LOCATION:   102 Main Street, Hahndorf

August 2015Extract from Harem Corner Facebook - August 28 at 5:51pm ·

Harem Corner Hahndorf shop is closed.  I will still be doing the same business from here and the local markets so you can still contact me if you need.  I will update the market info soon.  Thank you for all your support for the past 2 years.  -  Cem Seyhun - Harem Corner

Mobile - 0420 655 934,  Phone - (08) 8388 7725
Open Thursday to Monday - 10.00am -5.00pm

Owner:  Cem Seyhun   Website:  http://haremcorner.com,au


The Random Shopper - Gail Vort-Ronald:  Hahndorf Village Voice, Autumn Issue No 38, 2014

Finally at last, something unique in Hahndorf!  Instead of the usual latte or cappuccino, try the Harem Corner for a stunning Apple Tea or an authentic Turkish Coffee.  Surrounded by the gorgeous hanging lanterns and Turkish ceramics you will enjoy the company of the host Gem Seyhun.  Gem is from Turkey and has a wealth of knowledge of all things Turkish.  From the stunningly beautiful lanterns, luxurious Persian carpets or the fantastic range of sterling
silver jewelry set against the backdrop of an original Hahndorf Heritage building you will be intrigued with the authentic Turkish culture on display.  The only thing missing is the whirling dervish!

Gem is a charming host with a wealth of knowledge of his home and country and offers a true Persian welcome.

There is a lovely array of sweets and Turkish Delight to try and no one in Hahndorf does anything like this.

Why not drop in for a coffee or tea and browse his range of gifts and artifacts.  The video showing the ceramics is interesting viewing but talking to Gem is far more entertaining.

I have taken several family members and friends back and all have been intrigued and delighted with the Harem Corner.  He has almost sold out of the Apple Tea – I have bought so much.  This shop has taken me back on a nostalgic trip down memory lane to fabulous Istanbul with its fantastic food, culture and the divine Turkish Delight of Haji Bakir not to mention the nights spent in the Masale Café watching the whirling dervish dancers and drinking apple tea.

This lovely place is a must to visit.

The Random Shopper - Ann Haines:  Hahndorf Village Voice, Issue No 43, 2015
A visit to Harem Corner with Cem, [pronounced Jem] is an experience not found anywhere else along Main Street.  The building is rustic, casual but so welcoming, with rugs, glowing lanterns, riotous colour, and an eclectic array of items which fingers itch to handle, to enjoy and to take home.  The ceramic bowls and plates are so tempting.  Cem explained that all the ceramics are hand made in Turkey, each design is different, but sadly the technique used by Turkish small business/craftsman is dying.

Similarly the exotic lanterns.  The glass in these lanterns is true colour, not painted.  The designs vary from multi hanging lamps, to tall sensuous glassware, or to a genie style, which I swear would harbour a magical being, if rubbed.  Cem travels to Turkey to source items from small, local craftspeople.

Meals are simple but tasty and light.  A variation of wrap named a GOZLEME is thin pastry filled with spinach and fetta, then wrapped in lettuce and tomato with a squeeze of lemon to tease the taste buds.  I sipped hot apple tea; the coffee is hot and strong in hand-warming cups, the fires and colour invite you to linger.  The sweet selection is most tempting.

In addition, Cem would like to host Chess nights.  If you are a fan or a beginner speak to him, as a Chess coach is available.  Free chess nights can be arranged, and social times enjoyed — particularly as the evenings grow longer and warmer.