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John MUELLER Collection


Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL part 2

5th child of:  Johanna Dorothea Elisabeth KUCHEL and Johann Gottfried Erdmann KUCHEL

married Johanna Louise LIEBELT

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To visit part 1 :  Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL [1846-1923] part 1  .  Which includes  Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL & Johanna Louise LIEBELT and the first 4 of their 10 children. 


This article is part 2 of Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL & Johanna Louise LIEBELT & it contains over 60 of John MUELLER's photographs that are linked with the remaining 6 of their 10 children.  One is of Hugo MARTIN drinking Champagne & his friend Fred KUCHEL drinking Hochheimer in 1909 at the Pine Avenue home of the HENNINGSEN & PAULSEN family.  There are a number of KUCHEL family group photos where the individuals can be identified, a photo of Ferdinand MÜLLER in the uniform of the Prussian soldier [taken before 1875], as well as a HAEHNEL & Co photo with his wife Johanne Eleanore PAECH & 2 children in 1882.  There are 3 confirmation certificates from 1895 & 18956 & a confirmation photo with Pastor BRAUER, 13 photographs of the NELSON family, 


The family names that are mentioned in this article:


Aim of Article

Display the unique photographic collection belonging to John Mueller connected to this 3rd child of the KUCHEL & KUCHEL marriage.

Through family tree analysis identify the individuals captured by the camera.

Through record and documentation research identify their early land acquisitions and possibly farm/home sites.


Table of Contents

1.    Introduction

2.    Parents

                                       3.    Gottfried Alfred KUCHEL 5th child of: Johanne Louise LIEBELT & Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL

                                                         married Rose Theresa Irene HENNINGSEN



  •  1909 Christmas, Gottfried Alfred KUCHEL 

  • Includes 1st cousin Oscar MARTIN

     John FOUMAKIS, historian & collector identifies the bottles in this photo.

     Lotha BRASSE, architect & historian analysis.

                                          4..    Maria Emma KUCHEL 6th child of: Johanne Louise LIEBELT & Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL

      married Wilhelm Albert EY



  • 4 KUCHEL sisters, Anna Bertha, Maria Emma, Pauline Hulda & Johanne Louise.
  • 1912 wedding
  • 1919c & 1921c Hilda & Rita EY
  • Maria Emma KUCHEL, Harriet EVERATT, Johanne Louise KUCHEL, Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL Johanna Louise LIEBELT [parents of Maria & Johanne].
    • Mrs J.EY  [MÜLLER]

5.    Pauline Hulda KUCHEL 7th child of: Johanne Louise LIEBELT & Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL

     married Edward Otto MUELLER

      Johann Carl MÜLLER & Johanne Eleanore PAECH parents of Edward Otto MUELLER


Johanne Eleanor’s PAECH 

Ferdinand MÜLLER Prussian soldier

1882c Johanne Eleanore PAECH, Johann Carl MÜLLER & Wilhelm Alfred & Edward Otto MUELLER

Wilhelm Alfred MÜLLER


1903 Wedding


Wilhelm Alfred MÜLLER, Wilhelmine Caroline Dorothea MEYER & 5 children

1931 Wedding Dora Alvine MUELLER to Herb WITTWER

1929 Wedding Alfreda Marie MUELLER to Gilbert Rowland KELLY

Confirmation class Alfreda Marie MUELLER

Alfreda Marie MUELLER 

1935 Wedding Alwyn Carl MUELLER

Confirmation class Alfred Heinrich MUELLER


Eileen Eleanore MUELLER




Maria Emma KUCHEL & her younger sister Pauline Hulda KUCHEL

Edward Otto MUELLER

1913 wedding

Pauline & Edward

Wedding party

Large group 

Pauline Hulda KUCHEL, Confirmation Certificate 140 years old.

