(Hahndorf Academy old scholar 1860s)

These advertisements come from the Woodside-produced newspaperThe Southerner for January 1906.In 1880, HA Monks established a butcher shop in Littlehampton’s main street. 
This enterprise quickly also developed into a smallgoods factory as well.

His business brand, Monks of Old, became widely recognised throughout the Adelaide Hills and beyond.

The stencil on the left has been rescued from the effects of Foggitt, Jones Ltd, which eventually took over the business from the Monks family in 1927.  Note how Littlehampton was formerly spelt as two words in the Nineteenth Century.  In addition to his food processing business, HA Monks also dabbled in stock and real estate in partnership with Archibald Peake who was Premier of South Australia for several periods during the 1900s-1910s.



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