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Table of Contents 

1.   Introduction

1.1  This article begins with LIEBELT's marriage to KUCHEL and their son's marriage to a LUBASCH.

1.2  Earlier the younger KUCHEL sister married a 1st cousin KUCHEL in 1838 and their 5th child, Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL, b1847 married Johanne Louise LIEBELT in 1871

2.   Background

2.1  Where did they come from?

2.2  When did they arrive?

2.3  LIEBELT, KUCHEL & LUBASCH in Hahndorf and Friedrichstadt

3.  Dorothea Elizabeth KUCHEL (1811c-1895) and Gottlieb Erdmann KUCHEL (1812-1869)

3.1  Dorothea & Erdmann KUCHEL's children

(refer to additional information on other Pages via KUCHEL links listed below)

     ├──   Johann Louise KUCHEL  (1840-1922) m Eduard David GREGOR

     ├──   Johanna Dorothea KUCHEL   (1842-1926) m Johann Wilhelm August GUST

     ├──   Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL  (1846-1923) m Johanne Louise LIEBELT

     ├──   Johann Friedrich 'Hanfried' KUCHEL (1850-1909) m Emma KUBERN

     └──   Anna Elizabeth KUCHEL  (1854-1932) m Rudolph Richard Edmund DIEDERICH

4.  Gottlieb Erdmann KUCHEL's Death

4.1  Family of Gottlieb Erdmann KUCHEL blamed for his premature death, 1869 at Mt Barker, S.A.

4.2  Erdmann's  children's situation in 1869 when he died at 57 years of age


5.  'Kuchel' Home at Kirchenbergen  near Hahndorf

5.1  Summary of the home above by Lothar Brasse, Architect.






4.  Unidentified KUCHEL photographs

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1.  Introduction

  • Daniel Kuchel is John Müller's 3rd great-grandfather and Anna Greiser and Gottfried Lubasch are John's 3rd great-grandparents.
  • Daniel Kuchel is the author's 4th great-grandfather, Anna Greiser and Gottfried Lubasch are the author's 4th great-grandparent.


This article begins with a Kuchel marriage c1822 to a Liebelt, and then their son's marriage to a Lubasch in 1847, whose 1st child is Johanne Louise Liebelt b1847.....

......earlier the younger Kuchel sister married a 1st cousin Kuchel in 1838 and their 5th child, Johann Gottlieb, b1847 married Johanne Louise Liebelt in 1871

In 1838 Maria Elizabeth Kuchel b1878 and her husband Johann 'Christian' Liebelt b1801 were living in the small Prussian, Brandenburg village of Nickern, with all of their 3 children, aged 14, 12 and 5 years

Maria and Christian

In 1823 Maria and Christian Liebelt had the first of their 3 children:  Johann Gottlieb Liebelt, 28 Dec 1823 - 11 May 1893[No ], photo below, who was 14 years of age on the 'Zebra' in 1838.


Gottlieb Liebelt


Maria Elizabeth Kuchel b1878 whose younger sister is Dorothea below.

Johanna Karoline Lubasch b1827 daughter in law of Maria, and mother of Johanne Louise Liebelt.

Christian's younger brother Johann 'Christoph' Liebelt and his wife Anna Wolf  lived in the same village with their 3 children aged 7, 4 and 1 year old. 


Christian's older brother Johann 'Gottfried' Liebelt,  his wife Anna Pohle and their 3 children aged 14, 5 and 3 years lived in a village 2.3 kms to the east, called Schönborn.

Gottlieb's future wife, Johanne Karoline Lubasch 22 April 1827-30 May 1902, photo below, [03]  from Rissen, was an 11 year old on board the same vessel.[No. ] 


Karoline and Gottlieb

Dorothea Elizabeth Kuchel b1811 Johanna Louise Liebelt b1847  

This village was also where Christian, Christoph and Gottfried's  parents lived:  Johann 'Christoph' Liebelt senior and his wife Anna Elisabeth Steinborn.   In 1838, when all of these Liebelts's above, came to South Australia, the parents were aged 62 and 68 years of age. [01]


Maria Elizabeth, and her sister Johanne 'Dorothea' Elizabeth Kuchel were possibly born in the village of Lochow, just over 3kms, S.E. from Nickern, where their father, Daniel Kuchel lived. [02]

In 1847 they were married in the Schoolroom at Hahndorf by Pastor Kavel [04]  (SAGHS marriageRecords), and both were buried in the Liebelt plot of the Hahndorf Cemetery.
Gottlieb and his 3 sisters

 In this article we will look at Louise and Gottlieb's children as well as exploring Gottlieb Kuchel's 4 surviving siblings.

Louise & Gottlieb Kuchel


2.3  Liebelt, Kuchel & Lubasch in Hahndorf and Friedrichstadt

 'Reliably stated to be Johann Christian and Anna Elisabeth Liebelt'   Liebelt Family History Bk page 44 Christian & Elizabeth's home 106 Main St, Hahndorf. Photo courtesy of the Hahndorf Academy. KarolineGottlieb




Colouring of photograph courtesy of Elizabeth Barnes, genealogist.