Edward Otto MUELLER Confirmation Certificate 140 years old

1910 Edward Otto MUELLER & Hugo Oscar MARTIN [1st cousin of Pauline Hulda KUCHEL]

1913 Edward Otto MUELLER & Gottlieb Alfred 'Fred' KUCHEL [brother of Pauline Hulda KUCHEL]

Baptism [Taufe] card for Edwin Carl MUELLER from Wilhelmina MEYER

1915c Edward Carl MUELLER

Confirmation group Alfred Heinrich MUELLER & Edward Carl MUELLER

Includes cousins Dora KUCHEL & Alf KUCHEL

Clarence MUELLER ???

Clarence MUELLER Confirmation Certificate 

Clarence MUELLER Baptism [Taufe] card from 1st cousin Harry COLLINS

1925 Hilda MUELLER Confirmation Certificate  & photograph


1927 Edwin MUELLER Qualifying Certificate Ambleside Public School

1930 Clarence MUELLER Qualifying Certificate Ambleside Public School

1937 Hilda MUELLER Qualifying Certificate Ambleside Public School

1925c Edwin, Clarence & Hilda MUELLER 

6.  Martha Mathilda KUCHEL 8th child of: Johanne Louise LIEBELT & Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL

7.  Johanne Louise KUCHEL 9th child of: Johanne Louise LIEBELT & Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL

married Ernest NELSON



  • Johanne Louise KUCHEL

  • Ernest NELSON

  • 1914 wedding

  • Louise & Ernest

  • Wedding party

    • Large group
    • Family group
    • 1916, 1921c, 1924c & late 1930’s.
    • Gordon NELSON
    • Hurtle NELSON
    • Malte NELSON
    • NELSON home Pt Pirie

 10.  Johann Friedrich Wilhelm KUCHEL 10th child of Johanne Louise LIEBELT & Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL


  • ’Bill’ KUCHEL
  • 3 young males
  • Bill KUCHEL, Alf PAECH, & Albert EY

References & Notes


1.    Author's Note

Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL is the author's 1C4R

Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL is John MUELLER's gg Uncle.


2.    Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL

Born: 21 April 1846 Hahndorf South Australia.[01]

Married: 4 May 1871 [02]

Died: 31 October 1923, Hahndorf, S.A.[04]

Buried:  Hahndorf Public Cemetery [05]

Johanne Louise LIEBELT

Born: 15 June 1848 Hahndorf South Australia.[00]

Married: 4 May 1871 

Widowed: 1923, lived another 17 years. [00]

Died: 29 March 1940 Hahndorf, S.A.[04]

Buried:  Hahndorf Public Cemetery [05]


3.    Gottfried Alfred ‘Fred’ KUCHEL 5th child of Johanna Louise LIEBELT & Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL

Born: 4 September 1879

Married: 19 January 1910, Gottfried was 30 years & Rose Therese Irene HENNINGSEN 21 years, St Michael Church, Hahndorf by Pastor BRAUER, 

Died: 5 December 1967   88 years old

married Rose Therese Irene HENNINGSEN

Born: 28 September 1888

Married: 9 June 1910

Widowed: 1967 aged 79 years

Died: 3 October 1975 aged 87 years

Children:  7 children  born between 1911-1928 [. ]

├──  Ella Refina [b1911] married Benno Wilhelm WITTWER

├──  Edna May [1913-1913] 

├──  Frieda Olga [b1914] married Sydney Bruce GALLASCH

├──  Marvis Rose [1917-1920]

├──  Louis Alfred [1921] married Gwenda Margaret BURGEMEISTER

├──  Allan Marcus [1923] married Lillian Dawn van der MOLEN

└──  Dudley William [1928] married Stella Vera CLASOHM

 6,   ├──    Gottfried Alfred 'Fred' KUCHEL  [1879-1967]

        Married Rose Therese Irene HENNINGSEN - Their 7 children were:

├──  Ella Refina Kuchel. [1911-196.  ]

Married Benno Wilhelm WITTWER

├──  Edna May KUCHEL [1913-1913]  

├──  Frieda Olga KUCHEL [1914-  ]

Married Sydney Bruce GALLASCH

├──  Marvis Rose KUCHEL [1917-1920] 

├──  Louis Alfred KUCHEL [1921-   ] 

Married Gwenda Margaret BURGEMEISTER

├──  Allan Marcus Kuchel [1923-   ] 

Married Lillian Dawn van der MOLEN.

