Photographs of Early Hahndorf Settlers and Descendants

The following photographs are of members of the founding families of Hahndorf and their descendants.  These have been obtained from various sources including albums and contributions from local residents.  Please provide or add any additional photos and related information available.

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Early Settlers - Hahndorf  'A' to 'F'

Early Settlers - Hahndorf  'S' to 'Z'

Early Settlers - Hahndorf  'G' to 'L'

Early Settlers - Hahndorf (group)

Early Settlers - Hahndorf  'M' to 'R'

Early Settlers - Hahndorf (unidentified)

Surname 'A'

Gertie Ahrens    

Surname 'B'

Mrs. Bilske Percy Bremer Martha Kuchel nee Braender 1880-1944 & Gustav Kuchel 1874-1931
Alfred Bremer, wheelright,  & Emma Bremer nee Gallasch    

Surname 'C'

Kathleen Colbey Olive - cousin of  Emma Collins  

Surname 'D'

Kathleen & Ellis Darling 18.1.1924 Herb Dueball Florrie Jaensch sister of Herb Dueball

Surname 'E'


Surname 'F'

Johann Carl Friedrich Faehrmann 1828-1896. Ord timberwork on the Old Mill . Fixed timber & slates to St. Michaels Lutheran Church Man in dark suit is Ossie Faehrmann Edwin Flierl 1903. Parents Johanne Emilie Gallasch & Pastor Johann  Flierl
Add a captionChristian Herbert Flierl 29.10.1893-12.12.1969. Married Grace Blodgett. He was born in USA & married at Kendall, died in Buffalo. His parents were Johanne Emille Gallasch & Pastor Johann Flierl. This photo was taken in NY where his father was Pastor of NY Ministerium. Hi s father worked as missionary in Bethesda Mission before returning to Hahndorf & then going overseas. Pastor Johann Flierl & family. He was called Flierl 1 to distinguish him from his cousin Flierl II, also called Johann, They both worked at Bethesda Mission. Missionary Flierl I, Mrs. Flierl (Auricht), Dora, Elisabeth, Johannes, Willie.