    Map on right: showing Section 3903    

located in Friedrichstadt.

Johann Gottlieb Liebelt 1823-1893 and Johanne Karoline Lubasch 1827-1902. The photos are identical in background taken by Charles Niesche, see page 46 Liebelt Family History.


Photo below: Hahndorf Cemetery Karoline & Gottlieb Liebelt.   

JBH Collection 2020

"Gottlieb and his wife were among the earliest settlers at Friedrichstadt"  

He purchased 80 acres, Section 3903 in the Hd of Kuitpo in 1850 and built his first home of mud, straw and slabs, this home stood until 1912 when it was destroyed in a bushfire

Map left: Hundred of Kuitpo showing Section 3903 which is to the north of the Echunga / Hahndorf road, and below Liebelt Road.This identifies Section 3903 which Gottlieb & Karoline settled on in 1850 & the location of their home, top right hand corner, that is still standing in 2022.

Home above::

"The brick home built by all brick home - one of the first in the Hahndorf area to be built entirely of brick."  Liebelt Family History Bk page 47



Karoline Lubasch and Gottlieb Liebelt's first child was Johanne Louise Liebelt, 15 June 1848-29 March 1940, and she along with her husband,,  Johann Gottlieb Kuchel, 21 April 1846-31 October 1923,  became the common denominator for this article. I  began with this couple because they appear in  many of the photographs in John Mueller's Photographic Collection.  Usually they are at the centre of a group photo surrounded by any number of their nine children and their partners.

Louise Liebelt and her husband of 52years,  Gottlieb' Kuchel, were both born near Hahndorf, South Australia, and were married in 1871, by Pastor Strempel, in the St Michael's Lutheran Church, Hahndorf.  [05]  From now on they will be referred to as 'Louise' and 'Gottlieb'.


2.   Background

2.1  Where did they come from?


Where did the LIEBELT's, LUBASCH's and KUCHEL's  live in Brandenburg, Prussia in 1838?

Brandenburg, Prussia


'Prince George' arrived

1838. [09]



'Herjeebhoy Rustonjee Patel' arrived 1845

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The 'Prince George', 'Zebra' and the 'Herjeebhoy Rustonjee Patel' known as the 'Patel'.

Louise's parents had come out as children to the Province of South Australia, her mother, Karoline Lubasch and her father, Gottlieb Liebelt were both children on the 'Zebra'.  Their villages in Brandenburg, Prussia were separated by only 4.5kms, if they took the route through the fields. (Illustration 'C')  Quite likely they already knew of each other before emigration.  Their adventure together, began with their families on river barges down the Oder, through the waterways of bustling Berlin and up to the Port of Hamburg.  [06]  Such sights they never could have imagined, followed by a four month sea voyage in 1838. [07]. This brings us almost to the  last pieces of information about the Liebelt / Steinborn / Liebelt / Lubasch connection but other articles in this series will reveal more photographs and information. 

Karoline Lubasch and Gottlieb Liebelt's first child was Johanne Louise Liebelt, 15 June 1848-29 March 1940, and she along with her husband, (photo left),  Johann Gottlieb Kuchel, 21 April 1846-31 October 1923,  became the common denominator for this article. I  began with this couple because they appear in  many of the photographs in John Mueller's Photographic Collection.  Usually they are at the centre of a group photo 

Louise Liebelt and her husband of 52years,  Gottlieb' Kuchel, were both born near Hahndorf, South Australia, and were married in 1871, by Pastor Strempel, in the St Michael's Lutheran Church, Hahndorf.  [05]  From now on they will be referred to as 'Louise' and 'Gottlieb'.

Gottlieb's parents on the other hand, were adults when they arrived in South Australia.  His father Gottfried 'Erdmann' Kuchel 1812-24 Sept 1869, was 33 years old and his mother Johanne Dorothea Elisabeth Kuchel 1811-16 May 1895, 34 years of age. They had 4 children when they arrived in September 1845 on the 'Herjeebhoy Rustonjee Patel',  (I will refer to this ship as 'the Patel').  Gottlieb was their first, of four more children, who were born in their new country.  As Gottlieb grew up he would have heard his parents talk of the ships that arrived in 1838 because his paternal grandparents (Georg Kuchel & Anna Seiffert) & three uncles (17 year old Gottlieb, 20 year old Friedrich & 23 year old Samuel) were all passengers on the 'Prince George'. [08]

3.  Johanne 'Dorothea' Elizabeth Kuchel (1811c-1895) and Johann Gottfried 'Erdmann' Kuchel (1812c-1869) - 1st cousins

'Erdmann', was the eldest of the four boys and would have been 26 yrs of age when all the activities were happening in preparation for his 55 & 51 year old parents & his brothers Samuel, Friedrich and Gottlieb to begin their ocean voyage. For whatever reason, Erdmann, did not accompany his parents in 1838 on the 'Prince George'.  However he had married around that time (c1838) to his first cousin, and Dorothea Kuchel, had four baby daughters born in  1840, 1842, 1843 and 1845, named Louise, Dorothea, Eleonore and Anna Rosin.  As seen above Erdmann and his family were on the Patel in 1845 and 2 yr old Eleonore did not survive this voyage, and possibly, Anna Rosin, had been born but also died on the ships voyage. [13](KUCHEL, Ships List).   