└──  Dudley William Kuchel [1928-  ]

Married Stella Vera CLASOHM.

Gottfried Alfred 'Fred' KUCHEL with Oscar MARTIN, his 1st cousin, 1909.


Reverse: 'Fred KUCHEL & Oscar MARTIN'.  These men are 1st cousins.



Hugo Oscar MARTIN b1888 first son of Gustav Adolph MARTIN & Caroline Auguste LIEBELT, captured here with the older  'Fred' KUCHEL was the first son of Gustav Adolph MARTIN & Caroline Auguste LIEBELT.  Caroline's parents were Johann Gottlieb LIEBELT [the 2nd son's 1st son] & Johanna Caroline LUBASCH. See LIEBELT Family History page 66.  In 1915 he married Rosamunde Severa PFENNIG. See below for further photograph of Oscar MARTIN.  

John Foumakis, historian & collector, 2021, says Fred KUCHEL is drinking Hochheimer also known as Hock Wine.  "I suspect the bottle is a light amber colour as most Hocks are.  By comparison the Champagne bottle held by Oscar on the right, is green".

Fred' is 30 years and his cousin Oscar is going to be 21 years old on January 19th 1909.

Lothar Brasse, architect & historian, 2021  "The building in the photo above is of a common technique: roughly worked log posts, probably set into the ground, a top plane takes the roof beams and sapling 'lattice to contain the mud, rock and any rubbish will do' infill." . 

Lt: Gottfried Alfred 'Fred' KUCHEL b1879   Rt: Hugo Oscar MARTIN b1888


The Family History book 'Henningsen of Hahndorf' edited by Alan Wittwer has this same photograph [page 10], as seen above,   It says it was taken at the Pine Avenue home of Marcus HENNINGSEN & Catharine PAULSEN, on the day after Xmas 1909, a month before  'Fred' married their 8th child.  Oscar MARTIN is no relation to the HENNINGSEN's.



German Arms Hahndorf, 2022  photo by J Haynes

  • See this same photograph used as adapted art work on the German Arms by..........



Married:  1910 Rose Therese Irene HENNIGSEN this is NOT her wedding

19 January 1910, married St Michael's Church Hahndorf


Reverse: 'Uncle Bill'

Identifying the individuals in the photograph on the left.

1. Mrs Les HILL= Hulda Lydia Alma Thiele b1889 21 yrs old, 2nd cousin to the groom m Les Hill,  LFH pge 92.

2. Bert HENNINGSEN= Brother of bride, b1890, 20 yrs, 9th of 12 siblings,

3. Hulda & Otto MUELLER= Pauline Hulda KUCHEL b1883 27yrs, is younger sister of groom, the 7th of their 10 siblings m 1913 Edward Otto MUELLER b1882, 28 yrs old. 

4, Frieda HENNINGSEN= Sister of bride, Friederika Dorothea Margerite HENNINGSEN b1894 16 yrs, 10th of 12 siblings.

5. Oscar MARTIN= Hugo Oskar MARTIN, b1888, 22 yrs, 1st cousin to the groom, m Rosamunde PFENNIG in 1915. LFH page 67 & 84.

6. Max & Bertha nee HEINRICH, HENNINGEN= Matz HENNINGSEN b 1877ca 33yrs, Auguste Pauline Bertha HEINRICH b1883, 27yrs, m Sept 1910.

