The following Family History Notes were compiled by Reg Butler (Hahndorf Historian).

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Family History Notes - Burdon

BARQUE EMILY - passengers from London & Plymouth 8/8/1849

WILSON, Captain William

BURDON, John (20/7/1805-2/9/1884) Born Kneeton, Notts, England. Died Islington SA. Shoemaker, farmer; Islington, Prospect, Islington again. Primitive Methodist. m (1) 9/7/1827 England. m (2) 22/8/1868 PM Chapel Islington, Mrs Hannah COX nee SAUNDERS (//c1831-15/11/1902) Died Prospect SA.

BURDON, Mrs John nee Ann STREETS (19/5/1805-9/12/1866) Born Wilford, Notts, England. Died Islington SA.

BURDON, Robert (16/2/1831-26/3/1896) Born East Bridgford, Notts, England. Died Prospect SA. Farmer, cemetery curator; Islington, Prospect. Primitive Methodist. m (1) 2/6/1856 PM Chapel Islington, Catherine nee Mara d 5/4/1890 Prospect m (2) 3/7/1893 Bride’s mother’s residence Highbury, Clara nee Neville (nb). This family lived at Tam O/Shanter Belt during the late 1840s-1870s. Clara Neville born 28/4/1850 Adelaide. Daughter of Samuel Neville and Harriet nee Masters.

BURDON, Mary (//c1834-//)

BURDON, Jane (//c1837-23/2/1850) Died Prospect SA.

BURDON, James (25/6/1844-21/2/1921) Born Bridgford, Notts, England. Died Wayville SA. Policeman; Adelaide, Goolwa, Wayville. Methodist. m 25/6/1864 PM Chapel North Adelaide, Caroline nee Whitwell.

BURDON, Josiah (20/3/1847-15/6/1923) Born Bridgford, Notts, England. Died Islington SA. Coachbuilder, blacksmith; Islington. m 7/4/1879 Groom’s father’s residence Islington, Mary Ann nee SIMMONS (//c1857-15/8/1936) Died Prospect SA. Father; William.

SCHOONER JOHN PIRIE - 28 passengers from London 16/8/1836

MARTIN, Captain George G (//c1778-24/2/1842) Died Adelaide SA, by suicide at home Currie St.

!NEVILLE, Samuel (c1804-18/9/1871) Died Tam O’Shanter Belt SA. Brickmaker from Hornchurch, Essex, England. Gardener; Adelaide, Hindmarsh, Tam O’Shanter Belt. Anglican. At the Vic goldfields Observer 23/4/1853 p134b.

!NEVILLE, Mrs Samuel nee Harriet MASTERS (c1807-11/11/1895) Died Highbury SA, at home.

BARQUE AFRICAINE - 60 passengers from London 6/11/1836

DUFF, Captain John Finlay. He came to the colony as a sea captain before emigrating; leading merchant and shipowner; laid out the township of Woodforde; Glenelg harbourmaster. When the ship reached KI, colonists already arrived there hoisted a flag and fired guns.

COLTMAN, James (c1807-24/11/1849) Born ? Died Adelaide SA. Opened a hotel and general store in Hindley St during 1837 (in partnership with Robert Thomas: partnership dissolved June 1838); also Coltman’s Hotel, Franklin St from 1839.

COLTMAN, Mrs James nee Marion GIBBS (//c1812-5/7/1863) Died Hindmarsh SA. m (2) 19/1/1859 Farmer’s Hotel Salisbury, Thomas Saunders.

SHIP POICTIERS - 276 passengers 13/11/1848

BEAL, Captain Thomas S

SAUNDERS, Thomas Senr (//c1793-22/9/1864) Died Islington SA. Butcher; Adelaide, Hindmarsh, Islington. m (2) 19/1/1859 Farmer’s Hotel Salisbury, Mrs James Coltman nee Marion Gibbs.

SAUNDERS, Mrs Thomas nee Phoebe ? (//c1800-22/11/1856) Died Hindmarsh SA.

SAUNDERS, Ann (//-//) m Joel PEGLER in England. To SA 1849 David Malcolm. Settled; Hindmarsh until 1851 - perhaps left SA soon afterwards.

SAUNDERS, Hannah (//c1831-15/11/1902) Died Prospect SA. m (1) 11/10/1849 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Luke Cox m (2) 22/8/1868 PM Chapel Islington, John Burdon.

SAUNDERS, Joel (//-//) Not yet traced in SA.

SAUNDERS, Henry (//c1833-22/4/1914) Died Mt Gambier SA. Farmer; Yahl Paddock. Methodist. m 30/3/1859 St Michael’s Mitcham, Sarah Ann nee PERKIS (//c1836-20/10/1912) Died Yahl Paddock SA.

SAUNDERS, Thomas Junr (//c1837-13/9/1901) Died Hindmarsh West SA. Butcher; Hindmarsh West. Anglican. m 27/3/1862 St Michael’s Mitcham, Esther nee Emery (nb).

SAUNDERS, Mary (//c1842-//) m 25/12/1862 Luke Cox residence Islington, George Edward ELLIS (//c1841-//) Ironmoulder; Drayton St, Bowden. Perhaps then Baker; Adelaide (Little Sturt St), South Road Edwardstown.

SAUNDERS, David perhaps (//c1848-28/1/1890) Died Algebuckina SA.