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Index to Section 3812 articles


From November 2023-March 2024, I have created the following articles in order to

acknowledge & publicise the on going field & academic work of


to document the qualitative & unique master carpentry contributions of


to provide evidence for the original ownerships of

59 & 69 Auricht Rd

& trace the evidence for


commissioning their home & barn 1849-1855 ca, both conserved today, on section 3812


I acknowledge the care and sensitivity taken by the PAECH family over many years of heritage guardianship in conserving these unique buildings.

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Who built the Paechtown Fachwerk houses Johann Carl Friedrich FÄHRMANN  Translated interview with Ossie FAEHRMANN 1975 where he speaks mostly in German. Carl built all the German houses with half hipped roofs in & around Hahndorf,  including the Paechtown & Friedrichstadt houses & barns, as well as the unique barn on the property of Beerenberg, that was built for Gottlieb LUBASCH.  
LUBASCH Johann Gottfried - Part 1 Johann Gottfried LUBASCH His life, marriages, families, in-laws, his daughters were shearers, & his involvement in the Battle of Waterloo, 1815.
LUBASCH Johann Gottfried - Part 2 Gottfried LUBASCH, Caroline WOLF, Anna Dorothea GREISER The daughters, their marriages [McFARLAN, LIEBELT, JAENSCH, THIELE, LIEBELT, PAECH] , their lives.
LUBASCH Johann Gottfried - Part 3 Maria Elisabeth LUBASCH Maria Elisabeth LUBASCH the beneficiary of her father's will, contested 1857 in the Supreme Court by 3 brothers in law [& again in 1865].
LUBASCH Johann Gottfried - Part 4 LUBASCH farm Their land, home, barn & property dealings including all the Certificate of Titles for section 3812 from 1844 - 1990.
LUBASCH & GREISER 1844 LUBASCH family in 1844 Brief picture of the family when they first purchased section 3812 in 1844, when their daughter arrived in 1855, a summary of the court case of 1857 & the court case of 1865.
KUCHEL & HENNINGSEN KUCHEL & HENNINGSEN family In relation to 1 Main Street Hahndorf, a portion of section 3812, from 1903.
LUBASCH & WIETH 1855 Johann Luise LUBASCH & Johann Gottlieb WIETH The history, heritage surveys, ownership & stories about their home, 59 Auricht Rd, Hahndorf from 1855.
LUBASCH & GREISER section 3812 LUBASCH's place 1849ca Battle of Waterloo, Lehmwickel & a 'Black Kitchen' Evidence presented for this building being built for the LUBASCH/GREISER family before the commissioning of his barn 1850-55ca.
WIETH & FAEHRMANN 1907 Auguste Martha WIETH & Johann Friedrich Wilhelm FAEHRMANN Follow  the Certificate of Titles through the FAEHRMANN family ownership of 69 Auricht Rd, Hahndorf. 1907-1979.
Beerenberg Barn Barn built for Gottfried LUBASCH & family Architecture, conservation works & previous owners of the building.
C.F. FAEHRMANN's Built Legacy Lothar BRASSE providing evidence for FAEHRMANN's built legacy An updated power presentation given by Lothar BRASSE in 2022 to the German Trades Conference, Tanunda. [incomplete]
Faehrmann - Johann Carl Friedrich 'Timeline' Here is a dated 'time-line' that follows the carpentry career of Carl & his children, his joint carpentry projects with GLADIGAU, his timber licence, the construction dates of the known buildings he was involved with:  WITTWER's Hahndorf Mill, St Michael's Church & the St Paul's Church of England. I explore the working lives, addresses & trades of the 6 FAEHRMANN/LIEBELT sons.
Brasse Lothar - Header Fachwerk buildings attributed to Carl FAEHRMANN Evidence in the form of individual articles drawing on the field work of Lothar BRASSE over many years. [incomplete]
MULLER Photo Collection - Paech and Paechtown* PAECH & PAECHTOWN Brief history of the early Kaysher PAECH's.
Section 3812 Hd Kuitpo map Images from Google Earth, Google Maps & other images  To enable comparisons regarding section 3812, Hd Kuitpo.