Photographs of Early Hahndorf Settlers and Descendants

The following photographs are of members of the founding families of Hahndorf and their descendants.  These have been obtained from various sources including albums and contributions from local residents.  Please provide or add any additional photos and related information available.

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Early Settlers - Hahndorf  'A' to 'F'

Early Settlers - Hahndorf  'S' to 'Z'

Early Settlers - Hahndorf  'G' to 'L'

Early Settlers - Hahndorf (group)

Early Settlers - Hahndorf  'M' to 'R'

Early Settlers - Hahndorf (unidentified)

Surname 'S'

Joe Siefert & wife Selina Loise Alma Storch born  5 May 1881 to CHS Storch & Johanne Bertha Paech marries Friedrich Wilhelm Gallasch born 26 July 1874 on 2 May 1907 Berthe Wilhelmine Siedel 1869-1902  married Carl Ferdinand Altmann on 5.5.1894

Surname 'T'

Josef Thiele's daughters JO Thiele's daughters Hermann August Edmund Thiele (1862-1941) & his wife Maria Louise nee Liebelt  (1862-1937

Surname 'U'


Surname 'V'

Johann Gottfried Vandermoten Visit to Von Doussa home of  Irmler Gr Consul. Home was built in 1906  

Surname 'W'

Friedrich August Wittwer Renatus Witford (changed his name from Heinrich Renatus Wittwer) 20.2.1893- 9.3.1973 and Grace Edna Ranford, born 20.3.1900. Ren went to Hahndorf College & then worked in the Commercial Bank. He was badly gassed in the infantry in World War I & was awarded an MBE. Friedrich August Wittwer married Anna Caroline Gallasch 16 Aug 1883. worked at Old Mill
HG Wittwer - Confirmation Certificate Arthur Harold Williams + Sarah Emma Williams nee Pade
John Williams (died 1891) married 1884 Auguste Emma Pade (died 1932) Dolly Wittwer Heinrich Gottlieb Wittwer - 3rd son of FW Wittwer
Johanne Gustine Wuttke born 4.10.1845 & Johann Gottfried Wundke. Lived in Tanunda

Heinrich Gottlieb Wittwer b 31.8.1861 3rd son of miller Friedrich Wilhelm Wittwer & Alwine Bertha Gallasch b 2.10.1864

Albert Wittwer 14yrs 6mos in 1900. Johann Friedrich Albert Wittwer changed name to Hogn Ashley Walton 27.10.1885-7.5.1970. marrried Stella Reid Jamison. He worked for the National Bank after being educated at the Hahndorf College; served as a staff sargeant in WWII. Parents Anna Caroline Gallascgh & Friedrich August Wittwer.
Ted Wittwer on left, Albert Wittwer in centre, Edi Wittwer on right Johann August Eduard Wittwer -(Red). 13.5.1888-18.5.1942. Never married. Edi & his brother Herb ran a chaff & wood merchant business from the Hahndorf Mill after it ceased milling. Parents Anna Caroline Gallasch & Friedrich August Wittwer.

Johann August Eeduard Wittwer 13.5.1888-18.5.1942. Back of photo - To Verena from JA Wittwer In Remembrance of the Centenary shoot 26.11.36

Julius Beethold Theodor Wittwer (Ted) 5.3.1891-3.11.1961

Married Ida Vera Jaensch who became a very successful music teacher in Hahndrof. Ted worked for the Echunga & Mt Barker Councils & was foreman for a number of years. Ted & Vera had one sone John in 1943 who married Stephanie Dawn Watts. They had 4 children.

Parents: Anna Caroline Gallasch & Friedrich August Wittwer



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