 When Gottlieb's parents' (Erdmann and Dorothea) & his two older sisters (Louise and Dorothea)  arrived in 1845, his uncles (Samuel, Friedrich and Gottlieb) had been in South Australia for six years.  His grandfather (Georg Kuchel  1783-1845,  had died seven months earlier (in South Australia)  but his grandmother (Anna Dorothea Seiffert 1787-1860) was 59 yrs of age and was, possibly, living with one of her three sons, Samuel, Friedrich or Gottlieb.  Erdmann and Dorothea's first born child in South Australia was Johann Gottlieb (1846-1923), followed by Johann Gottfried b1848 who did not live to see his second birthday, he was followed by Johann Friedrich known as 'Hanfried' and  lastly a daughter Anna Elizabeth b1854 when Dorothea was 43 years of age.

Erdmann Kuchel  was the eldest of 3 brothers, there details are:

  • Johann Samuel Kuchel 1815-1900 married 1839 Johanne Dorothea Klenke 1817-1891, 21 years of age on 'Zebra'.
  • Johann Friedrich Kuchel 1818-1887 married Johanne Rosina Seidel 1825-1893, 18 years of age on 'George Washington'
  • Johann Gottlieb Kuchel 1821-1902 married 1848, Maria Elizabeth Bartel 1826-1884, 14 years of age on 'Zebra'.

Samuel and Dorothea were among the earliest couples to marry after arrival in Hahndorf in 1839, under a gum tree 'later consuming parrots at their wedding breakfast (No ). Annie Luur Fox.  Dorothea Klenke had travelled from Kay in Brandenburg, Prussia, (very close to Lochow), with her parents, on the 'Zebra'.  [Was it her older sister b1793 Johanna Karaline who was the first wife of Georg 'Kaysher' PAECH'?]  Unfortunately her 51 year old farm labourer, father, Christian Klenke was among the 11 deaths on the voyage, and he was buried at sea, leaving his 49 year old widow Anna Elisabeth Klenke nee Gierke (1789-1869) to manage alone in the new country. (NO...)  (D Schubert Kavel's People).  When Anna Klenke died she was living with her daughter Dorothea and son in law Samuel Kuchel at Kirchenbergen and she was buried at the St John's Lutheran Church, Hahndorf, a pioneer of 31 years.  (Kuchel 1838-1970 page 4)

By 1845 when the 'Patel' arrived Samuel and Dorothea Klenke  had  3 small children Anna Dorothea Henrietta b1840 and Johann Gottlieb b1843, Johann Gottfried b1844.  Friedrich nor his younger brother Gottlieb had not yet married.



Erdmann's younger brother Samuel Kuchel 1815-1900 married Johanne Dorothea Klenke 1817-189

Samuel KUCHEL. Photo by Edmund Diederich,

who married Samuel's niece.


Death notification of Samuel Kuchel 

'A Colonist for 62 years'.  Photo on left was

used on this card above.





3.   Dorothea Kuchel and Erdmann Kuchel

(born between 1840-1854, 3 sisters and a brother - 2 sisters did not survive infancy 1843 & 1848). 

3.1  Further additional Information regarding these 5 Children and their Descendants is available via the Links listed below:

├──  Johann Louise KUCHEL (1840-1922) - 5 years old on Herjeebhoy Rustonjee Patel married 26 May 1859, Ev Lutheran Church, Hahndorf, Eduard David GREGOR (1835-1910) had 10 children between 1861-1880.

├──  Johanna Dorothea KUCHEL (1842-1926) - 4 years old on Herjeebhoy Rustonjee Patel married 28 February 1867, St Paul's, Hahndorf, Johann Wilhelm August GUST (1834-1914), had 3 children between 1867-1873. 

├──  Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL (1846-1923) - born Kirchenbergen near Hahndorf, S.A.  Married 4 May 1871, St Michaels Church, Hahndorf by Pastor STREMPEL to Johanne Louise LIEBELT (1848-1940), had 10 children between 1872-1891.  

├──  Johann Friedrich Hanfried KUCHEL (1850-1909) - born Hahndorf, S.A.  Married 30 December 1897, St Paul's Hahndorf,Emma KUBERN (1862- ). had 6 children between 1898-1908c.  

└──  Anna Elizabeth KUCHEL (1854-1932) - born S.A.  Married 19 April 1891, Residence of Bride, near Hahndorf, to Rudolph Richard Edmund DIEDERICH, had a daughter followed by a son in 1889 and 1895.

