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FAEHRMANN Family documents 

FAEHRMANN family PRG 817

State Library of South Australia


In 1988 J.P. MULDER provided the SLSA with documents & publications recovered from a cottage in Aurich Rd, Hahndorf.  It includes memoriam cards, christening & confirmation papers, songbooks, tax return and a letter.  A 1793, 'Biblische Predigten & Gesangbücher' inscribed with births & deaths from 1841-1853.  A song book present to Marie Hermine Hilda FAEHRMANN by her mother in 1900 & Cash books 1891-1896 & 1946-1970. 




Aim of this Article

To discover the folk referenced in this collection & discover the relationships between the FAEHRMANN family and this collection

  • On '12 July, 1988 a Mr J.P. (Hans) MULDER, 2 Churinga Rd, Aldgate, 5154 provided to the State Library the following documents.  
  • The remarks made at the time were :
    • Recovered from 'FAERHMANN family cottage, Aurich Road, Hahndorf, with permission of Mr FAEHRMANN, while donor was renovating cottage and living there c1974.’  
    • ‘The material appeared to have been discarded.  Other items donated to Lions Club at time'.

Table of Contents as per State Library of SA

1.    PRG 817  '1887-1937, Manuscripts and printed. 20 cm.  Papers of the FAEHRMANN family of Hahndorf comprising photographs, postcards, in memoriam cards, christening and confirmation papers, religious gesangbuch  (songbook), tax return and letter.'   [Comprises two messages from godmothers to godchild together with tulle and give decorative card]

2.    Biblische Predigten and Gesangbücher.  1793-1900. 4 volumes, Printed, with manuscript additions. [The Biblische Predigten fur Landleute 1793, or Biblical Sermons for Country people, is inscribed with births and deaths details 1841-53.  

3.    Of the three Gesangbucher or songs books, one volume has inscriptions indicating that it was present to Marie Hermine Hilda FAEHRMANN by her mother on the occasion of her confirmation in 1900. [SEE SPECIAL LIST]

4.    In memoriam cards.  1899-1921. Printed.  [Comprises cards in memoriam, Johanne WIETH, Gustav Adolph FAEHRMANN, Carl.  George LEUNIG, Nathanael Eduard SCHROEDER and B.T.E. JAENSCH together with a card expressing return thanks for the bereaved BACKMANN family and a colourful sympathy card]

5.    Post card. 1911. 1 item. [Addressed to Mr W. FAEHRMANN Snr.}

6.    Taxation return. 1920, 1 item. Manuscript. [Lists receipts and expenditure on wages, blacksmith, saddler etc].

7.    Letter, 1937. 2p. Manuscript. [Written by Joyce..... to her parents describing life aboard the T.S.M.V.Manoora]

8.    Cash books. 1891-96, 1946-70.  2 volumes.  Manuscript. [Volume 1 includes details of carting, contracts, wood cutting, wages paid and general expenses]


Table of Contents

1.    Author's Note

2.    Biblische Predigten and Gesangbücher.  1793-1900. 4 volumes, 

  • Printed in 1793, 230 years ago, possibly came out to South Australia with the original owner in 1838.


4.   Memorial Cards


4.2   WIETH

4.3    LEUNIG






1.    Author's Note


2.    Biblical Sermons with birth & death inscriptions 1841-1853.


2.   Biblische Predigten and Gesangbücher.  1793-1900. 4 volumes, 

[The Biblische Predigten fur Landleute 1793, or Biblical Sermons for Country people, is inscribed with births and deaths details 1841-53.  

This book printed in 1793, 230 years ago possibly came out to South Australia with the original owner in 1838.








4.    Memorial Cards  

4.1   Gustav Adolph FAEHRMANN

  • Gustav Adolph Faehrmann b1884, was the fourth child of Otto August Ferdinand Faehrmann b1847 & Maria Dorothea PIETSCH b 1852.
  • August arrived South Australia, 8 years old in  1855 on the  'La Rochelle'
  • Maria was born in South Australia, her parents arrived in 1845 on 'Heerjeebhoy Rustomjee Patel’.

