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John MUELLER Collection


Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL part 1

5th child of:  Johanna Dorothea Elisabeth KUCHEL and Johann Gottfried Erdmann KUCHEL

married Johanna Louise LIEBELT

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Summary part 1

Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL married Johanna Louise LIEBELT in 1871, both were born in Hahndorf, & Johanna Louise brings the LUBASCH ancestry into this family tree. A majority of the photographs in John MUELLER's collection are related to this couple.  There are Golden Wedding photographs, taken in 1921 at the KUCHEL property on Echunga Road.  Along with numerous photographs of their 10 children & grandchildren including a wedding photograph from 1903 which was taken in front of the unique old barn on Darby Road. Hans HEYSEN sketched members of the COLLINS family, they were neighbours in Hahndorf.  There 

Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL married Johanna Louise LIEBELT in 1871, both were born in Hahndorf, & Johanna Louise brings the LUBASCH ancestry into this family tree. A majority of the photographs in John MUELLER's collection are related to this couple.  There are Golden Wedding photographs, taken in 1921 at the KUCHEL property on Echunga Road.  Along with numerous photographs of their 10 children & grandchildren including a wedding photograph from 1903 which was taken in front of the unique old barn on Darby Road. Hans HEYSEN sketched members of the COLLINS family, they were neighbours in Hahndorf.  There are 16 photographs here below in part 1 & over 60 in part 2. 


The family names mentioned in this article:



Aim of Article

Display the 'John MUELLER  Photographic Collection & Other Archival Material' connected to the LIEBELT and KUCHEL descendants

Through family tree connections & research, identify the individuals captured in the 'Collection' by the camera, as well as identify their early land acquisitions and farm/home sites.  


Table of Contents

1.    Introduction

2.    Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL

married Johanna Louise LIEBELT



Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL & Johanna Louise LIEBELT Golden Wedding anniversary 1921

Golden Wedding photograph, parents & 7 of 8 surviving children


3.    Anna Bertha KUCHEL 1st child of:  Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL & Johanna Louise LIEBELT

               married William Charles COLLINS

  Reg BUTLER’s ‘Byways & Highways’ regarding Collins Street, Hahndorf.



‘Bertha’ & ‘Bill’ & 3 children 1905c.

‘Bertha’ & ‘Bill’ & their 6 boys & 2 girls 1925c

                                                    Harry COLLINS 1st child of:  Anna Bertha KUCHEL &William Charles COLLINS



1927 wedding with Irene KORBER

                                                   Alfred James COLLINS 3nd child of:  Anna Bertha KUCHEL & William Charles COLLINS


                                                   Alick Benjamin COLLINS 7th child of:  Anna Bertha KUCHEL & William Charles COLLINS


. 4.  Gustav Adolph KUCHEL 2nd child:  Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL & Johanna Louise LIEBELT

       married Louise Martha BRAENDLER


1903 wedding

1903 wedding group taken at Darby Road ‘barn’

 Includes PAECH family

                                                         Discussion of the ‘Rentschener’ PAECH family & the ‘Kaysher’ PAECH family.

                                                          Analysis of the Darby Road ‘barn’ by Lothar Brasse, Architect & Heritage Consultant.



House, barn, horse, 4 small children & parents, distant view

4 small boys & parents

Both photos above are probably Benjamin b1905, Oswald b1906, Christoph b1907 & Edward b1909

Family group

Possibly all 3 photo are taken on the same day

Includes Pauline Hulda KUCHEL & sister Johanna Louise KUCHEL & brother Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL & sister in law Maria Bertha SCHMEISS.

5 adults & 3 children standing on a road

Gustav Adolph KUCHEL, Louise Martha BRAENDLER, 3 of their children, an unidentified young male & Anna Elizabeth KUCHEL [wife of the photographer Edmund DIEDERICH], 1909c.

1909c  Gustav Louise & 4 of their children.

1928 Silver Wedding Gustav, Louise & 8 children 

1928 Silver Wedding large group 

                                   5.     Johanne Caroline KUCHEL 3rd child of: Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL & Johanna Louise LIEBELT, died as infant

                                   6.    Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL 4th child of: Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL & Johanna Louise LIEBELT

                                                        married Maria Bertha SCMEISS


1910 Wedding photograph

1925c photograph Otto, Dora & Herb 

7.    References & Notes

1.    Author's Note

Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL is the author's 1C4R

Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL is John MUELLER's gg Uncle.

