Extracts from SA General Registry Office (GRO) Information

From the foundation of South Australia as a colony in December 1836 up until the implementation of the Real Property Act (Torrens Title System) in 1858, all deeds and records of land and other similar transactions were held at the South Australian General Registry Office (GRO).  The role of the GRO covered more than just property transactions and included mortgages, conveyances, leases, land grants, indentures, wills and other records which were deposited with the office.  Documents called memorials represent those original deeds registered and held by the GRO, whereas documents known as deposits or enrolments are certified copies held by the GRO.  These GRO records are now held at the S.A. Land Services Group, corner of Marion Road and Richmond Road, Netley where such records for early landowners and pioneer settlers are available upon suitable application.


Reg Butler (Hahndorf Historian), together with considerable help over an extended period of time, extracted relevant details from the GRO records.  These consist of data extracted from GRO Applications, Deposits, Enrolments, Land Grants, Memorials, and RPA Searches.  Individual extracted details were subsequently merged together by Reg under a common name or title forming the following Merged Lists listed below.


The following information was extracted basically 'as is' from Reg's unpublished computer working files as at c2014.  Although it is certain that when compiling such data Reg took all available means to ensure accuracy and has provided appropriate references for most information, it is left to the reader to determine the validity of all such data.  Under no circumstances will Reg Butler correspond about or discuss any of the material or data included in any pages containing information extracted from his computer files.


Ba* - Bec*

Bed* - Bow*

Box* - By*

Ca* - Cha*

Che* - Com*

Con* - Cu*

Da* - Dic*

Die* - Dy*


Fa* - Fl*

Fo* - Fy*

Ga* - Gol*

Gom* - Gy*

Ha* - Han*

Har* - Hel*

Hem* - Hof*

Hog* - Hy*




La* - Lev*

Lew* - 'Ly*

Ma* - Maz*

McA* - McW*

Me* - Mom*

Mon* - My*



Pa* to Per*

Pes* to Py*


Ra* - Roa*

Rob* - Rz*

Sa* - Sc*

Se*- Sl*

Sm* - Sq*

St* - Sy*

Ta* to Thr*

Thu* to Ty*



Wa* - Wee*

Weg* - Will*

Wilm*- Wy*

X*, Y*,  Z*

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