In Loving Rememberance of Gustav Adolph Faehrmann, the beloved son of A. Faehrmann, accidentally killed December 18, 1902, aged 18 years 6 months, 21 days.

  • Peaceful be thy silent slumber,                                                         
  • Peaceful in thy grave so low;
  • Thou no more wilt join our number, 
  • Thou no more our sing wilt know.
  • Yet again we hope to meet thee,
  • When the day of life is fled,
  • And in Heaven  with joy to free thee
  • Where no farewell tears are shed.



4.2    Johanna Luise WIETH 

Johanne Luise WIETH [nee LUBASCH] b1820 was the 1st daughter of Johann Gottfried LUBASCH b1790 & his first wife Caroline WOLF b1790c. Luise & her husband Johann Gottlieb WIETH b1812 arrived 1855 'La Rochelle' with three of their 5 children. Their last child Auguste Martha WIETH b1860 married 1882 to Johann Friedrich Wilhelm [JFW] FAEHRMANN b1857.   JFW FAEHRMANN is the 2nd child of Johann Carl Friedrich FAEHRMANN & Johanna Eleonore LIEBELT.

In Loving Remembrance of Johanne WIETH



  • relict of the late Gottlieb WIETH. Died May 16, 1899, aged 79 years.
  • Call not back the dear departed, Anchored safe where storms are o'er. On the ..... we left her Soon to meet and part no more' Far beyond the world of changes,
  • Far beyond the world of care, We shall .... our missing loved one  In our Father ....
  • A Colonist of over 40 years



4.3    George Joshua Carl Heinrich LEUNIG

George Joshua Carl Heinrich LEUNIG b1832 arrived 1854 'Cesar Godeffery' & in 1856 married in Burra, S.A. Henriette DREYER b1838.  Their eldest child Marie Mary Julia LEUNIG b1857, married Oswald Gottlieb Edmund WIETH b1857 a brother to Auguste Martha WIETH above & the 4th child of Johanne Luise LUBASCH b1820 & Johann Gottlieb WIETH b1812

In loving remembrance Carl George LEUNIG



  • dearly loved husband of Henrietta LEUNIG,. Who died October 30, 1902 aged 70 years.  
  • One Less at Home  The charmed circle broken - a dear face,  Missed day by day from its accustomed place  But cleansed, and saved, and perfected by grace - one more in Heaven  One less on earth Its pain, its sorry and its toil to share  One less the pilgrim's daily cross to bear   One more the crown of ransomed saints to wear
  • At Home in Heaven.  -Deeply Regretted-


? Marie Hermine Hilda FAEHRMANN

Marie Hermine Hilda FAEHRMANN b1886

  • confirmation Hahndorf 23 September 1900
  • 3rd child, 1st daughter of Johann Friedrich Wilhelm FAEHRMANN b1857
  • Auguste Martha WIETH b1860.  





?  Mr & Mrs Blackmann


Mr & Mrs Backmann & Family return sincere thanks for your kind expression son sympathy in their recent bereavement.







?  Nathanael Edward SCHROEDER

Nathanael Edward SCHROEDER b1854 nr Hahndorf

  • son of Eduard SCHROEDER & Johanna Auguste CHAPEL.  
  • He married 1880 in Hahndorf to Helena Christiane Elizabeth REIMANN b4.3.1862, Greenock
  • She was the daughter of Eduard Julius REIMANN & Therese FERGUSON



In sad and loving memory of Nathanael Eduard  [Nathanael]  Beloved husband of Helene SCHROEDER who died on June 12, 1904. Aged 49 years.  


No one heard the sweep of coming wings

No one saw the dark "death angel's flight

We only knew one from our midst

 Had for ever passed the mortal sight

He has gone, like a flower cut down in bull bloom

From the sunshine of earth to the shade of the tomb


Oh, may our death father

Be a link in the chain

That will bind us together

To meet him again.