2.     Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL

Born: 21 April 1846 Hahndorf South Australia.[01]

Married: 4 May 1871 [02]

Died: 31 October 1923, Hahndorf, S.A.[04]

Buried:  Hahndorf Public Cemetery [05]

Johanne Louise LIEBELT

Born: 15 June 1848 Hahndorf South Australia.[00]

Married: 4 May 1871 

Widowed: 1923, lived another 17 years. [00]

Died: 29 March 1940 Hahndorf, S.A.[04]

Buried:  Hahndorf Public Cemetery [05]


At 25 years Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL married Johanna Louise LIEBELT, 25 years of age, on 4 May 1871, St Michaels Evangelical Church, Hahndorf, South Australia [.  ]  

Kuchel 1838-     family history book

​"Gottfried's eldest child born in Australia was Johann Gottlieb, who was born in 1847.  He married Johanne Louise Liebelt and lived on part of the Liebelt property at Friedrichstadt.  Gottlieb was a carpenter.  He made rakes and other implements, and also hurdles for the Oakbank races.  Most of his children were on the land or interested in gardening.  Gustav farmed near Hahndorf and at Flatly; Fred's main hobby was grafting and budding roses; Wilhelm was engaged in farming the original property at Friedrichstadt; and Gottlieb's son Gottlieb was also a farmer.

Gottlieb's daughter, Hulda, married Otto Mueller, who was a farmer at Paechtown, near Hahndorf.  They lived in one of the original timber framed and brick houses in the area. (Paechtown).  Another daughter, Louise, married Ernest Nelson, who farmed and worked at Murray Bridge.  She is the only surviving child of Gottlieb and Louise, and still lives at Murray Bridge.  Her sons have built up a well-known carrying business in that town. Gottlieb's daughter Emma married Albert Ey.  They lived at Lobethal and Summertown.  His daughter Bertha married William Collins and lived at Hahndorf.  

Gottlieb's daughter Elizabeth was the first person to be buried in the new Hahndorf cemetery on 11 April 1883.  Another child, Martha Mathilda, died at the age of 2. The second son of Johann Gottfried was named Johann Gottfried, after his father.  He died in 1850 at the age of 2.  "The third son Johann Friedrich) was known as Hanfried.  He was almost 50 when he married Emma Kubern. (As a girl of 14 years, she travelled from Germany to join her two sisters in Australia.) They lived at Sawmill Gully, near Hahndorf, ad had five children.  Hanfried died in 1909 when the youngest child was only a few years old.  He was buried next to his mother in the Hahndorf Cemetery.  Hanfried's eldest daughter, Caroline Dorothy, died at the age of 20.  His two surviving children (Alma Zeunert and Clara Woolley) both reside in Murray Bridge.  Alma's son, Ray, is a welfare officer for Aborigines with the Lutheran Church in Brisbane.  (Kuchel page 7).

 The only daughter of Gottfried born in Australia (Elizabeth) married Edmund Diederich.  She died on 27 August, 1932, at the age of 78 years.  Her husband had emigrated from Hamburg, where he had a photographic studio.  In Australia he built a travelling studio and took many photographs at various places.  He kept a pictorial record of the Hahndorf of yesteryear.  He attended most of the weddings, anniversaries, family gatherings, and funerals, taking photographs which are fascinating to those interested in our early history.  Their son, Wilhelm, lived at Riverton and is now in Adelaide.  Their daughter, Ida, married Samuel Scharenberg.  She still lives in the cottage occupied by her parents near Hahndorf.  For the christening at Lobethal she was taken by her father and mother from Hahndorf in a dray pulled by a team of bullocks.  These bullocks were bred from a heifer given to Johanne Dorothea (Johanne Gottfried's wife) by her sister, Mrs Maria Elizabeth Liebelt (nee Kuchel).  Mrs Liebelt (born on 11 January 1798, died on 2nd August, 1879) was an early immigrant. (Kuchel page 6 an

