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Johann Carl Friedrich FÄHRMANN carpentry tools

2nd child of Dorothea Sophia SCHMIDT & Nicolaus FÄHRMANN

married J.E. LIEBELT

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This article displays photographs of the tools held, until 2022, by his great grandson, Alan REDDY, at that time in a box with a small explanation card on it.  They have since been donated to the Hahndorf Academy, South Australia, for use in their displays of Hahndorf German history and should be available for any descendant or interested person to view in person.   Together Alan & I measured all of the tools to assist with accurate descriptions and then were kindly assisted by Steve Sullivan, secretary of the South Australian Tools Association who provided all the information on the makers.

There are 11 planes. 

  • Convex Moulding Plane blade 35mm                                                                       by John J HARLEY Liverpool, J SWIFT
  • Concave Moulding Plane blade 15mm                                                                      A. MATHEISON & Son, Glasgow/Edinburg + star & sickle
  • Concave Moulding Plane blade 20mm                                                                    A. MATHEISON & Son, Glasgow/Edinburg + star & sickle 
  • Concave Moulding Plane blade 30mm                                                                    A. MATHEISON & Son, Glasgow/Edinburg + star & sickle
  • Grooving Plane blade 54mm                                                                                      A. MATHEISON & Son, Glasgow/Edinburg + star & sickle
  • Grooving Plane blade 16mm                                                                                       A. MATHEISON & Son, Glasgow/Edinburg + star & sickle
  • Rebate Plane blade 27mm                                                                                           by Martin & Shaw
  • Small Plane blade 2"                                                                                                      Ward Steel
  • Small Plane blade 1/8"                                                                                                  A. MATHEISON & Son, Glasgow/Edinburg + star & sickle
  • Marking Gauge, Mortise & Tenon 60x60x30,
  • Jack Plane blade 2 1/4" x 2                                                                                           A. MATHEISON & Son, Glasgow
  • Jack Plane restored blade 2 1/8"


The family names mentioned in this article include:


Aim of this Article

There is some evidence that Johann Carl FAEHRMANN had the skills & background from his youth in Tangermünde, Brandenburg, Prussia to support discussions that he was the Master Carpenter who built the once named ‘GETHINGS Barn’, also known as ‘Beerenberg Barn’ or 'Paech’s Barn', currently owned by Carol PAECH & her family in Hahndorf.

Possibly that  Carl also built Fachwerk houses at Friedrichstadt, Paechtown, Blakiston & Hahndorf.  According to local colonial furniture collectors he also made furniture [couches, beds, tables] and in Noris IOANNOU’s book ‘Barossa Folk’ you can see a photograph of a very fine table that Noris says Carl crafted.

This 'timeline' will  help establish his known built contributions in Hahndorf & the ages of his sons & son in law, who could have physically assisted his or not, & identify those that did work alongside him in his carpenter's business.


Table of Contents

1.    Author's Note

2.   Tool Information by 'Old Tools' member, Steve Sullivan.

2.   Tools belonging to JCF FÄHRMANN


1.    Author's Note


2.    All tool maker information by Steve Sullivan.


  • WARD was a prolific blade maker in the mid-late 1800's & in the later years also produced complete planes, chisels & edge tools under the name WARD & PAYNE.


  • MARTIN & SHAW produced many planes between 1841-1894 & these planes were often found in South Australia, but not so common in other states of Australia.  
  • They must have had a good local distributor.


  • The plane marked John J HARLEY was made between 1875 & 1922.  
  • This company made to order & stamped with their name prior to sale.  Not much more information is available.


  • Alex MATHIESON & Sons Glasgow/Edinburgh were one of the most prolific makers of wooden carpentry planes.  
  • The original business was started by Alexander MATHIESON in 1822.
  • It expanded to Alex MATHIESON & Sons when his son Thomas joined the business in 1854.
  • Initially working from Edinburgh, the company expanded to Glasgow, Dundee, Liverpool & Perth before being taken over in 1960, at which time wooden planes had largely been replaced by iron planes & electrically powered tools.
  • The marks on these planes indicate they were made after 1876 & this logo persisted until 1960.


3.  Tools belonging to Johann Carl Frederich FÄHRMANN