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Alan REDDY Photographic Collection & Other Archival Material 


Alan REDDY's mother was Jean Eleanore FAEHRMANN 

the eldest child of Carl Albrecht FAEHRMANN & Margaret Alice FLEMING


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1.     Author's Note


1.    Author's Note


Alan & his brother Wayne are the children of Jean Eleonore FAEHRMANN & Ronald John REDDY.  They are the authors 3rd cousin.  Jean FAEHRMANN was the eldest of 5 children to Carl Albrech FAEHRMANN 1888-1967, known as ‘Charlie’ and Margaret Alice FLEMING 1892-1962, who married on 5 April 1913.

Jean’s other siblings were Jack 1916-1945, May 1918-1968, Kevin 1920-2005 & Leslie William known as ‘Bill’ 1926-2012.

Carl Albrech FAEHRMANN was the 4th child of Johann Friedrich Wilhelm FÄHRMANN 1857-1935 & Auguste Martha WIETH 1860-1927.

Carl’s other siblings were Oswald Friedrich 1883-1975, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm ‘Bill’ 1884-, Marie Hermine Hilda 1886-1917, Gertrude Joanna 1890-, Martha Eleonore 1891-1968, Adelheit Louise 1893-1972 and Herbert Berthold 1902.