The following Family History Notes were compiled by Reg Butler (Hahndorf Historian).

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Family History Notes - Cocking

Clifford James Rich Cocking born 19/5/1894 New Glenelg

Son of Thomas Alfred Burton Cocking and Elizabeth Ann nee Oliver

Thomas Alfred Burton Cocking born 4/5/1870 Darlington

Son of John Rich Cocking and Julia nee Marks

John Rich Cocking 23 Father; Richard Cocking

Julia nee Marks 19 Father; William Marks

m 3/7/1861 Bible Christian Chapel Adelaide.

John Rich Cocking d 8/1/1907 Bowden.

Julia Cocking d 7/2/1914 Ovingham.

George Cocking of Tam O’Shanter Belt 1845

George Cocking labourer Bowden 1847

Richard Cocking miner Adelaide (Currie St) 1844-1848

Thomas Alfred Burton Cocking 23 and Elizabeth Ann nee Oliver 21 Father; James Oliver

m 29/6/1893 Wesleyan Church Marion

Percy Clive Michell 25 Father; Joseph Michell m Lilian May Green 26 Father; Francis Richard Green on 13/7/1911 Baptist Church Flinders St Adelaide.

South side - Gibson St

Ninth and Gibson - Mrs Bert Cocking

Tenth and Gibson - JR Cocking & Co carriers

Richard Cocking and Mary nee Rich

unnamed child 10/1/1843 Adelaide

Elizabeth b 22/10/1848 place not recorded d 7/12/1849Brighton

Elizabeth b 2/2/1850 Morphett Vale

Ellen b 1/1/1851 place not recorded

Emma b 1/9/1844 Adelaide

Richard Henry b 2/9/1846 Adelaide

William b 22/10/1848 place not recorded

John Rich Cocking and Julia nee Marks

Albert Sprod b 16/4/1874 Darlington

Alfred Rich b 11/1/1867 Darlington

Clara Evelyn b 7/4/1877 Darlington

Edith Julia b 17/6/1865 Darlington

John Marks b 2/5/1863 Darlington

Rachel Jane b 6/11/1871 Darlington d 8/3/1872

Rebecca Mary b 4/9/1868 Darlington

Thomas Alfred Burton b 4/5/1870 Darlington

William Lloyd b 9/1/1880 place not recorded

Thomas Alfred Burton Cocking and Elizabeth Anne nee Oliver

Alfred Linsey b 22/2/1898 New Glenelg d 28/4/1898

Clifford James Rich b 19/5/1894 New Glenelg

Leslie Burton b 19/9/1896 New Glenelg

Reta May b 7/5/1901 Forestville

Robert Charles b 29/4/1905 Hahndorf

Tennyson b 10/4/1899 Plympton