LOCATION:    19 Victoria Street, Hahndorf

SHR 11587 – confirmed as a State Heritage Place 1 September 1983

Schirmer Cottage February 2016  (photo

This two-roomed cottage was probably built by G. Schirmer c1850s, using the typical German frame-and-pug construction technique, with steep roof, gable and attic.

Early Ownership

(Information from The Hahndorf Allotments Database. by Reg Butler)

Old Lot No. New Lot No. Street No. Street Name
House 5 N.H. 10 19 Victoria Street
Year Sold New Owner Occupation Owner's Home Personal
1839 Gottlob Schirmer widower Hahndorf From Nickern, Brandenburg.
1853 Gottlob Schirmer farmer Hahndorf GRO title.
1857 Carl Borchers sen blacksmith Hahndorf LTO title.
1887 Gottfried Horn farmer Hahndorf  
1896 Wilhelm Ruge farmer Friedrichstadt Died 1905.
1905a Wilhelm Paech agent Hahndorf Executor
1905b Christoph Ruge farmer Hahndorf Son of W & W Ruge.
1905c Wilhelmine Ruge widow of Wilhelm Ruge Hahndorf Nee Kroehn. Life interest. Died 1908.
1909 Ernst Ruge labourer Hahndorf Son of W & W Ruge.
1938 Waldemar Ruge labourer Hahndorf Waldemar Ruge died 1962.
1962 Douglas Stephens wood cutter Hahndorf Executor.
1963 Esther Griffin home duties Hahndorf Life interest.
1973 Douglas Stephens wood cutter Hahndorf Inheritor.


  • 4009/529 Metric title.


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