LOCATION:   Shop 2, 80 Main St, Hahndorf.  -  (Phone:  8388 7590)


The Random Shopper - Gail Vort-Ronald:  Hahndorf Village Voice, No 34 June 2013

The FruChoc shop is a great new addition to the town.  Most of us remember the childhood sweets, fruchocs made by the Menz company.  Now the company is owned by Robern which combines the Robern products of dried fruits with the range of Menz chocolates and Medlow Gels.

Why not pop in and watch Anna and Lisette make the time honored Rainbow Gem, like a giant “freckle chocolate”, in their chocolate factory.  The range of chocolate sweets and dried fruits is fantastic and for those who love to cook, there is a range of recipes using the ingredients in the shop.  The recipes are simple and easy to follow and attractively produced.  The FruChoc and apricot cookies were a great hit at home and the honey-comb banana pavlova is my mother’s day treat for my mum.  I know she will love it – might buy some old fashioned FruChocs for her as well, they are always a winner.

Definitely worth a visit and not a quick one either - nor a calorie free one!