948 Pier Hotel Milang

SOLOMON, Selma Maria (//-//)
1948-1948 Pier Hotel Milang

SOMMER, Friedrich Frederick (//-//)
1876-1883 Callington Hotel Callington

SORRELL, Victor Clifford (//-//)
1906-1909 Great Eastern Hotel Littlehampton
m Mary Cecilia nee KEARNS

SOUTH, Frank Rutherford (//-//)
1929-1935  Morning Star Hotel Chain-of-Ponds

SPEAR, Reginald (//-//)
1955-1955 Palmer Hotel Palmer

SPEARMAN, Robert (//-//)
1846-1848 Mountain Hut Inn Glen Osmond
 From England to Van Diemen’s Land  voluntarily as a seaman 1840 Dorothy. Captain Newbold was his cousin. In VDL off and on for 5 years. Register 6/11/1847 p355b.

SPARKS, George (//-//)
1850-1853 Echunga Hotel Echunga

SPEED, Maggie S (//-//)
1908-1910 Charleston Hotel Charleston
Perhaps wife of Charles Speed.

SPELLS, William J (//-//)
1893-1894 Crafers Hotel Crafers

SPENCER, Henry (//-//)
1877-1878 Closed. Wheatsheaf Inn near Mylor

SPENCER, John James (//-//)
1878-1887 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa

SPIERS, Mrs Mary (//-//)
1942-1945 Stanley Bridge Hotel Verdun

SPONG, Louisa (//-//)
1889-1890 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

SPRINGALL, John Henry & Barbara Alwyn (//-//)
1971-1972 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

STABERNACK, Julius (//-//)
1865-1866 Springton Hotel Springton Hotel founder

STACHELROTH, Friedrich (//-//)
1853-1856 Lobethal Inn Lobethal

STANLEY, Douglas Frederick & Phyllis Mona (//-//)
1981-1983 Springton Hotel Springton

STANLEY, John (//-//)
1853-1862 Ford then Stanley Bridge Inn Grunthal [Verdun]

STANLEY, Morley (//-//)
1887-1890 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate

STANTON, Henry Charles (//-//)
1926-1928 Stanley Bridge Hotel Verdun
1928-1946 Rising Sun Hotel Lobethal
1946-1947 Rising Sun Hotel Lobethal

STEPHENS, Ambrose A (//-//)
1913-1921 Charleston Hotel Charleston

STEPHENS, Henry (//-//)
1884-1897 Yankalilla Hotel Yankalilla

STEPHENS, Mrs Lucy Adelaide (//-//)
1921-1922 Union Hotel Hahndorf
STEPHENS, Mrs Naza (//-//)
1943-1945 Eagle on the Hill Hotel Leawood Gardens

STEPHENSON, Henry (//-//)
1892-1893 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

STETZELBERG, Reinhold EM (//-//)
1920-1923 Great Eastern Hotel Littlehampton
1923-1927 Union Hotel Hahndorf

STEVENS, William Arthur (//-//)
1929-1934 Travellers Rest Hotel Houghton Hotel closer

STEVENS, Mrs Edith Lily (//-//)
1923-1928 Travellers Rest Hotel Houghton

STEWART, Albert George (1/12/1885-//) Born Gladstone SA.
1920-1921 Woodside Hotel Woodside
Son of Albert Stewart and Sophia Harriet nee CROCKER

STEWART, Charles (//-//)
1856-1858 Lake  Milang

STEWART, Charles  (//-//)
1908-1908 Royal Oak Hotel Clarendon

STEWART,Donald (//-//1864)
1864-1864  Millbrook Hotel Millbrook

STEWART, Mrs Donald nee Matilda ? (//-//)
1864-1864  Millbrook Hotel Millbrook

STEWART, George (//-//)
1856-1856 Lake  Milang Hotel founder.

STEWART, Henry (//-//)
1856-1856 Lake  Milang

STEWART, William (//-//)
1870-1871 Corio Hotel Goolwa

STODART, Mary Ann (//-//)
1840-1845 Nairne Arms Inn Nairne Hotel founder 1st Hotel in Nairne

STONE, Richard William (//-//)
1930-1935 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate

STONEHAM,. William Philip (//31/12/1890) Died Kent Town SA, at his residence Flinders St, of suicide by shooting himself with a revolver Obit Mt Barker Courier 9/1/1891 p423e.
1887-1890 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

STONEHAM, Mrs WP nee Marie Henriette ? (//-//)
1890-1890 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf

STOTT, Thomas (//-//)
1894-1909 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha

STOTT, Thomas (1/9/1829-21/7/1910) Born Houghton le Spring, Co Durham, England. Died Gumeracha SA. Miner from Co Durham, England. Contractor, farmer; Hartley Vale then Publican; Gumeracha. m 11/10/1852 Houghton le Spring.

