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Family History Notes - Krause

SHIP SKJOLD - passengers from Hamburg 28/10/1841

CLAUSSEN, Captain Hans Christian

KRAUSE, Johann Gottfried (5/9/1807-7/3/1868) Died Jindera NSW. From Sawade, Kreis Grünberg, Silesia, Prussia. Farmer; Hahndorf, Lobethal, Neukirk. m (2) 25/5/1852 Lutheran Church Lobethal, Mrs Gottfried Piefke nee Beate Lachmann.

KRAUSE, Mrs JG nee Anna Elisabeth BARRIEN (//-3/5/1851) Died Lobethal SA.

KRAUSE, Johanne Ernestine (14/1/1838-2/5/1859) Died Langmeil SA. m 19/6/1856 Lutheran Church Langmeil, Gottlieb Schwartz.

KRAUSE, Johann August (11/11/1839-10/9/1912) Died Milbrulong NSW, at home Fairlight Farm. Farmer; Neukirk, then Jindera, Milbrulong NSW. m 17/10/1861 Lutheran Church Bethanien, Helene nee Pech.

BARQUE CATHARINA - passengers from Hamburg 20/1/1839

SCHACHT, Captain Peter

SCHWARTZ, Johann Friedrich (5/3/1797-21/12/1867) Died Langmeil SA. Tailor from Seiffersdorf, Kreis Grünberg, Silesia, Prussia. m (2) 15/2/1850 Lutheran Church Langmeil, Johanne Elisabeth SCHNEIDER (17/1/1820-17/7/1899) Born Scheinersdorf, Died Tanunda SA.

SCHWARTZ, Mrs JF nee Eva Rosine LIEBIG (//-//1838) Died at sea.

SCHWARTZ, Johann Gottlieb (18/9/1829-6/1/1886) Died Grünberg SA. Farmer; Langmeil, Greenock Creek, Hoyles Plains, Grünberg. Lutheran. m (1) 19/6/1856 Lutheran Church Langmeil, Ernestine nee Krause. m (2) 17/2/1860 Lutheran Church Langmeil, Rosine Helene nee Huckel


Johann Carl Friedrich Schwartz b 15/6/1857 Langmeil

August Hermann Schwartz b 20/4/1859 Langmeil

m 14/11/1884 St Johannes Church, Carlsruhe near Waterloo, Friedericke Luise HEITZMANN Father: Johann Andreas Heitzmann.

HUCKEL/HÜCKEL, Johann Carl Gottlieb (29/5/1803-18/2/1886) Born Birken Kretschamberg, Kreis Bunzlau, Silesia, Prussia. Died Halbury SA. Farmer; Gnadenfrei, Halbury. Lutheran.

HUCKEL, Mrs JCG nee Rosine Helene KROEKER (16/12/1808-5/8/1891) Died Halbury SA.

HUCKEL, Helene Christiane (//-27/9/1904) Died Hoyleton SA. m 23/10/1856 Immanuel Light Pass, Hermann Scholz

HUCKEL, Johann Carl August (//-//)

HUCKEL, Rosine Helene (//c1841-//) m (1) 17/2/1860 Lutheran Church Langmeil, Gottlieb Schwartz m (2) 1/9/1905 Bridegroom’s residence Mannum, her brother-in-law Ernst Hermann Scholz (//c1838-11/3/1913) Died Mannum SA.

HUCKEL, Johann Carl (//-//)

HUCKEL, Pauline Mathilde (//-//)

SHIP PATEL - 6 cabin and 268 steerage passengers from Bremen 18/9/1845.

LAUN, Captain Eugen

PIEFKE, Gottfried (//c1805-18/9/1850) Died Lobethal SA, on the 5th anniversary of his arrival in SA, aged 45. Farmer; Lobethal.

PIEFKE, Mrs Gottfried nee Johanne Beate LACHMANN (6/4/1815-//) m (2) 25/5/1852 Lutheran Church Lobethal, Gottfried Krause.

PIEFKE, Johanne Eleonore (23/12/1839-//) Passenger. m (1) 23/11/1859, Heinrich Wedekind m (2) 28/10/1864, Gottfried FISCHER (//-//)Did this family leave for Jindera NSW??

PIEFKE, unidentified. (//-//)

PIEFKE, August Wilhelm (15/7/1844-//) Passenger. Labourer; Neukirk.

