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John MUELLER Photographic & Other Archival Material. 


Johanna Louise KUCHEL  

1st child of Johanna Dorothea Elizabeth KUCHEL & Johann Gottfried Erdmann KUCHEL 

married E. D. GREGOR

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Johanna Louise KUCHEL, born in Prussia, married in 1859, Eduard David GREGOR from Prussia, & this article has 2 family group Golden Wedding photographs taken  in 1909. Their 6th [of 9 children], has 3 wedding photos here taken by DIEDERICH, & there are some unidentified 'GREGOR' photographs by HAEHNEL & Co.


The family names mentioned in this article:




Aim of Article

Display the 'John MUELLER  Photographic Collection & Other Archival Material' connected to the LIEBELT and KUCHEL descendants

Through family tree connections & research, identify the individuals captured in the 'Collection' by the camera, as well as identify their early land acquisitions and farm/home sites.  


Table of Content

 1.    Author's Note

2.    Johanna Louise KUCHEL 

married Eduard David GREGOR



KUCHEL & GREGOR Golden Wedding Celebrations

                         3.    Gottlieb Edward GREGOR 6th child of:  Johann Louise KUCHEL and Eduard David GREGOR

married to Edith Mary COLLINS


Edith Mary COLLINS

Gottlieb Edward to Edith Mary COLLINS wedding

Herbert Richard COLLINS, Maria Emma KUCHEL


Unidentified photographs

4.    References & Notes


1.   Author's Note

Johanna Louise KUCHEL is the author's 1C4R. 

Johanna Louise KUCHEL is John MUELLER's gg Aunt


2.    Johanna Louise KUCHEL

Born: 1840, Brandenburg, Prussia. [01] 

Married  26 May 1859 [02]

Widowed: 1920 70 years [03]

Died: 27 March 1922 82 years [04]


At 20 years she married Eduard David GREGOR, 23 years of age, on 26 May 1859, Evangelical Lutheran Church, Hahndorf, South Australia. [02] They had 9 children between 1861-1880.

"The eldest daughter [Johanne Louise KUCHEL] married Eduard David GREGOR It is said that they farmed the Kirchenbergen property for a while and then lived the rest of their lives at Sailors Gully, near the Onkaparinga River.  The descendants of their children still live in the district"  [03]   (KUCHEL Family History page 6)

Eduard David GREGOR (1835-1910) was the son of Christian Dorothee NEUMANN  [ca1799] and Johann Christian GREGOR [ca1795], born in Karge, Bomst, Posen, Prussia [now Kargowa, Zielona Góra County, Lubusz Volvodeship Poland]   Eduard had an older sister Henriette Wilhelmine GREGOR (1826-1833) and a brother Wilhelm August GREGOR (1828-1828).  His parents were married 14 May 1822, Karge, Bomst, Posen, Prussia. [04] How did he arrive in S.A. 

Eduard David GREGOR

Born: 30 Dec 1835 Kargowa, Lubskie, Polska, Prussia. [00] 

Married:  26 May 1859 [00]

Widowed:  at 70 years of age in 1910 [00]

Died: 24 November 1910 74 years [00]


Children:    9 children born between 1861-1880

├──  Henrietta Wilhelmine GREGOR [1861-1945] marriage records not found, children with August HOLST b unknown had 3 children between 1884-1890. [05]

├──  Maria Louise GREGOR [1865-1953] married 4 April 1888, PM Church, Mt Barker, William WOODLAND [1863-1937] had 3 children between 1893-1902. [07]

├──  Friedrich Wilhelm GREGOR [1868-1919] never married. [08]

├──  Johanna Louisa GREGOR [1870-1947] married 19 September 1893 Registry Office, Adelaide, to Albert SOAR [1868c-1949] had 2 daughters in 1893 and 1895. [09]

├──  Gottlieb Edward GREGOR [1872-1951] married 13 June 1900, St Michael Church, Hahndorf, Edith Mary COLLINS [1880-1948] had 4 known children between 1901-1914. [10]

├──  Elizabeth Lydia GREGOR  (1873-1957):  married 26 September 1900, St Michael Lutheran Church, Hahndorf, Henry Martin BERRY [1873-1914] had 2 daughters in 1901 and 1910. [11]

├──  Emma Dorothea GREGOR [1876-1928] married at 43 years of age, 31 May 1919, St Margarets, Woodville, to 50 year old Graham Benjamin MARSH [1869-1930] No children. [12]

├──  Anna Auguste GREGOR [1878-1958] married 27 December 1899, residence of her parents, Hahndorf, Alfred James BURFORD [1875-1957] had 1 daughter in 1902. [13]

└──  Alma Othilie GREGOR [1880-1957] married 13 February 1906, St Michael Lutheran Church, Hahndorf, Friedrich Wilhelm 'Bill' BRAENDLER [1878-1964] had 2 daughters 1910 and 1913.  [14]


KUCHEL & GREGOR Golden Wedding Celebrations, 1859-1909

In 1909 Johanne Louise KUCHEL was 70 years & Eduard David GREGOR was 73 years of age.