STOTT, Mrs Thomas nee Elizabeth PATCHETT (//c1835-//)

STOTT, Jane (//c1853-//)
To SA Marion 1854

STOYEL, Bertha M  (//-//)
1908-1909 Meadows Hotel Meadows
Wife of Oswald Gwynee (8/11/1884-//) Born Glanville SA.
Son of James Stoyel and Amelia Stuart nee Matthews.

STRAUSS, Gotthelf (//-//)
1925-1926 Bedford Hotel Woodside

STRAUSS, Mrs Gotthelf nee Meta TM ? (//-//)
1923-1924 Woodside Hotel Woodside

STREATFIELD, Roy (//-//)
1939-1939 Callington Hotel Callington

STUART, Arthur D  (//-//)
1881-1883 Corio Hotel Goolwa

STUART, Mrs AD nee Mary Ann ?  (//-//)
1883-1886 Corio Hotel Goolwa
1888-1893 Millers Arms Hotel Nairne

STUART, John (//-//)
1886-1888 Great Eastern Hotel Littlehampton
1888-1896 Great Eastern Hotel Littlehampton

STUART, Mrs Margaret Amelia (//c1821-13/5/1899) Born Co Westmeath, Ireland. Died Mt Barker SA.
To SA c1847. Settled Gawler District. Married twice. Then Myponga, then Virginia, then Adelaide, then Callington, then Mt Barker.
m  (1) 21/12/1847 Donald Stuart. A widow when she became a publican.
1873-1877 Orient Wakefield St Adelaide
1883-1885 Callington Hotel Callington
1888-1893 Millers Arms Hotel Nairne

STUART, William (//-//)
1871-1874 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa

STYLES, Mrs Alice Rosetta Gladys (//-//)
1941-1943 Meadows Hotel Meadows

STYLES, Maxwell Charles (//-//)
1943-1970 Meadows Hotel Meadows

STYLES, William Charles (//-//)
1933-1941 Meadows Hotel Meadows

SUCKER, Thomas William George (//-//)
1891-1893 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit
Husband of Elizabeth Eliza Cecelia nee Marrett

SULLIVAN, Eugene (//-//)
1912-1919 Kanmantoo  Hotel Kanmantoo

SUMMERS, Thomas (//-//)
1905-1906 Belair Hotel Belair

SUTTON, John Henry (//-//)
1883-1884 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit

SUTTON, William Henry (//-//)
1873-1883 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit Hotel founder

SWAN, Sidney Francis (//-//)
1908-1909 Bedford Hotel Woodside
m Lauretta Adelaide nee JOSE (//-//)

SYMONS, Harry Rupert (//-//)
1936-1949 Belair Hotels Belair


Names Commencing T*

TAYLOR, Daniel Lewis (//-//)
1886-1893  Corio Hotel Goolwa
1894-1897 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa
First class caterer in Adelaide for over 20 years prior to 1885.
Southern Argus 25/12/1890 p516g.

TAYLOR, Ernest (//-//)
1915-1916 Totness Inn, Mount Pleasant
1897-1902 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown

TAYLOR, Henry Edward (//-//)
1877-1880 Kangarilla Hotel Kangarilla Hotel closed.

TAYLOR, Joseph Norman & Eileen Mary (//-//)
1989-1990 Springton Hotel Springton

TAYLOR, Robert (//c1839-1/10/1893) Born North England. Died Williamstown SA.
1873-1876 Derby Arms Penwortham
1876-1877 Devonshire Arms Mintaro
1877-1879 City Hotel Hindley St Adelaide
1879-1889 Royal Oak O’Connell St North Adelaide
1880-1886 North Laura Hotel North Laura
1886-1887 Areas Hotel Georgetown
1887-1888 Royal Admiral Hindley St Adelaide
1888-1893 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown
Parents – Robert TAYLOR and Anne WALKER – in SA by 1850, when a child, Anne Taylor, born 10/3/1850 at Alberton
m 4/4/1865 Holy Trinity Riverton

TAYLOR, Mrs Robert nee Eliza Mary BAKER (//c1846-24/3/1927)
1893-1902 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown
Parents – William Baker and Mary nee THOMAS
Perhaps – William Baker m Mary nee Thomas 11/2/1843 Holy Trinity Adelaide.
No registered record of EM Baker’s birth in SA.