3.2  Family of Gottlieb Erdmann Kuchel blamed for his premature death, 1869 at Mt Barker, S.A.

'It appears that in Germany Gottfried (Erdmann) had followed the trade of tailor in the army.  His pair of tailor's shears remained in the family's possession until about 1940 ...... when the family had reason to write to relatives or friends in Germany it was usually Gottfried who composed and wrote the letter.'  'Little is known of Gottfried's (Erdmann) activities in South Australia, but it can be presumed that he was engaged in farming and also in the trade of his brothers, that is vine dressing and wine making.  During hard times the brothers had to take whatever work was available.  It is recorded that in 1858 a vine dresser was paid 10s 6d for 3 1/2 days work.  Gottfried (Erdmann) (perhaps because he was the eldest) had the best education of the four sons of Johann Georg Kuchel.  When the family had reason to write to relatives or friends in Germany it was usually Gottfried who composed and wrote the letter.'  [14]

Erdmann died in 1869 as a result of an accident at Mt Barker, when he fell from his horse, two years before his first son, Gottlieb, and his first Australian born child, was married. On that spring evening when Erdmann fell from his horse, near the 'Oakfield Hotel', he apparently appeared intoxicated, (or was it as a result of a head injury and cerebral bleed) and was taken inside the hotel to sleep the night.  His sons, Gottlieb 23years and  Friedrich 19 years (photos on right) came with a cart to collect him the next day, Sunday. While he had no obvious injuries, he was very quiet and sleepy. Sometime between Sunday and Tuesday his wife and one of his lads thought he 'seemed unconscious' and help was called. [15]. So a Mr de Valluois of Balhannah was called and prescribed 'Seidlitz powder and Epsom salts, and ordered cold water to be applied to the head and chest'.   Over the next few days till Friday he became unresponsive, neither eating, drinking or talking, and was probably incontinent, until he ceased breathing altogether. [16]

"The deceased came to his death from the effects of a fall from his horse on the 20th instant; that the relatives of the deceased are to blame for not having called in the assistance of a duly qualified medical man, such a one being in the immediate neighbourhood; that the deceased was improperly treated."  [17]

​'On 20 September, 1869, Gottfried was badly injured in a fall from a horse in Mount Barker (near the old primary school on Adelaide Road) and he died on Friday the 24th.  At 4pm on Sunday the 26th, he was buried by Pastor A. Fiedler in the cemetery of the St Johannes Lutheran Church at Hahndorf (at the rear of the manse of the present St Paul's Lutheran Church)' [18]  (KUCHEL pge 6)

Erdmann was 57 years of age, had been in South Australia for 24 years and his wife Dorothea was about the same age.  Unfortunately there are no photographs of Erdmann found to date.

Oakfield Hotel:  A Scottish farmer, Lachlan Macfarlan had built the 'Oakfield Hotel' in 1861 close to the road in Mount Barker and he supplied passing traffic and the  coach trade on its way to the eastern states via Wellington on the Murray River. This hotel was later incorporated into the summer residence of Robert & Joanna Barr Smith, known as Auchendarroch. [19]  The original stone work of the 'Oakfield Hotel' can still be determined.  In 1869 Lachlan was 63 years of age, all of his 11 children had been born, and from the following year he leased out the Hotel to other publicans. [20]  Lachlan's wife, Anna Dorothea Luise was 13 years of age on the 'Zebra' in 1839, and one of the 7 daughters of Gottfried Lubasch, [21]  Waterloo Veteran and first hotelier in Hahndorf. [22]  The young Gottlieb Kuchel (1846-1923) was soon to marry (in 1871 to Johanne Louise, 1848-1940) the niece of 'Luise'.




Courier 1869

Gottlieb Kuchel, 1846-

1923, 5th child and 1st son 

of Erdmann and Dorothea

Kuchel to be born 

in South Australia.

Friedrich Hanfried Kuchel

1850-1909, 7th child of

Erdmann and Dorothea


Dorothea survives her

husband by 26 years.



"His widow (Dorothea) lived the latter part of her days in a house opposite the present Hahndorf Cemetery.  She died on 18 May, 1895, at the age of 85.  A hearse was not needed, as she was carried across the road from her home and laid to rest near the cemetery gates.  For a good while afterwards her dog was often found lying on the grave."  [23] (KUCHEL pge 6).


3.3  Erdmann's  children's situation 1869 when he died at 57 years of age

In 1869 when Erdmann died so unexpectedly and in such terrible circumstances his children were:  

1.├──  Johanna Louise Kuchel:  29 years of age,  had been married for 10 years and was well pregnant with her 5th child to husband Eduard GREGOR.

2.├──  Johanna Dorothea Kuchel:  27 years of age, had been married for less than 2 years and had a young daughter to her husband August GUST.

3.├──  Gottlieb Kuchel:  was 23 years of age, married two years later  in 1871.

 4.├──  Johann Friedrich Kuchel known as 'Hanfried':  19 years of age (did not marry until he was 47 years of age). 

