Various Publications Concerning Hahndorf

There have been numerous publications produced concerning the History, Heritage and other matters related to Hahndorf

Some of these publications can be obtained from various sources while many others are unavailable or no longer in print.

The Mortlock Wing of the SA State Library and the Mount Barker Local History Centre have relevant publications available for viewing on request.

For publications related to Mount Barker in general, refer to Sources of Historical Information on Mount Barker.

Listed below are a number of publications primarily related to Hahndorf - in no particular order:

  •  'VILLAGE VOICE' - The Hahndorf Village Voice is a community related newsletter/publication produced by the Hahndorf Community Association and issued 4 times per year since 2005. - It contains local items of considerable interest to residents and local businesses, plus historical articles.
  •  'HAHNDORF SKETCHBOOK'  by Lena L. Wade and Anni Luur Fox.   First published 1976, 63 pages, ISBN 0 727 000667. - Text and accompanying illustration concerning well-known features in Hahndorf and daily life in the town.
  • 'HAHNDORF - A Brief Look at the Town and its History'.  Compiled by Anni Luur Fox, first published 1977 (several subsequent revisions), 96 pages. - A copiously illustrated short history of Hahndorf and its surrounds.

  • 'HAHNDORF - A Journey Through The Village And Its History' by Anni Luur Fox.  First published 2002, 93 pages, ISBN 0 9581764 0 X  (available from the Hahndorf Academy).

  • 'FROM BYWAYS TO HIGHWAYS - Hahndorf's Changing Streetscape' by Reg Butler.   First published 1992, 35 pages, ISBN 0 646 11190 6.

  • 'CORK ELMS and CONTROVERSY at HAHNDORF'  by Reg Butler.   First published 1985, 64 pages, ISBN 0 85864 089 9  (available from the Hahndorf Academy). - The background to the planting and subsequent development of Hahndorf’s prominent main street trees.

  • 'HAHNDORF AND ITS ACADEMY' by Dr F. J. H. Blaess, with 'A TRIBUTE TO SIR HANS HEYSEN'  by Colin Thiele.   16 pages (photocopy available from the Hahndorf Academy). - Besides Hahndorf’s schooling, this pamphlet provides a useful biography of the artist, Sir Hans Heysen.

  • 'THE HAHNDORF INSTITUTE 1861 - 1993' by E. A. Wittwer.   First published 1993, 27 pages.

  • 'A COLLEGE IN THE WATTLES'  by Reg Butler.   First published 1989, 542 pages, ISBN 0 7316 7463 4. - This book contains the history of the Hahndorf Academy which became one of the leading schools in the colony, and includes a biographical record of some 700 old scholars  (available from the Hahndorf Academy).

  • 'HEYSEN OF HAHNDORF'  by Colin Thiele.   First published 1968, 320 pages. -  A biography of noted South Australian artist, Hans Heysen, with much incidental information about life in Hahndorf at the turn of the century.

  • 'HANS HEYSEN - Artist|Conservationist|Visionary'  by Helen Lyons, Trevor Curnow and Allan Campbell.   First published 2003, 56 pages. - This book is about the native trees on the property surrounding the home of Sir Hans Heysen and how he used them as his models. (available from The Cedars and the Hahndorf Academy)


  • 'HAHNDORF TOWN BAND 1924 - 1996'  by E.A. Wittwer.   Published October 1996, 44 pages. - A History to Mark the 70th Anniversary of Playing by The Hahndorf Town Band.

  • 'WE'RE NOT HEROES - The story behind the Hahndorf Country Fire Service 1949 ~ 2006',  by Moya Stevens and Trevor Gauld.   Published 2007, 243 pages.  ISBN 978 192 120 7181. - This is the story of Hahndorf's volunteer fire brigade, and the people who have made the Hahndorf CFS the success it is today  (available from Hahndorf Country Fire Service).

  • 'THE ROSE - Queen of Hahndorf's Flowers',  by Reg Butler.   Published November 1992 by The Hahndorf Blumenfest Committee, 17 pages

  • 'HISTORIC HAHNDORF' - by June Bernhardt (photocopy publication), Tourism Officer, Adelaide Hills Tourism, 28 pages

  • 'FOR EDUCATION and ENTERTAINMENT: A History of the Hahndorf Institute', by E.A. Wittwer - Provides much detail on Hahndorf’s quest for knowledge and fellowship apart from through the churches and schools.