Louise LIEBELT [1848-1940] born in Hahndorf, was the daughter of Johanna Caroline LUBASCH [1827-1902] and Johann Gottlieb LIEBELT [1823-1893] who were 11 & 14 years of age on the 'Zebra' in 1838. Gottlieb was born in the small village of Nickern, Brandenburg, Prussia  (now Niekarzyn, Świebodzin County  Lubusz Voivodeship, Poland) and Caroline about 4.5 kms away in Rissen Brandenburg, Prussia [now Rosin Świebodzin County  Lubusz Voivodeship, Poland]

 Louise LIEBELT & Gottlieb KUCHEL are the great-grandparents of John MUELLER who has preserved this large collection of historic photographs.  Louise is the 1C3R and Gottlieb is the 1C4R of the author.

Johanna Louise LIEBELT & Johanne Gottlieb KUCHEL unknown date


Children:    10 children born between 1872-1891

├──   Anna Bertha  [1872-1938] married 13 September 1899, at residence of parents, nr Hahndorf, William Charles  COLLINS  [1872-1942]  had 8 children between 1900-1913. [  ]

├──   Gustav Adolph  [1873-1931]  married 6 August 1903, St Paul's Church, Hahndorf, Louise Martha BRAENDLER [1879-1944], had 10 children between 1905-1920. [. ]

├──   Johanne Caroline  [1875-1876]  [. ]

├──   Johann Gottlieb  [1877- 1951] married.9 June 1910, residence of R.H. Coles, Hahndorf, Marie Bertha SCHMEISS [1886-1974] had 4 children 1911-1926. [. ]

├──   Gottfried Alfred [1879-1967] married 19 January 1920 St Michael Church, Hahndorf by Pastor BRAUER, Rose Therese Irene HENNINGSEN [1888-1975] had 7 children  1911-1928 [. ]

├──   Maria Emma [1881-1923] married 11 April 1912, St Paul's Church, Hahndorf, Wilhelm Albert EY [1883-1964] had 3 children 1912-1919. [. ]

├──   Pauline Hulda [1883-1957] married 10 April 1913, St Paul's Church, Hahndorf, Edward Otto MUELLER [1882-1954] had 4 children 1914-1925. [. ]

├──   Martha Mathilda [1886-1887]. [. ]

├──   Johanna Louise  [1888-... ]married 23 April 1914 St Paul's Church, Hahndorf,  Ernest  NELSON  [1892 -1956]  had 3 children 1915-1924.[. ]

└──   Johann Friedrich Wilhelm [1891-1960] never married  [. ]


Identify the adults in the Golden Wedding anniversary photograph, 1921.

Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL, 75 & Johanna Louise LIEBELT  73 years are seated in the front row. . 


Liebelt Family History page 75, LFH

  • Fairalie LIEBELT & Alan WITTWER identified these standing 8 adults [4 women & 4 men] in this  photographs as a ‘family group’.  
  • I suggest that the standing adults in this photo above are all LIEBELT siblings of Johanna Louise LIEBELT who is seated with her husband.
  • LFH provides only 6 names, 3 female & 3 male names to go with this photo.
  • The names given in LFH;
    • Auguste, Louise, Bertha + 1 unnamed
    • Wilhelm, Gottlieb, Gustav + 1 unnamed
    • 8 standing adults in the photo = 2 names missing. 
  • Johanna Louise LIEBELT b1848 had
    • 4 surviving sisters named:
      • Maria Elisabeth b1855, Caroline Auguste b1858, Maria Louise b1862, Anna Bertha b1867.
      • After marriage they became Maria Elisabeth ALTMANN, Caroline Auguste MARTIN, Marie Louise THIELE & Anna Bertha KRAMM
      • It appears that Maria Elisabeth ALTMANN is not named but is possibly in the photo.
    • 5 brothers:
      • Johann Friedrich Wilhelm b1851, Johann Gottlieb b1853, Johann Friedrich b1857, Johann August b1860, Hermann Gustav b1864.
      • They married Johanna Wilhelmine KLAEBSCH, Johanne Dorathea SAWADE, Marie Louise MINKWITZ, Ottilie Clara ALTMANN, 
      • If this is a photo of the ‘siblings’ of Johanna Louise LIEBELT then one brother is missing and another is present but not been named.
      • Missing brother & unnamed brother:
        • No 6 Johann Friedrich LIEBELT b1857 aged 64 m MINKWITZ
        • No 8 Johann August LIEBELT b1860 aged 61 m ALTMANN

Liebelt Family History page 75

Family group at KUCHEL’s Golden Wedding: Back: Bertha KRAMM, Gustav, Louise THIELE, Auguste MARTIN, Gottlieb, Wilhelm.  In front: Gottlieb and Johanna KUCHEL”





LIEBELT / KUCHEL Golden Wedding 1921 


     All photos have the same thatched buildings & background, same clothes, same day.






