Without these people delivery of the Village Voice would not happen.Hahndorf Village Voice is a community newsletter produced and published four times each year by the Hahndorf Community Association for all residents, organisations and businesses located in the town of Hahndorf, South Australia.  Hahndorf Village Voice was first published in Autumn 2005 and is edited and distributed by volunteers to all residents and traders in Hahndorf free of cost.

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The Voice of the Village celebrates 10 years!

Extract from Issue No 40 of The Hahndorf Village Voice - Summer Edition 2014

Issue No 40 of the Village Voice (Summer Edition 2014) completed 10 years of continuous publication of the Hahndorf Community Newsletter.  The Village Voice was first published in Autumn 2005 and is edited and distributed quarterly by volunteers to all Hahndorf residents and traders.

It originated from a comment from Ann Haines (then President of the Hahndorf Community Assoc) to Andrew Rammell, “Hahndorf needs a Voice” and so the Hahndorf Village Voice was born — whereupon Ann, Sonia Hunter from Main Street and Andrew set to work!  Andrew’s background is graphic design and photography and he gallantly designed the first newsletter (including titles and layout), with Ann as Editor and others writing articles and collecting photographs.  Colin, then at Bush Traders, Hahndorf, printed the original newsletters and at some time IncSync Design of Hahndorf took over and designed the newsletter with Ann again as editor.  Cheryl McLean then became involved producing the next five editions of the Village Voice and doing a great job until she went with her family to USA.

Ann Haines has remained involved as editor throughout; however, in 2009 (Edition 17) Ann was joined by Wendy Williams who then produced the Village Voice and became co-editor; they are to be congratulated on the effort and quality of the production.

The Village Voice has become very successful with input from numerous members of the community contributing historical, sporting, community and local club items etc.  Then there are the excellent volunteers who do the letterbox distribution (960 copies are now printed) to residents and traders, and many other miscellaneous helpers.

The cost of the Village Voice was difficult at first, but it is now helped by regular advertising by some local traders and sponsorship by local identities for which we are most thankful.  Our local Councillors contribute on a regular basis and the then HCA Chairman, Rick Harcourt, sponsored the Village Voice by printing the front and back pages in colour from his business for several editions — a great improvement!  The colour printing throughout was then done by Jamie Briggs' office, which considerably enhanced the visual appearance of the publication.

Past issues of the Village Voice are now included in the Adelaide Hills LocalWiki site and can be accessed via:  http://hahndorf.org.au/villagevoice

Happy 10 Anniversary and congratulations and thanks to all involved in an extremely interesting and informative community publication — long may this continue!

Subsequent Changes

Continuing on from the comments included in 10 Year Celebrations above, the following changes have occurred:


For Issues #61 and #62, Wendy Williams and Loraine Appledore were Co-Editors.

As from Issue #63, Nadia Fountas and Wendy Williams were Co-Editors.

As from Issue #68, Nadia Fountas is the Editor.

Printing and Publishing

As from Issue #47 and up to Issue #63 inclusive, the excellent colour printing and production was carried out and expanded by Mark and Kelly Morelli of Konica Minolta. This was very much appreciated by the HCA as the effort and professionalism applied was excellent.

From Issue #64, Rebecca Sharkie MP and her office have continued the help and assistance required in printing the Village Voice.

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