The following Family History Notes were compiled by Reg Butler (Hahndorf Historian).

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BARQUE ABOUKIR - c335 passengers from London and Plymouth 4/9/1847

SCOTT, Captain Charles Find list. 7 deaths; 14 births during the voyage.

KNIGHT, John (//-//) Born Cornwall, England. Died SA. Yeoman; Littlehampton, . No further trace in SA at this stage. Not to be confused with John Knight farmer and brewer of Strathalbyn and Hannah Knight his wife.

KNIGHT, Mrs John nee Mary Ann KNIGHT (// -//) Born Cornwall, England. No further trace in SA at this stage.

KNIGHT, Thomas Skinner (//c1831 -//) Farmer; Littlehampton, Langhorne Creek, Mt Barker. m 10/10/1850 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Mary nee Teague.

KNIGHT, child (// -//) Perhaps goes here. Perhaps a daughter.

KNIGHT, George Skinner (?/11/1839 -20/9/1920) Born Cornwall, England. Died Long Flat SA. Farmer; Mt Barker, Langhorne Creek, Reedy Creek Mine, Mannum, Chucka Bend, Long Flat (Piggy Flat). Primitive Methodist, Methodist. m 1/1/1861 PM Chapel Strathalbyn, Elizabeth nee JONES (//c1842 -6/11/1902) Born SA. Parents – Stephen Jones Farmer; Strathalbyn and Sarah nee ? emigrated in the William Mitchell.

BARQUE PRINCE REGENT - c283 passengers from Plymouth 20/7/1849. Possibly 10 unnamed passengers.

JAGO, Captain Walter

TEAGUE, Edward (//c1810-31/7/1883) Died Stirling East SA. Mason from Cornwall. Mason; Littlehampton, Stirling East.

TEAGUE, Mrs Edward nee Susannah ? (//c1811-//)

TEAGUE, Mary Jane (//c1832-//) Servant from Cornwall. m 10/10/1850 Holy Trinity Adelaide, Thomas Knight.

Family of Thomas Skinner Knight and Mary Jane nee Teague.

Henry Knight b 21/7/1852 place not recorded.

George Skinner Knight b 6/5/1857 near Mt Barker

Joseph Knight b 7/12/1855 Littlehampton

John Knight b 19/5/1859 Langhorne Creek

Mary Ann Knight b 23/11/1861 Angas Plains

Mary Jane Knight b 21/9/1865 Langhorne Creeek

Thomas Knight b 1/7/1868 Mt Barker

Family of George Skinner Knighr and Elizabeth nee Jones

Henry Knight b 5/9/1861 Mt Barker

Jane Knight b 7/11/1865 Langhorne Creek

Mary Knight b 7/8/1864 Langhorne Creek

George Knight b 28/8/1867 Langhorne Creek

Anna Skninner Knight b 5/9/1871 Reedy Creek Mine

Joseph Charles Knight b 22/9/1873 Reedy Creek Mine

Elizabeth Knight b 23/11/1875 Reedy Creek Mine

Emily Knight b 18/2/1878 Mannum

Grace Florence Knight b 18/6/1882 Chucka Bend Murray River

Maureen’s great-grandfather, Henry Knight, son of GS Knight

Henry Knight 22 m 10/6/1884 Holy Trinty Adelaide, Matilda Emily Read 21, daughter of Charles Read.

Ethel Florence Maud Knight b 6/3/1885 Caurnamont

Sydney Silvester Knight b 14/10/1886 Chucka Bend Murray River

Elizabeth Sarah Knight b 4/5/1889 Swan Reach

Fergus Henry Knight b 8/5/1891 Hundred of Younghusband

Clara Edith Knight b 10/7/1894 Forster

No further births registered, but if Lawrence Lindsay Knight b 7/11/1909 is a brother to Fergus Knight, he must be one of this family.