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Family History Notes - Dalton  Prosser

Three Dalton families arrived SA aboard the Emily

BARQUE EMILY - passengers from London & Plymouth 8/8/1849

WILSON, Captain William

Family of James Dalton and Jane nee Longhurst – Jen’s great-grandparents

DALTON, James Senr (//c1824-16/5/1899) Born France. Died Langhorne Creek SA. Labourer, farmer; Langhorne Creek.

DALTON, Mrs James nee Jane Longhurst (//c1826-14/5/1901) Died Langhorne Creek SA.

DALTON, James Junr (//c1848-by 1919) Born England/France. m 4/2/1873 Bride father Robert Clifford residence Langhorne Bridge, Mary nee Clifford (nb).

DALTON, Emily Wilson Moir (5/8/1849-?) Born at sea. Named after the ship, the captain and the Surgeon-Superintendent. m 14/6/1880 Manse Strathalbyn, widower James Boothey 35 son of Thomas Boothey.

Rachel Dalton b 6/4/1851 birth not registered m 4/7/1871 Bride father residence Langhorne Creek, Alexander Stark 26

Alfred Dalton b 10/10/1852 birth not registered m 10/2/1877 Groom residence Laura, Mrs Charlotte Nixon nee Long. Daughter of Samuel Long.

Mary Ann Dalton b 26/2/1855 birth registererd but place not recordedd

Ellen Dalton b 7/7/1857 Langhorne Creek

Harriet Dalton b 3/5/1859 birth not registered m 28/5/1890 Bride father residence Langhorne Creek, James Henry Farrell 29 son of John Farrell.

Matilda Dalton b 24/6/1861 Langhorne Creek

Amy Dalton b 9/1/1862 Langhorne Creek m 4/12/1893 PM Manse Strathalbyn, Robert Harry Slater 38 Son of Robert Slater

Robert Thomas Dalton b 11/11/1865 Langhorne Creek m 23/9/1885 Groom father residence Langhorne Bridge, Margaret Ann nee HOLMES 17 daughter of Daniel Holmes.

Arthur Dalton b 2/7/1869 Langhorne Creek m 2/2/1892 George Johnson residence Poonana near Cleve, Adelaide Ann nee Larking 23 daughter of William Henry Larking

Thomas Dalton b 24/2/1867 Langhorne Creek. Son of Rachel Dalton. m 25/9/1906 Registry Office Adelaide, Elizabeth Mary nee BURZACOTT 18 daughter of Thomas Burzacott

SHIP ORLEANA - c260 passengers 16/6/1840

CAMERON, Captain Alexander

!LARKING, John perhaps John Henry (//c1818-9/8/1875) Ag labourer from Farleigh nr Maidstone, Kent, England. Labourer; Pt Lincoln then Publican; Little Swamp near Pt Lincoln. m (2) dnr Phoebe nee HUGHES (//c1831-25/1/1905) Or is Phoebe nee Hughes the wife who came out from England – confusion over her real age?? Problem because last children twin girls b 9/6/1873 – perhaps not a problem, but over 30 years of childbearing for one woman.

!LARKING, Mrs John perhaps Mrs JH nee ? (//c1822-//) Not yet identified. No record of death. Was she the mother of William Henry Larking (c1845-//)

!LARKING, son (//c1839-//) Not yet identified. No record of death.

SHIP KATHERINE STEWART FORBES - 222 passengers from Gravesend 17/10/1837

FELL, Captain Alfred p206 SA Record letter from passenger John Herbert talks about the voyage and some of the passengers. Mrs Field in 1899 ‘Captain Fell was a perfect gentleman, firm, kind, and considerate.’ Timber berths used to build homes in Emigration Square. m Dec 1841 Adelaide, Nancy, yd of the late Captain Thomas BURGESS.

20/6/1837 Queen Victoria made her 1st formal entry into London after her accession to the throne. The CSF began her voyage to SA the next day Observer 11/1/1913 p102a.

!HILLMAN, John (c1802-28/12/1872) Died Edwardstown SA. Carpenter & joiner from Launceston, Cornwall, England. Carpenter, farmer; Adelaide (Currie St), The Sturt, Uplands Nairne. Attended Old Colonists Banquet 1871. Prob brother to Jane and Leonard Hillman To SA 1839 Recovery. m (2) 1/8/1855 Uplands Nairne, Elizabeth, nee Haggett.

!HILLMAN, Mrs John nee Ann JEFFRIES (c1808-29/10/1854) Died St Marys Sturt.

!HILLMAN, James (//c1829-29/1855) Died Nairne SA. Farmer; Nairne m 25/12/1851 St James Blakiston, Ellen nee Haines.