Reverse: ‘Gregor' Reverse:  'Golden Wedding ? Gregor'


Johanna Louise KUCHEL & Eduard David GREGOR are surrounded by their 7 daughters and 2 sons.

     3rd child Friedrich Wilhelm GREGOR is in the middle, back row

     5th child, Gottlieb Edward GREGOR is in the back row, second from left.  



  • Photos of Gottlieb Edward's wedding 9 years earlier can be seen below
  • Eduard David GREGOR died the next year at 74 years of age, 24 November 1910. [15]
  • Johanna Louise KUCHEL lived to be 82 years of age, 27 March 1922. [16]

The two sons:


  • The 2 brothers, Friedrich Wilhelm & Gottlieb Edward GREGOR in all three photographs.
  • On the left in 1900, 28 & 32 years.
  • In the middle & on the right 1909, aged 37 & 41 years.


3.    Gottlieb Edward GREGOR 6th child of: Johanna Louise KUCHEL and Eduard David GREGOR


Gottlieb Edward GREGOR [1872-1951] aged 28 years, married 13 June 1900, St Michael Church, Hahndorf, Edith Mary COLLINS [1880-1948] aged 21 years. [17]. The bride parents were Susannah BARRETT and George COLLINS, they had 11 children and Edith was number eight. [18].  Edith's siblings  were:  Alfred James b1863, Caroline b1864, Ellin Jane b1867, Louisa Rebecca b1870, William Charles 1872-1942, Edward George b1874, Rosina Eliza b1875, Lilly Matilda b1875, Arthur James b1878, Edith Mary, and the 17 year , 'Herb'  Herbert Richard 1883-1957. [19]



Reverse ; Edith Mary Collins




Wedding of Gottlieb Edward GRGEOR to Edith Mary COLLINS in 13 June, 1900

  • All 3 photos below have the same background
  • & are taken by Edmund DIEDERICH the groom's uncle by marriage.

Reverse: 'Gottlieb GREGOR wedding' Photo by Edmund DIEDERICH 

  • The groom, Gottlieb Edward GREGOR holds his hat in his lap
  • and does not have a bow tie on.


 Reverse'unreadable', Photo by  Edmund DIEDERICH


  •  The groom has a bow tie on, his hat is on the ground under the chair.
  • All four males have glasses of liquid and the man on far right is holding a brown bottle.
  • The bride, Edith COLLINS is blurred in the background on the right.  




  • 17 year old brother of the bride Herbert Richard COLLINS
  • & 19 year old Maria Emma KUCHEL who is a 1st cousin to the groom.  
  • The groom Gottlieb Edward GREGOR's mother, [Johann Louise KUCHEL], is the older sister of Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL whose daughter is Maria Emma KUCHEL woman in this photograph, who three years later in 1912,  married Wilhelm Albert EY. [20 ]
  • Emma is the great Aunt of John MULLER, the owner of this photo collection. [21]
  • Note the boot in the foreground.




'GREGOR' Photos

Both photos by 'HAEHNEL & Co Australian Photographic Company'.  These two photographs have identical backgrounds and  there is similarity in the clothing of the adult woman and the children.

Reverse: 'Gregor'

Is this Louise and Eduard GREGOR with their first born Wilhelmine Henrietta GREGOR b1861 or is it their 3rd born [Friedrich Wilhelm b1868]?




Reverse - 'Gregor'

These 2 girls, on a fur rug, may be Wilhelmine Henrietta 1861-1945 and younger sister Maria Louise 1865-1953 daughters Johanna Louise KUCHEL and Eduard GREGOR.






Unidentified photographs

The adults have some resemblance to the family above and the neck wear of the females is also similar. There is no indication that this is a 'GREGOR' family.

Is this Johanna Louise KUCHEL & Eduard GREGOR with two of their children, a girl and a younger boy. Perhaps it is their 4th and 5th children, the older girl Johanna Louise b1870 & Gottlieb Edward b1872.



Photograph by 'Hammer & Co' . William Hammer began his photographic business  in 1882.







4.    References







[06 ]

[07 ]

















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