LOCATION:    9 Victoria Street, Hahndorf

Victoria Street walking tour - 2

SHR 11589 – confirmed as a State Heritage Place, 1 September 1983

The barn on this property was constructed c1840s, and is a typical rectangular German barn design, with timber frame and slab construction.

The house dates from c1870s, and is a rare example of the transitional period in Hahndorf's architectural styles.  The concave verandah, for example, has definite English influences.

Early Ownership 

Information from The Hahndorf Allotments Database compiled by Reg Butler.

Old Lot No. New Lot No. Street No. Street Name
10 N.H. 15 9 Victoria Street
Year Sold New Owner Occupation Owner's Home Personal
1839 Gottfried Liebelt * farmer & tailor Hahndorf From Schönborn, Brandenburg
1853 Elisabeth Liebelt widow of G Liebelt Hahndorf GRO title. LTO title 1868.
1868 Friedrich Schneider civil servant Stepney  
1885 Ernst Rothe farmer Hahndorf Died 1921.
1921 Friedrich Braun Lutheran minister Hahndorf Executor.
1922 Carl Hennig labourer Hahndorf  
1924 Edgar Hennig labourer Hahndorf Grandsons of E Rothe.
1929 Edmund Ruge      
1944 Laura Ruge widow of E Ruge Hahndorf nee Grieger
1959 Reginald Ruge son of E & L Ruge Hahndorf  
1963 Johannes Schubert and
Anna Wilhelmine, his wife
beekeeper  Hahndorf  
1971 BJ Chapman and
Franz Schubert


District Council employee

Mt Barker


1972 Ronald Sargent land salesman Glen Osmond  
1977 James Hayward and
Violet, his wife



1981 Inara Stuart legal secretary Bridgewater  
1988 James Crawford and
Elizabeth, his wife
company director Hahndorf  


  • * Gottfried Liebelt died soon after Hahndorf was established.  His wife, Elisabeth, was a Miss Pohle.  See the Liebelt family history for further details.
  • 3118/81 current title