7. Peter HENNINGEN= b1887, 23 yrs, older brother of bride, 7th of 12 siblings m May Warner June 1910.

8. Mary HEINRICH= ? Sister of Auguste P. B. HEINRICH.

9.  Johann Friedrich Wilhelm KUCHEL= Youngest brother of Gottfried Alfred KUCHEL, b1891, 19 yrs, 10th of 10 siblings, never married. 

10.  Unknown woman= Not mentioned on reverse of photograph



       HENNINGSEN of Hahndorf page 1



Reverse:  'HENNINGSEN family'

"Back row:   

1 Mary, 2 Max, 5 Annie, 4 Charlie, 10 Frieda, 7 Peter, 8 Rose

Second row:   

6 Camilla, parents: Marcus, Catharina, 9 Albert


12 Addie, 11 Pat.

In the book 'HENNINGSEN of Hahndorf' 1979, edited by Alan WITTWER the individuals of the HENNINGSEN family are identified as above in this photo taken in 1909.

explanation of identifications immediately below.

Marcus HENNINGSEN & Catharina Maria PAULSEN's 12 children born between 1875-1898

         ├──  Anna Botilla Maria  [b1875] married William Patrick ORMOND

        ├──  Matz  [b1877c] married Auguste Pauline Bertha HEINRICH & Annie Florence VAUGHN.

        ├──  Peter Christian  [b1879-d1883ca Schleswig]  

        ├──  Carl  [b1881] married Minnie Victoria HALLIDAY

        ├──  Anna Elizabeth [b1883] married Carl Albert FIX

        ├──  Camella Erikka Mathilda  [b1884] married Robert Thomas PETTY

        ├──  Peter Christian [b1887] married May WARNER

        ├──  Rose Theresa Irene  [b1888] Gottfried Alfred KUCHEL

        ├──  Albert Gerhardt  [b1890] married  

       ├──  Friederika Dorothea Margarite  [b1894] married Martin Gotthold KAESLER

        ├──  Ludwig Bernhard  [b1897] 

        └──  Adelheid Friedchen Augusta  [1898] married Leonard Patrick KEEFE.



4.    Maria Emma KUCHEL 6th child of Johanna Louise LIEBELT and Johanne Gottlieb KUCHEL

Reverse: 'Emma & Hulda KUCHEL'

    Born: 16 August 1881

    Married: 11 April 1912 Maria was 30 years & Wilhelm Albert EY 29 years, Evangelical Lutheran St Paul’s Church, Hahndorf

    Died: 1923  41 years old 

Photo of Maria Emma KUCHEL & her younger sister Pauline Hulda KUCHEL taken by their uncle, Edmund DIEDERICH



married Wilhelm Albert EY

Born: 30 January 1883

Married: 11 April 1912

Widowed: 1923 aged 40 years.

Died: 27 May 1964 aged 81 year

Children:    3 children born between 1912-1919 [. ]

├──  Albert William [1912]  [  ]

├──  Hilda Emma [1917] married Leslie George LEATCH.  [  ]

 └── Rita Mavis [1919] married Kenneth Alfred WAKEFIELD  [   ]


Reverse ‘Albert EY & Emma’11 April 1912

Reverse: Hilda EY

Hilda b1917, 2nd child,1919c


Reverse: Rita EY

7.   ├──    Maria 'Emma' KUCHEL  1881-1923

       Married Wilhelm 'Albert' Ey - Their 3 children were:

├──  Albert William Ey (1912-  )

├──  Hilda Emma Ey  (1917-  ) 

Married Leslie George LEATCH.

└──  Rita Mavis Ey (1919-   )  

Married Kenneth Alfred WAKEFIELD

4 KUCHEL sistersReverse: '4 KUCHEL sisters'         Anna Bertha b1872, Maria Emma b1881, Pauline Hulda b 1883, Johanne Louise b1888, photograph taken by their uncle, Edmund DIEDERICH


Reverse:  'Emma KUCHEL, Harriet EVERATT, Louise KUCHEL J.G. & Mrs KUCHEL'  


Johanna Caroline Mathilde MÜLLER b1850 married 1868 

​school teacher of Hahndorf Friedrich Wilhelm Julious EY b1839.

