Photographs of Early Hahndorf Settlers and Descendants

The following photographs are of members of the founding families of Hahndorf and their descendants.  These have been obtained from various sources including albums and contributions from local residents.  Please provide or add any additional photos and related information available.

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Early Settlers - Hahndorf  'A' to 'F'

Early Settlers - Hahndorf  'S' to 'Z'

Early Settlers - Hahndorf  'G' to 'L'

Early Settlers - Hahndorf (group)

Early Settlers - Hahndorf  'M' to 'R'

Early Settlers - Hahndorf (unidentified)

Surname 'G'

Alf Gregor Vera Gallasch with sailor from German warship Köln 1933 Anna Bertha Nitschke married Otto Gallasch 7 Aug 1885
Henriette Dorothea Roehr married Johann Eduard Gallasch 26  July 1856  Johann Edward Gallasch born 9 nov 1833 Bertha Alwine Gallasch - Confirmation Certificate
Friedrich Wilhem Gallasch born 20 July 1874 & Selina Louise Alma Storch born 5 May 1881 married 2 May 1907 Bertha Ottilie Alwine (Venie) Gallasch 31.5.1886-13.8.1956 and Johannes Richard Paech (Dick) 4.6.1881-11.9.1940.  Her parents were Otto & Bertha Gallasch who lived in Victoria Street. Dick's parents were Johanne Louise Liebelt & Johann Traugott Paech.  Mathilde Helene Gallasch born 2 Feb 1871 marries Carl Walter Liebelt born 17 Dec 1886, son of Johann Friedrich Liebelt & Marie Lousie Emilie Minkwitz 
Ida & Walter Gallasch 7.17.1920. Walter was son of Ernst Albert Gallasch & Maria Pauline Johanne Pfenning Frank Gallasch Alf Gregor & Thelma (nee Jaensch)
Alwine Bertha Gallasch (b 2/10/1864) & Heinrich Gottlieb Wittwer (31.8.1861) - 3rd son of miller Friedrich Wilhelm Wittwer Hilda Gallasch Elizabeth Martha Gallasch b 1.11.1872 Died after an operation 25.6.1899. sister to Otto Gallasch of Victoria St
Elizabeth Martha Gallasch 1.11.1872-25.6.1899. After completing her schooling at Hahndorf Primary School, she worked at home and in the garden at Grunthal. She was 11th of 14 children. Otto Gallasch was her brother - he was the 1st son. Parents were Johann Eduard Gallasch & Henrietta Dorothea Roehr. She came to SA on the Skjold in 1894. Her mother, 2 brothers & 2 sisters all died on the voyage. Emma Gallasch married Alfred Bremer, the wheelright Emma Bremer nee Gallasch & Alfred Bremer
Dorothea Rosa Gallasch 6.11.1890-12.8.1959 Otto Gallasch 9.1.1859-14.6.1903.  Married Anna Bertha Nitschbeon 27.8.1885 Hilda Gallasch & CAC Liebelt

Surname 'H'

Mavis Holmes Betty & Shirley Holmes  

Surname 'I'


Surname 'J'

Mr & Mrs Jeurnert Thelma Jaensch marries Alf Gregor Florrie or Lizzie Jaensch - sister of Herb Duebell

Surname 'K'

Dora Kuchel Anna Bertha Kramm, nee Liebelt 1867-1944, married Carl Reinhold Kramm Carl Reinhold Kramm 1866-1944 married on 5 Sep 1895 to Anna Bertha Liebelt 1867-1944. The Kramm family emigrated to AU in 1872 & settled in Hahndorf
Fred Kuchel & wife Bertha Kuchel wife of Gottlieb Front row, second from right: Anna Alwine Kuchel
Anna Bertha Kramm (nee Liebelt) 1867-1944 & Carl Reinhold Kramm 1866-1944 Bill Kuchel Gustav Kuchel 1874-1931 & Martha Braender 1820-1944
Gustav Kuchel HB&F Kramm (Hennig)  

Surname 'L'

Johann Gottlieb Liebelt (1823-1893) Carl Walter Liebelt 17 Dec 1886-30 Nov 1924 married Mathilde Helene Gallasch 26 Oct 1911.  He was son of Johann Friedrich Liebelt    Johann August Liebelt 1860-1934
Johanne Caroline Liebelt nee Lubasch Mona Liebich Carl Walter Liebelt born 17 Dec 1886, son of Johann Friedrich Liebelt & Marie Lousie Emilie Minkwitz marries Mathilde Helene Gallasch born 2 Fb 1871
Emily Lowe Florence Lowe. Willam Collins sister married a Lowe - this would be a daughter - cousin to Emma Collins Erne Lesue marries Emily Collins (Willam Collins sister)
Emily Lowe Mrs. Lesue? Willam Collin's sister Emily was a niece of Bertha Gallasch
Grave of Ernest Herbert Lesue son of James & Louisa Lesue died 5 Marrch 1905 aged 5yr 8mos Maria Louise Thiele nee Liebelt (1862-1937) & Hermann August Edmund Thiele (1862-1941) Caroline August Liebelt 1858-1945. marries Gustav Martin
CAC Liebelt & Hilda nee Gallasch