  •  Where is this photo taken? The KUCHEL’s lived on part of Section…… on Echunga Road.  
  • On page  75, LIEBELT Family History this photograph above is placed underneath the story about ‘Anna  Bertha LIEBELT & Carl Reinhold KRAMM’,
  • They lived further away from Hahndorf & on the other side of the Echunga Road.
  • Anna Bertha LIEBELT is the younger sister [by 19 years] of Johanna Louise LIEBELT.  Bertha was only 4 years old when Louise married Gottfried KUCHEL.


Golden Wedding photograph 1921 surrounded by their 7 of their 8 surviving children.

  • 4 boys & 4 girls survived to adulthood





3.    Anna Bertha KUCHEL 1st child of Johanne Louise LIEBELT and Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL           

Born: 15 April 1872

Married: 13 September 1899 at residence of parents nr Hahndorf.

Died: 4 August 1938 66 years.                  

 Reverse: 'Bertha KUCHEL’

Photo by Bertha's uncle, Edmund DIEDERICH.

Anna Bertha KUCHEL was aged 27 years, when she married William Charles COLLINS also aged 27 years.

Anna Bertha KUCHEL & her siblings are John MUELLER's great aunts & uncles (& one sibling is his grandmother) and the siblings are the author's 2C2R.





William Charles COLLINS

Born: 14 June 1872

Married: 13 September 1899

Widowed: 4 August 1938 66 years

Died: 25 December 1942 70 years.


In Reg BUTLER's, 'Byways and Highways', written 1992 he tells us the origin of Collins Street which in 1926 was an unnamed farm allotment track.  'In 1899, Bill Collins, an English emigrant, married Bertha KUCHEL, a grand daughter of Hahndorf's foundation KUCHEL and LIEBELT families.  He became a favourite model for Hans HEYSEN, who, for a period, lived across English Street from the COLLINs' home.  A former cal-de-sac, Collins Street now runs through several allotments owned by Bill COLLINS' son, Edwin, before these were further sub-divided into standard suburban building sites.  Locals informally labelled the former track as Lünert's Bake Oven Road, because the family of Robert LÜNERT had its outdoor bake oven nearby.  Although the name had come into use a few years previously, the Mount Barker District Council recognised Collins street on 6 May 1974.'  





Children:    8 children born between 1900-1913

├──  Harry Charles COLLINS 1900-1978, married 27 July 1927, to Irene Myrtle Osma KORBER 1901-1994, they had 3 children 1928-1932.

├──  Anna Mathilde COLLINS 1901-1967, married 31 August 1927, Ambleside, to William Woodworth CHRISTIAN 1883-1953, they had 1 child b 1931

├──  Alfred James COLLINS 1903-1975, married .......Doris Julia WIGGE, they had 5 daughters between 1946-1961.

├──  Ernest Louis COLLINS 1905-1973, married Veronica Jean WILSON 1911-2006, had 3 children.

├──  Edwin William COLLINS 1907-1982

├──  William George COLLINS 1909-1958 married Winifred May NORTON 1917-1979, they had 4 children.

├──  Alick Benjamin COLLINS 1911, married Rubina Nora LINDNER 1907-1991, they had 2 boys.

└──  Emma Rose COLLINS 1913-1994, married Eric Julius WITTWER 1910-1997, they had 3 children


Bertha KUCHEL & William COLLINS, 3  of their children, possibly Harry b1900, Anna b1901, Alfred b1903.

Reverse: 'William & Bertha COLLINS'


                           Reverse'Bill COLLINS'     


Both photos by Edmund DIEDERICH ca 1905, Bertha’s uncle




   Bertha KUCHEL and William COLLINS : with all of their 8 children, 2 girls and 6 boys, ca 1925.