5.└── The youngest sibling was Anna Elizabeth Kuchel: 15 years of age (did not marry until 37 years of age).


3.4  'Kuchel' Home at Kirchenbergen  near Hahndorf

Which of the above children can you identify in this family photo below taken in front of the 'Kuchel' home, ? at Kirchenbergen, near Hahndorf.

'Kuchels' Cropped photo of the family group on the left
This photo is only identified as 'Kuchel's'. On page 7 of the 'Kuchel' family history book this photo is replicated and identified as 'Gottfried's family approx 1890'. Compare this photo from below. I believe all 4 adults above are seen on the left


If the above photo was taken in 1890, then Erdmann had died 21 years previous.  I am identifying the individuals on left, as follows:

  • Far right:  Johann Friedrich Kuchel known as  'Hanfried'  b1850, would then be 40 years of age, unmarried (married 1897).

  • 3rd from right:  Gottlieb Kuchel b1846, would then be 44 years of age, had been married for 19 years and had 9 of his 10 children. In 1890 his sons were 17 years, 13 years  and 11 years of age. His daughters would have been 18 years, 9 years, 7 years, 2 years, 

  • Front row:  Older woman with head scarf, Dorothea Kuchel b ca1811, would then be 79 years and she died 5 years later in 1895.

  • The 2 young men smoking pipes on the far left have the same type of hat as the boy on the far right, (also smoking pipe), 2nd from right, and very similar to Gottlieb's hat.  I cannot identify these three lads.                

  • The woman on the left of Dorothea, has a baby on her lap, is that her husband on her left?  Almost certainly this woman is in the photo below standing behind Dorothea with a shawl around her shoulders.    

  • This woman with the hair parted in the middle may well be Dorothea Kuchel's youngest child Anna Elizabeth 1854-1932 and the younger sister of Gottlieb and Hanfried.                                                                                 

  • Anna Elizabeth did not marry until 1891 but she had her first child to Edmund Diederich  (Hahndorf photographer) 12 October 1889.


3.5  Summary of the home above by Lothar Brasse, Architect.     

The cottage is a simple, rudimentary structure consisting of roughly finished saplings for its framing, with a top and maybe bottom (?) plate. The posts might have been dug into the ground to give it lateral stability. There doesn't appear to be any intermediate horizontal members apart from the door and window heads (this differs from the double intermediary 'noggings' found in better quality Fachwerk structures found in Paechtown for example), and any diagonal bracing members are not shown. The relatively thin walls,  probably only 4 inches (100mm)- suggests that the infill of  clay and chaff mix (daub) is held in place by straw 'ropes' woven between vertical or horizontal twigs (wattle). The visible door head looks as though it was joined to the door posts using mortice and tenon joints.

The entire clay plaster finishing coat was then lime-washed.  The casement window (possibly with highlight ? behind the striped curtain) seems quite advanced for this 'humble' cottage and typically found in 'better'  German houses - in this case 6 or 8 paned, with glass and any metal fixtures such as hinges, bolts and latches probably imported from Germany by the likes of merchant H.L.Vosz - who had arrived here on board the Alfred in 1848 and later traded in Hindley and Rundle Streets. The trussed roof may have been thatched, shingled or even clad with corrugated iron which had begun to be  imported into South Australia from England since 1850 (Solomon's Queens Theatre was one of Adelaide's first to be roofed with it).


3.6  Dorothea Kuchel and Erdmann Kuchel's 5 children born between 1840-1854, 3 sisters and a brother.  2 sisters did not survive infancy 1843 & 1848. 

├──  Johann Louise (1840-1922) - 5 years old on Herjeebhoy Rustonjee Patel married 26 May 1859, Ev Lutheran Church, Hahndorf, Eduard David GREGOR (1835-1910) had 10 children between 1861-1880.

├──  Johanna Dorothea (1842-1926) - 4 years old on Herjeebhoy Rustonjee Patel married 28 February 1867, St Paul's, Hahndorf, Johann Wilhelm August GUST (1834-1914), had 3 children between 1867-1873. 

├──  Johann Gottlieb (1846-1923) - born Kirchenbergen near Hahndorf, S.A. married 4 May 1871, St Michaels Church, Hahndorf by Pastor STREMPELJohanne Louise LIEBELT (1848-1940), had 10 children between 1872-1891.  

├──  Johann Friedrich Hanfried (1850-1909) - born Hahndorf, S.A. married 30 December 1897, St Paul's Hahndorf,Emma KUBERN (1862- ). had 6 children between 1898-1908c.  

└──  Anna Elizabeth (1854-1932) - born S.A. married 19 April 1891, Residence of Bride, near Hahndorf, to Rudolph Richard Edmund DIEDERICHhad a daughter followed by a son in 1889 and 1895.

