LOCATION:     41 Main Street, Hahndorf

Hahndorf Community Hall as Adelaide Hills Visitor Information Centre  2004

The site was originally obtained in 1953 by the Returned Soldier's League (RSL) and the Hall was opened in October 1955.  The Hall was shared with the Country Women's Association (CWA). 

As members numbers declined due to age, the Hall fell into financial difficulties despite the efforts of both groups. 

The Hahndorf Lions Club was approached for assistance.  The RSL and CWA subsequently relinquished their ownership with the proviso that the Hall was to remain the property of the Hahndorf Community. 

In 1973/4, the Hahndorf Lions Club facilitated the establishment of the Hahndorf Community Hall Committee Inc. which holds the title on behalf of Hahndorf residents.

The Hahndorf Community Hall Committee Inc. Constitution requires: 

  • Specific representation from within the Hahndorf Community as members of the Community Hall Committee Inc. 

  • All income received must be returned to groups and organisations within Hahndorf.


  • Since (? date), the Hall was tenanted by the (Adelaide Hills) Visitor Information Centre. 
  • At the end of December 2010, the Visitor Information Centre vacated the building and re-located in the front side room of the Hahndorf Academy. 
  • In March/April 2011, the building was tenanted by 'Camellia Cottage - Country Arts and Crafts' plus a Lawyer's office.


The RSL mural on the front wall is of interest as the mirror fragments come from periscope mirrors from WW1 submarines.

Hahndorf Community Hall Garden Update

Extract from Hahndorf Village Voice - Issue No. 42, Winter 2015

Hahndorf Community Hall - at 41 Main Street.  This hall was originally built for the Country Women's Association and then was shared with Hahndorf RSL.  Falling membership for both organisations then required some financial involvement from Hahndorf Lions in 1975.  The building and land beside it belongs to the Community, and is managed by the Hahndorf Community Hall Committee Inc.  This is a body of Hahndorf Lions and residents, which acts under a recently reviewed Constitution and which is totally responsible for the maintenance of the premises, including the Minenwerfer.  Currently income is derived from the two long term tenants, Camellia Cottage and the Cash Card ATM.  When funds permit, donations are made to "not for profit" groups in Hahndorf.

The Committee is in the process of landscaping the surrounding grounds to improve its ambience for all of the Hahndorf residents which is why the high fence has been erected.  Some items, with assistance of strong Lions Club members, have been relocated to the Oval.  We are assured that the iconic but aging wishing well will be replaced within the park as it is a magical and spiritual source for many visitors and local folk who toss a coin.

Extract from Hahndorf Village Voice - Issue No. 43, 2015

The redevelopment of the garden and seating area attached to 41 Main Street continues to progress.  Items like the picnic setting, shelter, drinking fountain and flag pole have gone to the Hahndorf Oval and Hahndorf Academy.  Our thanks to Mt Barker District Council for their help with rubbish removal.

Greenslades Landscaping has completed the paving, fencing and planting out of the garden area and the new Isco picnic settings and seating have been installed and the area is being well utilised by visitors to Hahndorf.

Schwerer Minenwerfer MortarThe Schwerer Minenwerfer Mortar has been sandblasted and repainted in “Feldgrau”.  After research, it was ascertained that Feldgrau was most likely the original colour used by the factory when the Mortar was made around 1910.  Our thanks to Hills Towing and Aldgate Crash Repairs for all their help with the repainting of the Mortar.  While researching the colour of the Mortar it was discovered that some facts on the original information plate at the site were incorrect.  Further research into the provenance of the Mortar continues with the assistance of the Australian War Memorial.  It is hoped that more accurate information can be provided on the plate when it is replaced.

One of the last parts of the garden redevelopment is the design and construction of a new wishing well.  The Committee is pleased to be working with Lothar Brasse, a heritage architect, who has an extensive knowledge of Hahndorf.  Lothar has provided a concept drawing to the Committee and we are working with him to fine tune the design.  When the design is complete and costed we will then undertake the construction of the wishing well.

The main objective of the Hahndorf Community Hall Committee is the maintenance of the building and surrounding garden area.  The garden renovation has been funded from money raised through the tenancy of the Community Hall.

Early Ownership

Information from The Hahndorf Allotments Database.

    New Owner Occupation Owner's
      1849 Joseph Remfrey mining captain Kanmantoo Land grant SH37.
      1853 Christian Thiele farmer Hahndorf GRO title. LTO title - 1881.
      1881 August Thiele farmer Hahndorf  
      1883 Gotthold Schmeiss farmer Hahndorf  
      1884 Ernst Gesnowski labourer Hahndorf  
      1894a Thomas Ide hotelkeeper Hahndorf  
      1894b John Owen** Minister of the Gospel Prospect Anglican priest
      1895 Henry Brakspear++ gentleman of parts beyond the sea  
        Archibald Brakspear brewer of parts beyond the sea Died 1910
        George Thomas gentleman of parts beyond the sea Died 1910
      1912 Henry Brakspear gentleman Henley-on-Thames Oxon Died 1914.
        Harry Blaker solicitor Henley-on-Thames Oxon  
        Ronald Brakspear gentleman Henley-on-Thames Oxon The Stevensons left Hahndorf.
      1915 Bernhard Paech hotelkeeper Hahndorf  
      1916 Hulda Nitschke nee Kerber Hahndorf Wife of Gustav Nitschke, farmer.
    Sub-lot 2 1947 Adelheid Gommers nee Faehrmann Hahndorf Wife of James Gommers, plasterer.
    Sub-lot 2 1953 Returned Soldiers League   Hahndorf  
    Sub-lot 2 1973 Hahndorf Community Hall Committee Inc.   Hahndorf  


    • 1947 - H Nitschke divided SH 37 into four sub-lots: 

      • Sub-lot 1: 5 Pine Ave (rear portion) - 2026/146 current title. 

      • Sub-lot 4 from SH 36 forms the front. 

      • Sub-lot 2: 41 Main St - 4279/584 Metric title. 

      • Sub-lot 3: 21 Auricht Rd - 1955/170 current title. 

      • Sub-lot 4: 37a Main St; 39 Main St - 4188/222 & 4188/223 Metric titles. 

    • 1949 - K Crafter divided Sub-lot 1 again: 

      • Sub-lot 5: 3 Pine Ave (rear portion) - 378/205 current title. 

      • Sub-lot 4 from SH 36 forms the front. 

    • 1953 - A Gommers divided Sub-lot 2 again: 

      • Sub-lot 6: 43 Main St - 4279/583 Metric title. Linked with Sub-lot 4 from SH 36. 

    • 1981 - Karobran Pty Ltd divided Sub-lot 4 again: 

      • Sub-lot 7: 37a Main St; 39 Main St - 4188/222 & 4188/223 Metric titles.

    ** J Owen leased the property to James Stevenson, gentleman, Hahndorf, for ten years from 1 March 1894. Mr Stevenson had been a planter in India. 
    ++ The Brakspears were relatives of Mrs Stevenson.

    The Hahndorf Community Hall is built on this site (Sub-lot 2).