  Back row Lt-Rt: Alfred James COLLINS,  Harry COLLINS,  Anna Mathilda COLLINS,  Ernest Louis COLLINS, Edwin William COLLINS..

  Front row: Lt-Rt: Emma Rose COLLINS, William COLLINS, Bertha KUCHEL, Alick Benjamin COLLINS, William George COLLINS.



Harry Charles COLLINS 1st child of Anna Bertha KUCHEL & William Charles COLLINS

Born: 16 February 1900

Married: 27 July 1927 Irene Myrtle Osma KORBER [1901-1994] 


Died: 1978

                             Reverse:  'To Uncle Bill from Harry & Rene 27 July 1927'  

Reverse: 'Harry Collins'


Hans HEYSEN & Sally BARTELS are neighbours to Bertha KUCHEL & Bill COLLINS from 1908-1912.

The COLLINS family apparently shared Billy-Goat Lane, now known as English Street, with new Hahndorf resident, Hamburg born Hans HEYSEN & his Adelaide born wife Selma BARTELS and their four girls:  Josephine b1906, Elfreda b1908, Lilian b1909 & Nora b1911 for 5 years from 1908-1912.  They were very close in ages to Ernest b1905, Edwin b1907, William b1909, & Alick COLLINS b1911.

  "The Way Home" is a beautiful oil painting which still belongs to the family and depicts the lane where Heysen first lived in Hahndorf.  It features "Old Man Collins" who was a model used in many of HEYSEN's works. Albert [author: incorrect] COLLINS lived across the road and was paid a shilling each time by HEYSEN and became quite a village celebrity.  His son Harry COLLINS was also portrayed in the works of Hans HEYSEN."

'The Way Home'

During the 5 years that the HEYSEN'S & & COLLINS families were neighbours,  Bill COLLINS was aged 36-41 years and son Harry COLLINS was 8-12 years old.










 'Old Man Collins', 1911, pastel. 'The Axeman,' Bill Collins, 1910, charcoal on paper. 'Harry Collins of Billy-Goat Lane'

'Collins jnr, Flute Player'  1908, charcoal and pastel on dark buff paper


"The Cedars: Additional information.

A little bit of recent “Royal” frippery at The Cedars!

(Allan Campbell - Extract from Hahndorf Village Voice #29, March 2012)

Maybe of interest to readers of the Village Voice is that Hahndorf had a royal visit.  The Governor and his wife brought Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, to The Cedars (apparently at his request) to spend an hour looking through the Heysen studios and residence.  There are , of course, quite a number of Heysen originals in the Royal Collection at Buckingham Palace in London, as many of the visiting royals were presented with a painting by Sir Hans as a memento of their visit to Australia.  The Duke was most interested to know that a study in pastel of Old Man Collins of English Street was given as a gift to his grandmother, Queen Mary, by Dame Nellie Melba ..... he was inspecting a small exhibition of Heysen's drawings in the main studio of William Collins, who was a favoured subject of Hans Heysen as they lived opposite one another in English Street for the four years that the Heysen Family resided in the village itself.  The artist paid Collins the princely sum of one shilling to model for him! After leaving The Cedars, the vice regal party took their royal visitor up to The Lane for a wine tasting!"


Alfred James COLLINS 3rd child of Anna Bertha KUCHEL & William Charles COLLINS

Born: 1903

Married: ………. Doris Julia WIGGE


Died: 1975  72 years old

    Reverse: 'Alf COLLINS'    




All 3 photographs are taken on the same verandah steps.  Where is this home?

  • Harry COLLINS, his brother Alf COLLINS & Freida MÜLLER.
  • Is ‘Freida’, Alfreda Marie 'Freida' MÜLLER, 2nd child of 'Minnie' Meyer &  Alf Müller but if so ..... she is not related to the COLLINS children.


Alick COLLINS 7th child of Anna Bertha KUCHEL & William Charles COLLINS

Reverse: 'Alick Collins'    

Born: 14 June 1872

Married: ……. Rubina Nora LINDNER


"Original Property - Hahndorf Bowling Club. This land was originally owned by Alick Benjamin COLLINS and consisted of Reverse: 'Alick Collins' allotments 115, 116 and 117 of Section 4002 which were sold by him for use by the Hahndorf Bowling Club and Hahndorf Senior Citizens for their subsequent community use - refer to HBC - Ownership & Early History for further details."