Dorothea & Erdmann's  3 daughters and two sons  

No photo of Erdmann found to date Below: 'Grandmother Kuchel, Gottlieb Kuchel, Hanfried Kuchel'.  And probably their youngest sister Anna Elizabeth Kuchel who married Edmund Diederich Below: 'Grandfather Kuchel and sisters.  This photo was taken by Gottlieb's brother in law, Hahndorf photographer, Edmund Diederich

Regarding this group photograph immediately above, in brown sepia:  In order to confirm the identity of the 2 males and 2 females in this group photograph I have noted that their mother 'Grandmother Kuchel' has a similar headdress to one that the woman on the far left grey framed Edmund Diederich photograph, is wearing,  both women I believe are Dorothea Kuchel 1811-1895.  Dorothea, died in 1895, after 26 years of widowhood. By this time Gottlieb was 49 years of age, and with his wife had had all of his 10 children, his brother 'Hanfried' was still single and not to marry for another two years. Youngest sister Anna Elizabeth had given birth in 1889 to Ida Clara Augusta, had married Ida's father, Edmund Diederich, two years later (1891) and gave birth to their last child, Wilhelm Paul,  at 41 years of age, 5 months after her mothers funeral.  It is possible that the Diederich family and 'Hanfried' may have remained living with Dorothea  at her home  and possibly both siblings were caring for her as she aged, she died at 84 years.


 Hd of Onkaparinga. Sections 3821, 3822 & 3823 on the northern side of the main Hahndorf Road. Kirchenbergen  looking up Leonards Rd, Hahndorf, towards Nixon's Mill. Photo JBH 2021 Kirchenbergen, looking north down Leonards Rd, Hahndorf.  Kirchenbergen, Paechtown, Friedrichstadt & Hahndorf.
  The author was taken to this location for the first time by my 6th cousin Chris Williams whose 3rd great-grandparents were J Samuel Kuchel & J Dorothea Klenke.    



This extract is referring to Gottlieb KUCHEL's grand parents and uncles  that arrived in South Australia  in 1838 on the Prince George. This quote is taken from 'KUCHEL 1838-1970' by SCHWERDT, HILL and WITTWER page 4.

"It is believed that in the early 1840's they moved out to (an area known as) Kirchenbergen which was about two miles south of the Hahndorf township.  Kirchenbergen (meaning, "hills of the church") was undulating country which the KUCHEL's farmed.  It was near Windmill Hill (a well-known spot in the Adelaide Hills) and it was in the gully between the properties now owned by Mr H. BRAENDLER and Mr G PAECH.  The ruins of four houses, probably built by the KUCHEL's, can still be seen on Mr BRAENDLER's property."

"Kirchenbergen comprised three sections of land totalling about 240 acres (sections 3821, 3822, 3823)....... purchased by the Incorporated Society for the Progogation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts on  15 May 1841.'

I am unclear whether 'Kirchenbergen' is the land they farmed, (3 sections was a lot of land in the 1840's) or is it an 'area', more like 'Paechtown'?.  In 1842 the 3 Kuchel boys from the Prince George were: Samuel aged 27yrs married with 1 child, Friedrich unmarried at 24yrs of age, and Gottlieb the youngest, aged 21yrs and unmarried.  Georg their father died at 'Kirchenbergen' in 1845, 7 years after arrival.  The boys mother Anna would have been 55yrs of age.


Does anyone know the answer?  

We know that Gottlieb's parents were first cousins.  His mother's (Dorothea Kuchel), father, was Daniel Kuchel b1774.   Daniel also came on the 'Patel', with his daughter Dorothea & his son-in-law Erdmann KUCHEL.  I have no information about who Daniel was married to.   Seventy year old Daniel is described on the 'Ships List' as coming from Lochow (see Illustration C).  Erdmann KUCHEL, has been described in 'Ships List' as coming from Langmeil,( see map above).   The same 'Ship's List' also states that Daniel, was among 'eleven persons', who died at sea, 'mostly old men, and very young children.'  SAGHS has a Death Index entry.......

There is evidence in the form of a death certificate  that a Daniel  KUCHEL died in Hahndorf at 83 yrs of age on 27 January 1857.  That means he was born c1774, the same age as the Daniel who had apparently died on the 'Patel'.


Louise and Gottlieb moved to Section 3913 Hd of Kuitpo in 1878.

Alan Wittwer  & Fairalie Liebelt wrote about this couple in 1980, in the LIEBELT FAMILY HISTORY pge 49:

'Johanne was born on June 15, 1848.  As a young woman Johanne worked as a domestic servant in various households.  She married Johann Gottlieb Kuchel in St. Michael's Church on May 4, 1871, Pastor Strempel officiating.   Gottlieb was born at Kirchenbergen near Hahndorf on April 21, 1846.  His parents were first cousins, Johann Gottfried Erdmann Kuchel and Johanne Dorothea Elisabeth born Kuchelwho had emigrated the previous year from the German village of Lochow.

Immediately after their marriage Johanne and Gottlieb lived at Friedrichstadt on the Mount Barker Rd., then in Hahndorf in English Street.  They then moved, in about 1878, to part of Section 3913, in the Hundred of Kuitpo which Johanne's father (Gottlieb Liebelt) had purchased.  Here Gottlieb built a home of slabs, straw and mud.  The home was demolished several years ago, the site now being marked by a few old trees.  

