Adelaide Hotels by Street - Publican Lists Index

The following lists of early Adelaide Hotels and their Publicans organised by Street were compiled by Reg Butler (Hahndorf Historian) and may include certain additional information regarding the people and families concerned.

Please Note (disclaimer):

These Lists were created basically 'as is' from Reg Butler's unpublished computer working files as at c2014. 

Although it is certain that when compiling such data Reg took all available means to ensure accuracy, it is emphasized that not all of the data has been verified.  As a result. the Lists created may be incomplete, not state sources used, and might contain errors.  It is therefore left to the reader to determine the validity of all such data.

Under no circumstances will Reg Butler correspond about or discuss any of the material or data included in any pages containing information extracted from his computer files.
Where additional information or corrections are known, please login and make such alterations/additions (retaining the original information) stating your User Name along with any supporting sources.

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Angas Street

Archer Street

Brougham Place

Brown Street

Carrington Street

Currie Street

East Terrace

Finniss Street

Flinders Street

Franklin Street

Gawler Place

Gilbert Street

Gilles Arcade

Gilles Street

Gouger Street

Gover Street

Gray Street

Grenfell Street

Grote Street

Halifax Street

Hanson Street

Hindley Street

Hutt Street

James Place

Jerningham Street

Kermode Street

King William Street

Leigh Street

Melbourne Street

Morphett Street

North Street

North Terrace

O'Connell Street

Pirie Street

Port Road

Pultney Street

Robert Street

Roper Street

Rundle Street

South Terrace

Stanley Street

Stephens Place

Sturt Street

Tynte Street

Victoria Square

Wakefield Street

Waymouth Street

Wellington Square

West Terrace

Wright Street