Johann Gottfried LUBASCH

1st wife Caroline WOLF  -  2nd wife Anna Dorothea GREISER


 The articles on Johann Gottfried LUBASCH are divided into 4 distinct parts:


Part 1  -  His life, marriages, families, in-laws,  his daughters were shearers & his involvement in the Battle of Waterloo, 1815.

Part 2  -  The daughters, their marriages [McFARLAN, LIEBELT, JAENSCH, THIELE, LIEBELT, PAECH], their lives.

Part 3  -  Maria Elisabeth LUBASCH the beneficiary of her father's will, contested 1857 in the Supreme Court by 3 brothers in law

Part 3b - continuing as above

Part 3c - as above

Part 4  - Their land, home, barn & property dealings including tracing all Certificate of Titles for Section 3812, Hd Kuitpo, from 1844-1990.


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