Gottlieb was a carpenter, making rakes and other tools as well as hurdles for the Oakbank races. Gottlieb died on October 31, 1923; Johanne reached the high age of 91 years passing away on March 29, 1940.  Both are buried in the Hahndorf cemetery, where their grave is marked by a tombstone.  Their old homestead property is now owned and farmed by Mr K. Liebelt, a grandson of Johanne's brother August.'





   Dorothea & Erdmann's  3 daughters and two sons                           

'Grandmother Kuchel'

No photo of Erdmann found today.

Below: 'Grandmother Kuchel, Gottlieb Kuchel, Hanfried Kuchel'.  And probably their youngest sister Anna Elizabeth Kuchel who married Edmund Diederich.

Below: 'Grandfather Kuchel and sisters.  This photo was taken by Gottlieb's brother in law, Hahndorf photographer, Edmund Diederich.

This slide identifies the 3 sisters of Gottlieb as seen in the photo on the left.  Mrs Gregor, Mrs Gust and Mrs Diederich.






Louise Liebelt 1848-1940                    Gottlieb Kuchel 1846-1923  


Where did J Georg Kuchel Anna Seiffert and their 4 sons (J Erdmann, J Samuel J Friedrich  J Gottlieb ) settle in South Australia after arrival



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 Louise and Gottlieb moved to Section 3913 Hd of Kuitpo in 1878.                                                                                    

Hd of Kuitpo, Section 3913





Johanna Karoline LUBASCH 1827-1902, 19 years of age marries Johann Gottlieb LIEBELT 1823-1893, 23 years of age, 9 September 1847 by Pastor Kavel in the school room at Hahndorf.

Eldest child of Maria Elisabeth KUCHEL 1798-1879 and Johann Christian LIEBELT 1801-1858: Johann Gottlieb LIEBELT.

Note this photo below is identical in background to the one of his wife, both taken by Charles Niesche, photographer. 


      Alan WITTWER wrote in the LIEBELT FAMILY HISTORY page 45:

'Johann Gottlieb (LIEBELT) was born on December 28, 1823, probably in the German village of Nickern. (See Meyers Gazette map above)  On arrival in Australia in 1839 he lived with his parents in Hahndorf; it seems likely that he was employed as a shepherd in the early days.  Gottlieb and Johanne Caroline LUBASCH were married on September 9, 1847; the ceremony was conducted by Pastor A.L.C. KAVEL in the school room at Hahndorf.  The witnesses to the marriage were Gottlieb KUCHEL and Christian ZILM' 

This Gottlieb KUCHEL was probably Erdmann's youngest brother who had come out on the Prince George and who he may have named his first son after, the Gottlieb KUCHEL of this article. The LIEBELT's and the KUCHEL's were possibly already friends, from knowing them in Lochow, not  far from Nickern, or from their shared experiences in Hahndorf  (JBH author/researcher).

'Gottlieb and his wife were among the earliest settlers at Friedrichstadt - it is not known exactly when he settled at Friedrichstadt but as his nick-name was 'Squatter' it seems likely that be 'squatted' on his selection before he formally took up the land.  On December 5, 1850, he became the registered owner of Section 3903 of the Hundred of Kuitpo.  this 80 acre section was purchased from Johann Friedrich PAECH of Grünthal for 80 pound.  Access was allowed to other settlers to the water pools on this property.  On this section Gottlieb built his first home of mud, straw and slabs.

This home stood until 1912 when it was destroyed in a disastrous bushfire.  The home had been replace earlier by an all brick home - one of the first in the Hahndorf area to be built entirely of brick. Over the years Gottlieb purchased and leased additional properties. In February 1856 he paid 300 pound for 30 acres, part of section 3899.  On October 16, 1866 he took over the lease of sections 3897, 3895 and 3884 and part of section 3896 in the Hundred of Kuitpo from Gottlob SCHULZ.

Gottlieb leased from the Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, sections 3696, 3733, 5007 and parts of sections 3732 and 3698 in the Hundred of Macclesfield.  The annual rental was 20 pound per year plus 1/- per acre which was cultivated.  The land had to be cultivated within 4 years.

Gottlieb was a farmer; it appears likely that he also did some shearing.  Much of the land mentioned above is still in the possession of members of the family.  On May 11, 1893, Gottlieb passed away at the age of 69 years.  His widow attained the age of 75 years, passing away on May 30, 1902. Both are buried in the Hahndorf Cemetery where a tombstone marks their resting place.  It is of interest to note that Christian's 3 children and their spouses are buried in adjacent blocks in the Hahndorf Cemetery.'8.  






