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HAINES, Thomas (1789-1857)

Was born in Laverstock, Wiltshire near Alderbury where most of the families emigrated from.  He had married Sophia WISE in 1814 and his family consisted of Thomas (1815-1894), James (1817-1884), William (1819-1905), John (1820-1890), George (1824-1903), Mary Anne (1826-1903), Jane (1828-1879), Martha Ann (1831-1875) and Ellen (1833-1916).

All except John emigrated to Australia in the 1850's.  Thomas came on the Navarino with daughters Jane and Martha.  When he left England he had been a Gardener at Clarendon Lodge, near Alderbury.  After arrival he also worked as a Gardener but served a time as Bailiff at Mypolonga where one of the POPE families had settled.  He had seven years in Australia with his family, dying in Nairne in 1857 although his wife had died there before him in 1854.


The second son of Thomas and Sophia (WISE) was born in 1817 in Alderbury, Wiltshire England.  He, along with his brothers Thomas (1816 -1894) and William (1819-1905) and sister Ellen (1833-1916) and their cousins Robert and Edwin arrived on the Lysander 23 Sep 1850.  From the shipping records of the Lysander they all, except Thomas, who went to Kangarilla, settled in the Mt Barker area. James had travelled with his second wife Ann RATTEW and his family of four children James William (1838-1916) and Robert (1841-1914) from his first marriage and Albert Daniel (1846-1936), John (1849-1915) and Sophia Jane who was born on the voyage out but died in Nairne in 1854.  They settled in and around Nairne where James started working as a brick maker.  He was believed to have used the sun dried method which would have been difficult in the Adelaide Hills.  Later when he moved to the South East, it is believed he developed a method using a kiln.  While at Nairne James and Ann had a further three children, Ellen Elizabeth (1853-died before 1856), Thomas (1855-1937) and Ellen Elizabeth (1856-1886).  Ann, James' wife, died in 1859 and in March 1860 he married Elizabeth ROGERS, the daughter of Samuel ROGERS, aged 21 years at his home.

Their family increased with Samuel John born in Dec 1860 and Mary Selina in 1862.  In 1864 James and Elizabeth took a trip to the South East where Eliza Jane was born in 1864 but died later aged 4 months.  A second Eliza Ann was born back in Nairne in 1865 but drowned in 1868 after the family had officially moved to the South East.  James continued his brick making in the South East at various places as well as buying a small farm near Millicent.

While in Nairne, James was a strong supporter of the Primitive Methodists, although when in the South East he supported the Bible Christian Church.  Ann HAINES' (RATTEW) brother and eventually her parents and siblings also emigrated to Australia, her brother George was on the Lysander with the HAINES family.

HAINES, James William (1838-1916)

Was the eldest child of James HAINES and his first wife Eliza SHERGOLD was born in Alderbury, Wiltshire and came to Australia when he was 10 years old.  He lived with his father, James, in Nairne and probably helped with the brick making, as his younger brothers had to although when he moved to the South East following his father he took up farming in Yahl area.  When he married Maria Thompson BOTT in 1859 (he has the occupation of Farmer on his marriage certificate) at the home of his uncle William.  Their first four children Lucy Rebecca (1859-1930), John James (1862-1938), Eliza Ann (1863-1864) and William Joseph Bott (1864-1920) were all born at Nairne, with another seven born in the South East.  His wife Maria Thompson BOTT was the daughter of John Sorrell Bott and Rebecca Lovell of Hay Valley.

HAINES, William (1819-1905)

Was the third son of Thomas and Sophia HAINES (nee WISE) and came with his new bride Mary Ann (RATTEW).  They had married in Alderbury in March 1850 and boarded ship immediately for the trip to Australia.  William settled in Hay Valley and was content to stay there for the remainder of his life.  His sixteen children were all born in the Hay Valley.  Mary Ann died in 1857 leaving him with two young children,  William Edward (1854-1919) and Benjamin (1856-1917), their eldest child William Edward (1852-1854) died before the second William Edward was born.  In August 1857 he then married Mary Ann BOTT, daughter of John Sorrell BOTT and Rebecca LOVELL.  Mary Ann had been born in Brigstock, Northamptonshire.  Of their thirteen children John Thomas (1860-1861), John Thomas (1865-1866), Emily Maria (1867-1913), William Joseph (1870-1873) and John (1872-1873), Lucy Sophia (1872-1873) and Lydia (1872-1873) never married.  The four youngest children all died from within a few days of one another -  John died on 21 September 1873, William Joseph on 23 September 1873, Lucy on 24 September 1873 and Lydia on 25 September 1873.  The sad deaths were reported in local paper at the time.  Other families connected through marriage include DAY, BAULDERSTONE, POLLOCK, MILLBURN, GRIFFIN and STEVENS.

