Photographs of Early Hahndorf Settlers and Descendants

The following photographs are of members of the founding families of Hahndorf and their descendants.  These have been obtained from various sources including albums and contributions from local residents.  Please provide or add any additional photos and related information available.

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Early Settlers - Hahndorf  'A' to 'F'

Early Settlers - Hahndorf  'S' to 'Z'

Early Settlers - Hahndorf  'G' to 'L'

Early Settlers - Hahndorf (group)

Early Settlers - Hahndorf  'M' to 'R'

Early Settlers - Hahndorf (unidentified)

Surname 'M'

Back row left: Otto & Hilda Mueller Add a captionGustav Martin - ran the coach with 2 horses between Hahndorf & Ambleside Railway Station Caroline Auguste Martin (nee Liebelt) 1858-1945 & Gustav Adolph Martin 1854-1932. Caroline was born at Friedrichstad; Gustav waas the son on a blacksmith & wheelwright Hainrich Siegismund Martin. They had 8 children

Surname 'N'

Anna Bertha Nitschke married Otto Gallasch 7 Aug 1885    

Surname 'O'


Surname 'P'        

 Johannes Richard Paech (Dick) 4.6.1881-11.9.1940 and Bertha Ottilie Alwine (Venie) Gallasch 31.5.1886-13.8.1956 and.  Her parents were Otto & Bertha Gallasch who lived in Victoria Street. Dick's paents were Johanne Louise Liebelt & Johann Traugott Paech.


Surname 'Q'


Surname 'R'

Henriette Dorothea Roehr married Johann Eduard Gallasch 26 July 1856