The following Family History Notes were compiled by Reg Butler (Hahndorf Historian).

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Family History Notes - Day


William John Day (//c1842-28/10/1918) Born perhaps Middlesex, England. Died Balhannah SA. Son of William Day butcher Gilberton and Susannah perhaps formerly CHESTER.

m 10/4/1889 Christ Church North Adelaide

Margaret Mary nee FENWICK (11/10/1858-//) Born Balhannah SA. Eldest daughter of Henry Fenwick and Mary nee PETERS

Henry Fenwick cabinetmaker from England. To SA 26/5/1848 Zealous Cabinetmaker; Adelaide, then Gardener; Balhannah. CE. m 15/1/1851 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Mary nee PETERS (//c1831-7/10/1894) Died North Adelaide SA (of Balhannah), probably at the residence of her daughter Mrs WJ Day nee Margaret Fenwick.

Family of William John Day and Margaret Mary nee FENWICK

William George Fenwick Day (9/1/1891-//) Born North Adelaide SA.

Louisa May Day (25/3/1892-//) Born North Adelaide SA.

Essie Chester Day (31/12/1893-18/4/1908) Born North Adelaide SA. Died Balhannah SA.

Family of William George Fenwick Day

William George Fenwick Day (9/1/1891-//) Born North Adelaide SA. m 19/3/1921 Methodist Church Nairne, Edith Jenny nee GILBERT (13/7/1889-//) Born Woodside SA. Daughter of Caleb Gilbert and Jenny nee SCRIVEN


William Caleb Day (4/5/1923-//) Born Ambleside [Hahndorf] SA, probably at the former Hahndorf College.

Stephen Gilbert Day (15/7/1928-//) Born Balhannah SA.

Family of Louisa May Day

Louisa May Day (25/3/1892-//) Born North Adelaide SA. m 19/2/1921 St Peter Glenelg, Frederick William Crispin BUDGEN (28/8/1880-//) Born Glenelg SA. Son of John Frederick Budgen and Emma nee LELLMANN.


Essie Margaret Budgen (3/9/1921-//) Born Unley Park SA.

Trevor John Budgen (6/8/1927-//) Born Glenelg SA.


Caleb Gilbert (25/5/1848-16/11/1925)

Farmer, carrier; Finniss Flat, Mt Barker, Woodside, Nairne. Wesleyan Methodist.

m (1) 25/12/1873 Bride father John Higgins residence Finniss Flat [Ashbourne], Maria nee HIGGINS (2/7/1856-20/6/1884) Born Meadows SA. Died Mt Barker SA. Parents- John Higgins and Sarah Ann nee BAKER. Farm labourer from Kent, England. To SA 1854 Emigrant. Settled; Meadows, Finniss Flat. CE.

Charles Edward Gilbert b 6/4/1875 Finniss Bridge [perhaps near Ashbourne?]

Sam Gilbert b 4/11/1876 Mt Barker

Mary Maria Gilbert b 9/9/1878 Mt Barker

Andrew Gilbert b 12/12/1880 Mt Barker d 31/3/1883 Mt Barker

Herbert Maslin Gilbert b 11/3/1883 Mt Barker

m (2) dnr Jenny nee SCRIVEN (//c1867-28/8/1907) Died Nairne SA.

Caleb Gilbert b 24/4/1885 Woodside

Leslie George Gilbert b 18/8/1887 Woodside

Edith Jenny Gilbert b 13/7/1889 Woodside

Lillian May Gilbert b 6/4/1893 Woodside

Frank Roy Gilbert b 25/4/1894 Woodside

Jessie Rosebel Gilbert b 13/1/1897 Woodside

m (3) 23/3/1910 Bride residence Nairne, Mrs Ebenezer WATTS nee Isabella CROSSMAN (2/10/1858-14/11/1938) Born Riverton SA. Parents – John Young Crossman and Hannah nee PERRY. m (1) 26/9/1877 Bride father residence Dawesley, Ebenezer Arthur Charles WATTS.

No issue.

Caleb Gilbert was the youngest son of John Gilbert a blacksmith of Pevensey Sussex, England, who emigrated to Camden NSW and then some years later to SA about the time Caleb was born in 1848. Caleb Gilbert’s older brother, Stephen Gilbert, b 1844 at Camden, was the ancestor of the Gilbert Motors family at Mt Barker. Stephen Gilbert is the great-grandfather of Grant Gilbert See MBC 22/11/2006 p7.