4.    Gustav Adolph KUCHEL 2nd child of Johanna Louise LIEBELT & Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL

Reverse: 'Gustav Adolph Kuchel'

    Born: 20 December 1873

   Married: 6 August 1903  St Paul's Church Hahndorf, Gustav was 30 years & Louise Martha BRAENDLER 24 years

   Died: 14 April 1931  57 years old

Photo by Gustav's uncle, Edmond DIEDERICH





married Louise Martha BRAENDLER 4th child of Augustus Guido BRAENDLER & Johanne Caroline Louise PAECH

Reverse: 'Gustav & Martha Kuchel'

    Born: 22 September 1879

   Married: 6 August 1903 Gustav was 29 years & Louise Martha BRAENDLER 23 years

   Widowed: 1931  52 years old

   Died: 1944  64 years old




Louise Martha BRAENDLER was the 4th of 8 children of Johanne Caroline Louise PAECH  [1848-1924] & Augustus Guido BRAENDLER  [1843-1925].

  • 4 of Martha's siblings married LIEBELT's.
  • Her mother Johanne Caroline Louise PAECH was born near Hahndorf, she was the eldest child of her parents Johanne Eleonore SCHULZ [1825-1897] who was 12 years old on the 'Zebra' & Johann Gottlob PAECH [1824-1912], he was 15 years old on the 'Zebra'. 

The story of the barn

Interesting wedding photograph, background, 1903


Reverse:  'Gustav KUCHEL wedding'   

Photo by Edmund DIEDERICH, uncle to Gustav Adolph KUCHEL

1.    Discussion of the  ‘Rentschener’ PAECH family & the ‘Kaysher’ PAECH family.

Johann Gottlob PAECH b1824, was a son of the 'Kayscher PAECH's' who originated from the small village of Kay, Brandenburg, Prussian.  It was Gottlob's father, step mother & sibling 'PAECH's who farmed & lived together in  the area that became known as 'Paechtown' near Hahndorf.  These PAECH's were one of the 11 families [out of 37] on the 'Zebra' who came from the village of 'Kay'.  The term 'kayscher' refers to their home village, separating them from other PAECH's who were also on the 'Zebra' but not from Kay. 

Eleonore SCHULZ b1825 was born in the village of Rentschen, Brandenburg, Prussia which is about 10 kms NW of Kay.  Her father a blacksmith, had died in Rentschen & she was on the 'Zebra' with her younger brother Johann Gotthilf SCHULZ & their mother Dorothea Elizabeth PAECH [1796-1866] who was 42 years of age on the ship and was an older sister to Johann Friedrich PAECH Sr [1800-1870]

Eleonore SCHULZ married Gottlob PAECH in 1846 at the Schoolroom in Hahndorf.  Eleonore's uncle J Friedrich PAECH Sr [1800-1870] like her own mother was also from Rentschen & in South Australia became known as 'Rentchener PAECH' & he & his family built their early 1850's homestead south of Paechtown & off of a track known as Darby Road. 

2.    Analysis of the Darby Road ‘barn’ by Lothar Brasse, Architect & Heritage Consultant.

All photos, slides & architectural analysis  by Lothar BRASSE


This is the home of Johann Friedrich PAECH

Snr, 'Rentschener PAECH',  built 1850's off Darby Rd.


This photo is of the 'barn' attached to the above house, was taken in 1970's when it was clad in corrugated iron.

This is the opposite end of the 'barn' [with a chimney added the iron removed] and converted into a family home seen above and sold as 'FAERHMANN's Barn' 2021, by Nina Bidgood who grew up in this home.

This is the redeem half timbered framework & bent bracing of the 'barn' on the corrugated barn on the left.

J Friedrich PAECH Sr [1800-1870] & his wife Anna Dorothea KRAMM [1803-1880] built this home on the far left.  


This is the same barn as used for the backdrop of the 1903 wedding photo above with the wedding party superimposed on the structure.