TEE, Selina and Marian Miss (//-//)
1890-1893 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant

TEMBY, John (//-//)
1945-1947 Callington Hotel Callington

THIEL, Johann Ferdinand Angas (//-//)
 1881-1883 Crafers Hotel Crafers

THIELE, Heinrich Friedrich A (20/6/1868-//) Born Dry Creek SA.
1912-1920 Alma Hotel Lobethal
Parents – Johann August Ferdinand Thiele and Caroline Auguste Georgine nee BERTRAM – Lived Dry Creek, Klemzig, Upper Dry Creek.

THOMAS, Mrs Flora E (//-//)
1909-1911 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit

THOMAS, Mrs Florence M/N (//-//)
1920-1920 Bridge Hotel Echunga Hotel closer

THOMAS, Isaac (//-//)
1881-1882 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown

THOMAS, Warren Reginald & Gertrude Gloria (//-//)
1973-1979 Springton Hotel Springton

THOMPSON, Arthur W  (//-//)
1929-1934 Lake Hotel Milang

THOMPSON, John O (//-//)
1871-1873 Kangarilla Hotel Kangarilla
1871-1873 Kangarilla Hotel Kangarilla

THOMPSON, JV (//-//)
1870-1871 Kangarilla Hotel Kangarilla

THOMPSON, William (//-//)
1860-1862 Fountain Inn Encounter Bay

THOMSON, David (//-//)
1880-1883 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant
1883-1886 Napoleon Bonaparte Hotel Blumberg

THOMSON, James (//-//)
1841-1843 Golden Cross Inn Balhannah

THOMSON, James (//-//)
1852-1853 Balhannah Inn Balhannah Hotel founder

THOMSON, James (//-//)
1866-1869  - The Green Man Ashbourne

1888-1888 Golden Cross Hotel Balhannah
Is this Balhannah’s founder?

THORN, Charles Kevern (//-//)
1880-1881 Kanmantoo  Hotel Kanmantoo

THRUM, John Amos (//-//)
1859-1860 Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn
m Esther Harriott nee JONES

TIDSWELL, Mrs Fanny (//-//)
1913-1919 District Hotel Gumeracha

TIDSWELL, Horace Robert Kintore (//-//)
1919-1920 District Hotel Gumeracha
1925-1935 Alma Hotel Lobethal
1935-1936 Stirling Hotel Stirling
1936-1944 Bedford Hotel Woodside

TIDSWELL, James William (//-//)
1907-1918 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown

TIDY, Henry (//-//)
1863-1864 Wheatsheaf Inn Inverbrackie Hotel closer
1864-1867 Bee Hive Inn Nairne
1867-1869  Millbrook Hotel Millbrook

TIDY, Richard  (//-//)
1862-1863 Wheatsheaf Inn Inverbrackie

TIER, Leon Michael  (//-//)
1876-1877 Morning Star Inn Chain of Ponds

TIGHE, James (//-//)
1868-1873 Eagle on the Hill Inn then Hotel Leawood Gardens

TIMMINS, Michael J (//-//)
1913-1919   Morning Star Hotel Chain-of-Ponds

TINK, John H (//-//)
1898-1898 Stanley Bridge Hotel Grunthal [Verdun]

TINKS, Theresa A (//-//)
1898-1899 Lake Hotel Milang

TIPPETT, John (//-//)
1857-1863  Millbrook Hotel Millbrook Hotel founder

TITCOMBE, William (//-//)
1864-1865 Kangarilla Hotel Kangarilla

TOLEMAN, Oliver (5/3/1862-//) Born nr Pt Elliot SA.
1904-1910 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield
1910-1911 Belair Hotel Belair
Son of William Toleman and Louisa nee England.

