The following Family History Notes were compiled by Reg Butler (Hahndorf Historian).

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Family History Notes - Crannaford

William Crannaford (//c1848-//1916)

Born poss Devon, England. Died prob Broken Hill NSW.

Parents – John Crannaford & Mary A nee ?

Arrival in SA uncertain.

m 6/7/1873 Bride father residence Wallaroo, Lydia Ann nee WHITTINGTON (//c1850-16/3/1928) Died Henley Beach SA, at the residence of her daughter Mrs WJ Marshall Randolph St. DN Chronicle 24/3/1928 p43e. Parents – George Ball Caswell Whittington &

William Henry Crannaford b 2/9/1876 Moonta d 4/6/1948 Adelaide (of Mile End)

Parents – William Crannaford & Lydia Ann nee WHITTINGTON

m (1) prob Broken Hill NSW

Ethel nee HELSTON (//c1884-13/5/1926) Born poss NSW. Died Peterborough SA, at the Hospital. DN Chronicle 22/5/1926 p41d.

Jack Crannaford (//c1903-24/9/1960) Born prob Broken Hill NSW. Died Hilton SA.

m (1) 20/8/1926 Methodist Manse Peterborough, Dorothy Victoria nee RUSSELL b c1905 Parents – John Scott Russell No record of birth or death in SA.


Elizabeth Ann nee Crannaford (//c1846-//) Born prob Devon, England. Died – no record of death or possible remarriage in SA. Parents – John Crannaford & . Emigrated as a servant from Devon.

To SA 1864 Art Union

m 21/5/1865 Samuel Rossiter residence Moonta, fellow passenger Philip PAUL (//c1845-//) Blacksmith from Devon, England. Parents – Samuel Paul &

Samuel Rossiter was a builder in Penrice by 1857 Wallaroo by 1864 Moonta by 1865. m Elizabeth nee TINKHAM

Paul/Crannaford daughter b 29/6/1868 Moonta


John B Crannaford (14/1/1843-26/10/1927) Born Hull, Yorks, England. Died Broken Hill NSW.

George Crannaford (//c1854-//) Farm labourer from England. No trace in SA.

To SA 1878 Rodney

If the above information applies to the same family, it would appear that the Crannafords originated in Yorkshire and moved to Devon, before any of the family emigrated to SA.


BARQUE SOMERSETSHIRE - c234 passengers from London 25/8/1839

JACKSON, Captain John Ship ran aground between Glenelg and the Semaphore and sailors ‘piggybacked’ the passengers ashore.

!NIXON, John (//c1818-24/4/1884) Born perhaps Kent, England. Died Adelaide SA. Tailor from 1 Chapel St, Brighton, Sussex, England. Tailor; Adelaide (Sturt St). Attended Old Colonists Banquet 1871.

m dnr Alice nee Francis. Look in Holy Trinity etc registers

SHIP JAVA - 12 cabin, 9 intermediate, + 470 steerage nearly 500 passengers from London & Plymouth 6/2/1840

DUTHIE, Captain Alexander Went on trial for his dreadful treatment of the migrants. Brought out sheep, intending to settle. The most notorious emigrant ship of the early colonial period. Besides 2 named cabin passengers, 2 unnamed emigrants and a number of children died during the voyage.

!FRANCIS, William (//c1808-13/12/1885) Died Dry Creek SA. Mason from Crowan, Cornwall, England. Mason; Adelaide (Waymouth St 1840 Grenfell St 1841-1847 perhaps Bricklayer; Dry Creek 1847 Then Farmer; Dry Creek. Methodist.

!FRANCIS, Mrs William nee Alice LEE (//c1810-23/4/1899?) Died Adelaide SA.

!FRANCIS, daughter (//c1829-//) perhaps Alice (//c1826-27/4/1911) Died Adelaide SA. m dnr John Nixon.

