LOCATION:  60 Martin Road, Hahndorf.

The shelter can be contacted as follows:

Postal address:   P.O. Box 163, Hahndorf SA, 5245.

Shelter Opening Times (other times by appointment):

  • Dog Adoptions  -  Thursday, Friday, Saturday  12:30 to 2:30 pm
  • Cat Adoptions  -  Friday & Saturday  12:30 to 2:30 pm

The Hahndorf Interim Animal Shelter Inc. unofficially opened it's doors in 1992 to care for abandoned dogs.  In 1997 the Shelter was officially incorporated as a charity, and not for profit entity caring for cats and dogs.  It's founders are Sue Whelan and Dorothy Caddle who hope to re-home all pets that come through the Shelter.

Both the Adelaide Hills Council and the District Council of Mount Barker are attached to and  use the Hahndorf Animal Shelter and we thank them.

There are all sorts of well-loved, beautiful dogs in the Adelaide Hills Region.

Hi I'm Miss Molly!Hi there!  I’m Miss Molly and I’ve been asked to tell you a bit  about the Hahndorf Animal Shelter.  I was once an unwanted pet, so I know how it feels.  Miserable!  But I also know, from personal experience, that if you’re a lost or unwanted dog or cat, you’d better hope you end up at the Hahndorf Animal Shelter.  There, you’ll be well fed, given a comfortable bed and treated with love and respect.

The Hahndorf Animal Shelter re-homes lost or abandoned dogs and cats who are found roaming in the Mt. Barker or Adelaide Hills Council areas or if their owners are no longer able to care for them because of illness, death, relationship breakdown or financial problems.  The people at the Shelter believe that no animal should be euthanased just because a home cannot be found immediately.  Some animals stay there for only a few days, but others spend months – even years - waiting for the right home.  I was lucky.  I was adopted after only three weeks and  that was six years ago!

The Hahndorf Shelter relies on public support – donations of food, bedding, money and building materials.  Volunteers are needed to help with exercising, grooming, cleaning and feeding, as well as promotion and fund-raising.  Please contact the Shelter if you are looking for a new dog or cat.  Please tell your friends, relatives and work colleagues about us.  And consider becoming a volunteer.  Even a few hours a month would help.

That way, you’ll get to meet lovely dogs, just like me!  Or maybe you could organise a collection of food, bedding, toys, treats, dog coats or collars in your neighbourhood, workplace, school, church or community group?  Every donation, every little bit of time would help the Shelter.

There’s also a big fund-raiser every year.  It’s called “The Four Paws Walk’ usually held on a Sunday in November.  It’s a lovely dog walk around Stirling, either 2 kilometres or 5 kilometres, with lots of fun things to see and do.  Your $5 registration fee will help keep the Shelter running.

Remember, everyone deserves a loving home.  Please do what you can to help the Hahndorf Shelter find loving homes for animals in need.