TOLEMAN, Mrs Oliver nee Charlotte ? (//-//perhaps 1927)
1911-1912 Belair  Belair
1912-1919 Australasian Hotel Goolwa

TOLEMAN, Miss Amelia (//-//)
1905-1906 Great Eastern HotelLittlehampton

TOUGH, George Walter & Vera May (//-//)
1959-1965  District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]

TOWNSEND, Richard (//-//)
1870-1871 Bridgewater Bridgewater Hotel
1871-1872 Mt Torrens Hotel Mount Torrens

TRAIN, Mrs Iris Thelma (//-//)
1938-1952 Charleston Hotel Charleston
1952-1958 Rising Sun Hotel Lobethal
Husband was postmaster at Lobethal.

TRAINOR, Dennis C   (//-//)
1922-1923 Crafers Hotel Crafers

TREVETT, Owen L (//-//)
1928-1931 Royal Oak Hotel Clarendon

TREW, Henry James (//-//)
1866-1868 Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn
1868-1869 Lake Hotel Milang

TREWARTHA, James (//-//)
1851-1852 District Hotel Nairne Hotel founder

TUCKER, Mrs Wallace nee Mary Priscilla  WATSON (//c1856-//)
1898-1902 Callington Hotel Callington
1904-1908 Alma Hotel Lobethal
Daughter of James Watson
Wife of Wallace Tucker
m (1) 3/6/1877 Wesleyan Methodist Church One Tree Hill, Wallace Tucker  
(//c1854-//) Son of William Henry Tucker.
m (2) 14/10/1904 Methodist Manse Morphett St Adelaide, James RICHARDSON (//c1872-//) Son of Joseph Richardson.

TUIT, Henry J (//-//)
1924-1924 Crafers Hotel Crafers

TUNSTEAD, James (//-//)
1869-1879 Great Eastern Hotel Littlehampton

TUNSTEAD, Mrs James nee  Deborah ? (//-//)
1879-1881 Great Eastern Hotel Littlehampton

TURNER, Frances Gertrude (//-//)
1920-1921 Mt Torrens Hotel Mount Torrens
1922-1922 Mt Torrens Hotel Mount Torrens

TURNER, Harold William James (//-//)
1930-1949, 1949-1950 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield

TURNER, John (//c1835-25/6/1892) Born Burrington, Devon, England. Died Mt Torrens SA.
1875-1892 Mt Torrens Hotel Mount Torrens

TURNER, Mrs John nee Mary Ann GIBBETT (//c1835-12/8/1920) Born Devon, England. Died Mt Torrens SA.
1892-1920 Mt Torrens Hotel Mount Torrens

TYDEMAN, William Godfrey  (//c1828-//)
 1862-1862 Lows Inn  Mt Barker  
1864 Auctioneer Woodside
1869-1871 Mt Barker Hotel Mt Barker
11/5/1861 Alexander Low licensed victualler Mt Barker to William Godfrey Tydeman storekeeper Mt Barker £380.
3/11/1863 Lease to Roderick McKenzie saddler Mt Barker five years at £33 a year. Tydeman went to Macclesfield as a storekeeper. An auctioneer.
His wife, Martha Maria Tydeman, died 26/8/1864 Mt Barker, ‘after a long and painful illness … dearly loved and respected by all who knew her’, aged 36.
m (2) 29/5/1865 Presbyterian Manse Mt Barker, Charlotte nee Jones (//c1834-//) Daughter of William John Jones.
Probably a brother to James Tydeman of the Victoria Hotel Tapleys Hill.

TYNER, John Page (//-//)
1921-1923  Morning Star Hotel Chain-of-Ponds
Lived; Mt Gambier 1900s
m Ethel May O’NEIL


Names Commencing U*

UMLAUF, Heinrich Henry (//-//)
1897-1897 Crafers Hotel Crafers

UNDERWOOD,  Alfred (//-//)
1893-1907 Talunga Hotel Mount Pleasant
1906-1910 Uraidla Hotel Uraidla
Husband of Selina nee Tee

UPHILL, George (//-//)
1854-1858 Crown Hotel Mt Barker
 1859-1863 Globe Hotel (Pridmore Tce-original Adelaide Road) Mt Barker. He founded this hotel and was its only publican.
Husband of Sarah Emma nee HARMER
Mt Barker, Scrubby Ranges at the Tinpot, Allendale.

