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A stroll through the village of Jerichow

a baby born enroute to Port Adelaide on a latitude & longtitude

& another FÄHRMANN story



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This article visits

Johann Friedrich FÄHRMANN & Wilhelmine VOIGT whose 3 children & 8 grandchildren were born in Jerichow between 1800-1887.  There will be a stroll through the village, visit the Dutch windmill of the 1700's, & at the Rathaus we meet Minna SCHULZE, a baby born enroute [Ship 'Eduard'] to South Australia and whose parents [SCHULZE & LITZMANN] came from the small village of Cade in 1878.  See how the Jerichow archivist celebrates this birth, & perhaps help find her descendants in the Eudunda area of South Australia.


The family names mentioned in this article:



Aim of this Article

To share photographs of the village, taken in September 2023.

To share records of FÄHRMANN birth, death & marriage documents held at the Jerichow Rathaus.

To share the story of the birth of Minna SCHULZE born in 1878, enroute to Port Adelaide, whose parents were from the village of Kade/Cade in the district of Jerichower Land.



Table of Contents

1.  Author's Note

2.   Meyers Gazetteer.

3.   FÄHRMANN’s living in Jerichow

4.   A stroll through the village of Jerichow 

5.   Baby ‘Minna’ SCHULZE born on a longtitude & latitude.


1.   Author's Note


2.   Meyers Gazetteer


3.   FÄHRMANN’s living in Jerichow

3.1   Johann Christian FÄHRMANN

  • Born: 1754 , Married: 11 November 1787, Died: 26 May 1796 Rohrbeck, 42 years of age. Buried: 8 March 1797 Jerichow.  NOT CORRECT

3.2   Wife was Katharina Marie KÖHNEN

  • Married: 11 November 1787,
  • They had 5 known boys between 1780 - 1793: 1, Johann Friedrich b1780, 2. Carl b1788 Rohrbeck,  3. Nicolaus b1790 Rohrbeck, 4. Johann Carl Heinrich b1791 Dömitz, & 5. Johann Joachim b1793 Rohrbeck.

First son:  Johann Friedrich FÄHRMANN

  • Born: 1780ca, Married: 11 November 1787 ? 

       Wife was Wilhelmine VOIGT

  • Born: 1780ca Cabelitz, Married: 1800ca ?
  • They had 3 children between 1800-1812:
    • 1. Sophie Louise b1800, m 1844 Jerichow, to J.A.PUASCH, no known children, d 1863, Jerichow.
    • 2. Andreas Friedrich Gottlieb b1805 Jerichow, m 1836 Jerichow, to C.H.W. MEWES, no known children, d1863 Jerichow.
    • 3. Friedrich Wilhelm b1812 Jerichow, m 1841 Jerichow, to E. KRANKEMANN, d1854 Jerichow
      • They had 4 children between 1844-1852:
      • 1.  Johann Friedrich Wilhelm b1844, m 1772 Cabelitz, to D. S. VOIGT.
      • 2.  Caroline Friederike Wilhelmine Elisabeth b1849 Jerichow d1852 Jerichow.
      • 3.  Carl Friedrich Albert b1850 Jerichow.
      • 4.  Friedrich Wilhelm August b1852, m 1873 Jerichow, D.F. KROCKER, they had 11 children.
        • Louise Marie b1873 Jerichow
        • Lina Frederike b1874 Jerichow
        • Friedrick Wilhelm August b1876 Jerichow, d1877 Jerichow
        • Louise Anna b1878 Jerichow
        • Friedrich Wilhelm Carl b1879 Jerichow, d1914 Jerichow
        • August Herrmann b1881 Jerichow
        • Gustav Oder August Adolf b1885 Jerichow, d1885 Jerichow
        • Franz Wilhelm b1887 Jerichow, d1887 Jerichow
        • Albert b1895 Stendal.
        • Martha Alma b1900 [adopted]
        • Otto Willi b1901 Stendal.


4.   A stroll through the village of Jerichow



















Carpenters marks on Fachwerk buildings, South Australia & Germany



5.   Baby ‘Minna’ SCHULZE born on a longtitude & latitude. 


Jerichow Rathaus:  On 22 September 2023 as we strolled around Jerichow, we went into the Rathaus minutes before they closed for lunch without any idea that we would meet with ancestry success, and was able to meet Frau ….. one of the archivist who told me they had all the original births, deaths & marriages for their area.  With an offer to respond to any questions then she took us to a small room [where folks get married] and on the wall were half a dozen framed plaques and one of them has a reference to the birth of Minna Schulze, on the ship ‘Eduard’, in 1878, enroute to Port Adelaide.

It also included the longtitude and latitude of the event, and that she was born to her parents Friedrich Schulze and

Fishbeck Church: This story however began the week before when we visiting the church in Fischbeck and some people tending a grave allowed us to look inside the kirke.  While they were German speakers only we managed to understand that the pastor in Jerichow had records regarding South Australia, which is the reason we approached the information staff at the Jerichow Monastery asking if we could meet the pastor.  After several attempts using translation apps to chat to the pastor who thought initially I was ‘spam’ I understood that she had no access to Jerichow records and presumed they were kept in Stendal, which I knew was not the case.  I think the story of the birth enroute to Port Adelaide, South Australia was known to many local people and consequently when we first mentioned to the archivist that we came from South Australia she led us straight to this plaque.

