LOCATION:   Rear 55 Main Street, Hahndorf

Owner(s):  Helen and Dave     Open:  Thursday to Sunday

Phone:   (08) 8388 1800     eMail: heraldrycottage@gmail.com

Website:  www.heraldrycottage.com.au  and  hahndorf.org.au/heraldrycottage

Heraldry Cottage is located in the Adelaide Hills at Hahndorf about 20 minutes drive from Adelaide up the freeway.  The shop is located in The Tin Shed at the rear of 55 Main Street, Hahndorf.  Look for the shop 'Fairies in your Garden', we are beside them.

Heraldry Cottage specialises in surname origins, histories, coat of arms, Scottish clans and crests, and Dragon, wizards and Quills.  The shop carries a large range of Scottish clan items including stickers, tartan stubby holders, key rings, customised mugs to order, and much more.  A must visit for any historical enthusiast or visitors wishing to learn more about their heritage.

We cater for all Your Coat of Arms, Family History, Surname Origin from Scotland, Germany, England, Ireland, France, Spain and many other Countries.  We also carry Scottish Clans, Clan Crest. and specialise in Surname Origins and Histories, including your Coat of Arms.

We have over 700,000 Surname Histories, 50,000 First Names, 35,000 Scottish Clan Histories, 24,000 Irish Histories.  We use the Licenced Programme 'Hall Of Names'.


The Random Shopper - Gail Vort-Ronald:  Hahndorf Village Voice, No 33 March 2013

Ever wondered about the origins of your family name or wanted to discover your family coat of arms?  Pop in and see John Zarnow.  He’s been in Hahndorf for over a decade, running not only the Heraldry Cottage but also the Garden Café and the Fairies in Your Garden shop.

Heraldry cottage specialises in surname origins and histories including your coat of arms.  There are over 700,000 surname histories and 50,000 first names histories.  35,000 Scottish Clan histories and 24,000 Irish Sept histories, all found under the licensed program HALL OF NAMES.

There is also a range of Scheich German figurines, unique to his shop.  So for that special gift involving the heritage of someone’s name or coat of arms, visit John and see what you can discover together.