Both born in Prussia.

Reverse: 'Mrs J.EY [MÜLLER}


They had 10 children between 1869-1887 and their 8th child married Maria Emma KUCHEL.  








5.    Pauline Hulda KUCHEL 7th child of Johanna Louise LIEBELT and Johanne Gottlieb KUCHEL

Born: 16 October 1883

Married: 10 April 1913 Pauline was 30 years & Edward Otto MUELLER 29 years, Evangelical Lutheran St Paul’s Church, Hahndorf

Widowed: 1954 aged 70 years

Died: 6 October 1957 aged 73 years


married Edward Otto MUELLER 2nd child of Johann Carl MÜLLER & Johanne Eleanor’s PAECH

Born: 7 February 1882

Married: 10 April 1913 

Died: 25 March 1954 at 72 years

Children:   4  children born between 1914-1925 

├──  Edwin Carl [1914-1969]  never married [  ]

├──  Clarence [1918-1970] never married [  ]

├──  Ronald [1923-1923]. [   ]

└── Hilda [1925-2000]

└── mother to John MUELLER owner of this collection. Father Francesco NATALIE  [   ]



Reverse: 'Hulda KUCHEL, MUELLER'

Hulda KUCHEL b1883






Reverse: 'Emma & Hulda KUCHEL'


Photo of Maria Emma KUCHEL & her younger sister Pauline Hulda KUCHEL taken by their uncle, Edmund DIEDERICH





8.   ├──    Pauline Hulda KUCHEL  1883-1957

       Married  Edward Otto  Mueller - Their 4 children were:

├──  Edwin Carl  Mueller [1914-1969] - never married.

├──  Clarence  Mueller [1918-1970] - never married

├──  Ronald   Mueller [1923-192. ]

└──  Hilda  Mueller [1925-2000] - mother to John Muller,

              9.   ├──    Martha Mathilda KUCHEL  [1886-1887].      

            10.   ├──    Johanna 'Louise' KUCHEL   [1888]

       Married Ernest  NELSON - Their 3 children were:

├──  Clarence Murray Nelson  b1915

├──  Gordon Nelson  b1918

└──  Hurtle Nelson  b1924

 11.  └──    Johann Friedrich Wilhelm KUCHEL   [1891-1960]


Reverse: 'E.O. MUELLER'










                                                                                                                                              Wedding 10 April 1913  

Reverse: 'E.O. MUELLER wedding'




Reverse:'Otto MUELLER, Hulda nee KUCHEL' Reverse:'Otto MUELLER, Hulda nee KUCHEL'
Pauline Hulda KUCHEL Confirmation

Edward Otto MÜLLER Confirmation

Pauline Hulda KUCHEL Confirmation

Pauline Hulda KUCHEL, Geboren 16 October 1883,  Confirmed 1 Advent 1896, at 13 years of age, St Michael of Hahndorf.   This certificate is now 140 years old. Edward Otto MÜLLER,  Geboren 7 February 1882,  Confirmed 10 November 1895, at 13 years of age, St Paul's, Hahndorf.  This certificate is now 140 years old.

"Tag der Confirmation für Pauline Hulda KUCHEL Geboren 16 October 1883, confirmirt den 1 Advent 1896 in der Kirche St Michael of Hahndorf."




Edward Otto MUELLER b1882 [right] & Hugo Oscar MARTIN are both in the HENNINGSEN/KUCHEL 1910 wedding party. This photo was taken 3 years before Otto married Hulda KUCHEL. Oscar MARTIN is a 1st cousin to Hulda KUCHEL. Edward Otto MUELLER [left] married the sister of Gottlieb Alfred 'Fred' KUCHEL b1879  in 1913.  