!FRANCIS, William Thomas (1/1/1831-2/7/1906) Born Cornwall, England. Died Kadina SA, his son-in-law JF Morony residence. Mariner, ship’s carpenter; Pt Adelaide, then Farmer; Clinton Centre, Maitland. Obit Observer 4/8/1906. p730e. m 1/1/1856 St Paul Pt Adelaide, Eliza nee DUNN

!FRANCIS, John Peter (//c1833-//)

!FRANCIS, son (//c1838-//)

Thomas William NIXON (29/4/1851-21/6/1892) Born North Road SA. Died Adelaide SA (of North Adelaide).

m 15/9/1870 Registry Office Adelaide

Annie Maria nee FRY (//c1850-//) Parents – John Fry &

Horace Hedley Nixon (11/12/1881 -24/6/1938) Born Prospect SA. Died Southwark SA, suddenly (of 62 Rowland Road Hilton). DN Chronicle 30/6/1938 p28b.

m 27/8/1910 Registry Office Adelaide

Lilly Burgess nee BORLACE (//c1885-15/9/1969) Born poss SA. Died Adelaide SA (of Rowland Road Hilton) NB Died as Lilly Beatrice Nixon.

Thelma Clarice Lilly NIXON (19/5/1911 -30/8/1954) Born Prospect SA. Died Hilton SA.

Leonard Roy Borlace b 21/2/1905 Adelaide d 18/3/1905 Adelaide son of Lilly Burgess nee Borlace


Maria Helenor Crannaford (12/5/1874-8/5/1934) Born Moonta SA. Died Adelaide SA (of Henley Park).

m (1) 13/5/1897 Baptist Church Wayville, Samuel CURRAN (2/10/1862-28/12/1921) Born Hindmarsh SA. Died Fullarton SA (of Henley Park). Parents – Thomas Curran & Isabella nee BRYANT.

m (2) 12/12/1925 Rev’d S Bowering residence Kensington Gardens, Walter James MARSHALL (11/7/1870-28/8/1946) Born Naracoorte SA. Died Magill SA (of Mile End). Parents – William Field Marshall & Eliza Jane nee ARGALL.

William Henry Crannaford (2/9/1876 -4/6/1948) Born Moonta SA. Died Adelaide SA (of 15 Falcon Ave, Mile End). DN Chronicle 10/6/1948 p37a.

m (2) dnr – likely not in SA Hilda Rose nee ? (//c1886-17/8/1954) Died Hawthorn SA (of Mile End).

Albert Casswell/Caswell Crannaford (11/4/1881 -//1949) Born Thebarton SA. No further trace in SA. Died NSW.

m poss Broken Hill NSW, Louisa Florence nee LOVETT (//c1886-//) Born Wiseman Creek NSW.

Sydney John Crannaford (b 6/1/1884 -13/5/1958) Born Hemington (part of Thebarton) SA. Died Mile End SA. By 1931 Cycle works proprietor 8 Topham St Adelaide & 9 Falcon Ave Mile End.

m poss Broken Hill NSW, Doris Crosscombe nee ? (//c1892-4/3/1965) Died Woodville SA (of Black Forest).

William Crannaford was a builder in Hemington.


SHIP CAROLINE –c366 passengers from Southampton 25/4/1855

WALKER, Captain R Voyage details Observer 28/4/1855 p137b.

WHITTINGTON, George Ball Caswell (//c1820-//) Carpenter from Middlesex, England. CE.

WHITTINGTON, Mrs GBC nee Eliza A ? (//c1822-//)

WHITTINGTON,Thomas Joachim (//c1847-//) 20/8/1870 Groom father residence Wallaroo Bay, Emily Jane nee HAWKINS (//c1849-//) Father; William.

WHITTINGTON, Lydia Ann (//c1850-16/3/1928) Died Henley Beach SA.m 6/7/1873 Bride father residence Wallaroo, William CRANNAFORD (//c1848-//) Father; John.


Married 1900 Broken Hill NSW.

May P Crannaford (//1900-//) Born Broken Hill NSW.

William Crannaford (//1900-//1900) Born Broken Hill NSW. Died Broken Hill NSW.

Daphne M Crannaford (//1901-//) Born Broken Hill NSW.

Jack Crannaford (//1903-24/9/1960) Born Broken Hill NSW. Died Hilton SA.