Alan WITTWER wrote in the 'LIEBELT FAMILY HISTORY' page 44: 

'Christian married Maria Elisabeth KUCHEL, the daughter of Daniel KUCHEL who lived in the village of Lochow (see map above). We know of three children born to this marriage - Johann Gottlieb, Johann Christoph & Johanne Eleonore were all born in Germany and emigrated to Australia with their parents on the 'Zebra', in 1838.' 

'Maria Elisabeth's sister Anna Dorothea (Mrs Johann Gottfried Erdmann KUCHEL) and husband and children, together with Danie KUCHEL, emigrated on the 'Heerjeebhoy Rustonjee Patel' in the year 1845.  They settled near Hahndorf.  Daniel was listed as 'grossknecht or foreman.'

​'Maria Elisabeth lived on in Hahndorf until her death at the age of 81 years on the 2nd of August 1879. She was buried two days later by Pastor STREMPEL in the St. Michael's Cemetery; her bearers were J.F. & J.W. THIELE, W. & A. SCHÜTZ, F.W. WITTWER, C JAENSCH, C. MARKS and F. SCHNEEMILCH.  Her tombstone which matches that of her husband still stands.'

'Inscription on tombstones: Here rests in God, our beloved mother Elisabeth LIEBELT, born KUCHEL. She was born January 4, 1798, and died on August. I know that my Redeermer lives; What comfort this sweet sentence gives! PSALM 19.25


Johanne LIEBELT's  (b1848) father is Gottlieb LIEBELT and his father is Christian LIEBELT

Photo from Liebelt Family HistoryAlan Wittwer wrote in the LIEBELT FAMILY HISTORY pge 44:  

'Johann Christian was born on February 2, 1801. The place of his birth is not known although it seems likely that it was either Nickern or Schoenborn in the Province of Brandenburg.  Little is known of his life in Germany except that at the time of registration for emigration his place of residence was the village of Nickern and that his occupation was "Schäfer" (Shepherd).  In Australia he was known as "Schäfer" LIEBELT'.

'Christian and his family were among the pioneer settlers in Hahndorf.  Christian was allocated approx. 4 1/4 acres of land in the new village.  His homestead block was numbered 15 (now 19).  The block was near the northern end of the Main Street (no 106). In addition he received farming blocks numbered 21,25,36, 51c and 66b. (Now 59, 63, 86, 105 and 138).  On September 16, Christian became the registered owner of this land; previously it had been vested in the original trustees of Hahndorf, Christian and Johann Christian Erdmann JAENSCH.  Christian built his humble home of wattle and daub on this property.  It consisted of two rooms and a porch.  In addition, a cellar of similar construction was built somewhat removed from the house.  Portion of this cellar still stands.  In the door of the old homestead was a spear mark where a spear struck into the door after an aboriginal had thrown it at Maria Elisabeth as she fled into the house.  She only just made it to safety.'

'In 1843 Christian had 3 acres of wheat under cultivation as well as 1/2 acre of potatoes.  He owned 6 cattle and 2 pigs.  After their marriage his two sons left the Hahndorf township and took up land at Friedrichstadt.  His daughter Eleonore and her husband Carl FAEHRMANN lived on the old homestead. Originally Christian and his family were members of Pastor Kavel's congregation but in 1851 they joined Pastor FRITZSCHE'congregation.'

​'Christian passed away on October 4, 1858. It appears that he died fairly suddenly as his will, made in German, was only witnessed on October 2 of that year; the witnesses to the will were his sons Gottlieb and Christoph and Reinder van der MOLEN'

'Maria Elisabeth was to have the use of the property, one room in particular, for the remainder of her life.  On her death the property was to go to Johanne Eleonore FAEHRMANN.  The homestead remained in the family until recent times.Christian was buried in the cemetery of the original church where his resting place is marked by a simple tombstone, which is still standing.'

'Inscription on tombstones: Here rests in God, our beloved father, Johann Christian LIEBELT.  He was born on February 2, 1801, and died on October 4, 1858, aged 57 years, 5 months and 2 days.  Jesus, only in your wounds Have I found the sinner's comfort.


Edward Otto MÜLLER

Edwin Carl, Hilda & Clarence MUELLER, the 3 children of Hulda KUCHEL & Edwin Otto MUELLER.   

Ronald died the year he was born, 1923. Neither of these 3 children married and Hilda had a son who is the owner of this photographic collection.


For more information on the 'Zebra' see my article on Localwiki 'Hahndorf Pioneers, were your ancestors on the 'Zebra'.  


Photo courtesy of Val Braendler.  Lt -Rt, Ella Evyline, Alma KUCHEL Mavis and Bill BRAENDLER




'Kuchel' photographs unidentified

'Grandmother Kuchel' No writing    



9.  Bibliography

This 'LIEBELT Family History'  is still available, written by E.A. WITTWER and F.J. LIEBELT 1975. 'KUCHEL 1838-1970' by Vera SCHWERDT, George HILL & Allan WITTWER, 1970.A College in the Wattles' by Reg BUTLER 1989


Fairilie Liebelt, Alan Wittwer, Liebelt Family History, Adelaide, Lutheran Publishing House, 1975.

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