!HILLMAN, Thomas Richard (//c1831-22/4/1866) Died Kanmantoo SA. Farmer; Nairne, Native Valley, Kanmantoo. m dnr Sarah Ann nee Butcher

!HILLMAN, Elizabeth Jane (22/8/1833-8/10/1922) Born Penzance, Cornwall, England. m 1/8/1855 Uplands Nairne, John Hughes.

!HILLMAN, son (//c1836-//) Not yet identified.

William Henry Larking 20 – birth not registered in SA. son of John Henry Larking m 25/12/1865 Bride father residence Edwardstown, Mary Ann nee Hillman 23

Mary Ann Hillman b 18/4/1843 Onkaparinga Road [Edwardstown], daughter of John Hillman and Ann nee Jeffries.

Family of William Henry Larking and Mary Ann nee Hillman

Mary Louisa Larking b 11/6/1867 Little Swamp

Adelaide Ann Larking b 4/12/1868 Little Swamp

Esther Jane Larking b 4/2/1871 Little Swamp

Family of Arthur Dalton and Adelaide Ann nee Larking

Ellen Elsie Dalton b 13/10/1892 Langhorne Creek

Arthur William Dalton b 14/2/1894 Yabmana Hundred of Hawker Co Jervois east of Cowell

James Robert Dalton b 10/9/1898 Yabmana

Gwendoline Mary Gertrude Dalton b 2/4/1903 Woodchester m Weber

Esther Matilda Dalton b 23/8/1904 Highland Valley near Woodchester

Doris Annie Dalton b 3/11/1907 Woodchester

Hettie Dalton b 1/5/?

Family of Arthur Dalton and Adelaide Ann nee OSBORNE – another Arthur Dalton or a misrecording of the mother’s maiden name?

Irene May Dalton b 10/5/1896 Hundred of Yadnarie Co Jervois.

Family of Irene May Dalton b 10/5/1896 and Frederick George Steer b 25/4/1887 Goolwa – son of William Henry Steer and Emma Elizabeth nee SMITH

The Dalton-Steer marriage

Irene May Dalton m 11/8/1920 Methodist Church Renmark

Joan Adelaide Steer b 19/6/1921 Renmark

Betty Gwendolene Ellen Steer b 21/9/1923 Renmark

Bruce Frederick Arthur Steer b 16/10/1924 Renmark

Family of Gwendoline Mary Gertrude Dalton and Paul Bruno Weber

Gwendoline Mary Gertrude Dalton m 30/3/1925 Union Church Renmark West

Shirley Adelaide Weber b 26/2/1926 Renmark

Kingsley Bruno Weber b 24/10/1927 Renmark

Child of James Robert Dalton and Thetis Elizabeth nee Harrip

Sybil Thetis Dalton b 10/4/1924 Renmark

Family of Doris Annie Dalton and Hermann Eduard Paul Hagen

Doris Annie Dalton – m 9/2/1931 Union Church Renmark West

John Kevin Hagen b 16/6/1935

Jennifer Mary Hagen b 21/5/1941

Family of Friedrich Hagen and Pauline nee Schumacher

Friedrich Fritz Wilhelm Carl Hagen (//c1867-//) Prob Born Germany, Scandinavia?? Son of Adolf Hagen m 5/9/1895 Bride parents residence Sedan, Pauline Amalie Wilhelmine nee Schumacher – b 26/1/1867 Blumberg – Daughter of Friedrich Schumacher and Dorothea nee GREIMANN.

Leopold Ferdinand Hugo Hagen b 7/6/1896 Sedan

Adalbert Reinhold Otto Hagen b 13/1/1898 Sedan

Hermann Eduard Paul Hagen b 24/4/1901 Sedan

Albert Henry Alfred Hagen b 19/8/1904 Sedan

Heinrich Alfred Albert Hagen b 19/8/1904 Sedan

SHIP PETER GODEFFROY - passengers from Hamburg 14/12/1861


SCHUMACHER, Friedrich (//c1836-//) Servant from Warnkenhagen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Farmer; Blumberg. Lutheran. Son of Heinrich Schumacher. m 22/3/1866 Lutheran Chapel Pirie St Adelaide, Dorothea nee Greimann.

SHIP GEORGE WASHINGTON - passengers from Bremen 23/1/1846

PROBST, Captain Matthew 17 cabin and 208 steerage passengers.

SA 27/1/1846 p31c including 3 young ladies from the Berlin Missionary Society bound for the Chatham Islands. Left for Sydney aboard the MALCOLM.

GREIMANN, Hermann Heinrich (//c1818-8/9/1890) Died Klemzig SA. Farmer; Klemzig. Lutheran.

GREIMANN, Mrs HH nee Caroline Wilhelmine BORCHELS(BORGELT??) (//-//) Possibly a daughter of fellow passenger Friedrich Borgelt.

