LOCATION:   1/39 Main Street, Hahndorf

Opal Mine Display & Gemstones

Phone:  (08) 8388 1900     eMail:  aoc@chariot.net.au

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The Australian Opal Company is a "must see" opal shop in the centre of Hahndorf near, and on the same side as, the Hahndorf Inn.  The walls of the  opal shop resemble the company's own underground  opal mine at Coober Pedy with magnificent seams of opal and rare opalised sea shells and fossils in the walls, just as they would be found at Coober Pedy in central Australia.  You can watch their staff cutting opal and making elegant jewellery through a  glass walled workshop inside their shop.

The Australian Opal Company is a major wholesale supplier to opal shops around Australia and  sells its elegant jewellery range at the same wholesale prices in its Hahndorf shop.  The public are welcome to enjoy these savings on a  range of wholesale jewellery or unset opals to suit all budgets.  This shop also has a range of Aussie souvenirs, quality Jacaru leather hats, magnificent styles of Western Australian ironstone jewellery, Australian sapphire jewellery , postcards and a range of unique, humorous BBQ aprons and much more.   Ask their workshop staff to polish your own diamond and gold etc  jewellery back to brand new condition while you watch, for only a fraction of the normal charges for this work.