The following Family History Notes were compiled by Reg Butler (Hahndorf Historian).

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Family History Notes - Clarke

William Arthur Clarke the Elder b 1801

m a person whose name is still unknown

WA Clarke the Elder a sawyer at Macclesfield 1861 - aged c60

WA Clarke the Elder lived at Mt Barker 1866 - probably now retired aged c65.

Perhaps his wife died at Mt Barker and he went to live with his children at Allendale East. Therefore look for the wife’s grave at Mt Barker. Contact the Mt Barker Community Library on how to get this information. Dumas St, Mt Barker telephone 8391 7312 fax 8391 7319

Or perhaps both Mr and Mrs Clarke shifted to Allendale East late 1860s-early 1870s to be near their children. Therefore look for Mrs Clarke’s grave at Port MacDonnell cemetery.

Two known children

William Arthur Clarke the Younger b 1843 - farmer Allendale East 1869

Probably carpenter Allendale East 1865

Joseph b 1850

Probably born before the family emigrated to SA.

Compare ages of father and son - probably unlikely that WA Clarke the Elder married for the first time in his early 40s. Therefore perhaps sons from a second wife. This leads to a first wife who died in England and children who would have accompanied their father and step-mother to SA.

Who could the other children be?? Problem of confusion between Clark and Clarke - from Adelaide Almanac 1869, possible sons.

George Clarke carter Pt MacDonnell

Thomas T Clark/Clarke carter Pt MacDonnell

Job Clark/Clarke farmer Pt MacDonnell

Perhaps also Charles Clark/Clarke wheelwright 1865 then foundry operator Mt Gambier 1869

George Clarke was a brewer at Pt MacDonnell in 1865

Perhaps also Henry W Clarke sheepfarmer Mt Schank 1865

To find daughters would be a great stroke of luck, without family information.