GREIMANN, Dorothea (//c1845-//) Perhaps born at sea. m 22/3/1866 Lutheran Chapel Pirie St Adelaide, Friedrich Schumacher.


Uncertain where these people fit in the family tree

James Arthur Dalton b 24/10/?

Jean Elizabeth Dalton b 2/11/?

Possibly relatives or family friends

George Gash b 1845 – son of Thomas Gash m 18/5/1869 Registry Office Adelaide, Susannah nee ALLINGTON b 1847 – daughter of George Allington

Ada Maria Hope Gash b 27/3/1868 Newton near Magill

Charlotte Annie Gash b 9/5/1870 St Bernards

Edith May Gash b 15/7/1872 Finchley

Doren Lloyde b 10/4/?

Possibly relative or family friend – nothing positive

WH Smith b 7/11/1853 – birth not registered in SA.

Possibly relatives or family friends

Annie Isobel Wylie b 14/6/?

Jean Wylie b 25/8/1937??

Betty Wylie b 13/7/1939??

Esther Matilda Wylie b 23/8/?

William Wylie b 6/6/?

Possibly relatives or family friends

Emma Elsie Webb b 14/10/?

Horace Webb b 8/9/?

Possibly relatives or family friends

Peter Nelson Giles b 1/8/1847 Noarlunga – son of Edward Giles and Elizabeth Ann nee HOLE.

m 19/8/1878 St Luke Adelaide

Elizabeth Jane Giles nee Harper b 15/1/1849 – really born 15/1/1850 Strathalbyn Mine. Daughter of William Harper and Elizabeth nee SNELL.

Ada Victoria Elizabeth Giles 12/8/1879 North Adelaide

Alfred Nelson Giles b 31/8/1883 or 1/9/1883 Two Wells

Adelaide Beatrice Giles b 8/6/1885 Kensington also 19/6/1885

Possibly relative or family friend

Laura Blanche Tothill known as Blanche Tothill b 3/2/1867 McLaren Vale, daughter of Daniel Jabez Tothill and Janette nee Hockelbea.

m 21/4/1916 Methodist Parsonage Prospect North, William Hall (//c1858-//) Widower, son of James Hall.


BARQUE EMILY - passengers from London & Plymouth 8/8/1849

WILSON, Captain William

DALTON, Thomas (//c1812-2/8/1902) Died Nairne SA. Sawyer; New Tiers then Labourer, contractor, gardener; Nairne. m (2) 15/8/1853 Blakiston, Mrs George Gale nee Lucy Carpenter m (3) 26/10/1859 Edward Gartrell residence Nairne, Betsy nee Mitchell (//c1817-27/2/1896) Died Nairne SA. Daughter of James Mitchell.

DALTON, Mrs Thomas nee Mary ? (//c1808-?) died before 1853.

DALTON, George (//c1833-?)

DALTON, Caroline (//c1834-29/8/1882) m 7/4/1851 St James Blakiston, Henry Bloomfield (//c1816-//) Farmer; Kapunda.

DALTON, Frances Fanny (//c1835-?) m 29/8/1852 St James Blakiston, Thomas Ward. Settled; nairne.

DALTON, Jane (//c1836-16/4/1916) Born Chatham, Kent, England. m (1) 25/12/1854 Ballarat Vic, Robert Ward m (2) 24/12/1870 New Jerusalem Church Adelaide, Joseph Bateman (//c1839-//) Father; Thomas. Settled; Byethorne near Nairne, Mt Gambier.

DALTON, Thomas (//c1815-18/10/1892) Died Adelaide SA (of Langhorne Creek). Farmer; Langhorne Creek, Balaklava then Retired; Langhorne Creek. Church of Christ.

DALTON, Mrs Thomas nee Mary Ann ? (c1811-2/8/1900) Died New Parkside SA, at her daughter Mrs WA Harris residence Oxford Tce.

DALTON, Elizabeth Willingham (//c1837-28/6/1915) Died Goodwood SA. m 9/4/1862 Harris residence Stebonheath Langhorne Creek, William Harris.

DALTON, Eliza (//c1841-5/9/1927) m 25/3/1863 Bride mother Mary Dalton residence Langhorne Creek, Thomas Jarrett.

DALTON, Charlotte Tildesley (//c1845-?) Died NSW. m 19/7/1865 St John Macclesfield, George Edward GIBBES (8/2/1841-2/11/1919) Born England. Died Ryde NSW. Drover; Sandergrove then Farmer; Dalkey Plains, Upper Wakefield then Anglican Priest; Mt Pleasant 1880-1892. To NSW 1893.

DALTON, Emma (//c1848-?) m 25/5/1872 Rev J Haslam residence Auburn, Duncan CAMERON (//c1846-//) Father; Alexander.