Author’s research:

Johann Friedrich SCHULZE

  • Birth:  17 December 1843 at Papletz,
  • Death: 5 January 1923 at Nuriootpa, buried Nuriootpa, South Australia.
  • Agricultural Labourer
  • Marriage: 2 February 1865 in Cade
  • Wife: Friederike ‘Minna’  nee LITZMANN,
  • b1855ca from Cade
  • arrived Port Adelaide on the ‘Eduard’ 18 June 1878
  • Religion: Lutheran. 

He became a butcher and lived at Bethel, Eudunda and Nuriootpa.


  • No 1.  Auguste SCHULZE 11 April 1864-23 August 1927, at 14 years of age married 8 October 1878, in the Moravian Church Bethel, 24 year old George Adolf WITTORFF whose father was Henrich Heirnrich WITTORFF, she died in Western Australia.


  • Johannes Frederick Adolph WITTORFF b5 July 1880, Kapunda.

  • Clara Auguste WITTORFF b30 October 1882, Eudunda.

  • Louise Friedericke Blondine WITTORFF b7 November 1884, Eudunda.

  • Auguste Clara Blondine WITTORFF b2 August 1886, Eudunda.

  • Oscar Carl Hermann WITTORFF b22 April 1889, Eudunda.


  • No 2.  Maria Louise Friederike SCHULZE 1867-13 March 1931 at 20 years of age married 17 February 1887, in the Moravian Church Bethel, 25 year old Johann Heinrich WEHR whose father was Johann Ludwig WEHR. 
  • No 3.  Wilemine Friederike Louise SCHULZE 1868-25 July 1938 Western Australia, married SCHMIDT
  • No 4.  Carl Friedrich Wilhelm ‘Fred’ SCHULZE 10 May 1870-4 April 1941 at 20 years married 5 March 1891, in the Moravian Church Bethel, 18 year old Auguste Elisabeth GROSSMAN whose father was Julius Carl Robert GROSSMAN & whose mother was  Julie REHDIR / REHDER, they married 30 June 1870 at residence of C REHDER, Tothills Creek,


  • Arthur Carl Heinrich SCHULZE  b10 December 1891, Eudunda.

  • Rosy Blondine Mathilde SCHULZE July 1894, Eudunda.

  • Myrtle Victoria May SCHULZE October 1896, Eudunda.

  • Mildred Crystal Adelaide SCHULZE Dec 1898, Eudunda.

  • Friedrich Julius Lorence SCHULZE August 1902, Eudunda.

  • Louis Franz Eric SCHULZE February 1906, Eudunda.


  • No 5.  Carl Friedrich Wilhelm ‘Bill’ SCHULZE 31 December 1876-27 July 1927 aged 52 years, died at Loxton. ?? Married 25 January 1900 to Auguste Pauline SCHULZ at Immanuel Chapel Point Pass, her father was Gottlieb SCHuLZ.
  • No 6.  Louise Auguste Minna SCHULZE 24 May 1878-30 December 1879
  • Ernestine Elisabeth Mina SCHULZE b29 August 1880 Bethel died [named Minna Marie Elizabeth] 6 August 1953, 72 years died at Nuriootpa at 23 years married at the residence of F SCHULZE in Eudunda, 26 May 1904, 24 year old Karl Heinrich Max BELOW d22 December 1949 aged 70 years at Nuriootpa,

    • whose father was Ernst Julius Robert BELOW & mother Beda Candida GLAETZER.


  • Lawina Hildegard BELOW b10 February 1905, Nuriootpa married 25 November 1929, Percival Oscar Walter MATTNER, St Boniface Church Nuriootpa, Groom fa: Gustave Adolph MATTNER.

  • Clarance Raymond Karl b15 March 1906, Nuriootpa married 3 November 1926, Elda Martha SCHUTZ at Zion Lutheran Church, Gawler. Brides fa: Gustav Reinhold SCHUTZ.

  • Robert Friedrich BELOW b30 August 1908, Nuriootpa, died 25 August 1976, aged 67 years.

  • Norman Ernst BELOW b18 November 1913, Nuriootpa, died 12 February 1996, aged 82 years.

  • Sylvia May BELOW b28 May 1922, Nuriootpa married Frederick Gordon BOEHM, 1944.


  • No 7.  Fritz SCHULZE b 1882
  • No 8.  Auguste Friedrike Clara SCHULZE 21 August 1886-19 October 1976 at 17 years of age married 16 September 1903, at the residence of Mr SCHULZE, Eudunda, 33 year old Adolf Ludwig Albert WEHR b1870c.
    • whose father was Johann Ludwig WEHR d23 August 1906, 70 years old at South Kilkerran, Daly, & his father was Johann Heinrich WEHR.  
    • Adolph Ludwig Albert WEHR’s mother was Auguste Henriette Amalie POLACK, whose father was Heinrich Adolph POLACK, they had married 18 July 1861 at residence of Mr POLACK, Shea Oak Log. 


References: All births, deaths, marriages & names  from SAGHS 30 September, 2023.