HAINES, William Edward (1854-1919)

Lived in and around the Mt Barker area and married May Eliza PATRICK at the home of N J BOTT of Wistow.  They farmed in the area including a time at Mt Barker Springs but he died as a resident of Hay Valley, near Nairne.  William and his wife are both buried there.  They had a family of three boys and two girls and of whom all but one stayed in the area.  Families connected through marriage include CHAMBERS, JACOBS, WICKS, and McNAMARA

HAINES, Benjamin (1856-1917)

Married Mary Ann WARREN daughter of William WARREN and Mary Ann (OSBORN).  She had been born in Hay Valley in 1858, although they married at Goodwood.  From the births of Benjamin's children he moved about the area frequently during their married life including some time at Mt Torrens and Echunga.  His occupation was always given as Farmer and he was a supporter of the local Methodist Church.  Benjamin's son Walter William died during World War 1 in France.

HAINES, Ellen (1833-1916)

Daughter of Thomas and Sophia (WISE) HAINES came out as a single girl on the Lysander with her brothers and cousins.  She had been born in Alderbury, Wiltshire and went to Nairne with her brothers where she met and married James HILLMAN on Christmas Day  1851.  They had a son John William (1853-1854) and in 1855 James died as well.  In Aug 1857 she married Edis SMITH had a family of three boys and nine girls.  Families associated with Ellen's family are STEER, HAINES, DAY, HALSTEAD, PARR, TONKIN, MATTHEW and HEYER. Nearly all her family moved away from the area.

HAINES, Edwin John (Jack) (1903-1988)

Was a grandson  of Thomas HAINES senior's nephew Edwin (1831-1917).  Edwin had come on the Lysander in 1850 and had married Elizabeth RATTEW sister to Ann, wife of William but had settled in Strathalbyn.  Jack had married but did not have any family and is buried at Meadows.

HAINES, George Melville (1905-1975)

Was a brother to Edwin John (Jack) HAINES and lived and died in Mt Barker.  He never married.

HAINES, Alfred Horace (1909-1991)

Also a brother to Edwin John (Jack) HAINES lived and died in Mt Barker.  He never married.

HAINES, Robert (1832-1918)

Was a brother to Edwin and a cousin to James and William HAINES and had come out on the Lysander in 1850 and settled in Nairne after marrying Sarah GALE of Wiltshire who had come out on the Prince Regent in 1851.  She had come with her family who also settled in Nairne.  Their first child Stephen (1853-1853) was born in Nairne although their second child, Martha (1854-1855), was born in Adelaide.  By 1856 they were back in Nairne where another Stephen was born.  Their next two children, Ellen Maria (1858-1845) and Benjamin Gale (1860-1959) were born at Finniss Flat, where Sarah died.  Robert remarried to Eliza Ann LUCAS and they moved to Ashbourne where he took over the hotel and turned it in to General Store.  He later bought land between Ashbourne and Strathalbyn called "Montview" where he and his second wife retired.

HAINES, Stephen (1856-1937)

Was born at Nairne but grew up in the Strathalbyn area, and by 1888 he was back in Nairne as a Store Occupier (owned by John CLEZY) on allotment 105 Nairne.  It was rated as a 1st class shop and dwelling on Sydney Road, with an annual value of £30.  Rates were £1/2/6.  He also was listed as a Store occupier (owned by WILLIAMS) on allotment 48 Nairne.  This was also rated as a first class shop in Sydney Road.  It had an annual value of £30 and rates again were £1/2/6.  He was still there in 1891.  He had married Elsie Elizabeth CRADDOCK of Strathalbyn and three sons and three daughters.  Two daughters and a son were all born in Nairne although none of them settled there or returned there to live once their father moved on.