Main Street  2015Today Hahndorf is primarily a small residential township located within a rural environment, with extensive tourist related facilities mostly confined to its Main Street. 

Most of these tourism outlets were at one time houses, barns, stables, or a combination of these.  Main Street also contains Hahndorf's larger buildings, such as Wittwer's old mill at the northern end (now Old Mill Restaurant), St Paul's Lutheran Church to the south, the Hahndorf Academy, the Institute building and two hotels (German Arms & Hahndorf Inn), with St Michaels Lutheran Church being located on the corner of Balhannah Road and Church Street.

Besides obvious tourist attractions such as the Hahndorf AcademyBeerenbergThe CedarsNixon's WindMill and others, there are many other properties and items of historical interest in Hahndorf.

Business and Tourism

Visitor Information Centre at AcademyTo ascertain the current commercial use of any properties or find the location of a particular shop, business or tourism facility, please access the Business Directory facility provided by Hahndorf Business & Tourism, while 'on-the spot' information regarding Hahndorf can be obtained by enquiring at the Adelaide Hills Visitor Information Centre located in the front of the Hahndorf Academy building.

In addition, some information is available from the following links:

Properties and Items of Historical Interest

Main Street  c1910Most remaining older properties have been considerably altered with often little semblance to the original structure.  However, in other cases some of their original features and style are still noticeable.  Often evidence of a building's German origins is concealed behind a facade applied by later generations.

35 Church StreetWhen exploring such properties as they currently exist, the following information will give an appreciation as to early ownership and history of each property.  Early photos of properties are included when available.

Where a route to the respective property is shown on the associated map, the origin for the route is normally the Hahndorf Academy Building located on the corner of Main Street and Balhannah Road at 68 Main Street.

Hahndorf Township Historical Information

The township of Hahndorf has a very interesting history.  The following links provide an insight into the struggles of the original Lutheran immigrants and the way Hahndorf has developed over the early years of settlement.



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