Owners:  Gerard and Lexie Griggs

Phone:  0439 972 976    EMail:  gerard.griggs@afdfranchisee.com.au


The Random Shopper - Ann Haines & Gail Vort-Ronald:  Hahndorf Village Voice, Summer Issue No 36, 2013

Gerard and Lexie Griggs are local Hahndorf residents, with Gerard being actively involved in the Hahndorf CFS brigade.  They have been running their first Aussie Farmers Direct franchise for 18 months in the Mitcham area of Adelaide and have now re-introduced the much-loved, old-fashioned concept of the "milkman” to the Adelaide Hills.

This is old-style service with a modern twist; fresh produce can be ordered online and delivered to your door.  Aussie Farmers Direct combines convenience, quality and service and the company only buys from 100% Australian owned and operated producers.  All fruit and vegetables, where possible, are sourced from local and state based producers.

The company has a strong community focus, exemplified by each franchises support of schools and community organisations via their fundraising program.  Customers who shop with Aussie Farmers have the opportunity to link their account to sponsored organisations.  Think of the benefits of fresh produce
delivered to your home... no more impulse purchases at supermarkets, keeping to a budget has never been easier, more leisure time for the family, a great idea for new Mums, families on the move or elderly people.