German language Taufe cards for Edwin Carl MUELLER, 

"From Wilhelm Alfred MUELLER"

who {m Wilhelmine MEYER 1903] is an Uncle to Edwin Carl MUELLEAr 

Baby Edwin Carl MUELLER 1915c Confirmation photograph Alfred Heinrich MUELLER  & his 1st cousin Edwin Carl MUELLER in front row in light suits.





Confirmation photo on far right

Back row:


Front row:



Mavis BRAENDLER is Mavis Ida BRAENDLER b1913 & Ella BRAENDLER is Ella Eveyline BRANDLER b1910,

older sister to Mavis, daughters of Friedrich Wilhelm BRAENDLER b1878 & Alma Othilie GREGOR b1880.



Alf MUELLER is Alfred Heinrich MUELLER b1914, son of Wilhelm Alf MULLER b1879  & Wilhelmine MEYER b1883.


Edwin MUELLER b1914 is a 1st cousin to Alf MUELLER and is the first child of Wilhelm's younger brother Edward Otto b 1882, & Pauline Hulda KUCHEL b1883


Dora KUCHEL b1914 is the daughter of Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL b1877 & Marie Bertha SCHMEISS b1886.


Alf KUCHEL is Alfred Paul KUCHEL b1915 a son to Gustav Adolph KUCHEL & Louise Martha BRAENDLER.



1. Mavis & Ella BRAENDLER are 2nd cousins to Alf & Edwin MUELLER.

2. Dora KUCHEL is a 1st cousin to Alf & Edwin MUELLER.

3. Alf KUCHEL is a 1st cousin to Alf & Edwin MUELLER.

4. Dora KUCHEL is a 1st cousin to Alf KUCHEL

5. Doral & cousin Alf KUCHEL are 2nd cousins to Mavis & Ella BRAENDLER

"From Emma EY, Ambleside" who is Maria Emma KUCHEL, [m Wilhelm Albert EY 1921]

& is an Aunt to Clarence MUELLER

German language Taufe cards for Clarence MUELLER, St Paul's Church, Ambleside.

 "From Harry Charles COLLINS" who  [m Irene KORBER 1927]

& 1st cousin to Clarence MUELLER




St Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church Hilda MUELLER confirmation John MUELLER b1945, the owner of this collection



Confirmation 1940

Hilda Mueller, born 11 February 1925, baptised

1 March 1925, confirmed at St Paul's Evangelical

Lutheran Church, Hahndorf, on  6 Sunday

after Trinity on 30 June 1940, by W.E. PETERING, Pastor.



John I need to retake this photo




1927 Ambleside Public School, Edwin was 13 1930 Ambleside Public School, Clarence was 12 years 1937 Hahndorf Public School, Hilda was 12 years

1925c 1925c




These 3 photographs of the Edwin 9years & Clarence 7 years old with Hilda  b11 Feb 1925, [Hilda is the mother of John MUELLER who owns this historic collection] were taken all on the one day in the front yard of their home at Paechtown, near Hahndorf.  Their home, built in the 1850's, when sold by Hilda &  her son John,  was renovated then completely burnt down in the bushfire of .....and then rebuilt by the original renovator, Ron ROWE, using the exact same dimension as the original home including the bricks that could be recycled. 



Johann Carl Ferdinand MÜLLER & Johanne Eleanora PAECH

Parents of Edward Otto MÜLLER [below] who married Pauline Hulda KUCHEL [below]

Johann Carl Ferdinand MÜLLER b1851, Salzau, Schweins, Prussia, son of Johann Gottlob MÜLLER, brother of Wilhelmina Carolina MÜLLER b1841, who married in the St Paul Lutheran Chapel, Hahndorf 13 Feb 1863 to Johan August PAECH the son of Paechtown  'Kaysher PAECH's'. Wilhelmina arrived as a 17 year old, as a single woman on the 'Cesar & Helene' in 1857.  