PIEFKE, Johann Heinrich (3/4/1847-5/8/1927) Born Lobethal SA. Died Milbrulong NSW.

PIEFKE, Johanne Maria (12/10/1849-11/4/1857) Born Lobethal SA. Died Neukirch SA.

Son of Gottfried Krause and Beate Piefke nee Lachmann

KRAUSE, August Hermann b 20/5/1857 Hundred of Belvidere (Neukirk)

SHIP AUSTRALIA - passengers from Hamburg 15/12/1850

SLEEBOHM, Captain WH Brought out 65 Saxon rams for sale in Sydney; people thought that SA sheep owners should have a chance to purchase some stock.

PECH, Johann Carl (4/6/1810-19/10/1892) Born Eulowitz, Saxony. Died Vine Vale SA. Farmer; Rosenthal, Vine Vale. Lutheran. m (2) Maria nee STEPHAN (4/12/1823-7/5/1911) Died Angaston SA.

PECH, Mrs JC nee Maria nee FREITAG (//-c1851//) Died prob Bethanien, Vine Vale SA.

PECH, Helene (//c1839-//) m 17/10/1861 Bethanien, August Krause.

SA Lands Titles Office - Old System Database

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Powers of attorney

RPA Searches

No 1

WHYTE, John merchant Adelaide 1841 Memorial 66/118

WHYTE, John farmer Cherry Gardens 1846[-1854] Memorial 95/6 Clarendon Particular Baptist Chapel trustee 1854 Memorial 31/78

WHYTE, John bachelor farmer Cherry Gardens 35 in SA 8 years m 29/8/1849 James BAINS' residence Morphett Vale, Mary TERRY widow Cherry Gardens 35 in SA 6 years [nee MITCHELL of Alfriston, Sussex, England formerly the widow of Alfred TERRY carpenter Willington, Sussex and later Adelaide and elsewhere in SA. Mother of Alfred Terry. Sister to Martha MCDONALD wife of William John McDonald baker Auburn 1888] Application 21364

WHYTE, John farmer Cherry Gardens linked with William Whyte merchant Adelaide 1869 Memorial 168/236

Whyte, John formerly merchant Adelaide later farmer Cherry Gardens, died 28/6/1871. Whyte was buried at Clarendon. William Bindley WEBB solicitor Pt Adelaide 1888, stated that he knew John Whyte intimately for 14 years before his unregistered death. 'I saw the dead body of the said John Whyte and was present at his burial' Application 21364

WHYTE, John farmer Cherry Gardens, died 28/6/1871 at Adelaide Hospital, of a shock to the system following an accident. His £200 estate to his wife, Mary Whyte. He hoped that his brother, Thomas Whyte, 'should continue to live with my wife on agreeable and amicable terms, but in case this was not found convenient to both parties concerned', the brother was to get £40 a year for life from Mrs Mary Whyte and her heirs. [Thomas Whyte farmer Cherry Gardens, died 9/1/1880, from a shock to the system as a result of an accident, aged 71] John Whyte's sister, Susan BLACK 'now living in Victoria', a single payment of £50. Mary Whyte widow Unley Park, died 21/7/1887 intestate. Estate worth £650. Her son, Alfred TERRY contractor Unley Park, took out letters of administration to settle the estate Application 26266

Whyte, Mary widow Unley relict of the late John Whyte farmer Clarendon, died 21/7/1887 Unley, of lung congestion, aged 76 Application 21364

No 2

WHYTE, John merchant Adelaide (Currie St) 1860 Memorial 158/168

WHYTE, John merchant Somerton linked with William Whyte merchant Glenelg 1870 Memorial 212/246

WHYTE, John merchant Somerton, died 16/2/1902. Husband of Louisa Whyte, who died 16/1/1907. Uncle of Mary Jane BAKEWELL spinster Somerton. Frank William Whyte sheepfarmer Carrieton was connected with this family. Also - Margaret LAUGHTON, wife of Harry Laughton stock and station agent Adelaide, Elizabeth Agnes Whyte spinster Crafers, Effie Whyte spinster Crafers, Julia Counsell Bakewell spinster Stirling West, James Counsell accountant Adelaide, Mary Louisa KYTE wife of the Rev'd Thomas Kyte minister of the gospel Stirling West and Ann COUNSELL widow Memorial 128/446