 Children:   10  children born between 1905-1920

├──  Benjamin Theodor 1905-1967, married Doris Edna CARPENTER 26 June 1935

├──  Oswald Adolf Paul b1906,  married Dorothy Nellie MAGOR 15 October 1932├──  Christoph Otto Alfred b1907, married Coralie Edith WILLIS 193

 ├──  Edward Wilhelm 1909-1962 married Beatrice Annie MENADUE 27 March 193

├──  Gustav Adolph 1911-1911

├──  Martha Louise b1911  married Gordon Lindsay WHITE

├──  Alwina Selma b1912 married Lorenz Edwin ZILM  

├──  Alfred Paul 1915-1963, married Nellie Clare HUNTER nee HENTY

├──  Herbert Arthur b1916  married Gwen Ambrose Pearce CLOUGH

└──  Gordon Albert b1920 married Audrey Charlotte PARBS





 Gustav Adolph KUCHEL with pony, and Louise Martha BRAENDLER on verandah, with 4 of their children playing in the grass, ca1912.


<div> Gustav Adolph KUCHEL standing, and Louise Martha BRAENDLER with large hat, sitting, & 4 small boys ca 1912.  </div>

  Reverse: 'Gustav Kuchel, home Hahndorf' 




Possibly a brother of Johanne Louise LIEBELT, perhaps Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL b1853 who m Johanna Dorothea SAWADE b1858

Gustav Adolph KUCHEl & Louise Martha BRAENDLER

Gustav's younger sister Pauline Hulda KUCHEL who married in 1913 to Edward Otto MUELLER.

Gustav's sister in law Marie Bertha SCHMEISS who married in 1910 Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL, they had their 1st child in September 1911.

Gustav's younger sister Johanna Lois KUCHEL m 1914 to Ernest NELSON.

Gustav's younger brother J Gottlieb KUCHEL whose wife is Marie Bertha SCHMEISS. 

Gustav Adolph KUCHEL standing 2nd from left, and Louise 'Martha' BRAENDLER ca1912.  Parents & children in same clothing and hats as photo on left.

4 small boys are possibly Benjamin Theodor Gustav b1905, Oswald Adolf Paul b1906, Christoph Otto Alfred b1907 and Edward Wilhelm Kuchel  b1909



'Mrs Diederich and Gustav Kuchel's family'

Gustav's Aunty Mrs Diederich, is Anna Elizabeth KUCHEL who married Edmund DIEDERICH in 1891.              




Reverse: 'Gustav KUCHEL home, Hahndorf'

Gustav Adolph KUCHEL and Louise Martha BRAENDLER with possibly the first four boys, ca 1909, all under four years of age. 

Silver Wedding Celebrations 1903-1928. 


Reverse: 'Gustav Kuchel Silver Wedding'

Gustav Adolph KUCHEL  and Louise Martha BRAENDLER in centre front. The eldest boys are Benjamin 23, Oswald 22, Christoph 21 & Edward 19 years. The young women are Martha 17 & Alwina 16 years. Alfred in the centre is 13 years & Herbert is 12 & Gordon 8 years.


Reverse: 'Gustav KUCHEL Silver Wedding'

Gustav Adolph KUCHEL  and Louise Martha B

RAENDLER in centre front.



5.    Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL 4th child of:  Johanna Louise LIEBELT & Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL


     Born: 13 August 1877

    Married: 9 June 1910, Gottlieb was 32 years & Maria Bertha SCHMEISS 24 years

    Died: 1951  73 years old



married Maria Bertha SCHMEISS

Born: 1 October 1886

Married: 9 June 1910

Widowed: 1951 aged 65 years

Died: 1974  87 years old

Children:    4 children born between 1911-1926.   


├──  Otto Carl Albert [1911-1931

├──  Dora [b1914]married Allan STEVEN

├──  Frederich Herbert [b1919] married Priscilla Amelia ASSENDE

└──  Ronald Lance [b1926] married Ivy Florence GALLASCH.



‘Dora, Herb, Otto KUCHEL’.     ca1925, probably photo's taken before Ronald was born.

'Herbie Kuchel'










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Photos from other collections are named where appropriate otherwise all photos are from the ‘John MUELLER Photographic Collection & Other Archival Material.’