Younger brother by 10 years, Ferdinand MÜLLER, arrived on the 'North' in late November, almost twenty years later in 1875, he was 24 years of age, & was down as an agricultural labourer but and carpentering in Palmer {SAGHS marriage] where he was living when he married four years later. 

Ferdinand married in the St Michael's Church, Hahndorf in 1879 to Johanne Eleanora PAECH b1851 who was also a daughter of the Paechtown 'Kaysher PAECH's.' Wilhelmina Caroline MÜLLER's husband Johann August PAECH b1841 was a half uncle to Ferdinand's wife.  Johann August PAECH was the first child of Johann George PAECH Snr to be born in South Australia, his mother being Hanna Rosina RICHTER, George Snr's, second wife. Ferdinand was among the very few Germans on the 'North', the majority of passengers were English, Irish & Scottish.

In 1879 when Ferdinand & Eleonore PAECH married his name was spelt 'MÜLLER, & his father was named as 'Gotlob MÜLLER'.  The witnesses were G AURICHT, printer of Tanunda, E.W. WITTWER, miller, Hahndorf & E & W PAECH farmer of Hahndorf.






Johanne Eleanore PAECH husband Carl Ferdinand MUELLER  and their 2 children.

Wilhelm Alfred 'Alf' on the left and newborn, Edward Otto  being held by Eleanore. 1882c.

Reverse: 'E MUELLER nee PAECH'



Ferdinand MÜLLER the Prussian soldier Reverse: 'J.E. MUELLER' Reverse: 'F MUELLER and family' 


Wilhelm Alfred MÜLLER

Brother to Edward Otto MÜLLER

Children: 2 born between 1879-1882      

├──  Wilhelm Alfred  MÜLLER b1879, married 21 October 1903, at residence of H.T.MEYER, Glanville by Pastor BRAUN  to Wilhelmine Caroline Dorothea MEYER b 1883 they had 5 children from 1904-1921.

├── Dora Alvine 1904-1990

├── Alfreda Marie 1907-1964

├── Alwyn Carl 1910-1984

├── Alfred Heinrich 1914-1982

├──Minna Verena 1917-1917

└── Eileen Eleanore 1921-2012


Wilhelm Alfred MÜLLER & Wilhelmine Caroline Dorothea MEYER's family

Reverse: 'Mr & Mrs W.A. MUELLER'


Reverse: 'W.A. MUELLER' Reverse'W.A. MUELLER & family'


           Wedding 21 October 1903 Photo by Edmund DIEDERICH  


1st child Dora Alvine MUELLER 


2nd child Alfreda Marie MUELLER 


2nd child Confirmation class Alfreda Marie MUELLER 

Reverse'To Grossmutter, Auntie & Uncle, 14 February 1931, Herb & Dora WITTWER''
Reverse: 'To Grosmutter Auntie & Uncle, Frieda [nee MUELLER] & Gill Kelly'

2nd child Alfreda Marie known as 'Frieda' 

? Taken on Confirmation Day

3rd child Alwyn Carl MUELLER


4th child Alfred Heinrich MUELLER 
Reverse'Frieda MUELLER'

Confirmation photo
Back row:
Front row:


6th child Eileen Eleanore     
Reverse: 'Eileen MUELLER'    


6.    Martha Mathilda KUCHEL 8th child of Johanna Louise LIEBELT and Gottlieb  KUCHEL

Born: 13 January 1886

Died: 13 September 1887


7.    Johanne Louise KUCHEL 9th  child of Johanna Louise LIEBELT and Gottlieb  KUCHEL

Born: 25 April 1888

Married: 23 April 1914 St Paul Church, Hahndorf Louise was 25 years & Ernest NELSON 21 years

Widowed: 1956 aged 68 years

Died: 21 October 1988 aged 100 years

 married Ernest NELSON child of Malte NELSON & Elizabeth CHANDLER

Born: 23 July 1892

Married: 23 April 1914

Died: 11 October 1956 aged 64 years

Children:  had 3 children 1915-1924.[. ]

