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Table of Contents:

1.    Certificate of Title 699/62

2.    Relating the families history

3.   Henningsen of Hahndorf

4.   Identifying the 1910 wedding party



1.    Certificate of Title 699/62

1903 SAILIS CT Vol 699 Folio 62 1903 SAILIS CT Vol 699 Folio 62 1903 SAILIS CT Vol 699 Folio 62 1903 SAILIS CT Vol 699 Folio 62

2.    Relating the details in the Certificate of Title above to the families history

1909, 5 May. 'Transferred from George Banks the elder to Gottfried Alfred KUCHEL labourer of Hahndorf.'    

  • Gottfried Alfred KUCHEL, was known as ‘Fred’, born 'Nr Hahndorf' 5 Sept 1879 – 5 Dec 1967, died aged 88 years
  • Gottfried grew up on his parents farm on the Echunga Rd.
  • He was 5th child of Johanna Louise LIEBELT 1848-1940 & Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL 1846-1923
  • His grandparents are KUCHEL & KUCHEL & LUBASCH & LIEBELT 
  • His great grandfather had purchased the land Section 3812, including 1 Main St Hahndorf, 4 years before his mother Johanna Louise LIEBELT, was born.

At 30 years of age, on 19 January 1910 he married, 21-year-old Rose Therese Irene HENNINGSEN also born 'Nr Hahndorf' 28 Sept 1888-3 October 1975, died aged  87 years.

  • Rose was the 8th child of Catharine PAULSEN & Marcus HENNINGSEN

  • Fred KUCHEL & Rose HENNINGSEN had  7 children.

  • Gottfried Alfred KUCHEL bought 1 Main St, Hahndorf in 1909, the year before he married Rose HENNINGSEN.

  • They lived there after marriage for almost 60 years, until 1967 [Fred died] & 1975 [Rose died].  

  • In 1967 their eldest child was by then 40 years of age.

  • When both Gottfried & Rose had died the property at 1 Main St Hahndorf, was left to their 5th child Louis Alfred KUCHEL

  • Louis Alfred KUCHEL b1921 married  Gwenda Margaret BURGEMEISTER b1932.  

  • Louis Alfred KUCHEL's  mother, Rose Therese Irene HENNINGSEN, died when he was 54 years of age, perhaps he & Gwen cared for her at No 1 Main St, Hahndorf.

  • Louis Alfred KUCHEL died in 1992.

  • No 1 Main Street, Hahndorf, is often referred to as the 'KUCHEL house.'  


3.    HENNINGSEN of Hahndorf by E.A. WITTWER, page 33.  

1910, wedding photograph of Rose HENNINGSEN & Fred KUCHEL.  

 "Rose & Fred made their home in Main Street, Hahndorf near the home of Rose's sister Camilla. A house, built in the timber frame with infill style, on one acre of land was purchased.  The land was part of a section originally granted to Fred's great grand father Gottfried LUBASCH.  the house was built in about 1854 by J.G. SCHACH, an uncle of Fred's employer.  

Mrs von DOUSSA loaned Fred money to purchase the home.  Vegetables were grown, an extensive rose garden planted, a cow or two were kept.  Later Fred worked at Forest Range cutting timber.  Following this he worked at Childs Brickyard at Littlehampton.  In later years he undertook various jobs, including timber cutting."



Identifying the wedding party above:

Rear:       Bert HENNINGSEN, Bill KUCHEL, Fred & Rose, Otto MUELLER, Peter HENNINGSEN

Front:     Alma THIELE, Frieda HENNINGSEN, Hulda KUCHEL, Bertha HEINRICH.


4.    Identifying the wedding party


Is:  Albert Gerhardt HENNINGSEN b1890, married Susanna Cora JOHNCOCK. 


Is:  Johann Friedrich Wilhelm KUCHEL b1891, the youngest brother of the groom.  

Bill remained a bachelor, he was last child of Johanne Louise LIEBELT b1848 & Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL b1846. 


Is: Standing behind his own 'bride to be' [in 1913] 'Hulda KUCHEL' younger sister of the groom.

Otto is Edward Otto MUELLER,

2nd child of Johanne Eleonora PAECH of Paechtown & Johann Carl Ferdinand MÜLLER

He & grew up in house no 4 at Paechtown.

This is the home where John MUELLER's Photographic Collection & Other Archival Material originated. 


Is:  Peter Christian HENNINGSEN b1887, older brother of the bride. Married May WARNER. 


Is:  Hulda Lydia Alma THIELE b1889, the fourth child of Pauline Elisabeth LIEBELT & GUSTAV THIELE.

her grandparents are THIELE/LUBASCH & LIEBELT/LIEBELT.  

Alma is a 2nd cousin to the groom.


Is:  Frieda Dorothea HENNINGSEN b1894, younger sister of the bride, married Martin Gotthold KAESLER 1917.


Is:  Auguste Pauline Bertha HEINRICH b1883, married Max HENNINGSEN 1910, who is the older brother of the bride.