UREN, Horatio (//-//)
1929-1931 Bedford Hotel Woodside


Names Commencing V*

VANDELEUR, William and Agatha Doris (//-//)
1950-1958 Hagen Arms Hotel Echunga

VARCOE, John the Elder  (//-//)
1858-1859 Currency Creek Inn Currency Creek Hotel founder

VARCOE, John the Younger (//-//)
1853-1864 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa  Hotel founder
1866-1868 Goolwa Hotel Goolwa  

VAUGHAN, Richard and Annie (//-//)
1884-1884 Mountain Hut Hotel Glen Osmond

VENNER, Mrs Nellie Emily (//-//)
1938-1944 District Hotel Gumeracha

VIECK, Carl (//-//)
1861-1862 Travellers Inn near Blumberg

VOCKINS, John (//-//)
1856-1857 Wheatsheaf Inn Maidstone [Kersbrook]
Husband of Mary Ann nee SAWYER

VOHR, Bernhard (//-//)
1877-1880 District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]

VORWERK, Adolph (//-//)
1857-1861 Kenton Arms Hotel Gumeracha
1861-1862 District Hotel Gumeracha Hotel founder

VOYSEY, Caraleaner (//-//)
1937-1939  Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn


Names Commencing W*

WAKE, Stephen Woodcroft (//-//)
1888-1888 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit

WALDT, Heinrich Adolph  (//-//)
1862-1868 Rising Sun Inn Lobethal
1871-1891 Alma Hotel Lobethal

WALKER, James (//-//)
1862-1864 George Inn Wedmore [Tungkillo]
1864-1867 District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo] Hotel founder

WALKER, Mrs James nee Margaret ? (//-//)
1867-1867 District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]
1873-1873 District Hotel South Petherton [Tungkillo]

WALKER, John Stanley (//-//)
1944-1952 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater

WALKER, William (//-//)
1909-1913 Meadows Hotel Meadows

WALKER, Emily prob Mrs William nee Emily ? (//-//)
1913-1914 Meadows Hotel Meadows

WALKOM, Colin Douglas (//-//)
1947-1948 Callington Hotel Callington

WALKOM, Leslie Henry (//-//)
1944-1947 Napoleon Hotel Birdwood
1947-1952 Rising Sun Hotel Lobethal

WALL, Richard T (//-//)
1916-1917 Pier Hotel Milang

WALLACE, Hugh (//-//)
1886-1886 Charleston Hotel Charleston
1887-1894 Charleston Hotel Charleston

WALLACE, James Bertram (//-//)
1928-1954 Union Hotel Hahndorf

WALSH, Patrick John (//c1858-10/10/1897) Died Milang SA.
1892-1897 Lake Hotel Milang

WALSH, Mrs Theresa A (//-//)
1897-1898 Lake Hotel Milang
1898-1899 Lake Hotel Milang as Mrs TINKS

WALSH, Richard  (//-//)
1913-1914 Talunga Hotel  Mount Pleasant

WALTERS, Richard Eustace (//-//)
1887-1888 District Hotel Nairne

WALTON, Charles William (//-//)
1866-1867 Royal Oak Inn Clarendon

WALTON, Eliza Ann (//-//)
1867-1869 Royal Oak Inn Clarendon

WALTON, Frederick (//-//)
1853-1854  Bugle Inn Bugle Ranges

WARD, J (//-//)
1928 Meadows Hotel Meadows
This person not listed in revised Hoad.

WARD, Raymond George & Doris Eva (//-//)
1962-1965 Springton Hotel Springton

WARD, Thomas (//-//)
1928-1934 Callington Hotel Callington

WARE, Charles Michael (//-//)
1861-1863  Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater

WARLAND, Edward (//-//)
1867-1868 Wheatsheaf Inn near Mylor

WARLAND, Edward (//-//)
1883-1890 Austral Hotel Victor Harbor
1883-1890 Austral Hotel Victor Harbor with Harriet Cooper Warland
1890-1902 Austral Hotel Victor Harbor
1903-1911 Austral Hotel Victor Harbor

WARLAND, Mrs Edward nee Harriet Cooper ? (//-//)
1883-1890 Austral Hotel Victor Harbor with Edward Warland
1916-1916 Austral Hotel Victor Harbor Hotel closer

WARLAND, Henry (//-//)
1865-1868 Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn
1868-1869 Robin Hood Inn Strathalbyn
Son of William Warland of the Wheatsheaf, Mylor. Henry Warland’s sister, Matilda Warland m Frederick Read at the hotel on 21/6/1865.