├──  Clarence Murray b1915

├──  Gordon b1918

└──  Hurtle b1924


Reverse'4 KUCHEL sisters'

Anna Bertha b1872, Maria Emma b1881, Pauline Hulda b 1883, Johanne Louise b1888, photograph taken by their uncle, Edmund DIEDERICH






Reverse: Louise NELSON’

Reverse:  'Emma KUCHEL, Harriet EVERATT, Louise KUCHEL J.G. & Mrs KUCHEL'

Reverse'Ern NELSON'



      Ernest NELSON Married 23 April 1914





Reverse: 'Ern, Louise KUCHEL'

Photo by Emma's Uncle, Edmund DIEDERICH.






1916c 1921c 1924c Late 1930's ca
Reverse: 'NELSON family'

Johanne Louise, Ernest & first born Clarence Murray NELSON.


Reverse: 'NELSON family'









Johanne Louise, Ernest, Clarence & Gordon.

Reverse: 'Louise nee KUCHEL, Hurtle, Clarence, Ernest NELSON, and Gordon'.

Johanne Louise, Ernest, Clarence, Gordon & Hurtle.

Reverse: 'NELSON family'

In 1938 Clarence was 23 years old, Gordon was 20 years old, and Hurtle was 14 years of age. 

2nd child: Gordon NELSON m Inverna Melva KUCHEL 3rd child: Hurtle NELSON m Caroline POTTER 13 August 1955 Father of Ernest NELSON: SAGHS: Died at Murray Bridge, aged 67 years, b1852ca. Ernest NELSON's parents were Malte NEILSEN/NELSON b1852ca & Elizabeth CHANDLER B1858


Reverse: 'Gordon NELSON'

Reverse'Caroline POTTER & Hurtle NELSON' Malte NELSON husband of Elizabeth NELSON, died 11 July 1919. Reverse: 'NELSON Pt Pirie'


                                              Kuchel / Nelson wedding 23 April 1914


'E&L Nelson' by Thelma-Duryea, Adelaide

Wedding photo taken by Edmund Diederich, Louise's uncle, 

'J.G. & J.L. Kuchel'

These 2 slides on right attempt to identify the people present at the wedding


8.    Johann Friedrich Wilhelm KUCHEL 10th child of Johanne Louise KUCHEL & Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL

Born: 25 February 1891

Married: Never married

Died: 29 June 1960 aged 69 years


Reverse: 'Bill KUCHEL'







Photo by Bill’s uncle, Edmund DIEDERICH

Johann Friedrich Wilhelm 'Bill' KUCHEL, on far right.

Alf PAECH: is this Alfred Carl Paech [b1892] who married Auguste Ottilie Fromm [b1891], in 1919?

Albert EY: is this Wilhelm Albert EY [b1883], and married 'Bill's sister Maria 'Emma' KUCHEL [b1881],  in 1912?



That is the completion of the photographs in the John Müller Photo Collection, as they relate to the  children and siblings of Louise Liebelt 1848-1940 and Gottlieb Kuchel 1846-1923.  Now we have the collection of photographs that have larger gatherings of these relatives.


'Gustav Kuchel Silver Wedding'               NOT correct, possibly a christening of 2 grandchildren 1909   'Kuchel family Echunga Road' This slide tries to identify the family members in the photo on the left


Above:  photo Johann Friedrich Wilhelm 'Bill' Kuchel is 2nd from right.

Oss LIEBELT: is this Oscar Alfred Liebelt b1901, or Oscar Ernst Liebelt b1901

Art Nitschke: is this Arthur William Nitschke?

Ben Liebelt: is this Philip Benjamin Liebelt b1900, 1st cousin to Ed and Oss?

Ed Liebelt: is this Alfred Edward Liebelt b1903, brother of Oss?

Bill Kuchel: is Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Kuchel b1891.