  • 'FIFTY YEARS ON - Golden Jubilee of the Hahndorf Institute Extensions 1957-2007' by Reg Butler.   Published October 2007 by the Hahndorf Institute Committee (limited edition), 20 pages.

  • 'EMIGRANTS TO HAHNDORF - A REMARKABLE VOYAGE' from Altona, Denmark to Port Adelaide, South Australia, by Captain Hahn of the 'Zebra' 1838.   Edited and introduced by Martin Buchhorn.  Translated from the German by Lee Kerston.  First printing June 1989 by Lutheran Publishing House, 175 pages.  An annotated translation of Captain Hahn’s diary of his voyage in the ‘Zebra’ to South Australia and how he negotiated to buy land for his passengers, which led to the establishment of Hahndorf.

  • 'A GERMAN VILLAGE UNDER THE SOUTHERN CROSS', by H. Renner, Adelaide 1988 - A simplified account of Captain Hahn’s voyage to South Australia (vide Kersten) & the settlement of Hahndorf 1838-1839.

  • 'LEAN TIMES AND LIVELY DAYS - Hahndorf Primary School 1879-1979',  by Reg Butler. - This book was produced for the Hahndorf Primary School Centenary Committee to commemorate the first 100 years of state education in Hahndorf with much information and illustration about daily life in Hahndorf, as well as schooling.  261 pages.

  • 'A PICTUREBOOK OF HAHNDORF - With Map & Commentary',  by Anni Luur Fox.  Published by St Michael's Lutheran Church for the 150th Anniversary of the Lutheran settlement of Hahndorf in 1839.  24 pages.

  • 'IN AN ESSENTIALLY GERMAN VILLAGE' -  by Reg Butler.  88 pages.  ISBN 0858640945. - A look at the Anglican Church in Hahndorf, with information about British-German life in the town.

  • 'EARLY HAHNDORF and the PIONEER WOMEN'S TRAIL' - with original plan and list of founding families', by Anni Luur Fox.  Published by Anni Luur Fox 2010 revised 2014, 48 pages. - Written to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the first National Trust of South Australia walk along the trail in 1980, and revised to mark the 175th anniversary of the settlement of Hahndorf in 1839 and its women walking the trail to supply Adelaide with fresh farm produce.

  • 'PIONEERS of HAHNDORF 1839', by E.A. Wittwer


  • 'St PAUL'S LUTHERAN CHURCH, HAHNDORF 1990' by E.A. Wittwer - A detailed account of Hahndorf’s tangled religious background, explaining much hitherto unknown material.

  • 'HAHNDORF - Past, Present and Future' - Papers Given at a University of Adelaide Seminar at Hahndorf on 16 October 1976.  Edited by Derek Whitelock.  Publication No 50.  National Library of Australia ISBN No. 85578 288 9.

  • 'HAHN's VILLAGE: a glimpse at some historic buildings in Main Street, Hahndorf', by Wittwer, E.A.  ISBN: 0959458603.

  • 'GEORGE HARTMANN of the “PRINCE GEORGE' - Adelaide 1982 by Reg Butler, - An account of one of Hahndorf’s founding families, with detail on the establishment of Paechtown, one of the best-known rural settlements closely connected to Hahndorf.

  • 'CAPTAIN JOHN FINNIS' by H.J. Finnis Adelaide 1958 (Pioneers Association of SA Monograph No 94). - A glimpse at the life of one of the three original owners of the First Special Survey, where Hahndorf was eventually established.
  • 'THE FIRST SPECIAL SURVEY' by H.J. Finnis, Adelaide 1951. - A more detailed account of the First Special Survey and its links with Hahndorf.
  • 'KAVEL'S PEOPLE' by D. Schubert. Adelaide 1985 - Much useful information and illustration of Hahndorf and other German settlement in South Australia.
  • 'THE CYCLOPAEDIA OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA' by H.T. Burgess Vol 2 Adelaide 1909 1978. - Facts about Hahndorf at the turn of the century and short biographies of some of the principal inhabitants of the town and district.
  • 'DESCENDANTS of the MARTINS from GROSS LESSEN, SILESIA' by Maurice L. Martin (Phone 08 8331 0263) - Very comprehensive on the Martin family who have historical connections with Hahndorf