WARLAND, James (//-//)
1865-1876 Hagen Arms Hotel Echunga
1876-1878 Bridge Hotel Echunga
1896-1896 Hagen Arms Hotel Echunga

WARLAND, William (//-//)
1842-1843, 1847-1855, 1856-1867 Wheatsheaf Inn near Mylor

WARREN, Gordon HW (//-//)
1921-1926 Australasian Hotel Goolwa

WARREN, Mary (//-//)
1877-1880 Crafers Hotel Crafers
1880-1881 Gray’s Inn Mt Barker
Married the next publican William Ritson

WASHINGTON, Allan J (//-//)
1898-1899  Millbrook Hotel Millbrook

WASHINGTON, Mrs AJ nee Nisida  J (//-//)
1899-1907  Millbrook Hotel Millbrook

WATERS, William (//-//)
1856-1860 Meadows Inn Meadows Hotel founder

WATKINS, Thomas (//-//)
1882-1921 Rising Sun Inn then Hotel Lobethal
Son-in-law of HCC Baumgürtel, the previous publican.

WATKINS, William (//-//)
1850-1850 Travellers Rest Inn Upper Sturt Hotel founder

WATSON, Arthur A (//-//)
1926-1926 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit

WATSON, William J (//-//)
1926-1926 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit

WATSON, Catherine T (//-//)
1926-1926 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit

WATSON, Mrs Nellie (//-//)
1915-1916 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha
1916-1919 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit

WATSON, Douglas Graham (//-//)
1931-1933 Meadows Hotel Meadows

WATSON, James Spencer (13/8/1869-//) Born One Tree Hill SA.
1916-1918 Bedford Hotel Woodside
Parents – James Watson and Priscilla nee MARTIN

WATSON, Mrs JS nee Georgiana SARAH (//-//)
1918-1919 Bedford Arms Woodside

WATSON, Olpha Elizabeth (//-//)
1917-1917 Travellers Rest Houghton

WATSON, William Dick Curly  (24/2/1897-//) Born Delamere SA.
1929-1941 Hotel Ambleside Hahndorf
Parents – Hugh Anderson Watson and Kate nee Solomon.
Very happy disposition. Fond of music and entertainment at the hotel.
WH Pike & Son owned the German Arms Hotel at this stage.
married 15/10/1921 St Thomas Balhannah, Irene Renie Jessica Pike, daughter of Walter Henry Pike and Ellen nee McKenny 26/3/1899 Oakbank.

WATTS, Henry (//-//)
1899-1903 Hagen Arms Hotel Echunga

WATTS, Mrs Laura R (//-//)
1897-1906  Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate

WATTS, Luke Theophilus John (//-//)
1937-1941 Great Eastern HotelLittlehampton

WATTS, Robert  (//-//)
1918-1919 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha with Esther May Watson his wife

WATTS, Mrs Robert nee Esther May ?  (//-//)
1918-1919 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha with Robert Watts her husband

WATSON, Nellie (//-//)
1915-1916 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha

WAY, Alan (//-//)
1981-1981  Springton Hotel Springton

WAYMAN, Mrs Ada (//-//)
1937-1938 Millers Arms Hotel Nairne

WEBB, Harry (//-//)
1919-1921 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield

WEGENER, Johann HW Julius (//-//)
1890-1891 Blumberg Hotel Blumberg [Birdwood]
1897-1899 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf
 Could well be two different people at these two hotels

WEIDENBACH, Edwin (//-//)
1886-1890 Eagle on the Hill

WEIDENHOEFER, Alfred Heinrich (//-//)
1907-1919 Stirling Hotel Stirling

WELKE, Gottlieb Ferdinand (//-//)
23/12/1851-1853 Fourth Hill  Balhannah Opener and closer

WELLS, George (//-//)
1855-1858 Jolly Farmer Hotel Strathalbyn Hotel founder.
1858-1859 Everley Inn Everleigh [Tin Pot]

WELSH, Percy EL (//-//)
1926-1927 Bridge Hotel Langhorne Creek

WELSH, Mrs PEL nee May Florence ? (//-//)
1928-1928 Bridge Hotel Langhorne Creek

WEMAN, David Henry (//-//)
1949-1952 Crafers Hotel Crafers

WEST, John Henry (//-//)
1923-1923 Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater

WHELAN, James Robert (//-//)
1874-1877 Bedford Hotel Woodside
Husband of Mary Jane Veal

WHICHELLO, John (//-13/5/1899) Died Southwark SA, at his residence the Southwark Hotel.
At Bowden in 1874.
1892-1897 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf
1898-1899 Southwark Hotel Southwark. His widow, Harriet Whichello nee Willis, continued to run the Southwark Hotel until 1902.
Married 29/3/1873.
Died 13/5/1899  Southwark Hotel.
Harriet Cherry Whichello remarried c1910

WHITE, Archibald Archie B (//-//)
1911-1912 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield
1914-1914 Travellers Rest Houghton

WHITE, Arthur E (//-//)
1909-1911 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha

WHITE, John (//-//)
1894-1895 Gray’s Inn Mt Barker

WHITE, James (//-//)
1880-1880 Commercial Hotel Strathalbyn

WHITE, Thomas Bolitho (//-//)
1881-1881 Bedford Arms Hotel Woodside

WHITEHOUSE, Walter (//-//)
1930-1933 Davenport Arms Hotel Macclesfield

WHITTERS, JG (//-//)
1869-1869 Mill Inn Mt Torrens

WHITTLE, Edward G (//-//)
1919-1919 District Hotel Tungkillo

WHITTLE, Mrs EG nee May [Mary] Elizabeth ? (//-//)
1919-1920 District Hotel Tungkillo

WHYTE, James Desmond & Helen Lorraine (//-//)
1987-1993  Totness Inn, Mount Pleasant

WHYTE, Mrs Lucy Constance (//-//)
1931-1937  Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn

WHYTE, Robert MB (//-//)
1924-1925 Macclesfield Hotel Macclesfield

WIEDEMANN, Wilhelm William (//-//)
1862-1876 Callington Inn Callington
1876-1894 Mr Barker Hotel Mt Barker

WIEGAND, Carl (//-//)
1858-1862 Rising Sun Inn Lobethal

WILCOX, Edmund (//-//)
1880-1881 Uraidla Hotel Uraidla

WILCOX, William (//-//)
1882 Uraidla Hotel Uraidla

WILCOX, Thomas (//-//)
1883 Uraidla Hotel Uraidla

WILKE, Rudolph (//-//)
1870-1872 Bismarck Hotel Blumberg Hotel founder

WILKES, Arthur John (//-//)
1934-1935 Pier Hotel Milang

WILKIE, Robert (//-//)
1853-1854 Golden Cross Inn Balhannah
1854-1856 Woodside Inn Woodside

WILL, Robin Wallace & Jillian Noela (//-//)
1984-1987 Springton Hotel Springton

WILLCOCK, Oliver Willett (//c1800-15/9/1881) Died Goolwa SA.
1858-1879 Australasian Hotel Goolwa
Family living at North Adelaide, when son Peter Willcock died 24/11/1857 aged 8. A daughter died North Adelaide in 1852.
His son, Charles Willcock, died 25/1/1864 Adelaide, from injuries caused by an accidental blow from the paddlewheel of the paddle steamer Moolgewanke,  at Goolwa, aged 21.
Husband of Ann Willcock who died 14/9/1890 at Goolwa, aged 70.

WILLCOURT, Sarah (//-//)
1943-1950 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley.

WILLIAMS, Albert George (//-//)
1910-1913 Travellers Rest Hotel Houghton

WILLIAMS, James (//-//)
1848-1849 Travellers Rest Hotel Houghton

WILLIAMS, Jane (//-//)
1862-1864 District Hotel Gumeracha

WILLIAMS, John (//-//)
 Robert Burns Hotel Forreston 1851-1852

WILLIAMS, Percy (//-//)
1928-1934 Totness Inn, Mount Pleasant

WILLIAMS, Percy H (//-//)
1925-1927 Pier Hotel Milang

WILLIAMS, John (//-//)
1925-1927 Meadows Hotel Meadows

WILLIAMS, William John (//-//)
1944-1946 Bedford Hotel Woodside

WILLIS, Mrs Emma Maria (//-//)
1909-1918 Aldgate Pump Hotel Aldgate

WILLIS, Thomas Edward  (//-//)
1884-1886 Royal Oak Hotel Clarendon with Mary Ann Willis his wife
1893-1894 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha

WILLIS, Mrs TE nee Mary Ann ?  (//-//)
1884-1886 Royal Oak Hotel Clarendon with Thomas Edward Willis her husband
1892-1893 Kenton Inn Hotel Gumeracha

WILLMOTT, Charles H (//-//)
1868-1873 Wheatsheaf Inn near Mylor
1875-1876 Emu Black Springs
Husband of Ann nee SHYLE. She must have died. C Willmott m (2) Margaret BAILEY.
Stepney, Kensington, Mylor then perhaps Blinman, Emu Black Springs.

WILLS, Sydney A (//-//)
1926-1931 Scenic Hotel Norton Summit

WILSON, Mrs Elma (//-//)
1937-1940 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley
1941-1943 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

WILSON, Mrs Ethelwyn (//-//)
1906-1910 Belair Hotel Belair  

WILSON, Henry (//-//)
1880-1883 Napoleon Bonaparte Hotel Blumberg [Birdwood]

WILSON, James H (//-//)
1925-1925 Springton Hotel Springton with Janet Helen Wilson his wife

WILSON, Mrs JH nee Janet Helen OLDFIELD (//c1888-//)
1925-1925 Springton Hotel Springton with James H Wilson her husband
1925-1928 Springton Hotel Springton
1928-1935 Springton Hotel Springton as Mrs Clarke
Father; Arthur Edward Oldfield.
m (2) 190/10/1926 Parsonage South Tce Adelaide, publican John Cornelius Clarke

WILSON, John (//-//)
1912-1914 Lake Hotel Milang

WILTSHIRE, Frederick  (//-//)
1859-1860 Royal Oak Inn Clarendon

WINZER, Philip George
1886-1886 Callington Hotel Callington

WISSELL, Albert Gordon & Hazel Mary (//-//)
1965-1970 Springton Hotel Springton

WITCOMB, Mrs Doris Christabel (//-//)
1938-1941 Terminus Hotel Strathalbyn

WOOD, Charles Herbert (//-//)
1939-1943  Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn

WOOD, Marion A (//-//)
1925-1928 Mt Torrens Hotel Mt Torrens

WOOD, Marion (//-//)
1921-1923 Palmer Hotel Palmer

WOODHEAD, Horace (//-//)
1897-1898 Crafers Hotel Crafers

WOODHEAD, Thomas & Eliza (//-//)
1914-1914 Talunga Hotel  Mount Pleasant

WOODING, Charles (//-//)
1889-1891 Springton Hotel Springton
1895-1896 Springton Hotel Springton

WOOLFITT, Frederick (//-//)
1911-1913  Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn

WOOLFITT, Moses (//-//)
1890-1897  Victoria Hotel Strathalbyn
Southern Argus 25/12/1890 p516g.

WOOLLARD, William H  (//-//)
1922-1922 Williamstown Hotel Williamstown

WRIGHT, James  (//-//)
1897-1904 Australasian Hotel Goolwa

WRIGHT, Mary  (//-//)
1904-1910 Australasian Hotel Goolwa

WRIGHT, William Alexander  (//-//)
1879-1880 Blackwood Inn Belair

WYLIE, John (//-//)
1872-1872 Bridge Inn Echunga


No Names Commencing X*


Names Commencing Y*

YATES, John (//-//)
1859-1859 Morning Star Inn Wistow

YATES, Edward (//-//)
1865-1899 Morning Star Inn Wistow

YATES, Mrs Jessie (//-//)
1899-1911 Morning Star Inn Wistow

YATES, Harry (//-//)
1911-1912 Morning Star Inn Wistow

YOUNG, Allan (//-//)
1881-1897 Travellers Rest Hotel Houghton


Names Commencing Z *

ZANKER, Andrew A (//-//)
1826-1929 Yankalilla Hotel Yankalilla

ZENNER, Moritz (//-//)
1860-1861 Travellers Inn near Blumberg

ZOWE, Julius (//-//)
1872-1872 Eden Valley Hotel Eden Valley

ZSCHORN, Mrs Emily (//-//) perhaps Mrs Paul Wilhelm Zschorn nee Emily ROBERTS
1891-1894 Robin Hood Hotel Strathalbyn