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LUBASCH & GREISER, Genealogy 1844-1860

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Brief genealogy of Gottfried LUBASCH his wives & family to describe them in


eldest daughter arrives with family from Prussia, & husband Gottlieb WIETH.

The eldest daughter of Gottfried LUBASCH & his first wife was Johanne Louise LUBASCH 1820-1899, who remained in Prussia after her father and his family left on the 'Zebra' in 1838 was Johanna  Louise LUBASCH who married in 1840 to Johann Gottlieb WIETH and they came out to South Australia in September 1855 on the 'La Rochelle'. With them were 3 children and they had another two children in South Australia. This 'eldest daughter ' had not seen her father for 17 years and she arrived the year before he died.

Newspaper reporting during two trials [1857 & 1865] involving the Will of Gottfried LUBASCH, reported that :

'Johann Gottlieb WEITH [the plaintiff], mason lived at Hahndorf, and married Louisa LUBASCH in 1840" also  "Johann Gottlieb WEITH of Hahndorf, bricklayer" & "Came into the colony in 1855, and was married in 1840.  The father-in-law assisted to build his house.  It was only a one room slab hut.'



1856:  Gottfried LUBASCH died, & who did he leave his land to?

During the publicly reported challenge to the Will of Gottfried LUBASCH [by 3 of his son's in law, JAENSCH, THIELE & LIEBELT] a declaration of his assets at the time of his death was revealed by his 2nd wife as well as witnesses describing how LUBASCH wished to distribute his estate.

  • 'Another provision he stated was that the eldest daughter should have a certain cottage and land.' 
  • 'There were 5 daughters of deceased, who lived at distances of from half a mile to two miles away from him. '
  • 'Mrs THIELE, Mrs LIEBELT, and Mrs MACFARLANE lived two miles away, and Mrs JEANSCH (sic) and Mrs WHIETH (sic) much nearer.''
  • The eldest were to have two acres of land and some houses, and the youngest daughter was to have the farm. '  
  • 'The money was to be paid by the daughter who took the farm.'
  • Anna Dorothea GREISER, LUBASCH's wife: 
    • 'She was not aware that LUBASCH had two or three small sections.''
    • At the time her husband died, he had an 80 acre section and a block of 15 acres. He also had an interest in the German Arms public - house, and 300 pound out on mortgage. ''
    • here was a debt of 80 pound for which they had no acknowledgement.''
    • Therefore only two or three pounds in the house at the time of death.  She had a box which was locked, but there was no money in it.'
  • LIEBELT, her son in law, had none of her money but another man by that name had borrowed of her husband 50 pound, for which there was no acknowledgment taken.'
    • 'His name was Gottlieb LIEBELT who was in the Court.'
    • Authors Note: The only man who this description fits is her daughter, Johanna Karoline's husband Johann Gottlieb LIEBELT, now aged 33 years.  
  • By the Attorney-General - The married daughters  very seldom called at their father's house, except Mrs THIELE, who called on the Saturday previous to the death 'none' of them called for several weeks. 
  • Mrs WIETH to receive:    'LUBASCH replied that he had five daughters; and that he wished Maria Elizabeth to have 100 pound of the 300 pound; also, that his daughter, Mrs WIETH, should have the two acres of land and the house standing thereon.'  

Authors summary:   

  • 80 acre section, beside the land on which they lived.  

    • This indicates that on his death in 1856  LUBASCH & family were living on Section 3812, not in Hahndorf Main Street.

    • '80 acre section' refers to Section 4222 Hd Onkaparinga, purchased 1849.

  • Also a piece of land adjoining the 80 acre section, about 15 acres,

    • '15 acres' refers to Section 4230 Hd Onkaparinga, purchased 1851.

  • An interest in the German public-house

  • 200-300 pound out at interest.  

  • There was 2 or 3 pound in the house when her husband died.  

  • LUBASCH’s eldest daughter Johanna Louise LUBASCH to receives 'two acres of land and the house standing thereon' & she '

  • should also have a certain cottage & land, two acres on which she dwells'. LUBASCH's youngest daughter, Maria Elizabeth LUBASCH, 'to have the farm', & when she married [in 1859 to Gottfried LIEBELT] 'her husband should take charge of the farm and pay out of it 900 pound.

  •  Maria Elizabeth LUBASCH was to inherit Section 4222, 4230 & 3812, except for the 2 acres where her older sister was living & could continue to live.

Gottlieb WIETH, having arrived in South Australia almost exactly a year before LUBASCH died, was not a participant in the trial of 1857 when his 3 other brothers in law questioned the Will of Gottfried LIEBELT.  Unbeknown to all he had apparently entered into an agreement & later a written agreement with the youngest daughter Maria Elizabeth, to not be involved in the trial if she paid him a certain amount of money. This is where WIETH alone took Maria Elizabeth LUBASCH to court in 1865 because he had not been paid.

  • Received no money from his deceased father in law, but he built a house for him. It was a one roomed slab hut.  
  • After the trial in the Supreme Court had taken place she expressed her pleasure that the present plaintiff had not joined in the proceedings, and she accordingly ratified her promise by signing an agreement, of which the following is a translation:- 
    • Adelaide, June 24, 1857, - 'It is agreed between Miss Maria Elizabeth LUBASCH of Hahndorf, and Johann Gottlieb WEITH of Hahndorf, bricklayer, that Miss Maria Elizabeth LUBASCH, in case she gets into possession of all the estate left by her deceased father Gottfried LUBASCH, as provided for by his [LUBASCH'S] will, shall pay to J.G. WEITH the sum of 150 pound sterling, Christmas 1857.  If  M.E.LUBASCH cannot pay the money in 1857 Christmas, then she shall certain play the money to J.G. WEITH at Christmas 1858, and pay to him interest at 8 per cent, yearly. Witness the signature- G.DOLLING, M.E.LUBASCH, Gottlieb WEITH.'